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Where can I get good maternity photos taken? It’s not uncommon for new parents to ask this one. In this post, we’ll show you a few fascinating locations where you may take maternity photos. Continue reading to find out more.

– A green space, such as a park.

– Maternity photos can be taken at your home if the walls are light enough to photograph and the lighting is enough. If you want crisp, high-quality images, you’ll need a tripod.

Wherever possible, use window light to aid improve image clarity when taking photos indoors. If at all possible, avoid photographing indoors during the midday hours because there may not be enough natural light to produce high-quality photos.

When photographing indoors, you should aim for a time of day when the light is at its best. Keep in mind, though, that after 12 weeks of pregnancy, holding a camera isn’t as easy as it once was.

12 Gorgeous Examples of How to Take Maternity Photos

4 Tips for the Best Maternity Photoshoot

It’s hard to put a price on the joy that comes with being a mother. Maternity photoshoots may be on your list of things to do while you’re pregnant. We’re happy to assist you!

When it comes to time, life does have a weird way of speeding things up, doesn’t it? Your bundle of joy may arrive before you know it and you may regret your pregnancy belly and wish you had saved the memories of being pregnant with your little one.

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to remember this period in your life by having a maternity photoshoot. Pregnancy images, whether taken in the first trimester or well into the third, will last a lifetime.

1. Best Time for a Pregnancy Photoshoot

When it comes to taking maternity photos, you may think that you need to have a noticeable baby bump in order to do so, but the truth is that it’s entirely up to you when and where you’d like to do so.

Your pregnancy can be shown in numerous ways other than by showing off your baby bump. It’s fine to bring along images of your sonogram and other interesting objects, such as a pair of baby shoes or some newborn apparel, to the photo shoot. In close-up shots, the items will make for some pretty cute maternity photos.

Photographs used to announce a pregnancy In order to use your maternity photos for an announcement of your pregnancy, you can have them shot anytime you feel ready. If you’re a first-time mom, you may want to wait until after the first trimester of pregnancy to make your announcement.

It doesn’t matter if you want to announce your pregnancy via snail mail or social media; maternity photos can assist you and your loved ones remember the occasion! Maternity portraits taken by a professional photographer ensure that you will have several high-quality options, so you don’t have to worry about your arm or an out-of-focus photo.

Pregnancy shower photos If you’d want to showcase professional images at your baby shower, we recommend scheduling a maternity photo session in your third trimester, about three months before your due date, to ensure that you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

No matter what time of year it is, the photography itself will be a delightful moment that will serve as a lasting family heirloom.

2. Best Location for a Maternity Session

The ideal venue for your maternity session is somewhere you enjoy spending time with your growing family.

Think of a place that has special meaning to you and your developing family as a possible setting for your maternity photos. Do you have a favorite beach or park where you like to spend time? Is there a vacation spot where you got engaged? If you recently bought a house, you may want to have a picture session there. No matter where you decide to have your maternity photographs taken, the proper photographer will help you make the most of your options and will provide you with photographic ideas and guidance to ensure you have the best possible experience.

This is an excellent time to get your maternity photos shot in an idyllic place during the babymoon. Here are some of our favorite spots for a babymoon.

Honolulu, HI

Not many places can compete with the perfect combination of natural beauty and tranquility for the perfect babymoon. If you’re planning a maternity photography in Honolulu, you’ll have no shortage of settings to choose from. There are numerous wonderful hiking trails in Honolulu that would be ideal for a pregnancy photoshoot, or you could even do some maternity shots while on your own sightseeing tour, such as the pineapple plantation or even a luau!

New York City, NY

Look no further than New York City for a memorable babymoon for couples who adore touring and landmarks. In order to capture the essence of your growing family, we recommend taking your maternity images in an idyllic place, such as a nearby park. For example, a photoshoot in Central Park would be ideal (as opposed to Times Square, where, while the billboards are fun to look at, they may distract from the most important subject of the photo: you and your growing family).

Paris, France

Having a babymoon in Paris, the city of love, is the epitome of romance. It’s easy to come up with creative ideas for maternity photos in Paris. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from a variety of locations throughout the city, making it an ideal location for family portraits. There are several other well-known landmarks in Paris, such as the Louvre Museum and the Rodin Sculpture Garden, that would be ideal locations for maternity portraits.

Tokyo, Japan

Another option for the pregnant woman who enjoys sightseeing: Tokyo! The Kiyosumi Garden, a popular spot for babymoons and maternity photos (and don’t worry, there’s more to eat in Japan than sushi! ), is one of the city’s many natural attractions.

3. Having Your Maternity Photoshoot at Home

When you’re pregnant, traveling can be quite exhausting, and your doctor may even discourage you from doing so. Pregnancy photo sessions in your hometown or at home are an excellent alternative if you can’t go away for a babymoon.

When is the Best Time to Take Maternity Photos? - Breastfeeding Needs

For a babymoon, a pregnancy photography at home can save you money and allow you the chance to collaborate with a local photographer. A local photographer will be able to capture your maternity images on-location, whether that be at home or at one of your favorite spots around town. Ask your maternity photographer for advice on the ideal places for your maternity photos.

To make your photograph even more special, you can add members of your family who live nearby. Why not expand the joy of a maternity photography to include additional family members (including your beloved pets)? Your loved ones will cherish the experience of being a part of this memorable occasion.

4. What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photography attire is the next step after you’ve decided to go forward with the shoot!

Maternity Photoshoot Outfits

Comfort is one of the most critical components of maternity clothes. The most important thing to remember while preparing for a picture shoot is to make sure you’re dressed in something that you’re comfortable in.

In many cases, pregnant women choose to wear maternity dresses or gowns that are either ankle or floor length. The looser-fitting and flowier nature of these gowns, often known as maxi dresses, makes them ideal for picture shoots as well as everyday wear for expectant mothers. Dresses made of lace or chiffon, for example, have a formal appearance while also being constructed of a breathable fabric, making them popular choices for comfort.

A bodycon dress is a great alternative to boho-style maxi dresses for pregnant ladies who want to show off their baby bump in the most flattering way possible.

Pregnancy photos frequently have a lovely backdrop, so it’s best to avoid wearing anything with a lot of patterns or colors that may distract from the main subject of the photograph, which is you and your growing family.

If you opt to wear a maternity photoshoot dress, prepare an extra set of clothes just in case the weather changes suddenly while you are having your pictures taken. To be prepared for any weather, we recommend bringing an outfit with long and short sleeves, as well as a sleeveless alternative.

10 Maternity Poses for Beautiful Photos

Photograph Mom Alone

Do not forget to snap pictures of simply the mom when photographing a pair. Having beautiful maternity portraits taken of her with her arms around her growing belly will result in images that are both emotional and meaningful.

You may also add depth and warmth to your shot by carefully posing her in ways that make her seem her best. Make sure she’s facing you at a 45-degree angle. In this approach, the outline of the hump is brought into sharper relief. This is especially beneficial if you have a modest baby bulge.

Encourage her to talk to her unborn child by rubbing her belly. If she’s uncomfortable doing this, have her smile down at her baby bump and pretend to laugh. Motivate her by imagining her first encounter with the newborn. Maternity portraits will have more authentic expressions if this is done.

Photograph her from many angles, including full-length and close-up. Once you’ve taken a sufficient number of good portraits, you may begin experimenting with cropping.

Ask her to bend one of her legs, and see if it helps. This position aids in relieving stress and distributing weight. Pregnancy images are all about showing off your bump, so it’s important that you have interesting lines leading to it.

Try to keep her hands and her gaze moving during the photo shoot. Observe her, her partner, her tummy, and her shoulder.

Have her look at her feet instead of her belly when she stares at her stomach. This will prevent any chins from getting squished.

Shoot Dad With the Belly

Dad’s time in front of the camera doesn’t have to be limited just because the baby’s belly is the main attraction. Kneel down with dad and place both hands on each side of the tummy. Have him chat to the tummy and appreciate the intimacy of the moment.

This is another fantastic maternity posture option, which is to have dad stand half behind the mother and rest his hands on her belly. Close your distance till you can only see the hands. Instead of photographing the mother’s face in full, focus on the father’s eyes.

Then have him gaze down at his stomach. Pose according to dad’s specifications if he has any. Making your clients feel like they are part of the experience will result in more intimate images.

Direct Walking Maternity Poses

Maternity photographs might benefit from a bit of movement. Also, it aids in your clients’ ability to relax and feel at ease. After a while, sitting still, especially if you’re pregnant, might become unbearable.

Walking maternity poses can be done in a variety of ways. As they hold hands and smile at each other, a mother and father can guide each other across the park. You can encourage her to put one of her hands on her belly by doing so.

Couples can be photographed as they approach the camera, either with their eyes on the lens or on each other. The slower and more natural their gait, the more intimate the relationship will appear.

The infant can also be a topic of conversation if you like. They will be prompted to gaze at or touch the mother’s belly as a result. You’ll avoid seeming contrived in your pregnancy photos.

Shoot Silhouette Maternity Poses

If the mother-to-be is apprehensive in front of the camera, silhouette maternity photos are ideal. Pictures of her will show off her toned figure and flattering midsection. On the other hand, she doesn’t have to be concerned about the way she looks.

It is possible to shoot silhouette pregnancy images of the mother-to-be while she is sitting or standing up. You may make her baby bump pop by having her show the camera a different side.

As an option, you can ask her father to give her a kiss on her stomach. A really intimate scene will be created, almost as if we were in their house.

Use Legs and Hands to Highlight the Belly

A pregnant woman’s belly is all that matters in maternity photos. Hands and legs are excellent instruments for ensuring that our attention remains on the abdomen and the couple.

Place your hands either above or below the belly, depending on which is more comfortable for you. Position one above and slightly to the side, and the other directly across from each other. Alternatively, you can just have your client rub her tummy as she would if she were standing alone.

Try to keep fingers close together and hands overlapping, but not so much that they overwhelm the stomach.

If your mother is facing you, have her cross her legs so you can draw more lines in the direction of her belly. This will draw more attention to the growing baby bump than if she were to stand with her legs straight out in front of her.

To get the same appearance while also giving her additional definition, have her bend one of her legs at the knee in different pregnancy postures.

Shoot Active Maternity Poses

Fitness and prenatal yoga are popular pastimes for many mothers. There is nothing wrong with shooting maternity photos as she works out. Fast movements aren’t a concern. It’s hard to call prenatal yoga or aerobics “dynamic.”

You can ask the mother to wear activewear that reveals her growing belly if she is comfortable with this. In order to mimic the shape of the belly, you may choose to utilize enormous workout balls.

When a woman is expecting a child, her body need special attention. Getting some exercise is an excellent method to demonstrate the lady’s commitment to her own physical well-being.

How to Prepare For Your Maternity Session - Beatriz G Matias-Brand

Remember All Bodies Are Different

Because every woman’s body changes during pregnancy, not every maternity posture is appropriate for every expectant mother. Additionally, not all maternity positions are going to be easy to get into.

Always obtain permission before putting your client in an awkward or challenging position. The best maternity images are taken when the subject is at ease in front of the camera, in the posture, and in the setting.

In order to rest your client, be on the lookout for signs that they are feeling uneasy and take steps to alleviate their discomfort.

It’s important to keep in mind that you may need to use hands or a belt to draw attention to the growing belly in some maternity sessions.

Allow positions to develop naturally and freely interact with one another. During the moments when the couple is smiling or having fun, the best images are taken.

Build up the Maternity Poses

You don’t have to move your customers very much to construct and achieve a variety of positions. Customers can unwind when you keep them close at hand. Walking a lot at 8 months pregnant might be exhausting.

Begin by placing your outer hand on your partner’s tummy, facing each other. You can then ask your clients to look down before asking them to look at one another. Having both parents gaze at the camera, hug, kiss, or hold hands is a good idea.

You can also place dad behind mum and have him support her bottom tummy in close proximity to the camera.

While the mother is looking down, the father can be seen kissing the mother on the temple. For example, they could hold hands or use their props as an example. For a more varied set of images, turn to longer lenses for up-close and far-away shots.

Take four or five shots of each variant to make sure you get at least one fantastic picture from each stance.

Don’t Forget to Play and Have Fun

Photographing a pregnant woman doesn’t have to be all about tears and cuddling. If you’d like, you can even ask your customers to have some fun with it. Try to get them out of their seats and dancing about if they’d like.

Talk to them and have the mother compliment the father, and then the other way around. This usually results in a wide range of genuine expressions that are ideal for photographing. Your clients’ personalities shine through in these images, which capture them at just the right point in their life.

Also popular are seated maternity poses. Sit on a bench and pretend you’re sitting on your couch with the pair. They can also have some fun with each other, such as teasing each other.

Keep Arms and Face Away From the Body

In the 7th to 9th month of pregnancy, when the mother’s belly is most round, maternity sessions are most common.

However, this can lead to swollen limbs, legs, and even the face. Even if they move a lot, they can assist the baby grow and thrive by carrying around a lot of water.

Avoiding a squished neck and a double chin can be avoided by having your customer push their chin toward the camera.

It is possible to add shape and lines to the body’s contour by bending the arms away from the body and keeping them at a distance from the body.

Look for the best light and angle to capture this special time in the mother’s life.

Professional Maternity Photographers

We sincerely hope that our suggestions for creative maternity photoshoot concepts were useful to you. If you’re planning a babymoon or just want to have some prenatal photos shot at home, Flytographer has a list of vetted, professional local photographers all around the world, making it simple to book your maternity photo session. As your family grows, our local photographers can’t wait to document it.