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We’ve whittled it down to three of the most popular industrial sewing machines. Z-Zag and overlocking machines are also featured in this list of industrial machines.

Whether or not an industrial-grade sewing machine is a good investment will be debated, as will the definition of what constitutes an industrial sewing machine. No, I don’t know what the best commercial sewing machine is.

There are several industrial machines that can sew heavy fabrics, but not all of them are capable of doing so. The substance you’re working with necessitates a machine that is capable of handling it.

How to Choose an Industrial Sewing Machine

Type of the Machine

Sewing machines for industrial use can be found in a wide range of configurations. Before making a decision, figure out what you need and then look for a machine that fits that desire. Post-bed, Cylindrical-bed and Off-arm sewing machine models are among the most common designs. Sewing sleeves, making boots, and working with thicker materials are just a few of the many applications of these instruments.


You’ll notice that industrial sewing machines offer more features than home sewing machines when comparing the two. They have a bevy of up-to-date features for industrial sewing that make them indispensable. You can choose between a mechanical or a digital model depending on your particular preferences and the requirements of your project. An industrial sewing machine’s motor capacity, sewing speed, and noise level are all critical concerns.


Make a budget before you go out and buy a sewing machine. If you have a sewing machine, it is easy to deviate from your financial strategy. In the event that you only add one additional feature, it is possible to go over your budget. Pre-planning your sewing machine budget will help you narrow down the options for features and models you can afford.

When setting a spending limit, consider only the necessities and forego the frivolities. Also, you can use it to filter down the list of companies that are within your price range so that you can go directly to their showrooms to shop.


Think about what you intend to use an industrial sewing machine for before purchasing one. How important is it to have an industrial sewing machine in your company? Is it appropriate for the task at hand? Which fabric will you be using, and can it handle it? The following questions must be answered before purchasing a sewing machine..

Make a list of your requirements and then compare them to the capabilities of the machines available on the market. Take into account the sewing speed, portability and ease of use while looking at your options.

What Is The Best Industrial Sewing Machine To Buy?

Juki MO-6800S

Juki is a good choice for an industrial sewing machine. For those looking for an overlocker that can also perform safety stitching, Juki’s MO-6800S is the ideal choice.

If you want to avoid oil stains on the finished product, this machine uses dry technology to generate 700 stitches per minute. Control and operation panels are also included into the machine head, making it a user-friendly piece of equipment that is also extremely energy efficient.

An automatic thread trimmer and a fabric sensor are also included in the Juki MO-6800S sewing machine. This means you will not use the cutter when there is no fabric to work with.

You may find out more about Juki sewing machines by finding out who makes them.

Brother Z-8560A

You may learn a lot about Juki sewing machines by finding out who makes them.

Regardless of how fast you sew with the Brother Z-8560A, needle slippage and deflection will not occur. You’ll obtain the perfect zigzag stitch every time you work quickly.

A CF memory card can be used to store sewing patterns, and there are 14 included. You won’t have to be concerned about oil stains on your clothes because the machine’s oil tank is sealed off.

Consew CP206RL

When it comes to industrial sewing machines, you can count on Consew to have some of the best recommendations. Various Lockstitch models can be purchased. The model number is CP206RL, to be more precise.

The Consew CP206RL uses a horizontally oscillating hook for its single needle lockstitching. A wide range of materials, from light fabrics to laminated and upholstered ones, can be used using this method

If you’re in the business of manufacturing tough outdoor and sports gear, a machine like the Consew C206RL is a good investment. You’ll get a sturdy plastic carrying case if you wish to take your machine with you on your trip.

Want to know how to set up your Consew machine? This tutorial will walk you through the process of threading your sewing machine step by step.

Juki 2010Q Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Despite being a consumer-grade model, Juki 2010Q has been featured in this list due to its inexpensive price and great performance.

In terms of power and size, the Juki 2010Q home sewing machine is equivalent to several industrial machines. You can use it with or without a foot pedal and it doesn’t need to be mounted (it includes a switch). Because of this, you’re free to put it almost anywhere in your house where you like. Sewing may be done in any direction with this machine, and it’s easy to operate.

With this Juki, you can sew cuffs and collars on garments because it has a free arm, unlike the industrial most economical variants. At least twice as much money will be required if you’re seeking for an industrial equipment that does the same job. Another benefit of a heavy-duty engine over a commercial one is that they are quieter.

The automatic thread cutter on this Juki sewing machine, meanwhile, is a gadget that automatically cuts the thread when you stop stitching. If you’re not aware, these two functions operate together to save you time and thread.

But if you plan on sewing numerous layers of material, the lack of a walking foot may be a disadvantage. In any event, you can simply buy a second one.


  • This machine is capable of completing tasks at 1,500 stitches per minute.
  • For quick work, its strong engine may be conveniently taken around the house.
  • Even if it’s not an industrial model, hybrid skills can be an advantage to your household.


  • A walking foot is required for use with the machine.

Juki DDL-5550N Industrial Sewing Machine

An original piece of art has been created for this occasion. Both the low price point and the long history of quality and durability associated with the Juki brand make these machines particularly desirable. The DDL-5550-N is an excellent option for individuals looking for a high-quality sewing machine that is also simple to operate, despite its higher price tag.

The Juki 5550N’s servo motor makes it easy to handle medium-weight fabrics, and it runs astonishingly quietly while doing so.

Temporarily reducing the servo motor speed will help you get acclimated to the high speeds of industrial equipment. There is no doubt that these computers are significantly more user-friendly than anything you would find at home.

Automatic bobbin winding is also a welcome comfort. Due to the winder’s automated stop when it’s full, you can stitch while winding at the same time. You’ll save time and be able to focus on your stitching more with this function. This is an excellent alternative for people searching for an industrial machine capable of handling medium-weight materials other than leather.

The Juki DDL5550N can handle even the slickest leather when equipped with the proper attachments. All you need is the right leather needle and foot attachment.

Lastly, this model comes equipped with a built-in sewing table. The machine arrives fully assembled on a pallet, saving you both time and money in the shipping process. A moving firm can be necessary if your sewing area is located on the upper floor of a two-story house.

It’s all good, of course, because the machine is ready to go right out of the box. Installing the thread holder, greasing it, and plugging it in should be a snap. There is nothing wrong with your sewing machine, and it is ready to go.


  • A bobbin winder that saves you time
  • Have faith in the quality of a product labeled “Made in Japan.”
  • Table and servo motor are included.
  • Completed assembly


  • The machine does not come with a pair of walking feet (but is compatible with them as separate accessories)

Juki DNU-1541S Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Almost everything you’ll need is included in the Juki DNU-1541S. There has a built-in industrial table and stand as well as an automated clutch motor, sewing light, and drawer so you can get started sewing right away.

It is the best walking foot machine to buy if you require an industrial model because it can stitch through multiple layers of leather with ease. Anyone who has worked with leather understands how tough it can be to sew in tight spaces like corners. This model’s foot pedal control really shines when it comes to activities like this!

This machine features built-in precautions to avoid stitch collecting, which is a common source of frustration. The rectangular feed action prevents fraying of the needle and feeds materials of various thicknesses reliably. Also included is a dual-tension system that enhances responsiveness and sensitivity.

Like many of the machines on this list, the Juki 1541S can only sew in one direction: straight. Finally, the machine’s main selling point is its ability to swiftly and accurately treat thick textiles.

Juki DNU-1541S model number has you wondering what the s at the end of the model name implies. If a problem with the sewing machine is discovered, the power to the engine is immediately shut off to prevent further harm. Safety Motor is the acronym for this feature’s safety function, hence the S here stands for “Safety Motor.” The Juki DNU-1541 is less expensive if you don’t require this feature.


  • See the Rectangular Feeding Reviews.
  • Dual-Tension Mechanism


  • The Clutch’s Motor is Included in the Price (Will Require Servo Motor for Leather Use).

Consew 206RB-5 Industrial Sewing Machine

In order to quilt wide things like sleeping bags and upholstery, a flatbed machine with numerous needle settings and an 18-inch throat plate would be an excellent choice. Big bobbins (3/4′′ diameter) make this machine more efficient because you will need fewer thread changes.

needle-up/down button stops most fabrics from building up or sewing backward and forth in thick layers with each pedal stroke by allowing the needle to go up and down. 206RB-5 The feed mechanism of the sewing machine is driven by a belt drive system so that it can keep up when stitching at fast rates or in difficult situations.

This machine is built to resist heavy use in a factory or workshop because of its heavy metal construction and metal base plate.


  • Your food will be fed more easily and with a better stitch quality if you use the walking foot mechanism.
  • Use it on everything from leather to denim to vinyl to upholstery.
  • The bobbin type M was created to hold more thread and need less winding.
  • Lubrication System for Central Engines That Is Simple To Maintain


  • Lightweight garments should not be exposed to this abrasive substance.
  • Use the motor belt to wound the bobbins one at a time.

TechSew 2750 Cylinder Arm Industrial Machine

Because it can make everything from simple belts and wallets to satchels and saddle bags, professionals in the leather products sector adore this machine. You can also use this machine to stitch thicker materials and textiles like canvas, denim, or a variety of synthetics.

On this cylinder-bed industrial sewing machine, you may stitch with better precision and efficiency thanks to the laser guide and the automatic needle positioning system. Turning the garment while the sewing is still going on is made simple by stopping the needle in the down position.

You can feed your materials right into the machine with the help of the included roller edge guide. The flatbed adapter for the 2750 makes it easier to scan items like wallets and belts.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a leather craftsman’s sewing machine you can rely on, equipped with everything you need to consistently produce high-quality leather work.


  • Exceptional Precision with Laser-Guided Lines
  • Close Stitches to Perfection
  • Professional leather workers use this machine.


  • Affordability

Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Juki is a well-known Japanese sewing machine manufacturer, and this heavy-duty DDL-8700 model is no exception. This company, which has its roots in Japan, is well-known around the world for its high-tech sewing machines. The Juki DDL-8700 is a single needle lockstitch monogram machine. For medium and light-weight textiles, this machine is a breeze to use. It’s used to make everything from high-end undergarments to soft cardigan coats.

For those who want to turn their hobby into a company, this is the machine for you. This machine is capable of stitching everything but bulky materials. This machine has a lot more power than most commercial sewing machines, but it’s also a lot less expensive. The Juki DDL-8700 is a best-seller because of its servo motor.

There are several RPM options for the machine’s servo motor. Depending on the type of stitching you’re doing, you have a choice of tempo options to select from. The Juki DDL-8700 has the longest stitch length at 5 millimeters. It is possible to sew 5,500 stitches per minute on an industrial sewing machine.


  • For the long run, a well-structured framework
  • Almost a full foot of elbow room.
  • a tool for kneeling down and raising the presser foot
  • Users of all skill levels will find it easy to navigate.
  • Affordable


  • The process of setting up and moving it around is very slow.
  • encompasses a huge area of land.
  • They’re more pricey when compared to home sewing machines.

JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Top and Bottom Feed Sewing Machine

With its ability to sew on almost any material, the DU-1181N Juki sewing machine is definitely an industrial machine. Some of the impressive characteristics of this machine include straight stitching, single-needle sewing, and top- and bottom-feeding options. It doesn’t care if the material is lace or vinyl. For better sewing, you’ll need a sewing machine such as the Juki DU-1181N at your disposal.

The Juki DU-1181N has a sewing speed of 2000 spm and can sew anything. It’s as simple as adjusting the lever screw to the thickness of your cloth, and the machine will take care of the rest for you. The speed can be altered on this machine. Sewing speed can be adjusted to meet your needs and the demands of the project. To alter the machine’s speed, all you have to do is turn a dial.

To move this machine, you’ll need a lot of muscle power. You’ll need help putting this machine together because it’s dismantled when you get it. Once the Juki DU-1181N is set up, anyone can use it. Even complete novices can run this machine with ease. This machine’s stitch length cap is 9 millimeters.


  • a piece of machinery that operates in the background
  • That’s some rapid stitching.
  • Accurate sewed items
  • It’s a great value.


  • Inconveniently large and cumbersome
  • To begin with, it’s difficult.

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Furniture upholstery, sails, camping gear, footwear and luggage may all be sewn with the Consew 206RB-5 sewing machine with no issues. This machine has no trouble with simple jobs like stitching garments.

The Consew 206RB-5 is a full-sized table-mounted machine, in addition to its amazing capabilities. Bobbins can be conveniently stored and wound on the included bobbin winder. A board ruler, two cone thread stands, and a needle can all be used to hold two cones at once. It also comes with an enormous reverse stitch lever, as well as an extra-large bobbin. Other characteristics include a maximum stitch length of 10 mm.

Due to its servo motor, this sewing machine is quite quiet when stitching. This machine can sew about 3000 stitches per minute. As a result, you’ll be able to complete your tasks more rapidly. You can sew for hours on end with the extra-large bobbin and heavy-duty walking foot.

The Consew 206RB-5 weighs a hulking 200 pounds. Apart from the fact that it is not portable, you will require some assistance in order to get it up and running correctly This machine takes up a lot of space, so you may want to set aside a specific spot in your setup for it.


  • Stitching device capable of rapid stitching
  • Stitching is excellent.
  • Design that is easy to use
  • Simple to follow


  • The owner’s manual can be difficult to understand.
  • It’s not always easy to get started.

Yamata FY-8700 Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

The Yamata FY-8700, a Japanese high-end industrial sewing machine, can sew at a rate of 5500 stitches per minute. Cut through thin and thick materials using the needle of this equipment. Even denim and medium-density cotton can benefit from the use of this fabric. It has a Clutch motor that can run for hours at a time without a hitch.

Everything you need is included, and putting it all together is a breeze. There are detailed directions, making it easy to follow. Beginners will have no problem operating this machine with some practice time. The spacious sewing table of the Yamata FY-8700 has plenty of room for all kinds of supplies.

The longest stitch length on this machine is 5 millimeters. Self-lubrication, an extraordinarily quiet motor, and a speed slider let you to fine-tune the machine’s performance. Yamata FY-8700 includes 10 needles and a screwdriver, which make working with this machine simple. This item has a shipping weight of about 160 pounds.


  • a motor that operates quietly
  • It is possible to utilize a stitch length of 5 mm.
  • It is a self-lubricating machine.
  • Speed controls
  • The set comes with a slew of extras.


  • The record player is not working.
  • Expensive

When and Why Should I Buy an Industrial Sewing Machine?

An industrial leather sewing machine is essential for anyone who wishes to start a leather goods business at home.

The motor quality of your machine is critical. Misusing or overworking a smaller motor will cause it to fail, so you’ll want to choose a heavy-duty industrial strength motor that can stitch. Stitch length will be more consistent as long as the motor has a stable supply of power.

What’s the worst that might happen? There is a price to pay for industrial machinery’s excellence, though.

What are the major advantages? Fast stitching and high-quality stitches are both important for a home-based business that relies on this equipment.

It’s also worth noting that industrial-strength sewing machines tend to be louder and use more electricity than typical household sewing machines.

It may not be worth the cost if you are a beginner who rarely works with leather and does not have a lot of experience with leatherworking tools. But if you frequently work with heavy-duty materials like leather, are considering starting a business, or are simply sewing your own bags, this machine may be well worth your investment. As long as you need it, you won’t regret buying a leather machine, and a decent one will last you a long time.

Best Industrial Sewing Machine Brands

The world’s best commercial sewing machine manufacturers can be found here. The following is a list of our top picks for commercial sewing machine manufacturers.

  • Consew
  • Juki
  • TechSew
  • Reliable
  • Highlead

If you’re looking for the top sewing and crafting machines, you’ll want to keep in mind that this list isn’t comprehensive. Aside from that, the companies on the preceding list come highly recommended due to their widespread acceptance among professionals and their competitive prices.

If you’d like us to recommend a brand, please tell us what you’re looking for in the comments box below and we’ll do our best to help.

Is An Industrial Sewing Machine Worth It?

When it comes to your next sewing project, do you really need a high-end sewing machine? Are commercially available machines worth the money?

Depending on your expectations of the sewing machine’s performance and capabilities, what you can achieve will vary. Industrial sewing processes demand not only a large amount of labour but also an exceptionally high level of craftsmanship.

Businesses that sew must always produce high-quality products to suit the demands of their clients. As a result, regardless of the materials used, an industrial sewing machine is a wise investment due to its efficiency and high-quality stitches.

Even if you use your sewing machine for several months on industrial jobs, it’s possible that it will break down rapidly and leave you feeling constrained by its capabilities. Sewing on a regular basis and little projects on a powerful home-based machine is sufficient.

What Makes A Sewing Machine Industrial?

Even while your sewing machine may be capable of working in an industrial setting for a few months before breaking down and causing you to feel constricted, it’s unlikely to last that long. It is possible to get by with a good home sewing machine for most of your sewing and hobby needs..

A wide variety of industrial-grade sewing machines are available.

  • A single or double needle stitching machine can sew multiple textiles together.
  • This machine utilizes a needle and thread to stitch a piece of fabric together.
  • Flatlock sewing machines can be used to add flair to a project by creating precise edges or decorative stitches.

They include bartack machines, button-attaching machines, and buttonhole-making devices. Machines that are developed for certain purposes are known as “zigzag” machines.

What Is The Difference Between A Home And An Industrial Sewing Machine?

Sewing machine at home

  • This product is just for personal use at home.
  • It offers a large variety of stitches.
  • Low-maintenance
  • The cost of industrial sewing machines is high.
  • In production, machines are more efficient, but not by the same amount.
  • Heavy-duty sewing fabrics may not be a good match for each other.
  • Transportable in comparison to industrial machinery.

Industrial sewing machine

  • Stitches like zigzag and overedge stitches were invented specifically for sewing projects.
  • Pricey
  • Maintaining a sewing machine isn’t as simple as using one at home.
  • sews a garment in no time at all.
  • The heavyest of fabrics can be used with many of these.
  • withstand the rigors of everyday life
  • Heavy


What Does An Industrial Sewing Machine Do?

Having an industrial sewing machine that can handle a lot of work can be achieved. They can sew thick materials or fabricate specialized objects since they are built to run continuously for long periods of time. While home sewing machines are more portable and lightweight, industrial sewing machines are more sturdy and heavier.

Should I Buy An Industrial Sewing Machine?

The answer to this question is why you need a sewing machine. If you plan to use your sewing machine on a regular basis and if you plan to work with heavier fabrics, an industrial sewing machine is the best option. Your lack of expertise should not prevent you from taking ownership. An industrial sewing machine is an excellent choice if you’ve never stitched before due of its easy-to-use features.

Can You Quilt On An Industrial Sewing Machine?

Industrial sewing machines aren’t suggested for quilting unless the catalog specifically says so. Industrial-strength machines are not meant to be used when sitting down and quilting, as they were designed.

How Heavy Is An Industrial Sewing Machine?

Industrial sewing machines are substantially larger and heavier than home sewing machines. As a result of their weight, they are practically impossible to transport. However, certain manufacturers may provide more environmentally friendly variants.

What is the best industrial sewing machine to buy?

We’ve put up a guide to assist you decide out which commercial-grade machine is appropriate for your needs.

What sewing machines do professionals use?

Professional hairstylists use a variety of equipment to achieve the look they desire, including industrial and consumer models. Home computerized models are regularly used by professionals to add embellishment to their work.

How do I choose an industrial sewing machine?

Start by determining your needs and establishing a price range. It will be lot easier to sort through the plethora of options once you have a clear idea of what you want. The top industrial machines are on display for your perusal.

What is the best heavy duty sewing machine?

The following is a comprehensive listing of the most effective heavy-duty commercial machinery currently available. On our comparison chart, you’ll find the best domestic heavy-duty equipment.


Things are winding down now! Sewing machines from Juki and Brother, as well as Consew’s top-of-the-line machine, have all been examined.

Overlocking and zigzag machines are used for bulk production. In the end, none of these contraptions will be able to slow you down. These needles are built to last and can withstand the regular wear and tear of speedy sewing.

It is our hope that this list was helpful to you. To clarify anything, please don’t hesitate to do so.