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In this lesson, we’ll go through the basics of accessorizing a bridal gown, beginning with veils. Then, I’ll tell you what I know about being the most beautiful bride possible on my big day by giving you some advice on how to accessorize your wedding dress.

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How To Accessorize Wedding Dress To Look Your Best


When accessorizing her wedding gown, the bride’s first thought should be to her veil. It’s the most blatant way for a bride to announce her status as such.

While veils are traditionally worn by brides, modern brides may choose to forego them in favor of other headpieces. The choice of veil, if any, should complement the dress’s style.

Choose a veil with embellishment if the dress is on the plain side. On the other hand, a wedding dress with intricate details would benefit from a more understated veil.

If you want your veil to match your wedding dress, you should give some thought to the colors you’ll use. In contrast, if you’d rather not cover your face, you can still look current and chic by accessorizing your hair with a bow, headband, or barrette instead of a veil.


The choice of jewelry to accent your wedding dress is much more thrilling than the choice of hair accessories. Because of the abundance of choices, picking out the perfect pair of earrings or necklace can be a stressful experience.

Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress: Rules for Wedding Day Accessories

When shopping for the perfect necklace for your wedding dress, it’s important to keep the neckline in mind. Necklaces, for instance, look great with V-neck wedding dresses.

On the other hand, if your wedding dress has a sweetheart neckline, you may choose to forego a necklace altogether or go with a simpler style. Are the earrings any good?

Bridal drop earrings are a popular accessory because of their sophisticated look and their ability to draw eyes to the bride’s face. It’s also possible to create a stunning look with simple stud earrings by modeling them after the embellishments on the bride’s gown.


As important as the dress itself is, the shoes must match perfectly. Depending on the design of the garment, deciding whether you want an open or closed back should be simple.

Since the shoes will be hidden under a gown, something more understated would be ideal, while a pair of white or silver adorned heels is a classic choice for shorter gowns. Please keep practicality in mind.

You don’t want to look awkward by limping through the ceremony because your feet hurt. In case your wedding shoes don’t work out, you may always wear a backup pair of sandals or flats to the reception.


You can accessorize your wedding dress in a variety of ways, not only with jewelry. However, it is important to think about how practical your wedding site is.

You might have a winter or summer wedding at a tropical location. Choose a shawl, cloak, or other accessory such as a bolero or jacket as a cover-up based on the season or style of the wedding.

And if jewelry isn’t your thing, don’t worry; there are plenty of other ways to glam up your ensemble. If you want to draw extra attention to yourself, try accessorizing with a belt that has embellishments that match your dress, a sash to spice up a simple dress, or even gloves.

When it comes to wedding-day accoutrements, less is more. In addition to the footwear, you need not check every box on this list of optional extras.


Although necklaces and earrings are the first things that come to mind when most women think of wedding accessories, there are actually quite a few additional options available.

Accessories like as sashes and belts for brides are highly recommended. You may get these customized to complement the shade of your dress and even add rhinestones or other gems. As an added bonus, if you take the time to find the ideal sash, it can also help draw attention to your stunning physique.

A thick, embroidered sash will look great on brides with a longer torso, while a tiny sash will be the best choice for those with a shorter waist. An apple-shaped body is a perfect candidate for a sash adorned with beads. Sashes with a V-shaped appliqué are great for small brides because they create the illusion of length. Perhaps the sash should be the focal point of the accessories, with the earrings serving as an accent.

Consider pairing your dress’s understated style with a set of similar earrings and a beaded belt for a dash of glitz. Just remember, you have plenty of options.

Floral Crowns & Hair Pins

Ditch the veil in favor of a floral crown if you’re feeling nonconformist. During the warmer months, floral crowns can add a touch of bohemian elegance to your wedding ceremony. In an effort to maintain continuity throughout the ceremony, you might utilize the same flowers and greenery from your bouquet to create your floral headpiece.

A bride who isn’t into flowers? Put some hairpins in your hair as an accessory. Crystal hairpins are an elegant way to accessorize a plain wedding dress. Choose an accessory—a veil, flower crown, hairpins—that lets your unique style shine.

Cover Ups

In order to keep warm during those enchanting winter weddings, many brides choose to wear a bridal cover up. Popular choices include caplets and fake fur shawls. These additions will keep you warm without detracting from your wedding attire’s classy look.

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What Jewelry To Wear With Wedding Dress

  • Put on treasured family heirlooms or “something borrowed.”
  • Put your own taste first, rather than the advice of others.
  • It’s not necessary to pile on the jewelry; sometimes just a pair of striking earrings will do.
  • When selecting a necklace, think about whether or not it will accentuate the dress’s neckline.
  • Consider the dress’s design when deciding which metals or stones to use in your jewelry.

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

It is customary to wear the engagement ring with the wedding band. But it’s up to the bride if she wants to combine them.

There is no requirement for a flawless fit between the engagement ring and the wedding band. Leaving the engagement ring at home or removing it during the ceremony once you have the band is OK if you don’t think the two go together with the style you desire for your wedding day.

Do you wonder who else purchases wedding bands? Traditions are discussed in further detail in our other post.

How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Let’s start with the three most crucial aspects of wedding jewelry shopping.

1. Your wedding jewelry should exemplify your unique style.

Your wedding jewelry should reflect your personality. Pick wedding jewelry that reflects your personality.

2. Most brides choose a set of wedding jewelry with three pieces.

A wedding jewelry set is considered to be incomplete without a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. This is not a rulebook, but rather a guide. You shouldn’t wear a necklace with your wedding dress if the neckline is low cut. Plus, don’t bother if your ears aren’t pierced or you don’t want to wear earrings. Although there is no hard and fast rule, most bridal jewelry sets do include these three staple items. We’d go so far as to include hair accessories in this category.

3. You should pick wedding jewelry that coordinates with your wedding theme and era.

Your choice of jewelry should reflect the theme of your wedding; for a beach wedding, you might opt for a glimmering bracelet accented with starfish or sea glass; for a bohemian wedding, druzy pieces would be appropriate; for a starry night wedding, a moonstone would be appropriate; and for a Gatsby-inspired wedding, art deco pieces would be appropriate.

Wedding Jewelry Do’s and Dont’s

Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do while picking out your wedding jewelry.

DO wear your bridal veil or headpiece when trying on earrings.

Your bridal veil or headpiece is an important accessory to think about when shopping for wedding jewelry online or in a store. Earrings in particular, due to their proximity to the bride’s face, should never overshadow the bride’s veil or other headpiece. To achieve this, your look should be complemented, not overtaken.

DONT wear a watch.

Toss it out! If anything, today should be the day you forget to check the time and instead focus on enjoying the present. Plus, it won’t photograph well.

DO wear jewelry that makes you feel comfortable.

It’s important that it shines and sparkles, but also that it’s uniquely you. Choose pearl or diamond studs if that’s the case; they’re both beautiful and appropriate. Want something grand and imposing? Use dangling pearls or chandelier earrings. It’s totally up to you to decide!

DO consider hair jewelry.

In modern times, the bride may choose not to cover her face with a veil. You may try something out of the ordinary, like a hair chain or a comb you drape over your head. These were found at Lottie-da Designs, a wonderful shop where you may buy similar items.

Wow, look at the glimmer and shine off of this gold hair ornament! I adore how versatile it is in terms of draping and how well it complements a variety of bridal hairdos.

DO coordinate your jewelry.

Rather than trying to create your own unique appearance by purchasing individual pieces of jewelry, it is simpler to get a set in which all the pieces coordinate. Even if you want to stand out with one special piece of jewelry, like an antique brooch or a set of heritage earrings, it’s best to stick to pieces that are all the same metal color and were made around the same time period.

DON’T wear a necklace with a one-shoulder gown or high-neckline gown.

It throws the eye off-kilter and draws attention away from your stunning neckline. Alternately, accessorize with oversized jewelry such as earrings and a bracelet.

DO go overboard.

Make sure you don’t go overboard with the jewelry. When accessorizing, less is more, so focus on a single show-stopping piece (like a pair of chandelier earrings or a statement necklace) and round out the rest of your ensemble with subtler pieces.

DON’T worry about matching your wedding jewelry with your ring.

Consider the design of your wedding band as a personal statement. You could opt for wedding jewelry that complements the overall theme of the big day instead. However, remember that it looks best if you stick with the same metal tone throughout.

DON’T rush when you shop for wedding jewelry.

You should put as much thought into your wedding jewelry as you would your wedding shoes or veil. Since it plays a significant role in your overall appearance, you shouldn’t feel rushed while selecting it. Also, remember to factor in shipping time when ordering wedding jewelry online.

DO wear your wedding jewelry to your dress fittings.

Dress fittings focus mostly on the dress, but they also pay close attention to the rest of your ensemble. Try on your wedding accessories and undergarments, as well as your shoes and jewelry, with your dress to get a feel for how everything will appear on the big day. This will allow you to fine-tune everything in time for the big day.

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DO use jewelry as your “Something Blue” if you’d like.

Following the old adage, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue (and a sixpence for her shoe)” suggests that at least one piece of wedding jewelry should be blue in color. Earrings in a sapphire blue color are ridiculously stunning.

Fashions come and go, but your unique sense of style will always be in vogue. Wedding jewelry should reflect your personal style rather than what is currently popular. You’ll achieve the desired effect of looking more like yourself.

DO add a pop of color, if you’d like.

The bride’s ensemble need not be white. If you want to add a splash of color to your wedding to reflect your personal flair, go for it, as long as it fits in with the overall aesthetic.

One of my favorite earring styles is this pair of crystal hoops. There is a wide range of colors to choose from (they make lovely bridal gifts!).

DON’T choose wedding jewelry solely on price.

Select wedding jewelry of high quality and durability even if funds are limited. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on your wedding jewelry; you can get plenty of stunning pieces at reasonable prices on the internet. This, however, does not give you license to go bargain hunting; rather, you should only buy items that you truly adore. The jewelry you wear on your wedding day will be featured in countless photographs, and it’s good to have a memento from the big day that you can pass down through the generations. Your wedding jewelry is an investment since you can wear it again on special events and anniversaries.


Finally, the end! We discussed four options for accessorizing a bridal gown.

The first step is to choose a veil, if you wish to wear one at all. When it comes to jewelry and other accessories like belts and shawls, less is more.

Finally, when choosing an outfit, especially footwear, you should focus on practicality.