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In what stores can I locate maternity underwear? Any retailer that sells women’s underwear, baby clothes, or maternity items will have a selection of maternity underwear.

In a department store like JCPenney, Kohl’s or Walmart, you have the option of trying on many styles and sizes before making your purchase.

Additionally, there are other places online that sell maternity underwear. Cut a pair of standard pant legs across the sides and wear them beneath any outfit to build your own.

What are the benefits of wearing maternity underwear?

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you’re carrying a child. Ultrasoft cotton and flexible spandex are used in the creation of maternity underwear with the goal of alleviating the numerous discomforts and aches that accompany pregnancy. For individuals who like complete covering and a snug baby bulge, maternity underwear can also provide belly support and space for hygienic goods like postpartum pads. Obstetrician and pH-D Feminine Health advisor Ruth Arumala, D.O., says that maternity underwear helps support the growing belly and allows the use of postpartum feminine hygiene products, such as pads, because tampons are not recommended in the immediate postpartum period.

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Chic and elegant maternity pants keep you looking and feeling your best during a time when it’s easy to feel anything but. “Some women choose to wear underwear that looks and feels close to what they were wearing before pregnancy, for example thong, boy-cut, high-rise, below-belly briefs,” says New York doula and Motherfigure counselor Robin Douthit. There’s no need for a complete overhaul of one’s personal style, but different designs allow for a wide range of personal preferences.” There’s no need to be frumpy when switching to maternity clothes now that there are so many options accessible online.

What is the best maternity underwear?

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before making a decision. Douthit suggests paying attention to “how it feels against your skin. When the weather is warm or when women’s bodies heat up due to hormonal surges, fabrics like soft cotton or bamboo may be more comfortable. Also, make sure the crotch area isn’t too ‘grabby.’ Also, “postpartum mamas greatly like inside pockets to hold padsicles in place for a hurting, just-gave-birth perineum.” Douthit recommends going up a size if you’re having trouble finding a comfortable fit.

Pregnancy-friendly materials, a supportive waistline that’s fitted but not too tight, seamless fabric to minimize panty lines and bulging, and trendy styles are just a few of Dr. Arumala’s suggestions for a great wardrobe during each trimester.

When should you shop for maternity underwear?

When the bump is out of the first trimester, “many women in our community say they want to feel a little more pulled in and covered up with mild compression and high rise,” explain specialists at Hatch. There are many who want to keep the hump out of the way so they can move more freely, and they choose a low-rise style that will grow with them as their hips change. High-rise underpants may become unpleasant or shield your expanding tummy from clothing if your skin becomes more sensitive as your belly grows. Being aware of your options ahead of time will make it much easier to swap styles down the road.

Arumula recommends starting your maternity shopping early so that you’ll be prepared when your baby is all that’s on your mind. There is no need to worry about your physical, mental, or financial well-being because of it.” This permits you to do something for yourself, as most mothers-to-be tend to obsess over the arrival of their new kid.”

Here’s where to find the best maternity underwear


Pregnancy underwear may be found at amazing costs on Amazon, where you’ll find one of the largest selections online. Medela’s nursing briefs come in a two-pack for just $29.14, while Motherhood Maternity’s fold-over-belly underpants come in a three-pack for just $32. Ripe’s seamless recovery briefs ($39.95) are designed to keep you feeling supported, with targeted compression aimed at enhancing and healing your core.


There is a wide selection of maternity clothing at ASOS to help expectant mothers during their pregnancy and after. There are a plethora of options available in the underwear department. Hunkemöller Adelaide pregnancy high waist briefs in black ($34), Calvin Klein High Waist model ($50), and this three-pack of over bump Lindex briefs for under $30 are some of our favorite new pregnant pants.


Bonds isn’t just a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need after your kid is born. You can also find amazing maternity alternatives at this store. Pregnancy-related, they offer a black or white pregnant bikini for $17.99.

According to one reviewer, “the most comfortable pregnancy panties on the market.”

What a wonderful find! I’ve been looking everywhere for something that will fit snugly beneath my bump. “Love the V front and perfect amount of stretch. They remain in place and don’t leave marks.”


If your unborn child is pressing against your bladder, you may want to invest in a pair of Modibodi maternity briefs ($27.50) to alleviate your frequent bathroom trips. These Modibodi undergarments, like the rest of the line, are both supportive and absorbent, making them ideal for leaks that may occur during pregnancy or for postpartum bleeding.

With a V-shaped dip in the front, they’re ideal for growing tummies because they sit just below the hips.

Best & Less

When it comes to maternity clothes, there’s a lot to choose from at a price that’s hard to beat. A pair of leakproof pregnant pants from Love Luna ($20) or three packets of the Underworks Maternity Bikini Briefs ($15) are both great options for unforeseen leaks during or after pregnancy.

Seraphine Maternity

Seraphine is a maternity-wear store that specializes in making pregnant women feel supported and comfortable. To begin with, from the waist down, In addition to seductive lacy briefs ($16) and durable bamboo briefs ($49), they also sell a variety of other underwear styles, including a three-pack of bamboo maternity briefs.

The Best Maternity Underwear

Hatch The Everyday Brief

It’s hard to beat these pants. Breathable cotton panties are essential, plus they’re just so comfy! — Naked Beauty Podcast presenter Brooke Devard is a partner marketing manager at Instagram.

Arq High-Rise Undies

Organic base layers were crucial to me as a new mom because my baby’s face would be in constant contact with Arq’s underwear, which is proudly made in the United States. High-rise underpants in super-soft cotton are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. in his book Eating Out Loud by Eden Grinshpaun, Top Chef Canada host and author

ThirdLove Comfort Stretch Bikini Panties

ThirdLove goes above and beyond standard sizing to offer a great fit during pregnancy and postpartum when our bodies are continually changing.. Pregnancy and postpartum are two of my favorite times to wear traditional bikini panties. To avoid itching my stomach, I prefer this traditional style of underwear that falls just below the natural waistline during pregnancy. —Angela J. Kim, the founder of the blog and podcast Mommy Diary

Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear

The mesh underwear they gave me in the postpartum hospital was so comfortable and cute that when I got home, I searched high and low for a pair just like it. It’s a secret time-saver for postpartum recovery when the last thing you want to deal with is laundry that Frida Mom creates these excellent underwear that is breathable, lightweight, and best of all, disposable. —Shilpa Prabhakar Nadella, freelance writer

Hatch The Everyday Brief

Maternity briefs have been a favorite of mine all during my pregnancy! Thongs have always been my go-to, but they’re not working for me right now. This pair of briefs is extremely comfortable on my skin! HBFit’s DJ and founder, Hannah Bronfman

Aerie Leopard No-Show Thong Underwear

During my pregnancy, I’ve worn Aerie’s seamless underwear more frequently than any other design. They have a wonderful pricing point, so I don’t have to worry about overbuying in different sizes. The creator and marketing consultant of A-Listed Studio, Alyssa Duffy.

Proof. Maternity Leak-Resistant Everyday Undies

By the time I reached my second trimester, I’d had enough of the whimsy. This pair of pants from Belly Bandit may be worn as pre-pregnancy pants while simultaneously wicking away the frequent leaks that occur during and after pregnancy. Melanie Bender, the founder and CEO of Versed, said this. —

Bonds Maternity Bikini

For maternity underwear, I prefer a snug fit, and Bonds has an excellent selection. Also, NBB Lingerie’s over-the-bump lingerie is perfect for postpartum recovery. As the founder of Not So Mumsy, Marcia Leone says:

Belevation High-Waist Maternity Underwear

Pregnant women who are plus-size and pregnant have difficulty finding pants. It’s easier to remain put in high-rise pants because they’re more comfortable, and they’re just better for my body type. Towards the end of my pregnancy, these from Belevation were ideal, and these from Motherhood Maternity were also incredibly comfortable. the lifestyle blogosphere’s Marcia Leone

Labor of Love Maternity Seamless Full Panel Briefs - Available in Plus Sizes - Walmart.com

NBB Cotton High-Cut Brief Maternity Panties 4-Pack

Comfortable and silky, these high-waisted pants are an excellent choice. To my surprise, they lasted for a few months after I had given birth. Because I went up a size, they fit well over my growing belly. Several colors are available, and they do a decent job of covering the buttocks. The lifestyle blogger Arushi Garg is the subject of this post.

Lululemon Smooth Seamless Hipster (3-Pack)

I donned the huge white granny underpants that the hospital gave me. It was when I ran out that I went back to wearing all of my normal, seamless underwear. The inventor and author of Kundy’s Kitchen, Nifesimi Akingbe, says:

Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Maternity Underwear

Each piece in this five-piece set has been carefully engineered to fit snugly under your growing belly.

Pregnant women say this.

“In my view, these are the best pregnancy pants.”

Kindred Bravely Under The Bump underwear has come in handy yet again. During my last pregnancy, I didn’t even know about maternity underwear, and I simply endured the agony.”

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Fold Over Brief Panties

These panties from Motherhood Pregnancy prove that the company knows what it’s doing when it comes to maternity apparel. They are breathable and include a fold-over waistband so that you may adjust the fit as your pregnancy progresses.

Pregnant women say this.

Maternity fold-over pants from Motherhood Maternity are “wonderful,” according to a customer who just purchased several pairs.

Gratlin Women’s Over the Bump Seamless Briefs

Granny panties? Yes, please. If you prefer total-belly coverage, these seamless full-panel undies are made primarily of stretchy but soft nylon that offers plenty of support in later pregnancy. They’re available in sizes up to X-Large.

Aifer Cotton Maternity Panties

Is that what you’re referring to? Please and thank you. To ensure complete coverage of your growing belly, these seamless full-panel underpants feature a seamless design and are constructed of soft, flexible nylon. Sizes range from Extra Small to X-Large.

Intimate Portal Under The Bump Maternity Briefs

Comfortable leg openings are provided by these low-rise cotton briefs. Moms-to-be are raving about the lack of panty lines and wedgies thanks to the full back coverage.

Spanx Women’s Power Mama Shaper

Pregnant women should wear Spanx? These underwear aren’t really designed for compression, yet they’re nonetheless comfortable to wear. There is no compression on the belly band, but there is smoothing on the thighs and gentle support on the back.

Bambody High Waist Panty

This absorbent underwear will be there for you when you need it most during your pregnancy. For postpartum use, a middle may store the equivalent of two tampons of fluids. Comfortable and supportive, the high-waist panty is available in up to a 6X size.

Pregnant women say this.

“I prefer the Bambody underpants,” said the wearer. You can wear these all day long because they’re so soft and comfortable.


When should you buy maternity underwear?

Is there a limit to how often you may use it? You can begin wearing them as soon as you notice that your bump needs more support or comfort. Pregnancy and postpartum are the best times to utilize maternity underwear for most women.

What size am I?

As each brand has its own sizing idiosyncrasies, it’s important to know which one you’re purchasing. Only examine each website’s recommendations because most will provide sizing charts. Pregnant women often wear a size 10 in maternity clothing. However, if you’re unsure, go up a size.

Can you go on the sick straight after maternity leave?

After your maternity leave is up, you are eligible to apply for the sick leave. Statutory maternity pay (SMP), regardless of how recently your kid was born or how long they are remaining in the hospital, allows you to take up to 28 weeks off from work before you are required to return.

After six months of paternity leave, if you haven’t utilized all of your SMP benefits, they’ll be paid out to you automatically and converted into sick pay for as long as you’ve got it.

You must notify HMRC within two days of the end of paternity leave if you want any remaining SMP payments to be backdated. There is no certainty that this payment will show on your account.

Your MATB50 (HMRC form) and a copy of your birth certificate must be provided to your employer if they want to pay you for paternity leave.

What happens if you don’t come back after maternity leave?

The business may be able to discontinue paying your wages.. Returning to work after a period of maternity leave with the intention of applying for a position at the same company will be difficult if not impossible if this policy is followed. In addition, employees must pay back any unused annual or long-service leave benefits.

Can I delay my return to work after maternity leave?

Taking full advantage of your maternity leave is an important element of your career, and you should put all of your efforts into it. You and your loved ones will both benefit from this time, after all.

Even if delaying your return to work after maternity leave until later in life isn’t what you want or need right now, there are steps you can do to avoid that.

When it comes time for you to get back into the swing of things, it can be a good idea to take care of some personal issues first, such as tying up loose ends or organizing yourself. At the very least, you won’t have any regrets if something happens when you’re at home with the baby and you attempt this way first.

What happens if I don’t return to work after maternity leave NHS?

Your supplemental maternity leave pay will most likely be less than the full amount in this situation. Your weekly maternity benefit may end after 14 weeks of age, depending on whether you return to work after taking an ordinary or extra leave of absence from work.

Income support can be claimed instead, however it cannot begin until 11 weeks prior to your due date and it must terminate three weeks following your actual due date. Date due: (or the end of the period for which SMP was payable).

Other considerations include, for example, the amount of money you receive from other sources. To be on the safe side, obtaining it is highly recommended.

What benefits can I get if I don’t return to work after maternity leave?

There are a slew of costs associated with becoming a mother or father. During this time, the woman is not entitled to any benefits from her job and has no way to support herself financially if she does not go back to work following her maternity leave.

In addition, she forfeits 16 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits, which can be used to cover part of her expenses as she recovers from giving birth.

Is there a limit to maternity leave?

New mothers take time off from work to rest and bond with their infants during maternity leave. This may be the first time in years that many women have been away from work for an extended period of time.

Is there a maximum amount of time a mother can take off from work? Both your employer’s rules and the laws of your state govern how long you can take off after giving birth.

A typical company policy for maternity leave benefits will include 12-16 weeks of leave for new mothers. Because FMLA does not apply to all parents who have given birth, some states have imposed minimum criteria for these periods, but the federal government does not (although it does apply to some).

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Do you need maternity underwear?

Uncomfortable pre-pregnancy bras and underwear can start in the first trimester because of the pressure they put on your growing belly. You can either buy your regular brand of underpants a size or two larger and let the band lie beneath your belly, or you can choose maternity underwear that comfortably fits over your tummy. Because there is no reason to be uncomfortable when there is a solution that works, you will want to have your underwear ready before you need it.

When should I start wearing maternity underwear?

There is no one-size-fits-all rule for when pregnant women should begin wearing maternity underwear. Some women gain a significant amount of weight during their pregnancies. In certain cases, pregnant women gain weight during the final stages of their pregnancy.

Should I buy maternity underwear?

Maternity underwear is typically designed to be extra-stretchy and either low-cut or high-cut, depending on the size and shape of the pregnant belly. The purchase of maternity underwear isn’t required, however. As long as the underwear has a good amount of stretch and isn’t too low-cut, you’ll be fine.

Do you go up a size in underwear when pregnant?

Most women have a fair notion of how much weight they are acquiring because they are familiar with their own body. At the beginning of their pregnancies, I advise my customers and pregnant friends to buy a few pairs of underwear one size larger, and then a few more pairs approximately 5-6 months later, one to two sizes larger.

Can tight underwear hurt my baby?

Providing pregnant women are comfortable in their clothing and the clothing isn’t overly restricting or tight, it shouldn’t have an effect on the growth of the kid. There are no known negative consequences on the developing infant from exposing the belly. Pregnant women are permitted to wear regular underwear.