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You’ve gained a lot of weight and are now carrying a baby! In plus-size clothing, you’ve made it to the third level. Because we all know how difficult it may be when your belly starts to show up, you deserve this recognition.

Plus-sized maternity dresses can be difficult to come by, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite boutiques where you can find the perfect gown.

Plus Size Maternity Clothing And Size-Inclusive Items

For pregnant women, the days of wearing nothing but sweats and big t-shirts are long gone. I’m really glad to hear that.

Plus-size yoga pants aren’t all bad, but they’re not for everyone. Even still, it’s wonderful to have more options than simply sizing up plus-sized clothing.

The Ultimate Guide To Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Additionally, we’ll be discussing goods like nursing pillows and baby carriers that you’re looking for.

Where To Buy Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Here are the greatest locations to shop for plus size parents, based on our research and the internet.

We have everything from beautiful maternity outfits for picture shoots to labor and delivery gowns at your fingertips.

The stores listed below include sizes ranging from XXL to 5XL plus size maternity clothing, and some even offer custom fitting.

Everyone can benefit from what we’ve got here.


Sizes 7XL and up are available.

From belly bands to nursing bras to even plus-size maternity wedding dresses, you can get it all on Amazon. Because of the reviews, it’s easy to tell if a product is worth purchasing or if you should keep browsing.

We’ve included Amazon links in many of our most popular maternity resources, such as Plus Size Maternity Clothes Must-Haves Size 3XL And Beyond.

You may save a lot of money if you read product evaluations and study sizing charts carefully.


Sizes 32 and up are available.

Online fashion retailer ASOS, based in London, England, is a popular choice for individuals around the world. From the United States, Canada, and Australia, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to pick your nation of origin.

Maternity alternatives are available at AOSO, which is known for its plus-size assortment (currently up to size 20). As a result, many women in plus sizes choose to wear flowy shirts and maxi dresses during pregnancy.

Make sure to search by size because not all of their usual plus-size clothing is available in their largest sizes.


Custom sizing is available.

Etsy isn’t only a place for cutesy stuff, though it is. There are several plus size pregnant dresses, delivery dresses, nursing covers, and more to choose from at this store.

The best part is that you’re supporting a small business that caters to all sizes by shopping on Etsy. It’s a great fit because many companies offer custom sizing!

It’s possible to acquire a personalized maternity outfit for under $100, which may surprise you (and many gowns well beyond that price point).

Good American Plus Size Maternity

Sizes 6XL and above

The plus size maternity jeans offered by Good American have been hailed as some of the best in the business. Even though they claim to offer pregnant clothing in sizes up to 30, the majority of what we see is only available in sizes 24 and up.

Some of their sizes are designated “waitlisted,” so keep an eye out for those. It is to be hoped that as more individuals seek larger sizes, the more they will be able to carry.

Although their jeans are pricy, I think they’re worth it.


Sizes 3XL and up (overall)

Anyone else have fond memories of JCPenny’s plus-size department as a child? My pleasure! In light of this, the availability of plus size pregnancy clothing on their website is no surprise.

JC Penny’s plus-size pregnancy clothing often comes in sizes 3XL and up. In the meanwhile, there are some 5XL and 6XL plus size pregnancy alternatives to be found.


Sizes 3XL and above

In-store luck may be on your side, but online shopping for maternity wear at Kohl’s is the way to go! You’ll have to sift through the 2XL possibilities to find the 3XL selection, but you’ll find plenty of choices.

3XL nursing bras are frequently on sale at Kohls.com.

Motherhood Maternity

Sizes 3XL and above

Motherhood Maternity is the name you hear most frequently when it comes to in-store purchasing.

For those on a tight budget, they provide maternity clothing in sizes 3XL and 3XL.

Old Navy

Sizes ranging from XS to XXL

In-store, Old Navy is making a comeback with its inclusive size, although their maternal sizing still only goes up to an extra large (XXL). And while that might be a perfect fit for some, we’re crossing our fingers that they make some improvements in this area soon!


Bump Biddy, a maternity clothing business recently introduced to CoEdition, features some adorable gowns for our newest additions to the family. Most are under $50, plus you can save an additional 20% with the code FATGIRLFLOW20!

Good American Jeans

I’m blown away with the maternity jeans offered by Good American. For the first and second trimester, they have denim that works, and for the final stretch, they have denim that works. $150 may seem like a steep price to pay for a pair of high-quality jeans, but they’re well worth it if you want to wear them again and again.

Pink Blush Maternity

Sizes 3XL and above

The Pink Blush Maternity is back! Pink Blush Maternity is frequently mentioned in the #plussizematernity hashtag on Instagram.

They have a great range of maternity apparel, so it’s no wonder. In terms of drawbacks, they only offer 3XL and many of their products run small. Maternity clothing for size 20 and under is a gold mine.

The clearance section has some great deals, so be sure to check it out!

Stitch Fix

As large as 24

If you’re looking for clothes that are specifically tailored to your personal style, then Stitch Fix is the service for you!

“We provide maternity goods in sizes 0-16 & XS-XXL as well as bump-friendly products in sizes 1X-3X, 14W-24W,” they say on their website.

Curated apparel that fits people of all sizes can be found at


Sizes ranging from XS to XXL

Target’s maternity clothing collection is limited to XXL sizes in both its brick-and-mortar and online stores. But they provide a wide selection of maternity clothing in plus sizes up to 4XL that can be purchased online.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes You'll Actually Want to Wear - The Ultimate Guide - The Plus Life

Torrid Maternity

Sizes 6XL and above

Torrid’s impressive size range makes up for a lack of product selection. As with Torrid’s usual plus-size clothing, their pregnancy range is available in sizes 6XL/30 and above.

Universal Standard Pregnancy Clothing

Sizes 40 and up are available.

As much as we’d like to have lovely maternity apparel, it’s better to save our money for something more practical. Maternity, on the other hand, is a finite period of time! Because of this, we are thrilled to announce that Universal Standard is taking a stand.

With the help of Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Brooks, Universal Standard has created a collection of plus-size pregnant clothing that may be worn throughout your pregnancy and beyond! The best part is that the sizing extends up to a 40, in addition to the high quality clothing.


Sizes 3XL and above

Are you looking for plus size pregnancy outfits that aren’t too expensive? Oh! You can always count on Walmart’s Mamma. Plus size pregnancy pants cost as little as $17, while a plus size maternity shirt costs as little as $10. (up to size 3XL).

We’re expecting that they’ll expand their sizes in the future! Meanwhile, their plus size gowns, which come in sizes 4XL and up, can be purchased. Pregnancy and beyond are great times to wear flowy dresses.

Yours Clothing

All the way up to a United States size 28 / 32 (UK)

Yours Clothing is a go-to supplier for plus size maternity apparel in the UK for our friends there. Even if you live outside of the United Kingdom, you may still order from their size-friendly assortment!

Yours Clothing provides a lot of attractive alternatives, however the shipping time is substantially longer than at Motherhood Maternity.

Simply Be is another UK-based option.

Motherhood Maternity

This is the store I believe most people are familiar with. Pregnancy shoppers’ go-to store for up to size 3X at a reasonable price, this store has become a maternity wardrobe mainstay for many families. They’re on-trend and manufacture super-comfy clothes since they appeal to expectant mothers.

Oh Mama! from Walmart

It’s adorable to the tenth degree! You know it’ll be cheap, too, because it’s from Walmart. Oh Mama3x !’s maternity line includes a plethora of plus-size pregnancy alternatives!

Yours Clothing

When it comes to stylish, affordable clothing, the UK brand Yours has always been a standout. You’re in luck, because they carry plus sizes as well! Keep in mind that this site’s shipment takes longer! Sizes range from a US 14 to a US 30 and prices start at $15.

Bump Biddy maternity plus candice ribbed dress in blush

Plus-size maternity fashionistas should check out Bump Biddy as well. It’s a beautiful pink midi dress with a stunning off-the-shoulder neckline and a buttoned-down front.

White Mark plus maternity kayla womens scoop neck 3/4 sleeve tunic top

You’re pregnant, and you’re looking for clothes that you can wear every day. This adorable tunic blouse from JCPenney is just one of the many affordable options available for expectant mothers at the retailer. It’s available in sizes 1X to 6X, and there are 11 vibrant hues to select from.

Show Me Your Mumu jess ruffle midi dress

Having a simple black dress in one’s closet is a necessity for any woman. This selection from Show Me Your Mumu is a favorite of ours. The high-low hem and feminine flutter sleeves of this wrap dress give it a trendy look. It includes an elasticized waist for enhanced comfort. Isn’t that the finest part? For sizes 3X and up, there are 14 distinct prints and patterns to choose from.

Bump It Up black tie dye t-shirt and cropped legging set

This Yours Clothing tie-dye ensemble is a great way to get in on the craze. The matching tee and leggings, both made of stretch jersey, are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Spanx mama high rise faux leather maternity leggings

We’ve all heard of Spanx’s famous shapewear, but did you know they also produce plus-size pregnant leggings? The faux-leather leggings from the company have us swooning (available in sizes 1X to 3X). The over-the-bump high-waisted style gives additional support without squeezing the tummy for your growing bump. If you’re looking for something comfortable but put together, try them with an oversized sweater and your go-to boots.

Kindred Bravely zora nursing & maternity maxi dress

The next option is a long-sleeved pregnant maxi dress, which can be worn well into the fourth trimester. An ultra-lightweight, UV-protected, moisture-wicking fabric is used to make this camisole look like a cami top.

Tiffany Rose sienna dress plus

What if you’re looking for a special occasion dress for a plus-size maternity? Tiffany Rose’s fitted gown may be just what you’re looking for. Dressed up or down, the knee-skimming skirt pairs well with the three-quarter length sleeves and high neckline.

Jezero women’s maternity tops plus sizes

This polka-dot T-shirt is really cute! Regardless of what your day has in store, the seamless, stretch fit will keep you comfy. Is polka-dots not your thing? This plus-size pregnancy top is available in 10 different patterns.

Storq classic pencil skirt

With a basic pencil skirt, you can’t go wrong. Our favorite is the Storq model, which has a streamlined design. Pregnant women can wear it over their bumps, while postpartum women can wear it around their hips. The classic black color is always a safe bet, but you can’t go wrong with leopard print too.

Bump It Up maternity khaki pocket parka

If you’re looking for maternity clothing that you can wear all year round, look no further. Check out Yours Clothing’s pocket parka. In addition to being compact enough to fit in your bag, this raincoat features a removable liner that allows you to alter the sizing, so you can always have it on hand in case of an emergency.

Belabumbum anytime sweatshirt

This soft sweatshirt by Belabumbum rounds out our selection of the best plus-size pregnancy apparel. For a more dressed-up look, wear it with a pair of jeans and a blazer. Super-soft style can be worn during pregnancy, and the crossover style makes it an excellent alternative for breastfeeding mothers as well.

Used Maternity Clothes

Buying secondhand or used plus-size maternity clothing is a great way to save money!!

Pre-loved pregnancy apparel can be found on Poshmark and other similar sites. Maternity clothing can be found on Facebook Marketplace. Plus-size clothing, including maternity wear, can be traded in Facebook groups dedicated to the buy-sell-trade of such items.

In fact, you may be able to get some clothing for nothing at all! Your friends who recently gave birth to a large child may have some baby clothes that you can borrow.

Maternity Staples

Many of the things you’ll need during your pregnancy may be purchased in larger sizes, such as maternity pants. Our list of plus-size hospital bag essentials is one of the many resources we’ll be providing for you.

Plus Size Belly Bands

A plus-size belly band or maternity belt can help support you throughout your pregnancy and into the postpartum period.

Bringing a band to the hospital can assist keep monitors in place throughout labor, if you purchase one.

Plus Size Maternity Underwear

You’ll require specific underwear for the duration of your pregnancy and the postpartum period (and diapers or pads).

Plus Size Nursing Bras

Finding a larger nursing bra can be a real challenge if you plan to breastfeed. Because of this, we’ve put together some useful resources for plus-sized breastfeeding and pumping bras.

Plus-size breastfeeding dresses and nursing covers are also available.

Plus Size Nursing Pillows

When it comes to breastfeeding, you may want a pillow that is specifically created to match your needs. But don’t panic, since we’ve complied a list of our favorite nursing pillows that are all size-friendly.

Plus Size Maternity Swimsuits

Swimming and water aerobics are excellent plus-size pregnancy activities that may be done at any stage of your pregnancy. You’ll need a plus-size maternity swimsuit to experience the weightlessness of the water when pregnant!

Plus Size Maternity Gowns

For a maternity photo shoot or a baby shower, you’ll appreciate our assortment of dresses up to a size 6XL, so you can look your best.

In fact, we’ve put together a special collection of red plus size maternity dresses just for the season. Plus-size pregnancy tights are a great way to complete your ensemble!

The Ultimate Guide To Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Plus Size Maternity Coats

Do you have a cold in your bones? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best plus size pregnant coats for your convenience.

Plus Size Baby Carriers

Parents of all shapes and sizes can benefit from babywearing! Unfortunately, many people believe that their size prevents them from using a baby carrier. That’s not the case, and we’re here to dispel it. There’s a baby carrier for everyone, from structural carriers to wraps, on the market today.

Wide Gliders & Plus Size Rocking Chairs

When it comes to baby gear, many of the gliders and rockers on the market don’t have enough room for a growing infant.

This list of extra-wide baby gates can be of interest to you if you’re planning a nursery.

The plus size pregnant clothes and size-inclusive things you’ve been searching for online should have you feeling well-dressed.

We’ve compiled a list of 29 additional plus-size maternity goods for you to consider.


What should a plus size pregnant woman wear?

You can get away with wearing empire waisted tops and fake wrap sweaters as well as baby-doll blouses while pregnant, according to Matthias’ advice. Dresses, she says, come in many forms, sizes, fabrics, and colors, and that’s why they’re perfect for pregnant and plus-size women.

Does plus size work for maternity?

You may be able to continue wearing your existing pairs of leggings well into your pregnancy, depending on the style. Plus size pregnancy leggings are hard to come by, so what are you going to do? Not to worry—just get one size higher in regular clothing. There is a good chance that they will also be less expensive.

How do I know what size maternity dress to buy?

When measuring length, start at the bottom of your heel and go all the way up to your head. Remember to remove your shoes and keep your eyes focused front of you. While wearing a proper bra, measure the circumference of your breasts at their widest point. The circumference of your chest below your breasts should be measured.

Should you size up when buying maternity clothes?

Sizes for pregnant women are the same as for non-pregnant women. That is to say, if you wear a size “small” usually, you will continue to wear a size “small” during your pregnancy.

Should you wear a bra when pregnant?

Wearing an underwire bra during pregnancy is safe for both you and your unborn child. As long as the bra is comfortable, doesn’t dig into your breasts, and doesn’t have an uncomfortable underwire, it’s a suitable maternity and nursing bra.

When should you stop wearing underwire bras when pregnant?

Underwire bras should not be worn throughout pregnancy’s first three months or the first four to six weeks after delivery, when your breasts are most likely to fluctuate. This is due to the fact that your breasts will not fit precisely inside the cup if they alter frequently (even by the hour).

Does Motherhood Maternity carry plus size in store?

About half of the retailer’s whole product assortment is available in plus sizes (1X to 3X). Everything from loungewear to office-ready dresses to stylish jeans and more can be found at the store.


If you’re looking for a plus-sized maternity gown for yourself or a loved one, I hope the tips in this post may be beneficial to you.