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Choosing the Wardrobe for Your Maternity Shoot:

In our last blog, we discussed why the 30 week mark is the sweet spot for maternity portraits with Morning Light Photography. The next step, after scheduling your shoot, is to begin thinking about what to wear. We hope that your buying experience is as smooth as possible, whether you enjoy it or not. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top five maternity photography trends based on the dresses and outfits we admire.

Taking pictures while you’re pregnant is a unique way to memorialize a special time in your life. It’s important to wear something that fits with your unique style, shows off your growing bump and conveys your true feelings, and doesn’t restrict your range of mobility as you capture this next chapter in your life. If you simply cannot decide on a single look, feel free to bring two!

Since you’ve probably already learned that pregnant dresses—and maternity apparel in general—may be very pricey, we feel strongly that you should have access to a wide selection of options that you can wear during this pregnancy and potentially in the future as well.

The formula for Deciding Your Maternity Dress or Outfit:

Is there a recipe you can share? Colour + style + comfort = the ideal photographic attire. Consider the following questions as you try to interpret this formula:

  • Which fashion best expresses who I am?
  • What should I wear to highlight my growing belly?
  • How well do my best features show through this cut, or am I trying to hide?
  • If we hang these photographs in our home, what aesthetic will best complement the decor?
  • When do we take these pictures, and what season is it? Indoors or outdoors? How warm are you expecting it to be?
  • At 30 weeks pregnant, what should I wear for maximum comfort?

Dressing for Your Maternity Shoot:

We’ve done the legwork so that picking an outfit for your maternity photos is a breeze. We’ve compiled a list of the cutest maternity shoot fashion trends so you can pick and choose the styles that you want and know exactly where to find them. We’ve provided clickable images and links so you can have a look and buy or locate similar goods at your preferred retail establishment (or own closet!)

What To Wear For Maternity Photos - Becca Jean Photography

90’s Babies

Is it possible that you’ll have a baby of the ’90s? (Or perhaps you find another decade particularly endearing.) Do you feel a tinge of nostalgia when you see people dressed in overalls, huge denim jackets, and sneakers from the ’90s? Choose one of these maternity dresses inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley and give the baby a taste of your carefree youth from the inside out.

  • One-piece garments, such as rompers, jumpsuits, and overalls, have made a comeback, and they are especially popular among pregnant women because of the way they highlight their growing bellies. The Gap has some cool overalls made of denim.
  • Since denim jackets have never truly gone out of style, they are the ideal classic outfit for any maternity picture. They photograph beautifully and lend an endearingly informal air to your shots if that’s the mood you’re going for. This denim jacket by Carry Maternity is very ’90s and we can’t get enough of it.
  • Denim is a mainstay in most pregnant women’s closets, and if you feel most gorgeous in a relaxed pair of jeans, we recommend wearing them with a clean white top for photos. The pregnant jeans at Old Navy are decently priced.
  • If you want to bring attention to your developing belly, why not go for something with a lively design, like these bright stripes? This easy, Nordstrom-sourced 90s-inspired striped dress looks great with a pair of basic sneakers.

Royal Babies

If you’re a fan of the royal family, your pregnancy picture should make you feel as special as when Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle revealed their pregnancies for the first time. We compiled a few of these concepts, many of which were sparked by (and some of which were actually worn by!) royal women.

  • The focus of these ensembles is the jackets. In a trench coat in a neutral blush color, Meghan Markle channeled her inner Kardashian and nailed a glamorous yet modest pregnancy style. Have a look at this Seraphine trench coat for expectant mothers.
  • If you’re a huge fan of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, you’ll be thrilled by this choice. This chic coat with pearl buttons is the perfect addition to your winter maternity wardrobe and will make your upcoming photo session look absolutely stunning. Seraphine sells fashionable cashmere coats.
  • Either of these jackets would look great over a neutral-colored dress, and you have your choice of wrap details or a form-fitting silhouette to highlight your growing baby belly.
    • Neutral dress with waist tie
    • Neutral t-shirt dress

Maternity Dresses to Twirl In

Dresses with a lot of flow and airiness are a MUST for us. The way they sway in the wind, whether they are decorated with flowers, glitter, or are just white, is ideal for picture shoots. It seems that this is the most common option for pregnant women’s photos. Something about a long, flowing dress on a bright, airy background is particularly beautiful after sunset. They’ll draw attention to your growing belly while also making you feel comfortable and confident in your femininity.

We’ve compiled an extensive list to provide you an overview of available options across a variety of design aesthetics, color palettes, and price points.

  • The long, wavy sleeves and the whole length of the skirt both scream “flounce and flutter” about this amazing garment. This dress, in a lovely shade of pink with delicate floral embroidery, will drape gracefully over your growing bump (especially in a breezy field of flowers at sunset). A pink evening dress, like the one sold at ASOS.
  • Also complementary to chiffon dresses, sage green adds a touch of sophistication and dazzle thanks to its beaded embellishments.
  • ASOS offers a long-sleeved maxi dress. You can channel your inner ballerina in this pink tulle skirt and spin softly while carrying your baby bump for some lighthearted fun.
  • H&M’s pink tulle skirt. This floral-printed alternative is great since the ruffled V-neck design facilitates nursing right out of the box.
  • Dress in a moderately long length of silk is offered by Hatch Collection.

The Snuggle is Real-Outfits

Was this a difficult pregnancy for you? You’re not alone, and we care about making sure you can choose from cute, comfy outfits. Whenever you’re in a rut and nothing seems to work, these go-to solutions will make you feel fabulous.

  • If you want to look more earthy and natural, try a linen wrap dress. When you don’t feel like toting around anything except your growing baby belly, this lightweight, minimalist bag is the way to go. Linenfox offers a lovely wrap dress.
  • We can set up some beautiful at-home shots in some of your favorite relax-wear, even a floral mama-to-be robe like this one from The Over Co., if your favorite days are snuggly indoor days with messy buns.
  • A black bodycon dress set on a white background is always striking. The silhouettes you create with this outfit are very stunning. Such a choice will look and feel fantastic with minimal effort on your part. Old Navy black form-fitting dress without sleeves.
  • There are actually two reasons why this is awesome. How sweet is this jumpsuit made of a soft, flouncy oatmeal linen material! Wearing and moving about in it is a breeze. And still! Rather than buying a new one just for the shoot, consider renting it. Browse Rent the Runway for similar options.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos - Becca Jean Photography

Bold Themes

We have carefully selected these items to help you achieve the looks you want for your maternity photography, so you can bring your bold sense of style into the mix! Any of these outfits would be a great choice for a pregnancy photo shoot because of the exciting statement they would make with their vivid colors, eye-catching patterns, and nostalgic references to your own youth. An excellent strategy for making the most of your pregnancy.

  • This long, vibrant leopard print dress proves that even a mother leopard and her youngster can have a good time while looking fabulous. It’s the only other eye-catching feature in the whole shoot besides your bump. Browse this ASOS leopard print midi dress.
  • The rabbit with “velvet”een fur: We couldn’t help but reference this beloved children’s book when thinking of a name for the velvet clothing line that has recently become a staple in maternity departments everywhere. Photos using these velvet wrap dresses will stand out thanks to the rich ruby tones. Go to the Gap and check out the teal, mauve, and black velvet maternity gowns.
  • What’s up, Ma? Llama Pajamas, Red – Okay, so they’re not actually PJs, but they sure seem comfy! This H&M sundress in a striking shade of red appears to be the ideal compromise between style and ease. I’ve found her.
  • From Anne of Green Gables: “Puffed sleeves.” What else needs to be said? Wearing this adorable pregnancy dress from Hatch Collection will make you feel just as elated and joyful as Anne Shirley.

My Tips on How To Dress For Your Maternity Photo Session

I know you could choose any number of outfits for your pregnancy photos, but please wear something that makes you feel and look beautiful. What you normally wear may not be the ideal choice for photos, so read on for my suggestions. At the end, you’ll find a list of my top picks for dresses and where to get them.

Only things that I personally use and recommend will have affiliate links included in this post. If you decide to make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I will get compensated in the form of coffee or tea money, which I will use to fuel my creative process so that I can bring you even more helpful articles.

Choose a Flattering Silhouette for Your Maternity Photos

This is the first thing I’m including because it’s the most vital. Even if you don’t read another word, at least you’ll have seen this helpful hint! For your pregnancy photos, you want to make sure you’re wearing a dress that highlights your most attractive features. The indicators are as follows.

  • A garment or top that is fitted through the bust and upper abdomen.
  • An outwardly shirred garment that begins at or slightly above the waist. One thing you don’t want is for it to be too snug in that area. I’m aware that such dresses abound; call it a personal quirk, but I prefer the freedom of movement afforded by a skirt with a lot of fabric. In my opinion, it enhances your appearance and gives you an enjoyable accessory to twirl and play with.
  • The ideal length is floor length. Do not make it any longer than that, as you do not want to trip over it. And if you want to show off your shoes, a shorter length is OK. However, a long gown is the most flattering option.

When I give you these suggestions, I’m referring to your most important dress. You can bring something completely different if you like, but this is my favorite look for the bulk of the session.

What Color Should You Wear?

If you’ve scheduled a maternity photo shoot, it’s likely so that you can flaunt your growing bulge, so consider dressing accordingly. That’s right, avoid donning any shades of black, navy, or dark gray. This is counterproductive because it makes the bump less noticeable. You shouldn’t wear dark hues, but neons are out, too. It’s advisable to stick to pastels or neutrals.

Be Careful With Patterns

Dresses in simple colors and with subtle texture are always safe bets (like maybe some lace or crepe fabrics). That is the option I would pick first. Of course, patterns are awesome sometimes too! You need to pick the correct one, though. Patterns can be distracting if you choose one that is too small. However, it’s possible to choose unflatteringly large designs. This is the place to aim for patterns of a moderate scale.

Dress for the Season

When planning what to wear for your pregnancy pictures, keep the weather in mind. Choose a lighter, more breathable fabric if the weather is expected to be warm. Look for a dress with long sleeves, or bring a chunky knit sweater to wear over it, if the weather forecast calls for chilly weather.

Wearing a chunky knit off the shoulders is not only stylish, but also practical; you can snuggle up in it in between rounds to stay warm.

Avoid Matching Your Partner/Family

To look well together, you should coordinate your outfits without exactly matching your partner’s. It will be difficult to tell you apart if your uniform colors are the same. Everyone in your family needs to have their individuality, too; we don’t want anyone to disappear. Pinterest is a great place to look for color combinations and for inspiration. If you need help deciding what to dress, you can check out my website for suggestions.

Bring an Extra Maternity Outfit

Bringing a change of clothing to your pregnancy photo shoot is a wonderful idea. Changing on the spot is hassle-free because I can bring my changing tent with me. Sometimes the ‘extra outfit’ consists of nothing more than a lace cardigan worn over a bra and briefs in order to draw attention to your lovely tummy. Another option is to take some casual pictures while wearing your overalls. Maybe you simply need more than one garment in your closet. Just let me know in advance what works best for you in terms of attire, and we can schedule the session accordingly. I have a client closet full of goodies, and I just might have something you can use!

With any luck, you now have a better idea of what to wear for your maternity photos, but if not, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help! Please feel free to ask me anything you want to know about my personal style and the clothes in my client closet when we meet for a session.

Where to Shop for Maternity Dresses

You are welcome to borrow dresses from my client closet, but you may find it more convenient to purchase your own.

Choosing an outfit for your maternity photos shouldn’t be difficult, so I’m here to help! Here are some of my favorite gowns from Amazon to wear during my pregnancy photos. Additionally, they are available in a wide range of colors, not only the ones pictured here. Here’s a hint: before you buy, read the reviews to figure out what size to order. Unless you’re pregnant, you should order a size up from your regular dress size while shopping for non-maternity gowns.

Small, specialized web boutiques are another excellent source for pregnancy attire. An wonderful non-maternity garment has the added bonus of being wearable again after giving birth. Look for larger waistlines, elasticized waistbands, and stretchy fabrics. Also, check to see if the dress is fully lined; some are lined only at the bottom, making them too short to accommodate a growing belly.

The Gia Dress and the Aniya Dress are two more Joyfolie gowns that I think would be perfect for a pregnancy photo shoot. I can attest to their usefulness for pregnancy and delivery because I already own them all.

These are some additional stores that I frequently frequent:

  • Baltic Born
  • Free People
  • Jen’s Pirate Booty
  • Wren & Ivory
  • Piper and Scoot
  • Pink Blush


What should I wear for a maternity photo shoot?

Wear your lingerie, either on its own or layered under an open-buttoned shirt or cardigan. bandeau or crop top and jeans; pregnant pants are not allowed. Unbuttoning your pre-pregnancy jeans will provide a more figure-flattering silhouette than maternity jeans.

Can you wear black for maternity photoshoot?

A black bodycon dress set on a white background is always striking. The silhouettes you create with this outfit are very stunning. Such a choice will look and feel fantastic with minimal effort on your part.

What should my husband wear for maternity pics?

Men are encouraged to wear dark bottoms, such as jeans or khakis. White, non-starched shirts should be worn. You can’t go wrong with either cotton or linen. You should also include a standard, crew-neck, white and/or black t-shirt.

Which month is best for pregnancy photoshoot?

While 28–36 weeks is optimal for a maternity photo shoot, any period throughout pregnancy is fine as long as the mother is still mobile and not too near to her due date.

Do I need maternity photos?

Pregnancy is a fleeting time in your life, and you should make the most of it by taking lots of pictures and video. Having photographs taken during your pregnancy will always serve as a poignant memory of the miraculous moment when your unborn child was developing inside of you.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos - Becca Jean Photography

What should I wear for winter maternity pictures?

It’s a good idea to bring a warm winter coat, scarf, shawl, or sweater that you’re comfortable showing off in pictures. Wearing long johns or tights under dresses is a must. Wear boots and warm socks so you can enjoy the winter scenery.


Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect maternity dress or outfit. The first step is to settle on a general aesthetic direction, and once you’ve done that, we can assist you with settling on the specifics. View our maternity gallery for examples of what other moms have picked if you’re stuck for ideas. And if you could spend hours perusing maternity clothes on the internet, our Pinterest board will keep the party going.

How to get ready for your pregnancy photoshoot in a snap is detailed below; read on if you’re interested.

We’d be happy to tell you more about how our Maternity and Newborn Bundle can help you save money.

Please contact us so that we may continue this discussion. As for now, I wish you luck in your retail endeavors.