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Depending on the model, you can find out how to properly oil your Baby Lock sewing machine. Some models require regular oiling, while others only need to be lubricated in specific areas. Baby Lock’s Zest, Destiny, and BL50A will all require lubrication in this article.

To begin with, are you a newbie to the Baby Lock sewing machine brand? To have a better idea of what to expect from Baby Lock sewing machines, why not look at the manufacturers?

Baby Lock Zest Basic Maintenance

For the time being, we’ll stick with Zest’s default threading method. A machine with a lot of flavor. To ensure that the lever for taking up can be at its highest position, it is required to remove the thread from the spool stand and move the handwheel toward yourself. The thread will then be passed to the thread guide and then to the take-up lever, which resembles a hook. Finally, using the black lever on the side of the machine, make sure the presser foot is in the correct position. This will allow the disc of tension to be released by raising the foot. Lowering the thread, the thread guide will then be lowered over the guide. Remove any threads that aren’t in their proper place before lowering the foot to check for tension.

Insert the needle into the machine by attaching the flat side of the needle to the machine’s side, and then inserting the needle all the way to the top of the device.

Baby Lock Destiny, Unity, Flourish, Aerial Maintenance

When you first start, you’ll need to draw your slide away from your body. You’ll then remove your bobbin casing. Look for problems, as if a needle had been poked through the material.

To remove the screws from your needle plate, use a nickel or the included tool.

With paper towels or an alcohol-soaked Qtip, the hook can be washed. You can use compressed air to remove lint and dust from the inside of the hook, as well as to clean the edges of the hook.

Once the machine has been sanitized, the bobbin casing is the last thing you want to put back in place. Before inserting the bobbin, make sure the needle plate is in position. The needle will be able to enter the bobbin case if the bobbin casing is placed first, which may be moved around. In the same way, we’ll screw in the needle plate and make sure it’s snug and secure so that the needle doesn’t touch the plate. After that, thread the bobbin with the thread and attach the bobbin case to the machine using the white dots on the bobbin case. Place it back in, then put your foot back on the machine.

Baby Lock Multi-Needle Maintenance

We’ll go through some of the most common problems that people make when using the multi-needle and how to avoid them. Put an end to your computer. An error generated by a wiper can cause your thread to not cut. You may need a new knife or the machine may be clogged with old thread if it won’t cut in the center. In order to get started, remove the needle plate and loosen those two screws by using the wrench L. You can inspect the needle plate with your brush once you remove the needle plate. Once you’ve cleaned and oiled the hook, you can use it again. Baby Lock recommends lubricating the hook every eight hours of use.

Fixed and movable knives are both available. Cut the thread with the movable knife, then store it beneath the fixed one to complete the filling process. Using a brush to clean it might also help avoid mistakes.

When you restart your computer, The machine includes an oil setting. There is a “OK” button that you must press in order for the hook to be greased, and it will return to its original position when you do.

Using the wrench L, the needle plate can be covered when it is returned to its original position.

Where Do I Oil My Baby Lock Sewing Machine?

It’s best to consult the handbook that came with your specific Baby Lock sewing machine. There will be a diagram demonstrating where to put a drop or two of oil in your sewing machine on this sheet. You can lubricate the hook on the bobbin of some models, such as the Baby Lock Coronet BLCT16A, to protect it from wear and strain.

Make sure you know how to lubricate the working elements of the sewing machine so that it runs smoothly.

How Do I Fix My Baby Lock Sewing Machine?

  • To figure out what’s wrong with your sewing machine, refer to the manual.
  • Verify that the machine is free of trash and lint and that no parts are broken.
  • Ensure that your Baby Lock sewing machine is well oiled and then get it serviced on a regular basis.
  • Bobbin rethreading and re-doing
  • Make sure the needle is correctly inserted.
  • Make sure your sewing machine’s settings are appropriate for the cloth you’re working with.


This is it! Because we’ve already talked about how to oil the needle bar of a Baby Lock sewing machine, it’s important to first consult the handbook to learn the proper procedure. There are certain models that don’t need to be oiled by the owner, while others constantly need their needle hook or bobbin bar lubricated by the owner.

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