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To know what size bobbins are used by Brother sewing machines it is important to understand the size that is most commonly used for all models. We’ll provide more information about this in the following sections.
Selecting the correct size bobbin is vital as we’ll discuss the steps to follow following. It is worth learning about threading your Bobbin on the Brother sewing machine for more information.
To avoid issues To avoid problems, you must use the correct bobbin to your machine, and thread it properly.

Additionally, what’s the difference between the bobbins 15 and 15j? Class 15 is higher and deeper. It also has straight-line flanges. Class 15J is a bobbin that is smaller, and has slightly domed flanges but isn’t as curved or domed as the class 66 bobbin.

Likewise, what are the different bobbin sizes?

  • Size: 207 0.020″ (0.51 millimeters) 70 Yards.
  • Dimension 415 0.030″ (0.76 millimeters) 70 Yards.
  • Size : 450. 0.035″ (0.89 millimeters) 70 Yards.
  • Size 475 0.040″ (1.02 millimeters) 70 yards.
  • Dimension 500 0.045″ (1.14 millimeters) 70 Yards.
  • The size 554 is 0.050″ (1.27 millimeters) 70 Yards.
  • Size 277 0.025″ (0.64 millimeters) 24 Yards.
  • Size 415 0.030″ (0.76 millimeters) 12 Yards.

Are bobbins of standard size?

Like many sewing machines, bobbins are available in various dimensions and styles. Some are marked with letters, such as an “L” or “M” one, while others have numbers, such as 15. There are a few bobbins that aren’t clearly labeled by dimensions or design, but your manual for your machine will tell you what size bobbin your machine can handle.

Do All Brother Sewing Machines Use The Same Size Bobbins?

The majority of Brother sewing machines are equipped with classes 15 or SA156 bobbins. This means that all models can work with this size bobbin. It is important to note that you must use the correct Brother bobbin and should not utilize any other bobbin as an alternative to avoid problems.

There are some who suggest that you could make use of the Class 14 bobbin in case you are unable to find the Class 15 bobbin you need to use with the sewing equipment you have. However, even using a general Class 15 bobbin is not an option because it isn’t all Class 15 bobbins are identical, so why would you attempt one that is a Class 14?

Do all sewing bobbins made of identical sizes?

  • Bobbins that measure 0.780 inches wide and 0.460 inches tall are known as the class 15 bobbins.
  • Bobbins that measure 0.910 inches wide and 0.350 inches tall are referred to like the style L bobbin.
  • Bobbins that measure 0.910 inches wide and 0.310 inches tall are referred to as the class 66 Bobbins
  • Bobbins that are 1.000 inches across and 0.430 inches high are known as style M bobbins.

Is Brother Bobbins Universal?

Bobbins from Brother aren’t universal, however, no bobbin is universal at first. There are many sewing machines available which mean you have to select the one that is suggested by the maker.

Is it important which I pick for my bobbin?

It is essential to select the right bobbin for the sewing equipment you are using. Bobbins differ in more than dimensions, but you will also locate plastic and metal bobbins, which are the most appropriate for your particular model.

What makes the use of a specific Bobbin required? Bobbins will never be universally interchangeable.

For instance, making the wrong choice of size could affect the formation of stitches. Altering between metal and plastic bobbins could affect tension.

Learn the steps to adjust the tension on the Brother sewing machine in case you find tight or loose stitches.

Different types of bobbins

  1. Class 15 Bobbins are by far the most commonly used model, with flat tops and bottoms constructed out of plastic or metal.
  2. M Class bobbins have larger diameters than other bobbins because they are typically used to industrial sewing machines.
  3. L Class bobbins can be fairly universal, as they can be used on front-loading or drop-in style machines
  4. Class 66 bobbins are alternative to L Class bobbins because you are able to use them only on top-loading machines.

Are plastic bobbins more effective than metal?

The selection of metal or plastic bobbins will depend on the model of your sewing machine. If the model you have is made of plastic, then a plastic Bobbin is the best choice, while the metal bobbin is best utilized on the machine that is made of metal.

However, you should be aware that metal bobbins will be more robust. If you’re running an older model You’ll need something sturdy such as a metal bobbin rather than plastic ones that can be used on modern machines.

How can you tell the bobbin’s size

  1. Think about the dimensions of the bobbin’s case
  2. Make sure you check the sewing machine class
  3. Find out the bobbin’s thickness

Can I use metal bobbins instead of plastic?

Plastic bobbins and metal bobbins with the same dimensions are not interchangeable. The machines are designed for the most precise setting of tension. If they’re set for an abrasive bobbin made of plastic the tension can be altered if a stronger metal bobbin is utilized.

What Size is a Class 15 Bobbin?

With more than 60 different designs of bobbins available it’s easy to understand why individuals are confused and choose the wrong type. In addition, although some of the 60 different Bobbins are different in appearance they all look the same, and the differences are subtle.

Class 15 is also known as the A style. Its total size is 20.3 millimeters, which is the equivalent of one American nickel. Its depth is around 11.7 millimeters and has two sides that are flat. This model is available out of metal or plastic.

This class of bobbin includes a variety of threads to help you complete the sewing that needs to finish.


Bobbins play an essential part in sewing. If you purchase an incorrect one then you’ll need to end your sewing project and invest more time and money in search of the correct part or suitable replacement.

The Brother SA 156 bobbin, you don’t have numerous options. Although there are many bobbins available they will not substitute for those of SA 156. Don’t make the mistake of assuming and check the owner’s guide first to ensure you have the correct bobbin that matches your machine.

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