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Here, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of oiling a Bernina sewing machine. There are techniques and ideas included here that are specific to your Bernina machine, so you can be confident they’ll work. Your Bernina sewing machine will run more smoothly if you know what oil to use and how often to apply it to the needle plate.

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Some Oiling Tips to Follow

There are a few things to keep in mind prior to beginning the process of coiling a Bernina sewing machine:

  • Before you begin sewing, always apply a coat of oil. After that, never again. As a result, the oil has a better chance of getting to all parts of the machine.
  • Use only the best oil. Make sure to steer clear of oils containing resin or acid.
  • Follow the directions in the user’s manual. Receive one from the Bernina website to get a download for your specific model.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear on your sewing machine by doing regular maintenance checks.
  • During your oiling, remove all needles. First and foremost, put your own safety first.

Why, When, Where, and How to Oil a Bernina Sewing Machine

How to Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine

Because different sewing machine series have subtle changes, the procedure for lubricating your machine may differ slightly from the one given here. For those who don’t want to squander their hard-earned money, regular and proper oiling is essential.

You’ll need these things:

  • An instruction manual for the user.
  • Oil for sewing machines.
  • A brush with medium bristles.
  • compressed air in a can

The lubrication procedure:

  • The Bernina sewing machines must first be warmed up to room temperature before proceeding to Step 1. After an hour of warming up from the cold, they should be OK.
  • Open the top cover, and you’ll see a bunch of little red dots on the interior. These indicate you where the oil should be placed. Use the owner’s manual as a guide.
  • You’ll need to consult your owner’s manual for this step. Step #3 – Remove the side cover. In addition, the red dots are there to help you.
  • A brush or blow dryer can be used to get rid of any loose fibers that may have built up over time. The shuttle and feed dog should also be covered. Do this at every oiling interval.

Where to Oil a Bernina Sewing Machine

The location of each model in a Bernina series can be found in the owner’s manual. It’s important to review that book to ensure that you’re oiling the proper places. Oil for the 7 and 5 series may have been included.

Avoid trying to find a substitute because the oil that comes with the Bernina sewing machine may not function as well as the alternative. The hook area is one of the places that has to be lubricated. Remove the hook first by wiping it down.

Two felt pads are encased in the hook. Each pad should be coated with one drop of oil. Put a drop of oil on the hook race and let it sit for a minute. The oil reservoir under the stitch plate should not be refilled during this procedure.

It’s possible to sponge up oil by sewing a few threads into a piece of fabric that’s otherwise useless. In the same way as other machines, there are red dots on the top and side covers that show where you need to oil.

Make sure you have the correct locations in your machine’s owner’s handbook. Your Bernina sewing machine has to be lubricated but not overly so. Even worse than not lubricating the machine at all, or not lubricating it at all, is lubricating the machine excessively.

What Oil Can I Use for Sewing Machine

There is no specific brand of oil listed on the Bernina website. To ensure that you’re using the correct oil, some of their machines will ship with extra. Owner’s manual or Bernina dealer can provide you with the name and/or type of oil if you’re unsure.

White mineral oil is the most common type of sewing machine lubricant. It should not clog your machine because of its light viscosity. In addition to being clear, this oil is also odorless.

oiling your sewing machine

This oil may be sold as sewing machine oil or just ordinary machine oil at the store. Make sure you obtain the correct type of sewing machine by asking the clerk or visiting a sewing machine sales or repair company.

Oils should not be substituted for one another. The viscosity of cooking oil and automobile oil is too high for sewing machines, causing the oil to clog your gears.

Your sewing machine’s fabric may also be ruined by these oils. You should also avoid using 3 in 1 oil. The same rationales that were cited earlier still hold true.

Why Oil a Sewing Machine

It’s hard to overstate the precision of Bernina sewing machines. They have many internal parts that can seize, get clogged, or simply wear out if they are not maintained properly because they are meant to operate on complicated designs, stitches, etc.

Without frequent oiling, the quality of the results you get from your sewing machine could be quite poor. As a result of these incidents, you’re looking at a lot of money in repair fees and wasted stitching time.

Sewing machines are comparable to automobiles, if that helps. They contain metal pieces that can become very hot if they are not properly lubricated. This causes the metal to expand and cease to function.

Metal components can become distorted, lose their fine craftsmanship, or simply break. What oil does is stop those and other things from happening. Metal parts can slide past each other smoothly and heat buildup is avoided when using oil.

Your health and your wallet will both benefit from regular oiling. Anyone who has ever had to pay Bernina pricing knows that a few drops of oil could have saved them money.

When to Oil Your Sewing Machine

Before oiling your Bernina sewing machine, wait until you’ve sewn 2 to 5 bobbins worth of fabric through it. Some sewing machines, like the Bernina 830, benefit from daily oiling of the hook mechanism. This should be done BEFORE you begin sewing.

Open the bobbin case door and hold the bobbin assembly in place while you oil the machine’s bobbin area. The copper wire can then be seen by turning the handwheel in the opposite direction.

One drop of oil should be added to the wire and the bobbin should be replaced and the bobbin case door shut. Your owner’s manual should tell you when to oil your Bernina 830 series sewing machine if you don’t have one.

If you have another brand of sewing machine, the rule of thumb is that you should oil your machine every 10 to 20 hours of sewing. This will ensure that your sewing machine is in good working order.

You may find it tiresome and unenjoyable, but if you want to continue to enjoy your sewing time, you’ll have to do it.

How Often Oil a Sewing Machine

After completing your sewing project, it’s a good idea, but not a requirement, to lubricate your sewing machine. This is something you do at the end of every sewing endeavor.

Of course, if your project is little and won’t take too much time, you don’t have to grease your machine as much. That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. It is important, however, that you should not allow too much time or too many little chores to prolong your lubrication time.

The other item to consider is over-oiling. You do not want to put a lot of oil on your sewing machine. While your machine has lots of metal parts that tend to rub against each other, your sewing machine is not a car.

Over-oiling is another another factor to consider. To keep your sewing machine running smoothly, you don’t want to over-lubricate it. This is not an automobile, even though it has a lot of metal pieces that rub against each other.

Your sewing machine oil bottle should last you a long time based on that. Consult your sewing machine’s owner’s manual to find out how much the manufacturer suggests.

With expensive Bernina sewing machines like this one, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Cleaning and Oiling a Bernina With a CB Hook

Take your sewing machine to a repairman once a year for cleaning and oiling, regardless of the brand you use or the model number.

Regular oiling and maintenance between visits will help keep your Bernina in top working condition. It is recommended that you do these maintenance procedures after each bobbin has been used.

  • Unplug your sewing machine as the first step in the process.
  • Unscrew the needle and remove the presser foot.
  • Step 3: Gently remove the bobbin, race cover, and hook by opening the bobbin door and pulling the levers. The bobbin and hook can now be removed.
  • Use a soft nylon bristle brush to dust your machine in Step 4. *Some people don’t recommend using pressurized air because that tends to push lint and dust further into the machine. Begin at the top and work your way down. When this happens, you may face additional challenges.
  • Use a soft towel to clean down the hook and the hook race region in the fifth step. Replace the hook and hook race cover with a few drops of oil. The handwheel can assist you reposition the hook.
  • Using a soft cloth, wipe down the stitch plate and then reinsert the stitch plate back into the machine as a final step.
  • Seventh and final step: clean down your machine.

Machine Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions: Cleaning and Oiling - WeAllSew

How Do I Oil My Bernina 770 QE?

  1. Refer to the instructions for the Bernina 770 QE.
  2. The bobbin casing should be removed, and the fastening bracket should be pushed left.
  3. Put the race cover with brackets and hooks in place.
  4. In order to gain access to the hook race, remove the hook and put a drop of Bernina oil in its place
  5. To dampen the felts, pour oil into each of the receptacles.
  6. Never lubricate the hook sleeve’s red surface.
  7. Keeping a tight grip on the hook pin, make a beeline for it while keeping the angular tip hidden below the hook race cover.
  8. Hook the driver such that the mark on the driver can be seen through the hook’s hole.
  9. Close the hook race cover and secure the hook in position, so that the release bracket is tethered to the hook.
  10. Insert the bobbin case after turning the handwheel.

Do I Need To Oil My Bernina?

If your owner’s manual specifies that you should oil your Bernina sewing machine, do so. This will keep the moving parts from deteriorating at an alarming rate, allowing you to keep your machine functioning at peak efficiency. Use only genuine Bernina sewing machine oil, and avoid oversaturating the lubrication points at all costs.


How easy was this tutorial? According to Bernina, the places that need to be lubricated include the hook region of a Bernina sewing machine. Bernina oil is the only oil recommended, and it should never be oversaturated.

We hope you’ve gained a lot of knowledge from this course. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. If you still have concerns about the maintenance of your sewing machine, speak with your local Bernina dealer.


When and Where to Oil a Bernina Sewing Machine