SuperKid to help super kids take their antibiotics

To encourage children to take all of their antibiotic medicine Health Promotion Agency (HPA) has created a new SuperKid character to be engaging for children aged 4-10 years in the fight against rheumatic fever.


SuperKid is brought to life over the 10 days a child needs to take their antibiotics, by adding one sticker per day.

On Day 10, there is an extra sticker (reward) for the child saying, ‘I am a SuperKid’.

For further details go to the HPA website, where colouring-in pages of the boy and girl SuperKid characters are also available to download.

What is rheumatic fever?


Rheumatic fever can develop after a ‘strep throat’ – a throat infection caused by a Group A Streptococcus (GAS) bacteria. Most strep throats get better and don't lead to rheumatic fever. However, in a small number of people, an untreated strep throat leads to rheumatic fever one to five weeks after a sore throat. This can cause the heart, joints, brain and skin to become inflamed and swollen.

While the symptoms of rheumatic fever may disappear on their own, the inflammation can cause rheumatic heart disease, where there is scarring of the heart valves. People with rheumatic heart disease may need heart valve replacement surgery. Rheumatic heart disease can cause premature death in adults.

In 2015, 98 people were admitted to hospital for the first time with rheumatic fever. The Ministry of Health’s overall goal is to reduce the number of rheumatic fever hospitalisations by two thirds before the end of 2017.