Updated at: 23-04-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

Everything you need is included in the BERNINA machine. Having a new sewing machine makes you want to start sewing! For those who are like me, reading the handbook is the most critical thing you’ll need to do. I’m here to help you get your computer up and running quickly.

To help you get started with your new BERNINA, we went over how to thread a bobbin. How to connect your BERNINA will be covered today. Next week, we’ll go through how to properly load a bobbin in a bobbin case.

Before you begin threading your sewing machine, there are two things you should be sure of.

You must have your feet in an upward position when pressing. The tension discs in your machine will be exposed if your presser foot is raised and they are in the open. When using a sewing machine, tension discs can assist keep the thread moving in a constant manner, resulting in beautiful stitches. It’s impossible to get the thread to the right spot while the presser foot is not in use and the tension discs are closed. A less-than-appealing stitch is the result.

Check to see if the needle is pointing up. The needle up/down button can be used instead of the handwheel to raise the needle’s height. This will allow you to see the hook and properly position your needle because the lever to lift the needle will be fully elevated in this manner. It’s impossible to detect if you’ve correctly positioned your needle when using the hand’s wheel to raise it. To begin threading your needle, you must cross off the following two items from your to-do list:

In order for the BERNINA thread spool to function properly, the tail of the thread must extend over the spool.

The following are a few pointers to help you get started Bobbin threads must be removed from the silver disc and placed on a Bobbin post, which must be positioned beneath the silver hook on the back of your machine. Make sure your thread is positioned toward the machine’s front end. The following step is indicated by little arrows.

How Do You Wind A Bobbin On A Bernina Sewing Machine?

  1. Consult the owner’s manual for your particular model. Model Bernina that you own.
  2. Cut the power to the sewing machine and leave it off.
  3. Set the spindle for winding the bobbin on the bobbin bobbin.
  4. Set up the spool pin with a foam cushion on top of it, then thread the spool with the thread.
  5. Spool the proper disc onto the drive.
  6. Follow the arrow in the manual’s image to thread the rear guide through and around the pretension stud.
  7. Once the thread has been coiled around the bobbin twice, the thread cutter on the machine is used to remove any surplus thread.
  8. Use the bobbin as a lever to make the winder work.
  9. When the bobbin is full, the winder comes to an end.
  10. Pull the thread through the cutter of the damaged bobbin.

How often should I change my needle?

Needles for sewing machines are an essential part of the machine. If you want to prevent failure and achieve achievement, make sure you use the right needle for the thread and fabric picks. Any thread break or frayed threads, a missed stitched or a looped thread must be replaced immediately. Click here to view or print a needle graph for your BERNINA sewing machine.

Do I need to oil my BERNINA sewing machine?

Yes. To get the most out of your BERNINA sewing machine, use a small bit of lubricant every day. Ensure that you use the clear sewing machine oil available at your BERNINA dealer. Your BERNINA store will be happy to assist you if you have any questions about where to obtain sewing machine oil or how to maintain your machine. SewingMastery.com also offers tutorials on how to lubricate and clean all BERNINA sewing machines.

How do I adjust my tension?

One of your main concerns is the tension of the sewing machine. If a smooth stitch cannot be created due to weight differences between the top and bobbin threads, tension can be changed. Just before you start fiddling with the tension, double-check that your BERNINA sewing machine has been properly cared for.

Does it hurt the machine to travel with it? Or to sew over thick fabrics?

In a car, sewing machines have no problem. Bumpy highways, getting out of cars, or putting tables down are no match for their sturdy construction. Then you begin the first leg of your travel from your factory. You may learn more about how to plan for every possible drop and shipping scenario by searching for “UPS Drop Test.”

How Do You Use A Bernina Sewing Machine?

The needle should be changed

  1. Pull the needle downwards after locking the screw on the needle clamp.
  2. The needle should be positioned such that the flat side is facing the back of the machine.
  3. Once the needle has been pushed as far as it will go toward the clamp, tighten the clamp screw.

Adjusting thread tension

  1. If you want to reduce the thread’s tension, turn the wheel of tension down from its highest setting to its lowest setting.
  2. Adjust the sewing project’s tension to match the fabric materials.

Adjusting presser foot pressure

  1. Foot pressure is controlled by a wheel that may be shifted from “+” (increase pressure) to “-” (loosen pressure).
  2. When working with heavy or tighter fabrics, you should apply more pressure with your foot, and less pressure with a lighter or looser material.


Is that all? Setting your Bernina sewing machine up for ease of threading is the first step, followed by following the guidance and the take-up lever until you reach the needle’s eye. When it comes to winding and removing the bobbin, this sewing machine does things a little differently than other models.