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In order to thread a needle on a free Westinghouse sewing machine, there are two stages. You will learn how to thread your needle and insert the bobbin on the Free Westinghouse sewing machine by reading this tutorial.

In addition, we’ll go over how to set up the Westinghouse sewing machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. —— For those who are just starting off, we’ll show you how to make threading easier.

You may have a universal sewing machine for threading. To make sure that your sewing machine is set up correctly, you need learn how to thread it. Also, check out the blog for threading instructions from other manufacturers.

How Do You Thread A Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

Things You’ll Need

  • spool for threads
  • Threaded Bobbins

The fact that older sewing machines still work after decades of use makes them widely available. The threading of a vintage Westinghouse sew-on machine may be difficult at first, but after you get the hang of it, it will only take a few minutes. If you’re working on your sewing machine, make sure to use the original bobbin and the shuttle. Different machines’ bobbins aren’t likely to work. There are a number of machines made by Westinghouse that are still in use today, and the approach will be similar in all of them. Become intimately familiar with the various parts of your machine and how they work.

Step 1

Use this pin to attach your spool of thread, being sure to secure it in place so that it can exit from the side. Located near the wheel on your hand, the spool’s upright pin is the spool.

Step 2

These thread guides should be used to bring the thread down to the bottom. Like writing “N” backwards and at an angle, the thread will rise and fall as you work your way through the pattern.

Step 3

For every “N” “N” location, make sure you have a hook in place to capture the thread A ring is used instead of hooks to run the thread. There is a n at the bottom. The hook should be just next to the needle when you’re looking for it. Thread a needle over this piece.

Step 4

Pull the thread out of the needle’s eye by threading it through the hole on the left side and pulling it through the right side.

Step 5

To use the bobbin shuttle, thread the bobbin so that the top of the bobbin is facing up. Then, take the thread out of the narrower of the two slots. Using the shuttle’s pointed end, bring the thread toward it. When the bobbin is inside, it should be held to prevent rotation, and then the thread should be pulled towards the wide edge of the shuttle to ensure that it is beneath the spring, and then released to the right to finish the stitching motion.

Step 6

Pushing up on the metal plate at the device’s base will allow access to the metal plate. It’s time to put in the bobbin, with the thread facing up. Use this machine to tuck the thread. The shuttle is a long way off. It is time to replace the metal.

Step 7

In order to allow the needle fall inside the machine, carefully turn the wheel toward you. This raises the bobbin thread. Line up the two threads neatly to prevent them from tangling, and then stitch the strands as usual.

How To Set Up A Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

It is recommended that you follow these rules when using the White Westinghouse WW-100 Mighty Mender.

A threading Westinghouse sewing machine

  1. The pin on the thread spool must be attached.
  2. Start with the first thread guidance and work your way to the second.
  3. To locate the maps, look through the drawings in the handbook.
  4. Leap the thread between the tension discs.
  5. Raise the takeup lever after the handwheel has been turned toward you.

Threading the bobbin onto the Westinghouse sewing machine

  1. Ensure that you draw the thread through the hole from left to right. A guide and bobbin winder tension disc are then used to guide and pull the thread.
  2. Pull the thread for 3 inches through the bobbin’s hole.
  3. To begin sewing, turn the machine on and lightly depress the foot pedal.
  4. The top of the bobbin is the proper place to cut the threads.
  5. Keep winding up till you reach your destination.
  6. Remove 4 inches of thread from the bobbin when it’s packed to the brim with thread
  7. Remove the bobbin from the winder and lower it.
  8. The foot of the presser is raised.

The thread of the bobbin is raised on the Westinghouse sewing machine

  1. Keep the top thread in place by turning the handwheel counterclockwise.
  2. Loops will emerge from the bobbin’s thread.
  3. Pull the needle and bobbin threads to the back of the sewing machine.

How Old Is My Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

Free Westinghouse sewing machines are notoriously difficult to date. As an example, determining the age of antique and vintage sewing machines will be very similar to this process as well.

Find out what model and serial number your Free Westinghouse sewing machine has by inspecting its current state. Identifying the type of sewing machine you have will allow you to compare it to that of other people.

Preparation is required for the fact that you won’t be able to access records like other major sewing machine makers such as Singer. Between 1926 and 1954, the Free Westinghouse sewing machine was manufactured.

Free Westinghouse Serial Numbers

It’s nearly impossible to compile a comprehensive list of all Free sewing machines ever created. It’s possible to track down the serial numbers for various computers via a variety of online resources.

There is a list of Home Sewing Machine Company’s machines on a website that dates back to. However, it wasn’t until 1927 that Free began producing New Home sewing machines. Only the first three lines of this list would be covered by this.

No one knows which other serial numbers are unique or which one belongs to which other serial number. The only way to find out who they are is to dig through old records. Records of the companies, which were taken over by the Japanese, can be found just about wherever.

How Do You Manually Thread A Sewing Machine?

  1. Check your machine’s instructions before using it again, if you haven’t already.
  2. Activate the presser foot
  3. Place the thread spool in the first thread guide after attaching the spool holders to the spool holders.
  4. Take the thread all the way to the lever for takeup after luring it into the tension discs.
  5. Find the thread guide by removing the thread from the needle.
  6. You’ll need to thread the needle once you get to the needle’s eye once you’ve reached the needle.

White Rotary sewing machines, along with Free Westinghouse, are among the more difficult models to locate a handbook for. If you happen to own a White Rotary sewing machine, you can follow these instructions for threading it.

How Much is a Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

We don’t yet know the actual cost of the initial machines. Certainly, the selling prices of various devices have risen through time, but they were still acceptable in nature. These initial sales pricing have no influence on the current market value of computers.

According to some, a free Westinghouse sewing machine is worth between $20 and $200, depending on a variety of factors. For the 52F version with a cabinet, another expert assessed a worth of $300. Of course, for that price, the model was in fantastic shape.

When clients are eager to haggle, antique businesses may have higher prices on the Free Westinghouse machines, which gives them more leeway. Between $49 to $220, they can be purchased on eBay.

A rough estimate of the cost of a certain model of the free Westinghouse sew-on machine is provided.

Dating a Free Westinghouse Sewing Machine

In order to verify that the current free Westinghouse models are in fact genuine, you will need to know the serial number of the machine, its model number, and the model’s name.

Datating older devices can be problematic, especially when they weren’t produced by a well-known company. Documents can disappear and erroneous data can be posted online. Due to the fact that the following address is offered by a few websites: Address: New Home Sewing Machine Co., Los Angeles 25, CA 90001.

To ensure that your letter arrives on time, you’ll need to update your address. If the New Home Sewing Machine Company was combined with the Free Sewing Machine Company before 1927, then the company may not have existed before then. In the same vein as that one.

Westinghouse sewing machines were manufactured from 1926 to 1954, when the company was taken over by a Japanese corporation, before they were discontinued.

Westinghouse filed a lawsuit against Free’s Free firm because they had ceased utilizing their motors in their sewing machines. This case is currently in litigation, but Westinghouse could force Free to stop using their brand name.

Free Westinghouse Needles

There is at least one free Westinghouse sewing machine that can utilize these CC1221, 40F1, and Sz 16 needles. In addition to Amazon, you can also find them on eBay. These needles are being sold for $10 by the seller.

You can see the needles listed on the Thrifty Farm Girl outlet site in the next section above, but they weren’t mentioned. It’s never a bad idea to double-check. For your next stop, you may want to look into the name of the company that offers free Westinghouse needles.

Only a small number of Free Westinghouse and New Home rotary machines were equipped with a short needle. This site has a handful of them listed. If you can’t find what you need to build your own sewing machine, contact them.

Ask those who repair ancient sewing machines for help. Your free Westinghouse Sewing machine may be able to put you in the direction of an alternative model if you are unable to locate an older model.

Is There An Easy Way To Thread A Sewing Machine Needle?

Needle threaders are the fastest and most effective way to thread a sewing machine with thread. This feature may already be included in some models.

  1. Lift the needle as high as you possibly can.
  2. You can trace the needle’s prongs from left to right with a thread that’s just to your left, or you can use the needle itself.
  3. Press the threading knob so that the hook can be threaded through its eye and back out of its needle’s head.
  4. After placing the thread beneath the hook, crank the knob carefully to thread the hook.
  5. Don’t let go of the thread’s end, because you’ll see the thread looped around the needle’s eye if you do.
  6. Remove the threader from the loop.
  7. Complete the process by inserting the thread through the needle’s eye.


There you go! Only two steps are required to thread a Westinghouse sewing machine that has been unlocked.

The process is the same regardless of the type of sewing machine you use. Make sure you follow the instructions in order until you get to the needle’s eye.