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Many pregnant ladies ask the same question: Where can I get small maternity wear? You’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this article.

It’s critical to select maternity clothing that fits your tiny body. While ordering a small or extra-small top from a website may seem like the simplest thing in the world, when you find out that everything still looks too big on you, this may be really frustrating.

Instead of offering an exchange for another size, they’ve decided not to do so at all! In tiny cities where there isn’t much variety among stores, online shopping may be your best alternative.

There’s a good chance that you’ll want to keep your options open in terms of size if you plan on wearing one of our high-quality, actual women’s body-friendly tops or purchasing one from an internet merchant.

Our tops tend to run a little big, even if they are made to measure. You can always order a small top and call it good, but this can be incredibly frustrating when you find out that not only does everything still look too big on you.

Best Places to Shop for Petite Maternity Dresses

Even though we create our tops quite accurate to size, they can nevertheless be a touch too big. While it may be possible to get a small top and call it a day when you find out that the rest of the outfit is still too big, this can be immensely upsetting.

These are the best places to shop for petite maternity clothes

The majority of maternity stores I visited were either big or pricey when I was looking for petite pregnant outfits. Petite maternity clothes are only needed during the first five months of your pregnancy if you are petite and thin because you may not notice your baby bump until then. As a result, small maternity dresses are only practical for a few months in the winter when your due date falls between December and February.

Because I’m a frugal shopper, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on small pregnancy clothes with designer labels. The following establishments were reasonably priced and of acceptable quality. They had all the pregnancy gear I wanted, as well as small maternity dresses, in their inventory. Some of these firms are also featured on our list of the best petite clothing brands.


When it comes to finding petite pregnancy dresses, ASOS is your go-to source. Even though ASOS is based in the United Kingdom, it is a popular brand among petite customers in the United States because of its low costs and fast shipping..

Their reputation is a mixed bag: they’re recognized for their quick turnaround times and affordable rates, but there have been some concerns regarding the quality of their materials. I guess it’s up to you to decide what you’re hoping for. When it comes to maternity wear, I don’t anticipate to spend a lot of money, so I’m not expecting the best quality. As a result, when I was browsing for small pregnancy dresses, I decided to check out ASOS’s maternity area.

Small maxi pregnancy dresses are the nicest part of their petite maternity dresses because you can get styles that aren’t available elsewhere. After all, small women already have difficulty finding maxi dresses that don’t sag as they walk—let alone ones designed just for them while they’re expecting! ASOS has a wide variety of apparel lines, and you can usually find something you like for less than $80. Petite maternity joggers start at just $29, while maternity leggings with a leather-like texture start at just $35.


If you are petite, I am sure you are familiar with the petite line of Loft. Loft is the more affordable sister line of Ann Taylor, and their casual and work clothing both have petites. In their maternity section you can find a variety of petite maternity dresses at reasonable prices. They also have a good selection of maternity jeans, maternity slim pants, chino pants and stylish maternity leggings in faux leather paneled ponte.

There is a petite line of Loft that I’m sure you are acquainted with if you are petite. Loft is Ann Taylor’s more budget-friendly sibling company, and both its casual and professional apparel lines feature petites. Their maternity area has a good selection of affordable petite pregnant clothes. Pregnant women can also get fashionable fake leather paneled ponte leggings, pregnant jeans, maternity slim pants, and chino pants.

Old Navy

This is my go-to store for low-cost pregnancy dresses for small women. Old Navy doesn’t have anything fancy, but it does have everything you could possibly need. You can shop by trimester in their maternity department. Start with their beginner kit if you’re a first-time mom and don’t know where to begin. You may also shop by trimester. If you’re a novice expectant mother, you’ll appreciate their “Hospital to Home” segment.

Short, standard, or long inseam pregnancy pants and jeans are all available from their maternity dresses. When they’re on sale, you can often get small maternity dresses for about $20 at these stores! Because of the high cost of pregnancy, even their regular-priced petites cost $39! If you’re looking for something casual and quick to put together to last a few months, this is it!


Petite pregnancy dresses by Gap are easy to spot if you’re familiar with the store’s petite section. In the same vein as Old Navy, you may shop by trimester at this store. Old Navy’s maternity dresses may not come in tiny sizes, but if you’re searching for a loose-fitting, comfy garment to wear throughout your pregnancy, that may not matter to you. There is a wide range of pregnancy jeans at Gap Maternity. Pregnant women will be delighted to find the same style of jeans in this store as they do in their normal range. Gap, for example, has pregnant boyfriend jeans, which are uncommon elsewhere. The short inseams are accessible for our petite expectant mothers, and they won’t require any trimming or hemming at all.

Motherhood Maternity

Among their offerings are small maternity dresses, sweaters, and pants/jeans, as well as coats and jackets. The prices of petite pregnancy dresses range from $39 to $79, or even lower if they are on sale, if you have a budget of less than $100. Maternity gowns in their regular sizes that were the right length for me fit just great.

Petite pregnancy jeans come in a variety of styles, including straight leg, narrow, boot cut, and flare, so you don’t have to give up your favorite jeans just because you’re pregnant. A perfect inseam length for most ladies under 5’4″ is found in their 28-inch pregnancy jeans. During your pregnancy, you’ll like their elastic material.

Plus, they have physical storefronts where you can try things on and make sure they fit before you buy them. That’s great news for us petite ladies who have to resort to shopping online because it’s so difficult to find brick-and-mortar establishments that carry our petite sizes. Designer pregnancy jeans are available if you’d like to spend a little more money on your outfits from time to time.

Find Petite Dresses at Chicwish

There is a mini dress department on Chicwish, an online boutique that sells a wide range of clothes. All of these dresses are cut for a smaller frame, which may be ideal for you if you’re in your first trimester. It’s Chicwich’s little knit button down. This mini dress can grow with you while still being cut for a smaller frame thanks to the elasticity in the material. In the same way, a puff-sleeve pom-pom dress works. Its design is flexible enough to adapt as your needs change.

Grab Affordable Petite-Friendly Maternity Jeans at H&M

Jeans are a completely different matter. Maternity jeans with a belly band are usually always the best option when it comes to wearing jeans while pregnant. H&M is a good place to start. The Swedish company includes a wide range of pregnancy options, including slim jeans, straight jeans, and jeggings (a mix between jeans and leggings). 30 12 inches inseam in sizes 0-4 As a result, you can either wear them as they are or cuff them at the ankle. You can wear these while pregnant and toss them at the back of your wardrobe afterwards without feeling guilty.

Maternity Sheers For Petites From Spanx

Even though we don’t advocate wearing tights all the time during your pregnancy, there are situations when a pair of sheers might be necessary. Spanx has you covered for those awkward first dates. Maternity sheers are available in black and nude, and they come in four sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your leg length and baby belly. Even though they’re made of delicate yarns, you won’t have to worry about itching all night long. In addition, the compression effect may provide you a more secure feeling in your bump.

Petite Pregnancy Party Dresses Can Be Found on Pink Blush

Pregnant women may feel overwhelmed by large gatherings like weddings or family reunions. It’s time to look for a dress! But where do you begin? When it comes to finding Petite-Friendly Maternity Dresses, Pink Blush has you covered. The forgiving form of empire waists allows for a growing belly without looking undressed. More form-fitting garments benefit from the ruching technique as well. In addition, there are lovely maxi dresses that don’t drag on the ground.

Where to Buy Maternity Clothes: A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and More | Glamour

Look for Sleepwear for Petite Pregnant People at Pea in a Pod

When it comes to finding wonderful prenatal clothing, it’s sometimes necessary to consult a professional. That’s one of the reasons why Pea in a Pod is so beloved. Pregnant women are the store’s primary target demographic, as you might expect given its focus on maternity gear. This is a terrific spot to shop for everything from jeans to tops, but don’t forget to think about what you’ll want to wear while you sleep. The business offers a wide variety of sleepwear for pregnant women, including camis, shorts, and nighties.

Find Petite Maternity Outerwear on Seraphine

For those of us who are expecting, the impending arrival of winter may be a welcome development. At long last, you’ll be able to relax and unwind. Finding a coat to fit over your increasing belly may be a challenge, too, so keep that in mind. Why Seraphine is such a good choice is because of this. Leggings and t-shirts aren’t the only things available from this maternity line; there are also dresses, jackets, and accessories. Consider this incredibly warm coat. Aside from the fact that it can be worn over a pregnant woman’s bump, it can also be used as a blanket for your newborn.

Score Petite Size Maternity Leggings At Ingrid & Isabel

People who are short in stature often find it difficult to find clothing that fits them properly. In order to accomplish so, here is a professional tip. Capri pregnancy leggings from Ingrid and Isabel can be worn as full-length leggings. Think of it as a fashion hack, don’t you think? The Crossover Panel of these capri pants is designed to fit over a bump while still allowing you to move freely. They can be washed in cold water and then tumbled dried.

Get Adjustable Petite Overalls From Madewell

When it comes to small women, overalls are a formula for cuffed ankles. While this isn’t the case with Madewell. For small women, they have Hatch maternity overalls that have an ankle cuff so they don’t drag on the ground. In addition, the shoulder straps can be shortened if you have a shorter torso. Designed for a busy mom-to-be on the run, this jumpsuit is made of 100% cotton and is incredibly comfy.

Shop Hatch Collection for Petite-Friendly Button Downs

It’s easy to undo a button on a button down shirt as your belly grows. Visit Hatch Collection if you’re looking for a button-down shirt that isn’t too long. Maternity clothing is the focus of the brand. This shirt is exactly what you’d expect from a button-down. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a mountain of fabric in your belly band because there’s enough fabric on the front to allow room for a growing bulge.

These petite-friendly items can help you look and feel your best during your entire pregnancy.

Hotmilk Maternity and Nursing Lingerie

Check out Nordstrom’s Hotmilk pregnancy lingerie if you’ve ever doubted that nursing bras may be sexy. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re an A or a J cup and prefer sporty sleeping bras or lacy nursing nighties.

In spite of its appearance, this bra is equipped with quick-release clips that make it easy to breastfeed. Nordstrom suggests that you measure no sooner than three weeks before your due date to ensure correct size for your new wardrobe.


Online and in-store at Macy’s, you can buy just about anything you can think of, from maternity wear to baby gear. Make sure to check out this retailer’s designer denim selection and bargain prices.

An must for expectant mothers, this basic and flexible maxi dress has a roomy silhouette. Choose from black, navy blue, or blue with red flowers for yours!

This jewel-toned maxi might be the answer if you’re seeking for something a touch less form-fitting. Designed by Jessica Simpson for Motherhood Maternity, it’s versatile enough to wear with a pair of stylish boots or flats.


Isabella Oliver, Rosie Pope, Kimi & Kai, and Urban Ma are just a few of the contemporary maternity labels that can be found in this department store’s maternity section.

Add a dash of moto style to your leggings with one of the six available colors. In all phases of pregnancy, these can be worn thanks to the over-belly band.

What if you don’t want to spend a lot of time putting together a polished look? This navy top is elevated by the frill detailing at the shoulders, the tie waist, the keyhole cutout, and the high collar.


Can my employer refuse to reduce my hours after maternity leave?

No, this is not the case. It is illegal for an employer to restrict your work hours after maternity leave unless they can provide a legitimate business rationale for doing so.

There must have been some prior agreement between the employer and employee regarding the reduction or modification of work schedules during maternity leave before employers can require their employees to reduce working time during typical notice periods.

Even if you are returning to work part-time after having a baby, you should follow the same rules as if you had already agreed with your employer on the days and hours that you would work before leaving on maternity leave.

After paternity leave or shared parental leave, both parents may return to work part-time (where eligible). Alternatively, you should be able to speak directly with your employer about the situation.

Can I delay my return to work after maternity leave?

A maternity leave of 12 weeks is required by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for all employees.

However, under FMLA, if you are unable to perform any or all of your job tasks because of a significant health condition, you may be permitted to delay your return for up to twelve weeks.

A new mother may be able to attend her employer’s official training sessions, but she may still need another eight weeks to heal from childbirth before she is ready to perform at her highest level at work. Individual workers, not management, should decide whether or not this is a viable option at this time.

Medical certification outlining your continued inability to fulfill your job duties is required each time you request an additional twelve-week period of medical absence.

What benefits am I entitled to if I don’t return to work after maternity leave?

You may lose your benefits if you don’t return to work following maternity leave. If you don’t return as agreed, you may also be asked to reimburse some of the costs of those benefits..

When you return to work after maternity leave, you may also find that you’ve lost out on promotion possibilities or that you’ve been treated unfairly.

Maternity leave regulations do not allow an employer to decrease or remove an employee’s rights after they have been absent due to pregnancy-related illness that qualifies under the regulations (2003). Here are a few of them:

  • If a worker gets transferred to another position or has their hours decreased as a result of their employment contract, but she does not give notice that she is pregnant before leaving on Maternity Leave.
  • After her Maternity Leave, if a lady decides not to return,

Can you come back from maternity leave early?

The decision of whether or not to return to work early after maternity leave is a difficult one for working parents. It’s possible that you and your employer could come to an agreement so that you can return before the period allotted for your leave has expired.

If you return to work early and do not have a written agreement in place, you may be in violation of your rights under the law and lose some benefits (e.g., permanent employees with at least 12 months of service who are not entitled to paid annual leave).

It’s possible that if you can come up with a good rationale why this would be beneficial to both sides, it could work out well.

You should also find out how long notice is required for either side to end the contract without penalty while caring for an ill or injured family member.

Do babies suffer when mothers return to work?

When returning to work after maternity leave, many parents and moms have this on their minds.

The decision to return to work can be difficult because it means leaving your baby in the care of other people while you go out into the world and earn an income that will help support both yourself and your family.

The decision to return to work can be difficult because it means leaving your baby in the care of other people while you go out into the world and earn an income that will help support both yourself and your family.

While it may be painful to leave your infant in the care of others while you go back to work, it is necessary if you want to provide for yourself and your family.

Where to buy maternity clothes in Singapore | HoneyKids Asia

What Is Postpartum Hernia & What Causes It?

Postpartum hernias are most commonly related with diastasis recti and the actual hernia that occurs as a result of a c-section. Romper, an OB/GYN, spoke with Even though many new moms suffer from diastasis recti, an incisional hernia is significantly less common and usually much more problematic according to Nisha Verma’s, MD. It is possible to get an incisional hernia if you have a c-section or other abdominal incision. “A hernia is the protrusion or bulge or projection of an organ… through the wall of the body that normally contains it,” she explains. “Anytime you have incisions in your belly, [such as during a c-section], you can get an incisional hernia.” In order to avoid a hernia like this, doctors normally take great care to keep sutures no more than a centimeter apart, according to Verna. This type of hernia is generally caused by poor healing.

Even while a diastasis recti is not as dangerous as an incisional hernia, it is commonly mistaken for one. Abdominal muscles were divided during pregnancy and never fully reunited, allowing internal organs to protrude from behind the muscles, rather than being tucked in. OB/GYN, Jonathan D. Jaqua, DO, tells Romper in an interview that “what’s happening is that the muscles are working but… there’s no musculature keeping in the internal organs, essentially.” “There’s still stuff that holds everything in place, but [the organs] are not being held back by muscles.”

What Are Symptoms Of Postpartum Hernia?

A bulging area surrounding the incision is a sign of an incisional hernia, and it is generally accompanied by pain. When a patient experiences this type of hernia, they are usually aware that something is amiss (and they should let their doctor know right away).

According to Jaqua, those who suffer from diastasis recti often have an outward bulge in the middle of their abdomen. The amount of pooching out you notice as you look up and down [your abdomen] will change depending on whether you’re lifting anything, standing up from a sitting position, or using your core in any way, according to him. When compared to an incisional hernia, diastasis recti is less dangerous and may or may not cause pain.

Is Postpartum Hernia Common?

“I’d say we see [diastasis recti] in most pregnancies, particularly with second and third pregnancies,” says Jaqua. A hernia-like bulge can occur if the area between the abdominal muscles does not entirely shut back up, which is why the body fixes itself most of the time and there are no long-term consequences (and this is less common). On the other hand, Verna says that incisional postpartum hernias are quite rare, so this is not something most new mothers will have to deal with during their postpartum recovery time.

How Do You Treat Postpartum Hernia?

An incisional postpartum hernia must be repaired surgically, Verna explains. Because of the potential danger of an incarcerated hernia, which occurs when an organ passes through the connective tissue and remains lodged, she advises that “treatment is highly recommended.” In order to prevent the organs from escaping again, doctors must reopen the incision and restore any damaged tissue.

Diastasis recti hernias may not necessitate surgery for certain patients. It doesn’t mean that diastasis recti is a permanent condition, says Jaqua. “You can 100% live with it,” he adds. In some cases, core strengthening activities may be helpful to alleviate the discomfort. Surgical repair may be an option if the condition is painful or interfering with your everyday activities. “The surgery itself is quite easy,” Jaqua explains, “It’s just a matter of reapproximating the abdominal muscles and putting them back together.”

A bulge, no matter how minor or severe, should always be reported to your healthcare practitioner so that they can keep an eye on things and intervene if necessary. Postpartum hernia surgery repair is unlikely to be necessary for most women, but it is possible. Regardless of whether you have a postpartum hernia or not, you should anticipate to need to practice some postpartum core strengthening exercises.

How Long Will You Need Postpartum Diapers?

After having a baby, many new moms wonder how long they’ll have to wear postpartum diapers. Only your own body can tell you the answer to that. After the birth of a child, lochia discharge may be over within a few days. Others may prefer the extra security for the sake of their own peace of mind, even if it is only for a few weeks after giving birth.

Benefits Of Postpartum Diapers Versus Pads

In postpartum recovery, pads can be a tremendous aid in protecting yourself when running errands or when you’re nearing the end of your bleeding. For those who have recently returned from the hospital, a pad may not be sufficient. To avoid leaks, you’ll either have to spend all of your time swapping them out for fresh ones.

A diaper provides more protection than a pad since it covers a larger area, making it easier to move. What would be the best piece of advice? When you get home from the hospital, you’ll have everything you need because you’ll have them both on hand. In addition, you may always give away anything you don’t utilize.

Products that have been chosen by Romper’s editorial staff are exclusively included in our listings. However, if you purchase a product through a link in this article, we may get a commission.

Best Postpartum Diapers

This brand of postpartum diapers is perfect for new moms because they’re made to resemble regular underpants. Their ruched shape appears and feels like a normal panty thanks to their black lowrise cut material. However, because to its super-absorbent fabric, you won’t have to worry about leaks. The word “discreet” appears in the title for a reason: it’s designed to fit snugly over the body. They have been described as “a absolute postpartum must have” by one Amazon reviewer.

Rael Organic Postpartum Diaper

In addition to the fact that it is designed for periods, Rael Organic Cover Overnight Underwear is a favorite for a number of reasons. For people who prefer environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products, these are a benefit. These postpartum diapers have a four-layer core, which helps to keep the diapers dry and odor-free. Organic cotton cover material is also meant to be breathable, so it won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a diaper.

Amazon Basics Postpartum Underwear

Check out postpartum diapers made by Amazon Basics for women who are experiencing both bleeding and incontinence. In order to keep you more comfortable for longer, their dry fit absorbs and wicks away moisture. And because of the style, you can easily peel these away from any wounds or stitches. Latex allergy sufferers will be pleased to learn that these do not contain the substance. These are also available for purchase online and delivered discretely to your door.

Assurance Postpartum Briefs with Tabs

Pull-down postpartum diapers aren’t an option if you’ve had abdominal surgery and are experiencing significant pain. As an alternative, choose Assurance, which comes with tabs on both sides. Using this method, you may remove the diaper without damaging your baby’s skin. The odor protection and wetness indicator on these postpartum diapers let you know when it’s time to switch them out.

Postpartum diapers are not anything to feel ashamed of. They’re a terrific answer to a difficult problem, and they allow you to focus on the most essential thing in front of you: your new baby!