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In the latter half of the twentieth century, Necchi sewing machines dominated other sewing enterprises around the world. The first Necchi models wowed the globe with their use of cutting-edge technology and flawless construction. The history and resale value of Necchi sewing machine models are intriguing!

In 1924, Vittorio Necchi established Italy’s first sewing machine manufacturing enterprise. Necchi models flew off the shelves around the world because of the brand’s reputation for high quality. The ancient Necchi sewing machines are now pricey collectibles with top-notch craftsmanship.

Notable Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine Models

Necchi’s sewing machine has seen a number of significant technological advancements throughout the years. Important vintage sewing machines can be found below as a result of these improvements.

Necchi BU

In 1932, Necchi unveiled the BU, the first of several products that would come to be known as the Necchi. In addition to producing a stunning zigzag pattern, the machine was the first of its kind to be manufactured in the United States, according to the manufacturer. As a result of its ability to sew buttonholes and other decorative stitches as well as the standard straight stitch, the machine became popular among amateur sewers.

Necchi Supernova

The Necchi Supernova attracted worldwide recognition due to its endorsement by actress and model Sophia Lauren. The machine, which was first presented in 1954, was so well-designed that it won awards. A variety of zigzags and varied stitch designs made it flexible, rapid, and easy to use, and the machine was completely automated.. As far as Necchi sewing machines are concerned, this is one of the best old-fashioned Necchis out there.

Necchi Mirella

In 1956, Necchi introduced the Mirella model, which was a huge success. Because of its one-of-a-kind design, the model is currently on display at the MOMA! The machine has a swooping, elongated shape instead of the traditional square box.

Other accolades include the Triennale di Milano’s Grand Prix award for its beauty and inventiveness.

Incredibly, this machine can only produce the straight stitch and reverse, despite its unusual creative flair and later production date. Instead of the heavier cast iron utilized in prior generations, its distinctive body is made of lightweight green or cream-colored aluminum. It is equipped with a rotary hook and can also be used with a free arm.

However, there are certain drawbacks to it. To use it, you need a bobbin made for that purpose. It also has a hard time getting to the engine. Then there’s the fact that it’s incredibly rare and extremely pricey!

Necchi Esperia in Cabinet

From 1959 until 1962, Necchi marketed the Esperia line of clothing and housewares in the United States. Pale pink and green are the colors of choice for the models. Even though they can’t sew through leather or strong upholstery textiles, they can use a straight stitch.

Every time a sewing machine comes up for auction, the more original the cabinet, the higher the value it has. There is a risk, though, of finding a White or Sear Cabinet that was smuggled into the Necchi Esperia by someone else!

Another enigma surrounds this particular model: Esperia models: it’s a safe guess that some of these models were built in Italy. Stitching is known to be long-lasting. Newer Esperia models, on the other hand, could be built in Japan. There are some concerns about the quality of these Esperia models among sewers.

After Necchi’s heyday, this model was introduced, and it’s practically impossible to get any information about it!

Necchi BF Mira

Collectors of Necchi sewing machines from the 1950s adore the BF Mira. It has a low shank and feed dogs that may be adjusted. In comparison to the Supernova, this is a simple straight stitch machine. In spite of this, it’s a sturdy machine that’s a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a stylish yet functional vintage sewing machine.

Where to Buy Vintage Necchi Sewing Machines for Sale

Necchi sewing machines are heavy and cumbersome to move because of their huge metal parts and cabinet sizes. You can find them in local antique shops, estate sales, and thrift shops because of this. Classified ads can also be a good place to look for bargains. It’s possible to find an old-fashioned Necchi sewing machine if you’re patient enough to search for the right one.

Do They Still Make Necchi Sewing Machines?

New Necchi sewing machines are still available right now. Despite the fact that Necchi has its own website, Janome purchased the name. All of the current Necchi versions are designed, built, and sold by Janome.

There are some similarities between the present Necchi machines and the old Italian-made versions built at Vittorio Necchi’s factory, although they are not quite as close as they used to be.

The sewing machines made by Janome are of the highest quality and feature cutting-edge designs. They have all the digital features you desire. In addition, Janome’s customer service is well-known.

The typical solid steel construction of the early 20th century has been replaced with inexpensive plastic parts in modern sewing machines. Modern Necchi can’t deliver the same level of craftsmanship as an older model!

When Was The Necchi Sewing Machine Made?

The year was 1919 when Necchi was founded. However, Vittorio Necchi didn’t build his first sewing machine factory to produce the Necchi BD until 1924. At the time, there were 40 people employed at the facility. After a period of rapid expansion, the factory was able to create over 19,000 pieces per year by the 1930s, which it exported to over 30 nations throughout the world. By 1945, Necchi employed 4,500 people and produced more than 1,000 machines a day at its factory. Europe and the United States import.

What Brand Is Necchi?

Since 2012, Janome has distributed Necchi sewing machines in the United States after purchasing the Necchi trademark. Necchi, on the other hand, is no longer being sold in the United States by Janome. However, if your model is one of the ones they distribute during their time, they’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have. For newer models, you can also utilize their Contact Us website.


It’s as easy as that! We’ve only now learned how to date a Necchi sewing machine’s age. In addition, we found that it is much easier to determine which model you have. From the 1930s until the 1980s, you’ll be able to tell roughly when it was constructed.