Updated at: 18-03-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

How to Darn With Sewing Machine. Darning refers to the process of sewing thread rows close to creating the appearance of the fabric. Although the majority of darning is a craft done by hand, however, it is possible to do darning using a machine. This is a fantastic option to prolong the lifespan of a piece. The process of sewing machine darning is simple and simple.

How Do You Darn With A Sewing Machine

Step 1

Cut loose threads off the hole you’re patching into the fabric. Put a piece of backing fabric in front of the hole. The backing fabric could be of similar weight or lighter than the garment or alternatively, you could choose a lighter, tear-away fabric designed specifically for darning on machines. Attach the backing fabric to the edges using straight pins.

Step 2

Configure your machine. Make sure the thread is wound correctly then load your bobbin. Thread the machine correctly. The machine should be set to a medium straight stitch.

Step 3

Remove the normal feeding plate. Replace it with the darning. This plate is specially designed to allow you to move your garment with precision as it removes the feed dogs away from the play. On certain machines, it is possible to disable the feed dogs.

Step 4

Make rows of stitches around the outside of the hole ready to sew. Be sure to steer the material as the feed dogs aren’t functioning. Take off the pins.

Step 5

Begin sewing forward and back across the opening in the fabric. Sew each row together.

Step 6

Take a look at the hole. If the darning is in good shape and appears to be able to hold, then you can end. If you think the darning is weak, or it could use some work Continue Step 5 crossing the stitches at an angle that is right.

What is darning in sewing?

Darning is the method of fixing holes or worn parts of furniture or clothing using new threads onto the fabric. This creates a strong and elastic “patch” that blends seamlessly with your pillowcase or garment. The aim is to stop fraying from occurring and ensure that the piece stays in place to the maximum extent is possible. It’s not as difficult as it sounds It’s an easy method that anyone can master. If you’re a fan of sewing, this skill can often prove handy.

Why darn your clothes if you can always buy new ones?

Darning is an old-fashioned practice, it’s not necessary for modern society, many people opt to darn their clothes, rather than throw them in the garbage.

Some people believe that it’s better to purchase a replacement item instead of a repair one since repair takes time and you must have some basic sewing skills. Additionally, many people are unsure of how to repair clothing and aren’t aware that there are a variety of ways to repair a hole or tear.

What thread do you use for darning with a sewing machine?

If you’re sewing clothes typically, it’s best to make use of a thread that’s identical to the material used in the garment. It’s not always practical to darn with a sewing machine. You aren’t able to use yarn, for example. However, cotton sewing machine thread is an extremely popular option since it doesn’t usually cause puckering on the fabric. I’d recommend against using thread made of polyester.


This is the way to go! This week, we learned how to sew with a sewing machine using zigzags threads.

Additionally, we have discovered some innovative methods, like creating an arc around the hole or creating running stitches to repair straight tears. To prevent attracting attention towards the repairs, stitch your stitches close as possible, and make sure to use identical color thread that you used for the clothing.

Begin by trimming the loose threads on the holes’ frayed edges and then securing it using the stabilized piece. Don’t hesitate to connect with us if you have additional questions regarding darning following studying this tutorial.