Updated at: 19-04-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

It can be difficult to locate curtains that are the appropriate length for every window while shopping for them. The cost of custom-made curtains in the exact length you require is a no-brainer. Because of this, hemming is a common practice. Many people are able to simply stitch them on their machines. If you’re like me, you’re either not talented enough or don’t own a sewing machine. There are ways to hem curtains without sewing that I’ve come across. And they’re so simple to make!

How To Hem Curtains Without Sewing?

Decide How Long You Want Your Curtains

Depending on your preference, you can have your curtains hang straight across the floor, slightly drooping on the floor, or barely drooping on the floor. Your personal style and what you think looks best will play a role in this decision. Mark the location of the hem on your curtains once you’ve decided on their length. The bottom of these curtains were about eight inches too long. Fasten your curtains with clothes pins or clips while they are still hanging from your curtain rod.

Measure the Hem

Measure where to cut the curtain after it’s been folded to the proper length. It is necessary to measure and mark two inches up from the folded curtain bottom for a two-inch hem. A straight line of pins helped us cut the cloth in a straight line and visualize where we would cut the fabric. Begin measuring and pinning the curtain on one side and working your way around it. In the event that you haven’t removed your curtains from the rod, you’ll want to flip them so that you face the back of the curtains. Pin and hem the bottom edge of the garment on this side.

  1. Remove Your Drapes!

Once you’ve measured and pinned out your new hem, use fabric scissors to snip off the excess curtain.

  1. Apply Hem Tape to the Hem of Your Clothes

Begin by ironing the hem of one side of the curtain, then the other. Remove the pin and insert the hem tape between the folded curtain pieces where you want the hem to be. To maintain the hem, simply re-pin the fabric as you proceed. However, do not iron the pins! Keep rolling out your hem tape as you go through this process piece by piece.

  1. Put on the Oven!

Use the “wool” setting on your iron. Your drapes or curtains won’t get damaged because it’s hot enough to attach the hem tape. Do not, under any circumstances, use lower temperatures than those specified in the directions for applying your hemtape.

  1. Bring water to a boil in a Washcloth

With your ironing board’s curtains wet, drape the washcloth over the board. No matter how careful you are, you should never let the washcloth dry completely dry out.

  1. Hem the Clothes

It’s time to use your iron to get rid of the hem tape and washcloth. Do not move the iron for 10 seconds. Unpin the next section of the hem, apply hem tape on it, and iron it all together. Until the curtain comes down, keep going like this!

Send us a picture of your curtains to show us how you hemmed them using this method. We’ll post it on our blog and social media accounts!

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Finishing Touches

We’re getting close to finishing the hems on our new curtains. Removing any remaining pins from the fabric is a good idea. You can use the iron again to iron out any creases that have formed in the curtain.

So there you have it: a no-sew method for hemming curtains. You don’t have to worry about needles and thread if you want to make your curtains longer or shorter. It’s significantly more convenient, less expensive, and more time-saving than any other option.

Can you shorten curtains without sewing?

There are no-sew hemming solutions that may be done at home for a fraction of the cost of having them professionally adjusted. Using iron-on fusible tape or fabric adhesive, you can shorten your draperies.

Can you use hemming tape on curtains?

If you’ve got a thin curtain hem, hemming tape is the best way to fold it up. Measure from the top of the curtain to the bottom edge to get an idea of the new hem depth.

What is a hemming stitch by hand?

Use an arm length of thread and tie off the end at the hem. Make two stitches in a row, but do not pull the thread through both stitches. The needle should be passed twice through the loop. Tighten the knot by squeezing it to the fabric. In the same manner, tie a knot at the end of your thread or hem.