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To lubricate any sewing machine and model, sewing machine oil is used. If used correctly, it can improve the performance and lifespan of both residential and industrial machines.. In the past, sewing machine oil was traditionally created from petroleum and other conventional lubricants.

Nowadays, however, a wide variety of natural and synthetic sewing machine oils are available, such as coconut oil. Sewing machine oils, as well as substitutes for sewing machine oil and how to oil a sewing machine at home, will all be covered in this article. In addition, we’ll cover general lubrication and sewing machine maintenance, as well as what ingredients you can use.

Things You’ll Need

  • User’s guide or service handbook for the product
  • Oil for sewing machines
  • Rag
  • Q-tip

Step 1

Find out which parts of your Kenmore sewing machine need to be greased by going through the machine’s user manual. Without a guide, you can buy a user’s handbook or an internet service manual. Even older Kenmore sewing machines and older Kenmore sewing machines can be purchased with user guides. Since the genuine manual has been discontinued, the manuals are sometimes photocopies.

Step 2

Add a few drops of oil to the Kenmore sewing machine components depicted in the diagram. Oiling is a necessary maintenance step for any moving parts, plastic or metal. Oiling and location will depend on your home’s humidity level, how much salt is present in the air, and how your sewing machine is stored. If the Kenmore sewing machine is exposed to low humidity, high salt content, or harsh sunlight, the machine’s working parts may require more oiling.

Step 3

The Kenmore sewing machine’s moving parts, including the bobbin winder, require more frequent oiling. As a result, the thread spool serves as the basis for all of these moving pieces, including the thread-pulling mechanism, the needle-turning mechanism, and other moving parts situated near the bobbin case on older models. Before lubricating the bobbin, remove any debris, such as threads or lint, from the casing.

Step 4

The Kenmore sewing machine oiling manual diagram shows that certain moving parts can only be reached by removing the machine’s case. To access the other moving pieces, you’ll need to turn the head to the bottom. Oil is less likely to be needed on parts that are not coated.

Step 5

A sewing machine repair company can help you if you don’t know how to properly oil your machine or how to properly oil parts that need to be taken out of the machine. The technician will teach you the basics of equipment maintenance and oiling.


A dropper can be used to apply oil to your sewing machine. Be prepared for any oil spills by keeping a Q-tip and some paper towels nearby.

If you want to know how to oil your Kenmore appliance, you will need both a user’s manual and a service manual.


You may want to consider taking your Kenmore sewing machine to a repair shop in addition to the oil you use to lubricate and maintain it.

How Do You Know If Your Sewing Machine Needs Oil?

  • The machine has the potential to be slow or loud. a machine’s operation
  • When it’s not in use, the machine is stored away.
  • Most of the time, a sewing machine is needed. machine
  • Touching and rubbing the machine’s moving parts will reveal if there is a lack of lubrication.

Where Do I Oil My Sewing Machine?

Lubrication instructions can be found in the instruction manual for the specific model of sewing machine you own. Three to four droplets of oil should be placed in the appropriate location, as illustrated by the manufacturer. If you mistakenly oil a sewing machine with nylon bearings or pre-lubricated casings for bearings, you don’t want to ruin it.

Lubrication is generally required in areas of the sewing machine that move. The bobbin winder’s shaft, the case of the bobbin, and the needle bar could all be included in this. New Mexico State University advises against lubricating the bobbin winder’s ring, as well as the motor belts, handwheel, and tension discs.

How Do You Oil A Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine?

  1. The Kenmore model you own should be familiar to you.
  2. Before putting oil in the machine’s specified ports, make sure the Kenmore is completely clean and dry.
  3. Oiling the ports of some older models’ engines.
  4. The Bobbin case should be cleaned and emptied.
  5. To make feeding dogs easier, the needle plate should be removed.
  6. lubricate the gears of an old sewing machine using new gear grease
  7. Under the cover, make sure all the moving parts are well lubricated.
  8. Get the gears lubricated
  9. Make that the linkages are adequately lubricated by using the test machine’s stitch choice knob to sew with no thread.

How Often Should I Oil My Kenmore Sewing Machine?

Oiling the Kenmore sewing machine is dependent on how often you use it. Regular oiling of your Kenmore sewing machine is recommended around once every four to six months, depending on how and where it is stored and used. If the components are exposed to little or no humidity, it may be required to add more oil to keep the machine running smoothly.

Does A Kenmore Sewing Machine Need To Be Oiled?

If lubrication is recommended by the Kenmore sewing machine’s maker, it’s essential to examine the machine’s instruction manual. There are some models that don’t need to be lubricated, but there are others that need to be lubricated. It’s essential to keep moving parts lubricated if you have machines that need it.

Proper oiling is one of the most important techniques for unfreezing a sewing machine. Moving parts will wear out more quickly if they aren’t properly lubricated, which will affect the machine’s performance and its lifespan. However, to avoid causing more harm than good, only use oil on the moving parts that Kenmore recommends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to lubricate a Kenmore sewing machine?

Regular lubrication is required for all metal and plastic parts, including screws. The amount of oil you use can be affected by your home’s humidity. How often and where you need to oil your equipment depends on how well you keep it maintained.

What sort of oil should I use in my Kenmore sewing machine?

To keep your sewing machine running smoothly, lubrication should be applied. Lubricant for sewing machines is a clear, whitish liquid with a translucence, and it has no discernible scent. The machine’s bearings will not be obstructed by the lower density of the oil.

Are Singer needles and Kenmore sewing machines compatible?

The Kenmore sewing machine is compatible with Singer needles. Sharp points and holes that fit most threads are common features of these tools.


Organic chemicals, lubricants, and minerals are all used to make sewing machine oils. The type of oil you use to clean your sewing machine will depend on how old it is, what it will be used for, and whether or not you like to use synthetic oil. Sewing machines need to be oiled on a regular basis to keep them running smoothly and long-lasting. When it comes to oiling and cleaning your sewing machine or other dressmaking tools, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid using industrial or dangerous chemicals.