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Finding the right time for a maternity photo shoot is discussed in more detail here. We also cover some more facets of pregnancy that you might find intriguing.

When a couple learns that they are going to have a baby, they often experience a mixture of emotions. They plan to take photos and videos throughout the pregnancy and have things ready for the new arrival.

There is a lot of good advise about when to take maternity photos, but we suggest waiting until your third trimester.

This will allow you plenty of time to grow and flaunt your baby bulge, and it will also ensure that there are many photographs of your newborn to cherish.

The Perfect Time To Take Maternity Photos

The best time to take maternity pictures is a question we get frequently. Everyone is different; it’s just the way it is. In terms of how they bare their bodies, all women are a little bit different. Two months and two weeks before our due date, I had my maternity pictures taken. It was the right time; I didn’t feel overly pregnant or uneasy, but the pictures show that I had a round tummy.

Expect to show signs of pregnancy earlier with a second or third child. If that’s the case, the best time to take maternity pictures is between the sixth and seventh months. In the rare case that your belly hasn’t “popped,” you may not start to show until around the sixth month. You may get the best results from photo taking between 7.5 and 8.5 months.

I think the ideal time to take maternity photos is between two months and a week before the due date, which is when Amber did hers. She seemed content, beautiful, and in excellent health. As seen by our encounter with her only last week, she maintains her stunning appearance. Perhaps she is an unheard-of pregnant unicorn! #goals

When To Take Maternity Photos

Schedule Your Session In Your Third Trimester

Maternity portraits are most beautiful when taken between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy, or around the 30 week mark. When you’re far into the third trimester, your belly has probably reached its fullest size and is rounding out nicely, making it photogenic. Moreover, since your baby hasn’t started descending yet, your belly will be higher and you’ll have the ideal maternity silhouette.

If you book your appointment too far in advance, you may not get as noticeable of a bump. In addition, if you wait until after the eighth month to schedule your photo shoot, there is a potential that you will have to cancel because your kid will arrive early. You shouldn’t take your maternity pictures any later than 35 weeks into your pregnancy.

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Plan An Earlier Shoot If You’re Expecting Multiples

Plan your maternity photo shoot for later in your pregnancy if you’re having multiple babies. If you are expecting several children, you may notice that your baby bump grows more prominently in the second trimester. As a general rule of thumb, you should take your maternity pictures at around the 24-week mark, while you can still get around quite readily.

Keep An Eye On That Baby Bump

Keep in mind that while the seventh or eighth month is typically ideal for maternity images, every woman and pregnancy is unique. Keep an eye on how your body is feeling and how your baby bump is shaping up so you know when it’s time to pose for the camera.

Take regular I phone photos of your bump to check how it looks if this is your first pregnancy and you don’t know what indications to look for. Taking pictures of your growing baby belly is a popular technique for pregnant women to document their bodies’ transformations and prepare for their maternity photo shoots at the optimal time.

Err On The Side Of Caution

It’s better to organize your maternity photography sooner rather than later if you’re not sure when you’ll be due and want to ensure that you get to work with your preferred photographer. As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll feel greater fatigue and discomfort. Getting in and out of different poses and changing clothes for the camera will be more of a hassle. Go ahead and take those maternity pictures if, at six months instead of seven or eight, you think your baby belly looks amazing. It’s preferable to get your shots in before it becomes dark.

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to maternity images. In order to have photographs documenting this momentous and joyful time in your family’s history, it is important to choose a time when you will be at your physical and emotional best for your maternity session.

18 Maternity Photography Tips for Impressing the Mom-to-Be

1. Be on Time!

The optimal period for a maternity photo shoot is between the 33rd and 36th week of pregnancy. In any case, discuss the specifics of her session time with her in advance.

If a client is expecting multiples, has had a difficult pregnancy, or is worried about having to give birth early, they are welcome to plan their appointment in advance. Respect the individual preferences of each expecting customer.

2. Prepare Lenses for Maternity Photo Session

The 50mm lens is my go-to for maternity shoots since it allows me to get beautiful images in a wide range of settings.

You have a lot of options when shooting maternity photos, from long lenses that perform just as well and produce beautiful compression to wide-angle lenses that enable you take in the complete picture. Be wary of distortion when using wider angle lenses; we don’t want pregnant women to look unnaturally huge.

The following are examples of some of the best lenses for pregnancy photography:


This focal length is ideal for a photography lens, neither too long nor too broad. The perspective it provides is more accurate, avoiding exaggerations of the mother’s shape.


With a 50mm lens, you may achieve a shallow depth of field, perfect for artistic maternity photographs if the couple so desires. This allows you to concentrate on the expecting mother and her belly without distractions from the background.


Because you probably won’t want all of your photos to be extreme close-ups, this lens should be used in addition to your 35mm or 50mm. An 85mm lens is still useful for getting more of the body in focus.

24-70mm or 70-200mm

Excellent for low-light outdoor maternity shoots.

Check out this fantastic guide for additional information on selecting a lens for portrait photography.

3. Practice Different Camera Settings for Maternity Shoots

During these times, you may find that shooting with a large aperture is most effective. Bokeh effects are perfect for highlighting the pregnant woman and her growing belly.

To start, make sure your camera is in manual mode so you may adjust all of the settings manually. Your camera’s settings should ideally fall within these parameters:

  • Group portraits can use an aperture between f/5.6 and f/8, while maternity photos benefit from an aperture of f/2.8 and f/4.
  • Consider the maternity postures, the setting, and the desired impact when deciding on a shutter speed. Faster action calls for a shutter speed of at least 1/1000, while a stationary maternity posture just needs a shutter speed of 1/50 or 1/60.
  • Set your camera’s ISO to a low setting, between 100 and 400, for the best results. If you require a faster shutter speed, you should move upward.

Just make sure to zoom in on the action when you need to capture the father-to-be and any other siblings clearly in focus. If you’re looking for further advice on how to adjust your camera’s settings, click on this fantastic link!

4. Use Props Appropriate for a Maternity Photo Shoot

Before the session, suggest to the parents that they bring along some significant events from the pregnancy, such as an ultrasound photo or a particular object with the child’s name on it.

These can be used to give the portraits a more unique and individual feel. Whether they have contacted you about your services or received a client survey from you, this is an excellent question to include.

You may even bring a few to a session as a backup plan in case they can’t think of anything else they’d like to include. Use your imagination and make it unique for each customer.

5. Prepare Comfortable Clothes

Taking into account the subject’s level of comfort in clothes is important for maternity photos, as it is for other types of photography. Whether or not the couple choose to dress similarly may determine the style of their wardrobe.

Some expectant mothers, for instance, might prefer a more laid-back environment, while others might have their hearts set on a certain level of fashion. Whatever the event’s theme, it’s important to urge the expecting mother to dress comfortably with her bump in mind by choosing fitted garments.

6. Plan Your Compositions

Composition is especially important in portrait and maternity photography, as it draws attention to the subject (the mother and her growing baby belly). A proper layout can alter the feel of the maternity photos regardless of whether the mother prefers black and white images or casual poses.

These are just a few examples of how a photographer might play around with composition to create striking maternity photos.

  • At a height, have your subject lay on a blanket on the grass. Moms can look more attractive if they stand on a stool to draw attention to their growing bellies.
  • To emphasize the pregnant woman’s belly, a frontal shot is best. This is especially true if the mother already has a large stomach.
  • Guide the subject to twist to the side or at an angle of up to 45 degrees if the baby bulge isn’t yet visible.
  • If a client is uncomfortable being in front of the camera, silhouette maternity images are a great option. Make sure to photograph the mother’s body at an angle that shows her profile and makes her pregnant tummy stand out.

7. Determine the Right Lighting

Indoor pregnancy photos, whether shot in a studio or elsewhere, benefit greatly from a large, soft light that fills the entire frame.

Making use of natural light, particularly at the golden hours of sunrise and sunset, is ideal for an outdoor maternity photography.

Any competent photographer knows that having a flash or reflector on hand is essential for directing fill light and playing up the bump in any given shot.

8. Include the Siblings

Having the kids in the photos together is a nice idea, but it might be difficult to coordinate if they’re very young. Tell the parents to bring an iPad or a coloring book and crayons so they can keep busy while the mother gets her vaccinations done alone.

Ask a friend or family member, like Grandma, to come along to help if the sibling(s) are little. Children who are old enough to follow instructions can strike a sweet loving position by hugging or kissing mom’s belly.

Keeping younger children near to the expecting mother and her growing belly may not allow you to control the level of affection shown, but the resulting cozy photos could be priceless.

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9. Learn Several Maternity Poses

Expectant mom should feel free to rub her belly as often as she likes. Just offer her some pointers and have her try out some different hand positions and pregnancy poses to keep things interesting for the camera. It’s acceptable to place one hand on top of the belly and the other on the bottom, to place one hand on the tummy and the other in her hair, to place one hand in a pocket if she has one, or to place both hands on the belly and the other in her hair.

When she is standing, you can assist her look slimmer by bending one knee, and when she is seated, you can make her look more attractive by shifting her weight to one hip and pointing one toe.

I think it’s great to get some head-on images as well as some from the side, and don’t forget some close-ups of her tummy! Prioritize communication while incorporating Dad and other relatives. Be sure everyone is touching, and don’t miss the priceless photos of everyone with their hands on their bellies.

10. It’s All About that Bump

In this case, the FIT is more important than whether or not you wear a long, dramatic dress. Tell the expectant mother in advance of the shoot that more figure-hugging clothes will look fantastic on her and will really highlight the baby bump that we’re all here to see.

For no additional charge, I have a small collection of pregnant dresses in my studio wardrobe, ranging from lace and silk to neutrals and vibrant tones (try plum purple—gah, gorgeousness). Because it’s considerably more difficult to undo the clamping than it is to undo the tightening, it’s recommended that you purchase dresses in the size large if you plan to stock up.

Help your clients avoid awkward mismatches by suggesting ways to dress Dad and siblings similarly. Sending a client a style guide with pictures and advice on what to do and what not to do beforehand is a terrific idea; you can even let them bring a few options and let you help them style in the first few minutes of the session!

11. Bring Out Emotions

Explain the process of taking maternity photographs to the expecting couple. Find out if there are any uncomfortable pregnancy postures they’d rather not be photographed in.

Get them to relax so they’ll let you take their picture. As a result, they’ll feel more at ease expressing genuine feelings.

You should encourage kids to act goofy in front of the camera if they want to. You might also encourage them to picture how they’ll feel when they finally get to hold their newborn. This would allow you to see the joy, happiness, and love written all over their faces.

12. Choose a Location for a Maternity Session

Golden hour (the hour just before sunset or right after sunrise) is a perfect time for maternity sessions, and it’s not the only time of day that offers beautiful outdoor settings like beaches and open fields. indoor works on seamless paper with dramatic gowns (our favorite brand is Savage Seamless) Honestly, there’s no way to go wrong with that!

Don’t be afraid to get wet or lie on the ground to snap the perfect image of the stunning natural sites near you.

You should never urge clients to do anything that makes them uncomfortable or puts them in any risk, so keep in mind that long treks uphill or over uneven terrain may be out of the mommy to be’s comfort zone thus late in pregnancy.

13. Set a Maternity Shoot Price

Unless they are being added to a Newborn session or 1st-year bundle (hello, discount! ), I charge the same amount for maternity shoots as I do for all other photo shoots utilizing my usual three-package portrait sheet. then there is a minor price change.

Make an effort to entice your customers to book you for both a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot at the same time, guaranteeing you a larger sum of money up front and fusing two life milestones that go hand in hand. Consider the following illustration:

Average 30 min session: $200

Average 60 min session: $275

With Newborn Session as Mini Maternity (30 min): $650 (25% off)

14. Manage Your Time During a Maternity Session

Although I offer 30- and 60-minute maternity shoots, the shorter session does not include time for siblings, dogs, or anybody else in the family to join in on the fun.

While this occurs, simply tell your customers why it’s in their best interest to commit to a longer session when dealing with these new factors.

Keep in mind that if the whole family is there, the session will quickly become a family shoot, but the mother will also want some solo pregnancy images. Don’t forget that while thinking about how much anything should cost.

15. Take Short Breaks

Keep in mind that a pregnant woman may tire easily from standing, completing multiple poses, and moving around. Give the models a few seconds to rest in between poses, and make sure there’s enough of water on set. This free time is ideal for touching up makeup or switching outfits.

16. Show Same Day Sneak Peek Photos

I always do this, but it’s extra exciting when the parents-to-be are keeping their news under wraps and would love to use your stunning maternity images to make their announcement.

Offering a sneak peek the same day informs clients that you care about their experience and are incredibly happy to show them their images. They’ll be excited to explore the remainder of the gallery after this. Alternatively, you can publish a blog post with some of your best photographs and send it to clients four to five days later.

17. Use an Image-Sharing Phone App

Both Pixieset and Shootproof now have a free option that lets you send clients a branded app for their mobile devices. This is a wonderful opportunity for the proud parents to share their pregnancy images with their friends and family who are also counting down the days till the new arrival.

The convenience of not requiring a desktop login makes seeing and sharing images with loved ones much easier. Score! In just three minutes, you may greatly improve the quality of your service by doing this. Always keep value in mind.

18. Give Free Prints

Similarly to Betsy’s suggestion in #17, you might send the new parents a couple free 4x6s or 5x7s to help them show off your work during their baby shower and thereafter.


When should I schedule my maternity shoot?

While 28–36 weeks is ideal for maternity photos, shoots can be enjoyed by any pregnant woman who isn’t too close to her due date and is still physically able to do so while carrying her developing baby bump.

Is 20 weeks too early for maternity photos?

Schedule your maternity photo shoot for anywhere between 26 and 34 weeks into your pregnancy for the best results (around the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy). You can schedule your appointment sooner if this is not your first pregnancy because you will likely start showing early.

Is 6 months too early for maternity pictures?

If you want beautiful maternity pictures, plan on having them taken in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, or anywhere around 30 weeks. The third trimester is when your tummy finally starts to round out and look beautiful in pictures.

What month is the pre baby shoot done?

A maternity photo session is best done in the later stages of pregnancy, around the eighth month. The reason for this is that people will start to notice your baby bump once you have been pregnant for about 8 months.

When should you pack your hospital bag?

Between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy, you should be prepared to travel to the hospital in the event that your due date is moved up. You should begin preparing your baby’s nursery sometime after you reach the 28-week mark, which marks the beginning of the third trimester.

Is 30 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

The optimal period for a maternity photo shoot is between the 30th and 33rd week of pregnancy. The pregnancy bump is clearly visible now, but the due date is still a ways off. The stomach may not be as round and may not photograph well before 30 weeks.

Is it worth getting maternity photos?

Since your pregnancy will end sooner than you think and time will pass more quickly than you can imagine, it is crucial that you record every precious minute of it. Having photographs taken during your pregnancy will serve as a constant reminder of the miraculous moment when your unborn child was developing inside of you.

What is a pregnancy photo shoot called?

During pregnancy or the maternity phase, the expectant mother may have her photo taken. Maternity photos are a beautiful way to celebrate the bond between a mother and her unborn child.

When is the best time to schedule maternity photos?

As a rule of thumb, it’s preferable between 32 and 36 weeks, although every mother is different. It’s recommended to plan your shoot between weeks 32 and 36, when you’ll start to show a noticeable bump, but keep in mind that we can move the date up or down depending on how your baby develops.

What should I wear?

I want you to look and feel amazing in your maternity photos, so it’s important that you wear something that makes you feel confident. You should wear clothes that draw attention to your physique because I adore taking pictures of your stunning shape. Avoid wearing tank tops whenever possible, and if you must, carry a long jacket or cardigan to wear over it. Choose a solid color that helps you feel confident and at ease. We’ll be sending you some mood boards to study in advance of the shoot.

Why invest in professional hair and make-up?

The results of a professional hair and makeup job can be seen in maternity pictures. Hiring someone to do your hair and cosmetics for the session is a great opportunity to treat yourself and relax during this joyful but hectic period in your life. MAC and Ulta can be great alternatives if your budget doesn’t allow for this. Makeup for a date night works wonderfully if you do it yourself.

Do you offer Newborn Sessions or Baby’s First Year plan?

Yes! My newborn photography packages and birth schedule are described in full on this page.

But I am feeling insecure about how I look during my pregnancy and I am not sure I want my picture taken?

This is a common and healthy reaction for expectant mothers, especially those carrying their first child. Having a baby inside of you causes your body to go through a number of changes. To say that I empathize is an understatement. I perceive these transformations as amazing and beautiful through my camera’s eye, and my top objective as a professional photographer is to help you look and feel your best for our session. So, you may feel confident knowing that you’ll appear stunning in all of your pictures.

Where does the session take place?

In this case, you get to decide which setting will serve as your primary source of creativity. Your home, a favorite park, the site of your recent engagement, or some other meaningful location could serve this purpose.

What happens during my session?

Having your maternity photos taken in Denver will be an enjoyable, memorable, and relaxing experience. Before we get started, I’ll go over a few basics, such how to pose and interact with your significant other or kids. If you bring your kids to the session, I’ll make an effort to get to know them beforehand so that they feel at ease talking to me. I will never make them do anything that doesn’t come easily, and I have games for them to play. My hope is that these sessions will be enjoyable for both you and your children. I’ll lead you in various stances and try to get some great candid shots of you two interacting. It’s the little things like these that you do with your loved ones that you’ll remember and treasure for the rest of your lives.

What happens after my session?

We’ll meet up about two to three weeks after your session date for the big reveal and viewing.

What percentage of your income do you get paid during longer maternity leave?

As a new mother, you are entitled to 70% of your regular daily wage for the first seven weeks. After that time, you can claim 40% of your daily average pay up until the child is 18 months old if you decide to go back to work.

What are the benefits of taking a year maternity leave?

As long as the procedure is required for medical reasons, there are typically no serious drawbacks. Without having to worry about how they will earn rent or food this month, new mothers can focus on their health and bonding with their newborns.

One in five new moms will experience postpartum depression in the first three weeks after giving birth, although this rate can be reduced if mothers are allowed more time off after giving birth. By giving new parents of both sexes more time off to care for their newborns and focus on their own mental health, we all benefit.

What countries have three years of maternity?

Countries of Oceania: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland Countries of Europe Greece Iceland Israel Italy Luxembourg To wit: Malta, the Netherlands A New Zealand Norway Portugal Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland U.K. and the U.S. All together, the 17 countries in question provide at least 14 weeks of paid vacation time between mandatory and optional breaks.

Furthermore, they provide at least 20 weeks, which can be spread out over the course of the first year after the birth of the child. Some cases even involve adoption! All countries have laws guaranteeing paid maternity leave, however the vast majority only provide a year’s worth.

How long is a babymoon?

Before their babies are born, many parents choose to take a vacation, known as a “babymoon.” A prenatal vacation is a type of trip taken before having a baby. In as little as two weeks, you can be mentally and physically ready to welcome your new baby into the world. Or, if both parents have jobs, how about a span of only six months between conception and the birth of the child!

What a fantastic method of communication this is! The term “maternity moon” has been proposed to describe an extended version that provides the mother with more time. The term “honeymoon” can be used interchangeably.

Can I stay in France if I have a baby?

Yes. If both you and your partner are French citizens, then your child will be too, as long as you stay in France legally.

Can I stay in France if I have a baby?

Yes. To the extent that both parents agree, your child will be considered a legal resident of France just as you are.

How many cup sizes do you get bigger when pregnant?

No one has the right to tell you what size you have to be.

Can I stay in France if I have a baby?

Yes. If both you and your partner are French citizens, then your child will be too, as long as you stay in France legally.

How long is average maternity leave in us?

While there is no federally mandated maternity leave in the United States, expectant and new mothers are protected against discrimination and termination under the law.

How long can I stay on postnup if I want to change it after marriage?

Unless both parties agree otherwise, a prenuptial agreement must be dissolved by a judge.

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Can you become an American citizen before getting married?

No, you need to be of legal age to wed first. In order to become a citizen, you must first obtain a green card from USCIS (the government agency responsible for processing immigration cases). They may decide to forgo the marriage requirement if this takes too long due to unanticipated circumstances.

What if my fiancee isn’t a US citizen but I am?

If you or your intended spouse do not qualify for a K nonimmigrant visa because you are either underage or divorced (depending on your state law), your fiancée will need to leave the United States and reenter in order to apply for and receive the necessary paperwork to obtain K nonimmigrant visa status.

A deportee who tries to re-enter the country without the aid of an immigration attorney runs the risk of being denied entry and even facing criminal charges.

How long is maternity leave in us?

Maternity leave in the United States usually lasts less than six weeks.