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The embroidering of jeans, dresses, and tops is now becoming more fashionable and fashionable. However, hand embroidery is time-consuming and exhausting. It may result in accidentally pricked fingers. Machine embroidery is a much easier (and faster!) option to customize your clothing by incorporating designs and personalizations. If you own your own business at home or are looking for an exciting new pastime getting an embroidery machine is sure to be a source of conversation for everyone: “Where did you get that cute embroidered fit?”
But, sewing with machines isn’t as easy as simply pressing the button. They require skills knowledge, expertise, and a lot of time to master for optimal outcomes. Our fabric DIY specialists in our Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab evaluated over one hundred sewing machines and embroidery machines to ensure durability, usability, and new features. We also recommend browsing our blog for more sewing machine models to learn more.

What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Embroidery To Buy

SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

It can be used as an embroidery machine and a sew-on machine, this model from Brother is rated the highest because it’s user-friendly thanks to its easy-to-use controls and accessories. With more than 900 positive reviews on Amazon, both reviewers and pros both agree the 5×7-inch embroidery space allows for a greater variety of sizes for designs. The machine comes with 138 built-in patterns and more than 240 stitches but it’s also easy to upload your own designs using the USB port. It’s a single needle machine the automatic threader lets you easily switch the color at any time.

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Large 5×7-inch embroidery area
  • Lightweight, at 22 pounds

Brother SE600

You’ll maximize your money by purchasing the Brother SE600 model that is 2-in-1. This is a top-of-the-line model for both embroidery and sewing So you’re not limited to the tasks that you can complete.
The SE600 comes with the 3.2-inch touchscreen LCD which you can use to view and edit your embroidery designs, such as changing the colors of individual threads. Included are 80 embroidery designs. However, you can also use the USB port to transfer your personal designs.
For sewing it, the SE600 comes with an assortment of 103 stitches available. In addition, you’ll have an ample workspace as well as a 4-inch by 4 inches embroidery area that can accommodate a variety of projects.

The best for:

  • People who are keen to sew, but not only embroider.
  • Sewers who are looking for something quick and simple to operate
  • People who wish to make use of their own designs

Learn about the best Brother sewing machine and other top models that embroider.

Bernette B79 Combination Machine

If you’re looking for a larger hoop for your combination machine take a look at the Bernette 79. It comes with an optimum 6”x10” size hoop and comes with a variety of characteristics that the other models don’t. It’s also more expensive and could be an ideal choice for those who always wish they could have a bigger hoop!
For stitching, the B79 comes with more than 500 built-in stitches which include 17 buttonhole stitches and 35 quilting stitches as well as 133 ornamental stitches.
Maximum stitching speeds are 1000 stitches in a minute and it comes with two feeds to distribute the fabrics evenly. It also has a needle threader that is semi-automatic but it’s not as user-friendly as the one used on Brother machines. Also, you get knee lifters as well as the capability to program automatic stitch finishing and thread cutting using tapping the heel!
One of the most effective embroidery machines in this list The Brother B79 has 108 designs that are built-in to the machine and seven alphabet fonts. The LCD screen has basic editing features and functions perfectly when combined with BERNINA Cloud and ToolBox.
The B79 can also read most embroidery file formats It’s a big advantage if you’re switching from one machine to Bernette. It’s not as straightforward to use, and there aren’t as many tutorials online available to help you, so ensure that you have experience with machines prior to making the switch or you’re a fast master of the process!

Husqvarna Viking Jade 35

If you’re a big fan of Husqvarna Viking, consider the Designer Jade 35 model. It’s not necessary to continuously hoops when you’re creating huge designs due to its huge embroidery space and hoops.
Are you new to embroidery? You can make use of this brand’s Sewing Advisor feature that will aid you on the screen.
If you’d prefer to view the designs in embroidery in a larger size you’ll be glad to know that you can use your computer with Designer Jade 35. Also, it’s important to note that you’re able to sew and quilt using this model if you’re looking to have an incredibly versatile sewing machine.

The best for:

  • Anyone who wants an embroidery machine that can sew or quilt using
  • People making fast projects
  • Beginners in sewing and sewing
  • Doing intricate embroidery

MB-7 Seven-Needle Embroidery Machine

If you’re taking advantage of the latest trends in embroidery and selling your work through Etsy or other websites This multi-needle equipment from Janome is worth the cost. It allows you to thread seven needles in advance to speed up the time of embroidery. With an embroidery maximum size of 9.4 7.9 x 7.9 inches, the machine can accommodate many different designs and features a USB port to upload images. Many reviewers appreciate the big LCD screen, a separate winder for bobbins (allows the user to spin bobbins as the machine is stitching!), and an abundance of accessories included.

Ideal for:

  • The accessories include storage space and an embroidery table
  • Independent Bobbin Winder
  • Bright LED lights

B79 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

It is a “sleek, elegant, and modern” embroidery machine that comes with an extensive extension table, which makes sewing and embroidery projects much simpler to manage according to reviews. The largest size of hoop, with a dimension of 10 x 6.3 inches, can accommodate massive embroidery designs. Innovative features such as tie-off (no backstitching is required) or thread cutting can be set to occur in a sequence. It comes with 208 stitch patterns and seven alphabets of embroidery that are built-in, but the embroidery software comes with hundreds of additional designs which can be downloaded via USB. It also functions as a sewing device, with over 500 stitch options, and boasts an astounding 1000 stitches per minute.

Ideal for:

  • Tie off and thread cutting feature that is automatic
  • 208 embroidery patterns, 500 stitches, and seven alphabets of embroidery are built-in
  • Huge 10 x 6.3-inch hoop size

What’s The Difference Between A Sewing Machine And An Embroidery Machine?

An embroidery machine is made to create intricate designs on fabrics effortlessly. In contrast, sewing machines are designed to make stitches that connect the fabric.

Do regular sewing machines embroider?

The benefit of using an embroidery machine over a sewing machine is that you can design and edit directly on it and quickly create your design, regardless of the degree of “intricate” it seems. But, it is possible to also embroider using the regular sewing machine as demonstrated in this instructional for how you can monogram your shirt using the sewing machine.
It is possible to embroider using an embroidery machine using ornamental stitches, or the basic zigzag stitch. You can also draw the design onto a stabilizer, and place the needle to stitch it.
However, for designs that have to be filled in, free motion embroidery is an option that is easy to use on using the machine. Be sure to manage the speed of your machine smoothly.


This is it! We’ve just looked at what’s the most effective sewing machine to use for embroidery, based on four manufacturers.
They all should be able to aid even the most novice in embroidery. They’re also capable not only of embroidery but also of sewing.
So, they’ll offer the most cost-effective device for the home.