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If you know what to do when your Tempurpedic pillow arrives and how to take care of it, you can break it in quickly. While many people utilize Tempur-Pedic products like neck pillows for support, it should still be soft enough to provide comfort. A Tempurpedic pillow’s finest qualities can only be appreciated after the break-in phase.

It’s also important to allow the pillow’s structure to open up throughout the break-in stage. Since the cushion has been broken in, it will be able to swiftly adapt to your weight and temperature variations. You can soften your Tempurpedic pillow if you want to acquire a more personalized feel for yourself.

Why Is my Tempurpedic Pillow or Mattress so Firm?

In the same way that a new pair of shoes may be uncomfortable at first, a Tempurpedic cushion or mattress may be a little awkward at first. They may be too rigid and require some time to adjust to their new surroundings. This is due to the fact that they must be rigid at first in order to adequately support your neck or body. If your memory foam mattress topper isn’t expanding, your tempurpedic mattress or topper may be too firm. If this is the case, check out our post on how to remedy it.

Why Are Memory Foam Pillows So Hard? - How To Soften Them!

To make them, they use memory foam, which has a dense cellular structure that is both viscoelastic and temperature-sensitive. During the break-in period, the tempur cells progressively open and adapt to your weight and temperature. When pressure is applied on a Tempurpedic mattress, the foam sinks in deeper and deeper, according to scientists and academics.

Because the item is still cool when you purchase it, the tempur cells begin to condense as soon as you lay eyes on it. Due to its ability to retain body heat, the product’s density and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) decrease.

Consider the ideal gas law equation of PV=nRT and the density d=m/V in order to grasp the complete association between body pressure and body temperature.

The decrease in temperature correlates with a decrease in Volume. Conversely, the decrease in Volume correlates with an increase in density, and therefore an increase in the firmness of the product, and vice versa. So, with consistent body pressure and warm body temperature, the pillow or mattress will become much softer. Also check out our post on how long it takes memory foam mattresses to fully expand.

Do Tempurpedic Pillows and Mattresses Get Softer Over Time?

The decrease in temperature correlates with a decrease in Volume. Conversely, the decrease in Volume correlates with an increase in density, and therefore an increase in the firmness of the product, and vice versa. So, with consistent body pressure and warm body temperature, the pillow or mattress will become much softer. Also check out our post on how long it takes memory foam mattresses to fully expand.

The volume decreases as the temperature decreases. Contrarily, as volume decreases, density rises, and product stiffness rises, and this relationship is also true in the other direction. As a result, the pillow or mattress will get softer as a result of regular body pressure and warm body temperature. You may also be interested in our post on how long memory foam mattresses take to expand.

Do Tempurpedic Pillows and Mattresses Get Harder in Winter When it Is Cold?

Temperature sensitivities of tempurpedic pillows and mattresses have already been discussed. The stiffness of the foam can be affected by the temperature of the room, exactly like the temperature of the body. As a result, throughout the winter months, the foam becomes more rigid and less pliable than it is during the summer months, when it is more pliable and softer.

How to Make a Tempurpedic Pillow or Mattress Softer

Tempurpedic mattresses might take anything from a few days to a few weeks to soften and become more pleasant to sleep on. We call this the “breaking-in” phase. But if you find that the adjustment phase is taking too long, you can speed up the expansion process by following the procedures below.

Step 1. Intensify Pressure on Your Product

Apply a hefty object to your pillow or mattress before you go to sleep to help it feel less firm. Be sure to swiftly get off your product before it reverts back to its natural shape once you remove the object. This means that it will conform to your body and posture as it grows when you put on more weight.

Place your pillow or mattress on the floor and walk on it as another technique to exert pressure on it. Fibers loosen up and expand more swiftly through foam when agitated in this manner.

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Step 3. Expose your Product to the Sun

In a location with good airflow, place your pillow or mattress outside. Flip the product frequently to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly. Memory foam mattresses and pillows will get softer as a result of exposure to the sun’s rays.

Can I use a Memory Foam Mattress Topper to Make my Tempurpedic Pillow or Mattress Softer?

In general, memory foam mattress toppers give you a more supportive and long-lasting resting surface. MattressesSolutions claims that by removing pressure and heat from foam, a mattress topper reduces the break-in process. If you don’t change the firmness of your primary mattress or pillow, it will not adjust to your weight or temperature.

Memory foam mattress toppers, on the other hand, will respond to body pressure and heat in the same way as any other memory foam item. Protecting your mattress from wear and sags is the primary purpose of a mattress topper. Your mattress may be sinking in some places, but this pillow gives extra support in those spots.

How Do I Know if my Tempurpedic Pillow or Mattress is Too Old?

Pillows and mattresses made with Tempur-Pedic materials are designed to be soft but firm when needed. As with any product, they will eventually wear out and lose their ability to work.

It’s time to replace your mattress if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • The viscoelastic nature of memory foam allows it to mold to the shape of your body and return to its original shape when pressure is released. Memory foam does not, however, bounce back to its original shape. In order for the foam to support your weight and provide you with comfort, it must return to its previous shape after being compressed.
  • Memory foam naturally absorbs soundwaves and reduces motion transfer, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. As a result, if you and your companion toss and turn in bed, you should barely notice a rustling.
  • You can see the signs of wear and tear on your tempurpedic items when they begin to sag. As a result, your mattress may show signs of wear and tear such as lumps, sagging, and even holes and permanent stains.
  • Your body hurts when you wake up in the morning: Memory foam is designed to support and relieve pressure points regardless of how you sleep. The mattress or pillow isn’t doing its job if you wake up in pain.
  • Allergies: All mattresses and pillows, including memory foam ones, accumulate allergies and dust mites if they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. Respiratory allergies may result from this. Skin irritations and rashes may occur as a result of long-term exposure to body sweat.

How Long Do Tempurpedic Pillows Last? And How to Increase Lifespan

What To Do With Your Tempurpedic Pillow: The Break-In Period

Upon arrival

It’s typical for Tempur-Pedic pillows to feel strange and firm at first. Your weight and temperature will gradually change how the cushion feels as it adapts to your body shape. Breaking in a new pillow is an important part of the process, and it’s important to know what to do during this period of adjustment.

It’s at this point that the Tempur cells in your pillow open up to accommodate the user’s shifting weight and temperature. Your pillow should keep its shape for many years after the initial break-in phase. When the pillow arrives, you should expect it to smell, and it may feel a little more dense, especially in rooms that aren’t heated above 65°F.

Break-in period

A Tempurpedic pillow must be broken in before use. The Tempur cells should open up if the pillow is used on a regular basis. You can roll and unroll the cushion from one end to the other while sitting or leaning on it. They should open all Tempur cells, especially ones that were still closed when the mattress was made.

Your Tempurpedic pillow can be maximized by implementing a regular practice of breaking it in. With the pillow, you may extend the break-in period simply by spending more time with it. You don’t have to worry about the cells deforming because they’ll adapt to the variations in weight and temperature..

Break-in period: two weeks maximum. Pillow will respond better when it’s weighed down and warmed up. You’ll feel more at ease, and the pillow will also be softer, as a result. So, the Tempurpedic pillow’s faint odor should dissipate now that the cells are exposed.

Softening A Tempurpedic Pillow

Decompressing the Tempurpedic pillow by repeatedly using it will make it more responsive and softer. The manufacturer’s advice is based on the memory foam in the product. The hardness of a pillow can be affected by the temperature of your room, just like Tempur-mattresses. Pedic’s

If the environment is cooler, you may sense a firmer cushion. As a result, changing the temperature of your room or using your own body heat can help you get a softer cushion. Because the pillow will soften, it will also contour to your body more easily.

What is Tempur?

Tempurpedic pillows are made from Tempur foam, which was originally developed by NASA and is exclusive to the firm. This memory foam is unique in that it is made with a proprietary blend of ingredients that has been subjected to extensive testing and is certified to meet strict quality standards. In addition, the Tempurpedic pillow series features a wide range of options to meet the preferences of every customer.

The Comfort Pillow Cloud and Traditional Tempur Pillow are both part of the Classic line. They come in a variety of forms and sizes so that you can sleep comfortably on your stomach, side, or back. Depending on your preferences, you can also pick between soft, medium, and firm.

The Ergonomic series of Tempur-Pedic is also available. Unique forms in the Original, Millennium, Symphony, and Ombracio pillows alleviate stress and pressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, and other trouble spots. The discomfort in your body will be minimized, and specific areas of your body will be supported more readily.

Caring For Tempurpedic Pillows

To preserve their pillows in the best possible condition, the business advises regular care. For example, a heating pad should never be placed on top of a pillow. Keep in mind that the material’s conforming characteristics can be damaged by high temperatures because it is temperature-sensitive.

Remove the cover and roll and unroll your pillow in both directions if you need to clean it. Since washing Tempur is not recommended, this will keep it fresh and absorb fresh air. Tags for washing instructions are located on the cover.

Wash the cover at a cold temperature and choose the cool setting in the dryer. However, never use chlorine or harsh chemicals, and it’s better to air-dry the products unless machine drying is necessary.


How do you break in a tempurpedic pillow?

Make sure that you dry the cover on the coolest setting possible when you wash it. It’s best to air-dry your products unless you absolutely need to use a machine to dry them.

Will tempurpedic pillow get softer?

Once you become used to your TEMPUR cushion, it will get softer and more comfortable. Does it, however, continue to offer you the assistance you require? Yes, it is correct. Your pillow’s TEMPUR material is doing precisely what it’s supposed to.

Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Cloud® Cool Standard Bed Pillow | Bed Bath & Beyond

How long does it take for a Tempur Pedic to break in?

As with any new mattress, the Tempurpedic Cloud mattress’s break-in phase can take some time. However, you won’t get the best out of your new mattress for more than two weeks.

How long does it take to adjust to a memory foam pillow?

Use It on a Consistent Basis. Memory foam pillows can take a few days to get used to, so be patient. Nonetheless, the more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Why does Tempur-Pedic hurt my back?

Your issue is with memory foam. It’s a weak point. It’s the only type of upholstery material that changes color when exposed to heat. Your spine is thrown out of alignment as a result of the softening caused by the body heat you release.

Do memory foam pillows need to be broken in?

Memory foam pillows take a few minutes to adapt to your body’s pressure and temperature. Because these pillows automatically return to their original shape in the absence of heat, it may take a few days for your new pillow to get used to your bedroom temperature.

Is a Tempur pillow worth it?

Many reviewers have reported that they no longer wake up with neck stiffness after switching to the new mattress. ‘ Their sleep has been enhanced, they claim, and it’s really nice. Sleeping on a cloud has been likened to the experience for some. Because of its firmness, several people found this cushion to be uncomfortable.

Does it take awhile to get used to a Tempur-Pedic bed?

Your new Tempur-Pedic mattress may take some getting used to if you’re used to a regular mattress. Sleeping on the mattress, it will adjust to the weight and warmth of your body, making you feel more “at-one” with nature. A few weeks are required for this “break-in” phase to take effect.


Memory foam produced by NASA is what sets Tempurpedic pillows apart from the competition. To help the cells open up, it is necessary to understand how to break in a Tempurpedic cushion. Thus, it will adapt to your weight and temperature more easily, allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Start by rolling and unrolling your pillow a few times. Make use of it frequently in order to get acclimated to the various pressure and temperature fluctuations that it will experience. Eventually, you’ll get the soft, supportive structure you want and get rid of the chemical smell too.

Tempur-pedic mattresses should never be washed. Instead, roll and unroll it to keep it fresh in the air, and wash the cover with a mild cleaner to keep it in good shape. To preserve your product in the best possible condition, air dry it and always follow the directions.