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There are two steps to threading a Necchi sewing machine. We’ll start with the top thread and work our way down to the bobbin thread in this lesson. We’ll also teach you how to sew on a Necchi sewing machine during your stay.

Is there any other brand of sewing machine that you’d like to learn how to thread properly? In addition, you can look through our site to learn how to use different sewing machines, such as the Riccar.

How To Thread A Necchi Sewing Machine Correctly

Things You’ll Need

  • Thread on a spool
  • Threaded bobbin

Necchi sewing machines might be difficult to thread if they don’t come with instructions or if they’ve been lost or misplaced. No matter what model you have, threading a Necchi sewing machine is a snap.

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Step 1

Make sure the presser foot is raised and the needle is in the highest position. Move the needle up by twisting the nob on the right side of the machine toward you. Open the bobbin holder compartment under the needle and insert the bobbin.

Step 2

Make sure the needle is at the highest position and the presser foot is up. In order to increase the needle’s height, twist away from you the nob on the right side of the machine. Insert the bobbin into the bobbin holder under the needle.

Step 3

Thread the needles through the guides on the spool. When you’re sewing, there are normally four to five thread guides: one on either side of the machine, one in front of it, and one on the thread arm that protrudes from the machine’s top. There may also be one or two thread guides peculiar to your model.

Step 4

From the front to the rear, thread the needle. Pull the thread a few inches through the guides to make sure it’s running smoothly. Pull the thread to the back and under the presser foot.

Step 5

Rotate the nob on the left side till the needle moves all the way down and back up again while holding the end of the thread. To avoid damaging the needle, make sure to always rotate toward yourself.

Step 6

The bobbin thread will rise with the needle. Bring the two threads to the back of the machine and secure them there. Sewing has begun on your machine.


Free threading diagrams for most Necchi sewing machines may be found on the SewUSA website for most models (see link in References). For a modest fee, you can also download complete manuals from the internet.

How Do You Thread A Necchi Supernova?

  1. Find out how to use the Necchi Supernova by reading the handbook.
  2. Turn the balancing wheel toward you to raise the needle as high as possible.
  3. Take a look at the handbook to learn how to thread the spool.
  4. Pull the thread between the discs of tension and down through them.
  5. To begin, thread the needle through a spool of thread, then up and over the check spring.
  6. To use the thread take-up lever, feed the thread through the guiding hook and then left to right through the thread
  7. Draw the thread into the guide hook and into the slot.
  8. Using the needle eye as a guide, thread the needle from left to right, leaving about four inches of free thread.

How Do You Use A Necchi Supernova Sewing Machine?

  1. Set up the sewing machine in the appropriate way.
  2. Place the fabric under the presser foot, then lower the foot to keep it in place.
  3. The stitching pace will be determined by the amount of pressure you apply to the foot pedal.
  4. To prevent the stitches from unraveling, use the reverse button to sew backwards at the start and end of each stitch row.
  5. Begin sewing again after releasing the reverse button.
  6. To complete the job, elevate the presser foot and snip the threads.

Adjusting the thread tension

  1. Ensure that the upper and lower thread tensions are interlocked in the material’s middle
  2. There will be visible lower thread on the top surface of the fabric if the higher thread tension is too high
  3. An overly tight bottom thread tension will cause a draw on the upper thread.
  4. Adjust the tension by lowering the presser foot and turning the knob.
  5. On a scrap of fabric, check the stitches.

Sewing machine tension troubles can be solved by reading how to change a sewing machine’s tension assembly.

How to Thread a Home Sewing Machine and Basics for Beginners on a Necchi 2300 - YouTube

Positioning of presser bar and presser foot

  1. Please check if there are any gaps between the presser foot opening and the needle plate opening.
  2. Loosen the presser bar guide screw to change its position.
  3. Turn the presser foot until the needle plate is aligned perfectly.
  4. Re-tighten the screw and make sure the guide hasn’t moved.

Why Is The Upper Thread Breaking On My Necchi Sewing Machine?

  • Re-thread the sewing machine if necessary after checking how it was threaded.
  • Threads should be loosened up.
  • When sewing, use the correct needle for the thread.
  • If required, re-insert the needle to ensure proper insertion.
  • Insist on a new needle in place of the damaged one.
  • Make sure the thread is properly wound.

Why Is The Lower Thread Breaking On My Necchi Sewing Machine?

  • Put back in the bobbin casing
  • Make sure the bobbin case is properly sewn again
  • Make that the bobbin and bobbin case are in the correct place.

Why Is My Necchi Sewing Machine Skipping Stitches?

  • Put the needle back in.
  • Insist on a new needle in place of the damaged one.
  • Make sure you’re using the right needle for the job.
  • The presser foot must be correctly reattached again.
  • Sewing machine re-thread

Why Are My Stitches On The Necchi Sewing Machine Skipping Loose?

  • The machine needs to be rethreaded.
  • Inspect the bobbin case.
  • Tension your muscles properly.
  • Utilize the proper needle size

How To Use A Necchi Sewing Machine?

necchi machines come with clear instructions, so you don’t need to be concerned about how to use them.

  • More than that, we’ve devised an easy method of conveying it. Maintaining the various pieces and their functions is an important part of your job.
  • The first step is to figure out how to get electricity to your home. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the hang of it, though. Do a quick voltage check first. Plug it in gently if it’s fine.
  • To set up the spool pin, you need to know how to do so. However, some parts must be assembled because they are shipped individually. The sewing light should next be set up and the two should be joined together.
  • There are a lot of options out there for completing the look. In addition, you’ll need to install all the extension cords. Then you’ll need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the tools are positioned correctly.
  • After that, you’ll need to get the needle ready. Consider the stitches and how they might be adjusted. Parts like automated lighting and other LED lights should have their underwater swell inspections performed.
  • If everything is in order, move on to setting up the bobbin plate. Make sure the needle and string are in the same place. Continue to apply pressure with your feet and double-check your technique.
  • The stitching can now begin with a push of the paddle. Check to see if your many stitching attempts were successful. As soon as you’ve let off of the reverse switch, give it another go! Remove and clean the waste materials.

This is a simple way to get started. In order to learn more in-depth information, refer to the user’s manual. Don’t skimp out on the tools you need for the job. You can get an inexpensive sewing machine by following the recommendations of a reputable reviewer.

Is Necchi A Good Sewing Machine?

When it comes to a necchi sewing machine, it’s difficult to narrow your inquiry down to a single concern. How do I know this? A few of them have the ability to be used in a variety of situations, but most are designed for a specific purpose.

So, if you have a question regarding a specific machine, you’ll need to go for a separate review. As for the overall grade, it’s a no-brainer. You can’t beat them. Many current automated devices can debate with you, but these are the legends.

Over the course of several decades, Necchi machines have been in widespread usage. The machine has grown and become more enticing over time.

It doesn’t matter what generation we come from, Necchi machines have acquired the finest reputation and confidence.

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We can all benefit from a few noticeable advantages. As an example, they have a reasonable price range, a solid reputation, a smooth stitching experience, a 25-year warranty, and other fascinating features.

They are undoubtedly the best, if not THE best, on the market, given that they are associated with such a well-known brand.


There you have it! For a refresher on how to thread a Necchi sewing machine, you’ll need the manual. The procedure isn’t all that different from other machines, but you must follow the arrows to the needle eye.

We sincerely hope everything was clear. If you have any questions, please post them below.