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A chilly breeze can creep into any house now that winter is just around the corner. I’ve found that draping heavy curtains across the windows is an effective way to remain warm. By not allowing heat to leave, you’ll save money as well as keep the chilly air out. Curtains and windows come in a wide range of sizes, and hems often have to be cut to fit. At the secondhand store, I buy the drapes I need, and then cut them to fit. If I had to spend $40 for a curtain, I wouldn’t do it. Just $3 and an hour of my time would be plenty for me. Here’s how I tie my winter curtains early so that I may save money on my heating bill once the snow starts falling. After all, who doesn’t want to save a little money in time for the holidays?

How To Hem Curtains With A Sewing Machine?

Curtains can be tied with the aid of a sewing machine and hem tape. To make a double-folded hem on your curtain, you’ll need a lot of cloth.

Prior to hemming the curtain, it is essential to measure it and verify the amount of fabric it contains. The project will also necessitate the use of a variety of instruments, including pins, scissors, and glue. At a craft shop, it is preferable to get what you’re missing if possible.

How difficult or tough you think the procedure of putting up curtains in your home is, it isn’t. You need to follow a set of guidelines in order to get the best results. Your outcomes will be favorable if you carry out the tasks correctly. Let’s take a closer look at how things are done to see if we can save any more time.

Step 1: You Must Have Enough Material To Create The Hem

Ensure that you have enough cloth to accomplish the hemming procedure before commencing the process of hemming.

Once the curtain is closed, the bottom hem folds inwards twice. Double the amount of cloth is required because of this. These curtains will have to be cut a lot shorter than they should be. The hem will appear longer if the curtains are made in a larger length.

This will give it a more balanced appearance. 3 to 4 inches of hem [7.62cm to 10.16cmin height] is common for regular curtains. As a result, the curtains must be shortened from 6 to 8 inches (15.24 centimeters to 20.32 centimeters).

Two-inch broad hems on short curtains [0.58cmin length] look great. You’ll need to increase the length of the curtains by 4 inches [10.16 cm]. Finally, a 5-inch wide hem [12.7-inch width] works well with longer-length curtains. Cut the curtains 10 inches longer [25.4cm] in order to complete the job.

Step 2: Spread The Curtain

Because of their size, it’s better to spread the curtains out across a flat surface like the ground or a table. Make sure they’re pointing the incorrect direction up. A table or any other flat surface can be used as a basis if the curtain is smaller.

Step 3: Fold The Bottom And Press It With An Iron

The width of the edge determines how much fold you want to make. This means that in order to produce an accurate 4-inch hem, the lower portion of the hem must be folded to 4 inches [10.16cm].

Press or iron the fabric using sewing pins to keep it in place. Remove the pins after you’ve finished ironing.

Step 4: Fold The Hem Again And Press With An Iron

Ensure that you use the same quantity of paper as you did the first time, and then fold it again. Each time you fold the hem, you must use exactly the same amount of fabric that was previously used to form the hem.

It’s best to use sewing pins to fasten them in place, then an iron to flatten them down. You can remove the pins once the pressing operation is complete.

Step 5: Keep The Lining Away From The Hem

Curtain linings are usually hemmed by themselves. Instead of the bottom hems, they’ll be hidden in the side hems. While working, it is necessary to keep the curtain’s edge away from the lining.

Step 6: Use Iron-On Hem Tape

An iron-on tape can be used to swiftly attach hems and curtains together. The hem tape should be cut to match the width of the curtain before applying it.

Then, you’ll need to slide it into the hem to the fold and on the back of the curtains to complete the installation. Ensure that the hem of the top portion with the entire section folded is done correctly.

For 10 seconds at a stretch, press the iron or the tape’s hem before moving on to the next. Wool settings are required for most hem tapes.

The settings for various products vary. Because of this, you should inspect the tape’s repackaging. It will tell you how to adjust the hem tape.

Place a moist cloth between the iron and the curtain. In the event that the iron gets too hot, it will cause the curtain to burn. On one end, there is an adhesive hem tape, and on the other, there is paper.

If you purchase a hem tape like this, you should iron it at least twice. You should iron it both with and without the paper attached.

Step 7: Use A Sewing Machine To Sew The Hem

Sewing or stitching the curtain’s edge is a final step after you’ve finished Steps 1 through 6. Make sure to sew as near to the folds as you can while sewing.

You have the option of selecting a curtain-matching thread. This stitching technique blends the thread into the background. Keep an eye out for potential blunders and difficulties when sewing to avoid them.

Best Stitch To Use For Hemming Curtains

Sewing your curtains is an option, but the Blind Hemstitching method is the only one that will get the job done. Screen hemming can be done using the most basic stitching approach.

This sewing method is frequently used by many. Hemming is another application of this method, which is used by certain well-known companies.

If you don’t want to see the rows of stitches running over the surface of your fabric, you can use blind hem stitches.

This stitch can be done entirely by hand. If your sewing machine has a blind stitch feature, you can use that as well.

The sort of stitch you want to use will determine which of the numerous sewing processes you use. However, a blind stitch is recommended.

Things To Know About The Hem Tape For Curtains

One of the primary reasons to use hem tape is to limit the number of folds in the curtains. Fast and professional hemming can be achieved with the use of hem tape.

A smooth and easy edge is provided for materials with a textured surface. The hem tape comes in a number of colors, making it simple to coordinate with your curtains. If you want to give your curtains a unique look, feel free to use some color.

It is necessary to prepress your garment’s allowance before you apply hem tape. The hem tape must then be attached to the hem.

This allows the hem tape to flow over the centre of the raw edges of the material. Edge-stitching is necessary to guarantee that the tape does not fall off the material.

Can I Hem The Curtains Without The Sewing Machine?

You certainly can. The hem of your curtains can be sewn by hand without any difficulty. Although there are two ways to accomplish this, both are equally effective. Using iron-on tape to expedite the process is an option to consider.

Curtain rings should be used in the second technique. It’s easy to put these rings on your curtain without having to shorten the length of your drapes. Using clips, they can hang the curtains if they are too long from the upper side.

Can I Take Up Blackout Curtains With Hem Tape?

The answer is yes. Using two lengths of hemming tape is necessary because these blackout curtains are so hefty. An extra-wide hem tape must be used to accomplish the work. In order to ensure that the tape sticks to the difficult material, you should also apply a significant quantity of heat.

Why Do People Choose to sew hems on curtains using sewing Machines that are their own?

In light of the aforementioned processes, it is clear that the hemming of curtains using a machine is straightforward. Why not spend a few bucks on an easy task that can be done in a short period of time? People like to follow these methods and sew as often as possible, especially in the winter.

It shields the room from the sun’s rays, prevents cold air from entering, and helps keep the room warm in the winter. Because it’s so simple to install, you’re better off doing it yourself rather than wasting money on a professional.

Are Hemmed Curtains Preferred to Other Curtains?

Definitely! Assuming you’ve gathered all of the necessary information, you can proceed with confidence. There isn’t any piracy in the content. Someone’s gifts to you. Authenticity is guaranteed and they aren’t stolen. These instructions on how to make curtains with a sewing machine will help you hem the top of the curtains.

Some people even allow others to borrow crucial tools like a sewing machine or iron so that they can test them out first. Are you on the verge of doing something risky?

There is nothing to wait for, as long as you have all the necessary resources. Choose wisely and follow the steps to tie curtains with a sewing machine in order to get the desired outcome.

How do you shorten curtains that are too long?

Pin the drapes to the chalk line so that they fold inwards. Make a crease on the chalk line and use pins positioned horizontally to hold the drape in place when steaming. A straight stitch on your machine using all-purpose thread that matches your hem’s edge approximately 1/4 inch away is all it takes to sew the hem.

What length should a curtain’s hem be?

Three to four inches is required for the hem, and another three to four inches is needed to accommodate the double fold. As a result, your curtains must have a width of six to eight inches greater than the region designated for the placement of your pins.

What is the allowance for hems for curtains?

An inch (7.5cm) edge should be your standard. When making long or wide drapes, 4 inches (10cm) of the hem may be more visually appealing than a hem of 3 inches (10cm). The length of the hem of two inches (5cm) is sufficient if your curtains are short.

Why Do People Choose to sew the curtains with sewing Machines of Their Own?

We may conclude that hemming curtains with a sewing machine is a straightforward process based on the guidelines provided. Who would rather spend more money on a job that can be completed within a short period of time? These strategies are preferred by most individuals, especially during the chilly winter months.

As a result, it helps keep the living room cool in the summer and warm when it’s freezing outside. It’s simple to implement, which is one reason you should go it alone rather than waste money.

Are Hemmed Curtains Preferred to Other Curtains?

Definitely! You’ve received all of the necessary materials and are confident that they are in proper order. You haven’t used any of the things you’ve received from others. Authenticity is guaranteed and they aren’t stolen. Using a sewing machine to hem your curtains will be a breeze if you follow these steps.

The iron and sewing machine can be borrowed from certain folks who are prepared to teach you how to use them. Are you contemplating an unconventional path?

What do you do when everything is in order? Using a sewing machine and following the procedures to tie curtains, you can get the desired outcome..


Using a sewing machine to manufacture hemmed curtains isn’t something out of the ordinary. Once the material has been prepared, the process of sewing curtains with an embroidery machine begins. Then you’ll be able to ensure that your curtain is ideal.

During the winter months, the demand for winter curtains can be very high. It is feasible to save money by reducing your time. Hemmed curtains are more expensive because of the pre-made material they are constructed of.

For those of you who don’t know how to get your hands on these supplies, I assure you’ll thank me in the future.