O Le Taeao Fou Police Pasifika Strategy launched

New Zealand Police and the Police Commissioner’s National Pacific Advisory Forum, launched ‘O Le Taeao Fou – Dawn of a New Day – the Pasifika National Strategy’, to guide how Police will work with New Zealand’s Pasifika communities.



O Le Taeao Fou sets the direction for building Police’s capability and capacity to partner and engage with Pasifika communities and families.


 “The Pasifika Strategy is an important step forward in Police’s relationship with New Zealand’s Pasifika communities,” says Commissioner Mike Bush.


“Pasifika peoples make a vibrant contribution to the increasing cultural diversity of Aotearoa New Zealand. 


“O Le Taeao Fou identifies key crime and safety issues faced by Pasifika peoples and opportunities for collaboration between Police and the community, to deliver better outcomes.”  



The Pasifika National Strategy has been developed as a partnership between Police and Commissioner Mike Bush’s Pacific Advisory Forum.


“O Le Taeao Fou is a constructive way forward in a long lasting partnership dedicated to achieving the best results for Pasifika communities,” says Fa’amatuainu Pereira, member of the Commissioner’s National Pacific Advisory Forum.


“In 2015, Police Commissioner Mike Bush reached out to our Pasifika communities to establish the Commissioner’s National Pacific Advisory Forum and to help establish the Strategy.


“O Le Taeao Fou is a strategy, an action plan and a commitment by Police to do what is right for Pasifika communities. We are proud to present this in partnership with Police.”



The Strategy identifies key drivers of demand for Pasifika communities and outlines work in these areas, in partnership with Pasifika communities, to help reduce Pasifika crime and victimisation.


Specific areas of focus within the Strategy include alcohol, youth, families, roads, organised crime, drugs, and mental health.


O Le Taeao Fou – Dawn of a New Day, the Pasifika National Strategy, can be read online here.