Updated at: 13-04-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

It can be tough to know what you need from a sewing machine if you’ve never sewn before. When it comes to quality and pricing, each one is a winner. But what if you’re looking for a plain and straightforward style?

Sunbeam’s Mini Portable Sewing Machine is a great option if that’s what you need. There is simply one stitch on it. Small and light, it’s easy to carry around and utilize.

But not all sewers are searching for the same thing. Certain sewers may require greater variety in terms of fabrics, while some sewers might not be suited to this type of machine.



There is only one thread available for use with this Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine (the straight stitch). It’s not as limiting as you think because this is the stitch you’ll use for the most of your projects.

Double-threaded stitches are used. This indicates that each stitch is made up of two strands. In other words, your creation will be sturdy and not fall apart as soon as you stitch it together.

The bobbin on the Sunbeam sewing machine may be loaded from top to bottom. This arrangement places the bobbin compartment next to the needles plate, making it easier to load.

For front loading designs, it’s easier to get at the bobbin in the event of an issue than if it’s buried behind the needle plate.


The mini-portable sewing machine has two speeds, high and low. You have the option to go at your own pace.

Start slowly to improve your confidence if you’re a beginner. As your skills improve, you’ll be able to go faster.


It has a pre-threaded Sunbeam sewing machine. Because of this, you may get started on a project immediately. When you run out of threads, you may easily re-thread your needle with the two-needle threaders that come with your machine.

Pulleys and tension bars can be used to move the needle through the threader. Re-thread the threader and secure the thread. It’s as easy as that!


The Sunbeam sewing machine’s ability to run on batteries sets it apart from other models. No need to plug in an outlet.

Once the four AAA batteries have been inserted, you’re ready to start sewing. This makes it easy to bring along on vacations.

Use Sunbeam Mini Sewing Machine Correctly

Preparing the Sunbeam Mini

  • Keep an eye on the machine and make sure it isn’t turned off
  • Put four AA batteries into the machine’s battery box.
  • Make sure the machine is properly threaded.

Sewing using the Sunbeam Mini

  • Handwheel clockwise rotation will raise the needle.
  • Lift the lever for the presser foot at the back of the Sunbeam Mini. To raise the presser foot, use a Sunbeam Mini. After that, drape the fabric over the top.
  • To lower the fabric, make sure the seam direction is parallel to the presser’s foot.
  • You can find the Sunbeam Mini’s speed control located at the top. Decide how fast you’d want to travel.
  • Start stitching by turning on the sewing machine or pressing the start button.
  • Your foot’s sole should be used as a guide while guiding the fabric.
  • After you’ve completed sewing, turn off the machine.
  • When you turn the handwheel counterclockwise, the needle will move upwards. The presser foot can be raised by pressing the lever.
  • You’ll need about 10 inches of space between yourself and the Sunbeam Mini at this point.
  • In order to assure that you will have a thread left in the direction of your foot and in the direction of your body, you must cut close enough to the fabric.


Whatever your level of sewing experience or budget, you’ll appreciate the low price of the machine. Despite the fact that sewing machines with equivalent functions might cost hundreds of dollars, this is not the case here.