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The Babylock sewing machine can be threaded in two simple steps. Using a sewing machine, you must first learn how to set it up and follow all of its instructions until you reach the needle’s eye.

In addition, the proper pre-sewing setup of Babylock devices is covered in this article. However, are you already familiar with this brand?

To get a better idea of what to expect from your Babylock sewing machine, check out the company behind it.

How To Thread A Babylock Sewing Machine Correctly

Things You’ll Need

  • Thread on a spool
  • Needle
  • Sewing machine manufactured by Baby Lock

Threading the Joy - Baby Lock

Step 1

Ensure the Baby Lock machine is turned off by either switching its power button to the off position, or removing its plug from the wall or floor socket.

Step 2

Remove the plug from the wall or floor socket, or flip the machine’s power button to the off position, to ensure it’s switched off.

Step 3

Make sure you’ve raised the presser foot and put your spool of thread in its proper spot by placing it either horizontally or vertically. In order to prevent the thread from unraveling and becoming tangled while the machine is in use, make sure the spool cap is securely attached to the horizontal spool pin.

Step 4

Determine which threading points are on top, and then run the thread through each one before leading it to the tension mechanism..

Step 5

Using the thread guide positioned above the needle, feed a few inches of thread through the thread tension mechanism, take-up lever, and needle.

Step 6

From the front to the rear, thread the needle. Turn on the Baby Lock by lowering the presser foot.

Step 7

By stitching on a piece of cloth placed under the presser foot, you may determine whether or not the threading operation was effective.

How to Thread the Baby Lock Zeal - YouTube

How Do You Fill The Bobbin On A Babylock Sewing Machine?

Instructions for the Babylock BL9 sewing machine can be found here:

Wind the bobbin

  1. Using the bobbin winder’s thread guide, wind the thread from the spool around the bobbin.
  2. The bobbin hole should be threaded from the inside out.
  3. Put the bobbin on the spindle with the notch aligned to the rib of the spindle.
  4. To activate the winding mechanism, move the bobbin to the right.
  5. While pushing the foot pedal, hold the thread end.
  6. After a few rounds, come to a halt and trim the thread just above the bobbin.
  7. Weave in the ends and you’re finished.
  8. To halt the machine, press the spindle to the left, then release the lever.

Thread the bobbin

  1. Make sure the bobbin is back in its case.
  2. Check the instructions to see which way the thread must be oriented.
  3. The thread should be slid through the case’s slot and under the spring’s strain.
  4. Pull the thread for around 4 inches into the delivery eye.

How Do You Set Up A Babylock Sewing Machine?

The Babylock Symphony sewing machine can be used for this tutorial:

Setting the bobbin

  1. The Presser Foot Lifter button can be pressed to raise the presser’s feet.
  2. Remove the bobbin cover by sliding the clasp to the right.
  3. With one hand, hold the bobbin and the other, the thread end.
  4. You can find out how to unwind the thread by checking your machine’s instruction manual.
  5. Pull the thread into the groove while keeping the bobbin in place.
  6. Remove the tassel.
  7. Replace the bobbin cover if it has been removed.

Attaching the presser foot

  1. Place the presser foot in the holder provided.
  2. Verify that the foot’s pin is aligned with the holder’s notch.
  3. In order to secure the presser foot in its holder, lower the lever.
  4. Check the installation by raising the presser foot lever.

Changing the needle

  1. The needle clamp screw can be loosened.
  2. Dispose of the needle.
  3. The flat side of the needle should face the back of the machine when it is positioned under the clamp.
  4. Clamp the new needle as far up as you can into the old one.
  5. The needle clamp screw must be retightened.

How Do You Thread The Bobbin On A Babylock BL9?

Wind the bobbin

  1. The bobbin winder thread guide should be surrounded by the thread you just pulled from the spool.
  2. The bobbin hole should be threaded from the inside out.
  3. Set the bobbin to the spindle by aligning the bobbin notch with the spindle rib of the bobbin winder.
  4. The winding mechanism is activated when the bobbin is pushed to the right.
  5. While pressing the foot pedal, keep the thread in place.
  6. Cut the thread near to the bobbin after a few spins.
  7. End the winding process.
  8. Activate the bobbin by moving it to the left.
  9. Pull the handwheel to the left and cut the thread.

Thread the bobbin

  1. Make sure the bobbin is back in its case.
  2. Unwind the thread according to the instructions in the manual.
  3. Place the thread in the bobbin case’s slot.
  4. Make sure the thread is tucked under the spring tension.
  5. Get your needle and thread through the delivery eye, then pull for about 4 inches.

How to thread the Babylock BL9 sewing machine

  1. Increase the takeup lever’s tension to its maximum setting.
  2. Push up on the presser foot.
  3. Ensure that the thread is coming from the back of the spool by attaching it to the pin.
  4. Place the thread in the tension region after passing it through the thread guide.
  5. The thread should be steered around the check spring holder and up the takeup lever from right to left, as shown.
  6. The needle bar’s thread guide can be used to guide the thread down into the needle.
  7. Thread the needle’s eye from front to back, starting at the top.
  8. Raising the presser foot while holding the bobbin thread allows you to raise it.
  9. Make sure the takeup lever is up and the needle is down when you turn the handwheel.
  10. The bobbin thread loop can be used to draw the needle thread up.
  11. Pull about six inches of both threads toward the back of the machine and under the presser foot, then release.

It’s always a good idea to do some research on the best thread to use with your sewing machine so that you’re prepared.

Threading the Baby Lock Jubilant - Baby Lock


It’s done! Babylock sewing machines only require two steps to thread.

You only need to make sure the thread is attached to the pin correctly, then follow the arrows until you get to the needle’s eye. Threading the bobbin, replacing the needle and presser foot, and setting the Babylock are all simple tasks.