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When should you start shopping for maternity wear? Natural curiosity arises as soon as you detect the first signs of pregnancy, such as a baby bump.

Instagram fashion bloggers with perfectly shaped pregnancies are awe-inspiring, not only for their ability to effortlessly style their bumps, but also for their ability to showcase their famed hips. Maternity clothing is a topic we’ll discuss in this essay. There is no time like the present to begin!

So when should I shop for maternity clothes?

In the course of their pregnancies, pregnant moms begin to wear maternity apparel at various points. Some women exhibit signs of pregnancy as early as 8 weeks, while others wait until around 12 weeks.

A few telltale signs that you should start shopping for maternity clothing include: feeling bloated all day, your bump starting to poke out of your shirt, and you no longer being able to button your shirt’s top button more than one or two buttons remaining open.

When to Buy Maternity Clothes and What to Look For

What are the essential maternity clothes I should Buy?

  • Buy a few white, gray, and black maternity tanks! Pregnant women who require some extra comfy clothing around the midsection of their increasing belly can’t go wrong with this most basic of basics when it comes to outfitting combos.
  • When your body transforms in ways you never expected, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit all of your new curves and angles. Mom jeans are a great solution. “Mom jeans,” on the other hand, aren’t just old pair of blue or black denim. They’re maternity jeans created with your comfort in mind. In order to accommodate the developing baby inside of me, expectant mothers like myself require additional space.
  • Leggings are a great option for those days when you just want to lounge around. They fit your body like a glove and deliver a level of comfort that you won’t find anyplace else.
  • Your underwear should be both stylish and comfortable. If you want to look beautiful in a variety of outfits, you’ll need a few pieces that are both comfortable and versatile. It’s possible to see immediate improvements by making these minor adjustments to your daily attire, especially when matched with your other wardrobe choices. One-stop shopping at the most personal layer of a woman’s body, the maternity bra doubles as a nursing bra.
  • Maxi dresses are ideal for women who want to hide their flaws but don’t want to look like a cookie cutter. The most attractive aspect of this style is its form-fitting construction, which lets you to grow with your body!
  • There’s no need to spend money on new clothing just because it’s winter outside because Maxies come in a variety of lengths and can be readily layered.
  • During your pregnancy, you’ll want at least one little black dress you can wear to a wedding or other formal event and feel comfortable in. These are your wardrobe’s MVPs, because you’ll use them more than anything else.
  • With an oversize blazer as a second layer, you can appear stylish no matter the season. This garment may be worn all year round and adapts to your shifting shape during pregnancy, making you feel as exquisite as while you’re pregnant.

Factors to considers when buying maternity dress:

  • You’ll be able to move and stretch your growing baby bump in the clothes that fit you best when you’re pregnant. Things like polyester or nylon, which don’t restrict any aspect of the baby’s elasticity, should be easy to move around in all three trimesters; nevertheless, things with thicker cloth than these two materials may make some restricted movements difficult.
  • If you’re looking for new maternity clothes, it’s crucial to try them on in the store. Bending over and touching the floor with your toes, you can ask an employee if they notice any discomfort or tightness when they wear the item. Under direct sunlight, any see-through or sheer textures should be avoided.
  • It’s important to check for ruching when shopping for your maternity clothing. You can wear this even if you bought your clothes before your first trimester and they will still fit wonderfully because they bend according to your shape.
  • Buying a few gowns for your maternity wardrobe isn’t the only way to stock your closet during your pregnancy. Greenstein advises thinking “beyond the pregnancy.” Pregnancy clothes should be investments that you can wear after the birth of your child and during the breastfeeding period.

When to Buy Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is an individual experience that is unique to each woman. What this implies is that you have complete control over when you start wearing maternity apparel. Pregnant women begin wearing maternity attire at various points in their pregnancies, according to word on the street. The following, however, are some indicators that you may be ready to shop for maternity wear:

  • There is no longer a time and place for unbuttoning your pants’ top button.
  • Your favorite clothing material is spandex.
  • All day, every day, you feel like you’re stuffed to the brim.
  • It’s as if your bump is trying to make a good first impression on people who pass by.
  • The buttons on your button-down shirts don’t close all the way.

There is a correlation between these symptoms and the baby’s development in the womb. Trina Pagano, MD, an OB-GYN at the Cleveland Clinic, explains that the uterus is generally at the navel level at 20 weeks. Many women start to show at this point, however there is diversity depending on the mother’s height and body type, weight gain, the number of infants in utero and if it is a first pregnancy. The bump often ‘pops’ later in the first pregnancy than in subsequent ones.

There is nothing more exciting for first-time mothers than being pregnant and showing off your bump. In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, resist the temptation to buy maternity clothing. During the first trimester, Jenny Greenstein, a New York City-based personal stylist for pregnancy and parenthood and founder of YourSoulStyle.com, explains. “Start gathering your items at the beginning of your second trimester, when your belly starts to take shape.” Having saying that, there’s no reason not to buy a pregnancy must-have if you see it on sale and you genuinely love it.

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How to Buy Maternity Clothes

As a result, it’s clear that you’ll need maternity clothing. But how do you begin? What to look for in quality maternity clothing and how to find out your size are covered in the following sections.

What size maternity clothes to buy

It’s practically hard to predict how your body will change throughout your pregnancy if this is your first one. There is a greater difficulty in determining how much clothing you’ll need during your pregnancy. Size six pre-pregnancy is often a size six during pregnancy.” It’s possible that you’ll be a maternity eight or four, depending on how you’re carrying your pregnancy, New York City-based stylist Samantha Brown says. The same rules apply while you’re pregnant as they do when you aren’t.” a person’s body proportions play a significant role.” You should also keep in mind that not every portion of your body is growing at the same pace. As far as pregnancy clothes sizing is concerned, I’d recommend ignoring it and buying what feels and fits best.”

How much maternity clothing to invest in

Pregnancy wardrobe staples are a smart place to start, depending on the season you’re due and how your body evolves. A good pair of maternity jeans (in a wash that goes with everything) and a pair of basic black leggings are must-haves for expecting moms, and you’ll be wearing them long after the baby is born, too. Make a list of three to five pregnant T-shirts or tank tops in colors that go well with your existing clothing if you don’t already have a few longer T-shirts and tanks that can stretch over your bump (don’t forget to shop your own closet!). Throw one on under your favorite jacket or cardigan for an instant polished look. Two or three flexible outfits that may be dressed up or down are also a fantastic investment for both work and play. If you’re planning a wedding, maternity photo shoot, or baby shower in the final weeks of your pregnancy, you might prefer a fancier attire. A maternity bikini or a winter coat that zips over your belly are examples of seasonal need.

Tips for what to look for in maternity clothes

When shopping for maternity clothing, keep these suggestions in mind to maximize your savings. Even after the hiccup, a few well-chosen purchases will see you through.

• Is it able to be stretched? When shopping for maternity clothing, you should pay attention to the fabric because you don’t know where the weight will continue to develop as you progress through each trimester,” Greenstein advises. You will have better mobility in anything that has one of these fabrics: “Flex fabric, stretch fabric, or jersey fabric.”

• Do a sheerness test. Ask the fitting room attendant whether she’s able to see anything that she shouldn’t be able to. “Maternity clothing tends to have a lot of stretch in it, so it’s important to look at it in motion,” Brown says. You’ll want to avoid garments that become sheer when stretched while purchasing maternity clothing.

The sheerness of the fabric should be tested. Ask the fitting room attendant whether she’s able to see anything that she shouldn’t be. Maternity clothes tends to be very stretchy, so Brown advises looking at it in action. When shopping for maternity clothing, look out for garments that become sheer when stretched.

Think about your life after the birth of your child. When a maternity brand includes built-in nursing capabilities, Greenstein notes, “it’s extremely lovely.” “Invest in maternity clothing that you feel gorgeous and comfortable in for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond,” advises the author.

Where to Buy Maternity Clothes

The physical and emotional changes you’re going through during pregnancy might make you feel like you’re going through puberty all over again—unless, of course, you have a list of apparel brands recommended by maternity stylists in your back pocket.

To help you maintain your personal style during this monumental shift, we’ve compiled a list of the best stylist-approved retail and e-commerce sites.

For on-trend style

Most of us are pretty in tune with what’s hot each season, and that doesn’t have to change once you’re pregnant. These four fashion retailers carry trendy maternity clothes that will keep you pregnancy-chic.

  • Pregnancy doesn’t have to alter your ability to keep up with the latest fashion trends. There are fashionable maternity garments available at these four fashion retailers.
  • Hana, the faithful
  • Olivia Oliver is the name of Isabella Oliver
  • There is an interracial couple named Ingrid and Isabel.

For maternity work clothes

Dressing a pregnant woman for the office can be difficult: You want to appear good, but you also need to be comfortable. To get you through the day and into the evening, Brown suggests wearing tried-and-true maternity attire. These retailers are worth a visit:

  • Like Two Peas in a Pod
  • Seraphine
  • Nordstom

For inexpensive maternity clothes

Since you’ll only be using these styles for a short time, it makes sense to stock your pregnancy wardrobe sparingly. If you want to appear stylish this season without spending a lot of money, here are our favorite places to shop for affordable maternity wear that still looks expensive.

  • ASOS
  • H&M
  • Target
  • New Era, Old Fashioned

For plus-size maternity clothes

Pregnant and plus-sized? Curvy girls who wish to flaunt their growing belly can do it in a variety of attractive and comfortable ways.

  • PinkBlush
  • Storq
  • Pregnancy and motherhood
  • Clothes by Yours

For petite maternity clothes

Keep your belly out of the way by opting for maternity basics that are customized to your smaller frame rather than opting for bigger styles that hide your pregnancy. These chic maternity clothes in tiny sizes are perfect for the modern mom-to-be.

  • Storq
  • PinkBlush
  • Pregnancy care at LOFT

For comfortable maternity clothes

  • Like-Minded Courage
  • Blanqi
  • Gap
  • Beyond the Yoga

Where to Rent Maternity Clothes

If you’re ready to put these style advice into practice but don’t want to invest in a new wardrobe, clothes rental services are a terrific option.

Rent the Runway’s subscription services provide you access to over 450 designers and brands of maternity and postpartum-friendly clothes. Although you get four new items each month with both a basic ($89/month) and unlimited ($159/month) subscription, the unlimited subscription allows you to swap them out whenever you want and to keep them for however long you like.

Choose your favorite styles and wear them as often as you wish with Le Tote’s pregnant subscription option. When you’re ready for a new set of outfits, just send everything back in the pre-paid envelope. Plus, if you’re a member, you’ll be able to keep your favorite items at a discounted rate (up to 50 percent off retail). Starting at $79 a month, maternity subscriptions are offered.


Is 6 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

Otherwise, you can shop for maternity apparel whenever you want, although most women begin to show around 12 to 18 weeks of pregnancy, which is when most of them will need to start wearing them for the first time.

How many sizes do you go up during pregnancy?

Our recommendation for bridesmaid dresses is to get a size higher if you’re not pregnant at the time of purchase but are attempting to get pregnant. Even if you do become pregnant, your wedding gown will still fit you comfortably when the time comes.

Is 14 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

Most women don’t start showing until approximately 16 weeks, so you may start noticing some swelling in your abdomen around that time. Most expectant mothers will be wearing maternity or loose-fitting clothing by week 20.

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When should I start wearing a maternity belly band?

In the early months of pregnancy, when a woman needs less support, belly bands are most commonly worn. However, postpartum women can also utilize belly bands to help them transition back to their pre-pregnancy apparel.

Is 12 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

The bump often ‘pops’ later in the first pregnancy than in subsequent ones. There is nothing more exciting for first-time mothers than being pregnant and showing off your bump. In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, resist the temptation to buy maternity clothing.

Should I buy maternity clothes or just bigger sizes?

What’s the best advice? For the duration of your pregnancy, buy regular clothing one or two sizes larger than your present size. When your body hasn’t yet returned to its pre-baby size, these pieces can be fantastic transitional things for you. Low-rise jeans should be worn below your expanding tummy.

When should I start buying things for my unborn baby?

Many new parents choose to wait until they know the sex of their baby before purchasing baby gear. Most women find out between 18 and 21 weeks into their pregnancy, however others do so as early as 12 weeks. If you don’t know the gender of your kid, you can start shopping for them right away.

When should I stop wearing jeans during pregnancy?

At 12 weeks, experts say, the womb will have grown out of the pelvis and most women will still be able to wear their regular clothing. At 14–16 weeks, the belly begins to protrude, and you will need to wear looser or more elasticized pants or skirts to accommodate it.

How do you know your size in maternity clothes?

Maternity clothing sizes are the same as ordinary ones, which means that you’re the same size in maternity clothes as you are in regular apparel. Your pre-pregnancy size will be the same as your pre-pregnancy size, so no need to worry. No matter what number you use to measure your clothing, a maternity 6 or 28 is the same as your regular size 6.

What should I wear at 12 weeks pregnant?

Cotton with a little give will save the day at 12 weeks. While a T-shirt dress keeps its shape, it will also expand with you when your hormones soar. If you’re looking for a casual appearance for the weekend, wear your stretch dress with simple sneakers and a denim jacket.

Do you buy maternity clothes in your normal size?

You should buy your maternity clothes in your pre-pregnancy size rather than a few sizes larger while you’re shopping during the second trimester. When you’re pregnant, you’ll need more room in certain areas, and maternity clothing is made to accommodate this.


This topic was sparked by the fact that many women are unsure about the best time to purchase maternity dresses. Despite the fact that this will vary from person to person, we’ve included some tips to help you figure out when and what to buy.