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It might be frustrating to cope with a bobbin winder that won’t wind bobbins. Don’t worry, though; you’re not the first person to run into this problem. This is a problem for many people, including inexperienced do-it-yourselfers and professional seamstresses.

Bobbin winder repairs on Brother sewing machines are typically straightforward and need just minor adjustments. With any luck, this article will show you how to easily repair the bobbin winder for your sewing machine.

Instead of spending hours searching the web for this information, you can rely on us and our dedicated research team, who have prepared the following data about repairing bobbin winders.

Identifying then Solving the Issue

There are a few things you may look at to figure out why your bobbin winder isn’t working before breaking out the tools. It’s probably nothing major, simply the winder leaning downward and requiring an upward nudge.

If the bobbin winder still isn’t turning after a little jiggling of the screwdriver, though, the problem may lie elsewhere. We recommend keeping an eye out for the following:

Loose End

The bobbin winder on a Brother sewing machine features a little hole at the top for threading.

Although some bobbin winders feature a slit that retains the thread, this one requires the user to manually loop the thread end through the hole and then secure it with a few turns of the machine. Then, trim the end so it won’t get caught in the bobbin case.

Jammed Winding Pin

Bobbins are not always wound evenly because thread gets caught on the winding pin occasionally.

Use the light from the flashlight to look at the bobbin winding pin on your sewing machine. Thread can be safely removed with a pair of sewing tweezers if you happen to find any.

If you want to keep the thread from falling into your machine and causing more damage, avoid cutting it. After you take the thread out of the bobbin, you’ll have a clearer view of the wind.

Improper Bobbin

Skimming the manual for your Brother sewing machine will reveal that the first thing they say about the bobbin winder is that you need to use the one that is designed for your specific model.

Defected Bobbin

When compared to their metal counterparts, plastic bobbins, which are standard in most Brother sewing machines, are much more prone to breaking. This is due to the fact that their shape is easily deformed by heat and that they are easily broken.

Get rid of the plastic bobbin and get a new one if it does not fit on the bobbin winding pin.

Thread not Wrapped Properly

A thread guiding groove and pretension disc may be seen on the top of the sewing machine. As a result, uneven winding often occurs because this step is overlooked.

Hook the thread into the guiding groove, wind it around the pretension disc, and feed it through the bobbin winder’s smallest hole.

Worn Out Rubber Ring

There is a rubber ring at the base of your bobbin winding pin. Worn bobbin winders can’t wind evenly or at all.

This is a typical problem with older sewing machines, and fixing it usually involves replacing the rubber ring that the bobbin winder rides on. If you are having trouble fixing your sewing machine, a repair technician can assist you.

Disengaged Bobbin

If the bobbin doesn’t wind quickly and smoothly when you press the foot pedal, the winder might not be engaged. That’s why it’s possible to get an inconsistent winding pattern.

For the winding of the bobbin to begin, the bobbin pin must be fully extended, and the bobbin wheel must be totally free. If it is even little off, you will run into problems.

Broken Gears

Your bobbin winder may have an internal problem if none of the above mentioned problems apply to your situation and none of the suggested fixes work.

Certain models of sewing machines seem to hold up better to regular use. The gears in your bobbin winding mechanism might become damaged if you’re not careful.

It is recommended that a technician be called in to examine the sewing machine as a last resort. When prompted, it would be prudent to get a new computer.

Bobbin winder stopped working  (bobbin winder not working, bobbin not winding, bobbin stopped winding)

It appears that this is a widespread issue with electronic devices these days. If your bobbin is having winding issues, try the steps below.

  1. Make sure you are using bobbins of the right size.
  2. Verify that the bobbin’s groove is lined up with the spring located on the bobbin winder shaft, and that the bobbin was pressed down firmly enough to snap into position.
  3. Be sure the thread is properly threaded via the bobbin winding guide.
  4. Inspect the bobbin for any flaws, such as scratches. If you’re unsure, you should replace the bobbin.
  5. Make use of the bobbin winder and ensure it is turned on.
  6. Verify the area beneath the bobbin pin. If you need to see what you’re doing in there, a little flashlight will come in handy. Perhaps some thread has been tangled in the bobbin’s holding pin. The bobbin winder can break if this happens. Tweezers can be used to carefully remove the thread from the machine (unwind the thread, but don’t cut it).
  7. It’s possible that the winder is stuck due to internal damage, debris, or excessive internal friction caused by debris, dirt, or other foreign objects. Clearly, maintenance is required on this apparatus. Modern computerized devices are designed (by the manufacturer) to be difficult to disassemble without the aid of trained professionals.
  8. It’s possible the thread is coiled too tightly on the bobbin and can’t be unwound from the winder. If the bobbin won’t come out of the winder, try unwinding it.

Why Won’t My Bobbin Wind On My Brother Sewing Machine?

  • You are not using bobbins that are appropriate for your Brother sewing machine.
  • The bobbin is not firmly seated in the winder’s shaft.
  • There is a problem with the bobbin threading.
  • Bobbin replacement is required because of deterioration that prevents it from spinning.
  • A faster winding rate for the bobbin would be preferable.
  • You failed to push the bobbin winder to the right to activate the winding mechanism.

How To Fix The Bobbin Not Winding Correctly On Brother Sewing Machine

  1. Construct the bobbin and wound the thread around it.
  2. When using a sewing machine, make sure to use the proper bobbin.
  3. Start the machine and mount the bobbin on the winder shaft.
  4. Push the winder to the arrow shown in the user manual once the bobbin has snapped into place.
  5. Thread the bobbin by sliding it to the left.
  6. Put the thread under the hook of the thread guide clockwise under the pre-tension disk and feed it through the front of the guide cover.
  7. Thread should be wound five times clockwise around the bobbin.
  8. Use the guide for winding the thread to feed the thread ends through the cutout in the seat.
  9. For the cutter, thread the right side.
  10. Commence winding

How Do You Wind A Bobbin Without A Bobbin Winder?

  1. As an alternative to a bobbin winder, you can use a drill.
  2. Take out the bit and replace it firmly with a knitting needle or a wooden pencil.
  3. Fill the bobbin hole with yarn if the bobbin keeps falling off the needle.
  4. Keeping the drill steady in one hand, you can unwind some thread from the spool with the other.
  5. You should wind the thread around the bobbin a few times.
  6. Begin drilling while simultaneously winding thread onto the bobbin.
  7. Keep some space between your bobbin hand and thread hand to wind the bobbin evenly and with the right amount of tension.


1. Is Brother a good sewing machine?

Everyone from seasoned seamstresses to novices use Brother sewing machines. Brother sewing machines are as effective and efficient as those made by more expensive companies, yet they cost much less.

2. How do you use a Brother bobbin winder?

It is important to wound the thread around the bobbin winder at least four or five times by hand, first securing it around the pretension disc. You can either pass the end through the cutter or loop it through one of the little holes on your bobbin winder.

3. How long should a Brother sewing machine last?

If you choose a current, high-quality brand like a Brother, you may expect your machine to last for 6-10 years or more while still under warranty. Depending on how much use it gets, a Brother sewing machine can endure for 30 years or more.


Finally, the end! To review, if the bobbin is the right size and you wound and threaded it correctly, the bobbin winder on your Brother sewing machine should work fine. If your machine still won’t wind the bobbin after trying the solutions we provided in the page linked, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Brother.

We trust you found this article informative. Send us your thoughts if you have them.