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This moment of life, pregnancy, is absolutely unique. It’s natural to want a picture-perfect representation of the moment. There is no need to worry about what to dress to your maternity photo session with the help of our guide. Use the advice below to take the most meaningful pictures of this momentous occasion.

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Styles Perfect to Highlight your Bump

The Maxi Dress

Not only do maxi dresses look great in pictures, but they’re also surprisingly easy to move around in. You can move about in a long dress in a variety of flattering ways that will look great in photographs documenting your pregnancy.

A Belt

A belt is an excellent accessory for drawing attention to your flat stomach. It should go under your bust line, just above your belly button. Belts complement both form-fitting and loose-fitting tops and dresses. It will shape your bump by drawing in the excess cloth at the waist.

Form Fitting Clothing

Pregnant women should feel proud of their bodies, and there’s no better way to flaunt their curves than in a form-fitting bodycon dress. One of the best ways to celebrate your pregnant body is to dress snugly in clothes that highlight your growing belly.

Solid Colors

You and your growing baby should be the focus of these shots. Photographs with a lot of prints and patterns can look chaotic. Add some daring accents to a room filled with solid hues if you find that they are too monotonous for you. A necklace or scarf can be a cute accessory that won’t detract too much.

Textured Clothing

The texture of your clothing can provide visual interest to your maternity images without being too much of a focal point. Photos of lace look beautiful and delicate. To add texture to your photographs, a knit is still another fantastic alternative. Photos taken while wearing textured clothing will always be more visually appealing and fascinating. It looks fantastic on its own and works well as an alternative to a print or pattern.

What Should I Wear to My Maternity Photoshoot? Niagara Photographer

Have 2 Outfits

Have two outfits ready for your pregnancy session, one casual and one dressier, if you can’t decide what to wear. You’ll have additional options for announcements, presents, and cherished keepsakes to display in your house as a result.

Outfit Choices With Partner And Children

Always choose your attire first and then have your partner’s or children’s clothes chosen to complement it if you decide to include them in your maternity photos. The best option is to stick with neutral solid hues. However, if you want everyone in the photo to look like they belong together, a splash of color from an accessory can do the trick.

Comfort Is Still Important

While it’s understandable that you’d like to appear your best in images, you shouldn’t put yourself through unnecessary stress by wearing unflattering or overly hot apparel. The images will reflect your comfort and happiness, and you’ll have a great time during the shoot.

Consider Clothing Color for Outside Locations

It is important to dress appropriately for the weather and the setting. The spring and summer are the perfect times to wear softer colors. Lighter and brighter shades of color, such as white, ivory, pink, and blue, are appropriate for the warmer months. Colors like red wine, mustard yellow, and emerald green are great choices for the chilly months. Using colors that are appropriate for the season can make your design stand out against the natural environment.

Choose clothing that shows off the shape of your bump

Since the point of your maternity session is to document your changing body, it’s crucial that you wear an outfit that does your growing belly justice. The camera has a tendency to magnify the appearance of excess fabric, so if you dress too loosely, your baby bump may get ‘hidden’ in the image. You should pick a style that “hugs” your growing belly.

Here are some examples of typical attire that causes this:

  • Maternity maxi dresses that are form-fitting at the bust and looser elsewhere
  • Tight, figure-hugging clothing
  • Wearing a pair of jeans and a form-fitting shirt

Make sure everyone is dressed for the same weather and occasion

Make sure you, your spouse, and/or your children are all dressed appropriately for the weather and the event as you put together your ensemble.

An extreme example would be a group of people all dressed in short sleeved tees and skirts, with one member of the group donning a bulky cardigan or coat, making him or her stand out as inappropriately dressed.

Even if everyone else is dressed formally, one person in casual attire (such as shorts and a t-shirt) will stand out. You’ll look more like a unit if everyone is suited for the same weather and event.

Choose complementary colours

Even while it may seem excessive, carefully selecting complementary colors may greatly enhance images and help ensure that the subjects, not their clothing, are the focus.

This is not to say that all participants must wear the same thing or that they must all wear the same combination of colors. Matching is not the goal; rather, coordination is.

Use no more than two or three primary colors as the basis for your family’s color scheme.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a color scheme, it can help to start with one item of clothing that you know you want to incorporate, and then go outward from there. You may also pick something with a pattern, like your dress or your partner’s shirt, and base your color scheme off of it.

Take into account the colors of your surroundings as you select your color scheme, since these will have an effect on the overall success of your photo shoot.

Think of all the gorgeous spring flowers and tall summer grasses as examples of how nature gives a gentler color pallet during those seasons. Those shades of brown, gold, and orange may predominate throughout the chilly months of fall and winter.

As a result, muted neutrals are a good choice for any season. When it’s fall or winter, you may get away with using rich, vibrant colors that might look out of place in the spring or summer.

Colours to avoid

Some people just don’t look good in natural light when taking family photos outside, regardless of the season.

Since they are so at odds with the subtler color pallet that nature gives, black, neon, and very bright colors don’t tend to perform well in outdoor photography. In my opinion, you should stay far away from them.

Be Prepared For All Temperatures

You wouldn’t want to spend time getting everyone dressed just to discover they need to layer up or remove the cardigans and sweaters you had planned on wearing because it’s too cold outside. Determine the appropriate attire for both scenarios so that you may feel confident in your backup plan.

During the winter months, it is possible to fully forgo wearing a coat by dressing in a number of layers and textures. Instead of a bulky coat, opt for a number of smaller layers such as sweaters, gilets, scarves, and jackets.

Finishing Touches

Since your hands will be in many of the shots, you may want to trim your nails as well.

What to Wear for a Maternity Photo Session

While we deliberate, I thought it could be good to discuss the factors we’re considering for future reference for any readers who might be organizing a similar picture shoot. The context of this essay and the costume examples is pregnancy, but I think you could easily adapt the advice to other situations, such as taking family photos or planning an engagement shoot.

Tips for Choosing an Outfit for Maternity Photos

Not too trendy

This is good advise for any upcoming professional portraiture. If you’re going to spend money on hiring a photographer to record these special occasions, you want to be sure the results are worth it. It’s true that you’ll probably look very different in the next half-century, but you may still pick an outfit that won’t feel dated. Question yourself: “Will I still like cheetah print with chilly shoulder cutouts when I’m 65?” One cannot be sure. but by all means, DO IT if you want to record what you adore right this second. The most important thing is to visualize what you want to record, and if your personal style plays a role, then use it to your advantage.

Looking at old photographs can be very helpful. The question is why you have a preference for a certain one. How you’re dressed probably has some bearing on it. Alternatively, do you like it because it draws less attention to your wardrobe?

I’m planning on opting for a more classic look because I’d rather have the focus of the images be on my adorable baby bulge and the love between Tommy and myself.

Let the location and setting add to the photos

As I indicated before, these pictures represent an investment, so it’s important that they accurately portray your current life and surroundings. Since I’m more interested in natural settings than urban ones at the moment, this implies staying in a rural or mountainous area. At this juncture in my life, I long for solitude and fresh air. You might choose either a city or a beach as your ideal location.

Since Tommy and I both used to reside in downtown Winston-Salem when we were dating, that is where we decided to take our engagement photos. We aimed to record and reflect upon those formative years. Location for a maternity session should reflect the stage of life you wish to memorialize.

Consider colors and patterns

For an occasion like pregnancy pictures, go with colors that make you feel good rather than the ones you believe you “should” wear. Right now, I prefer looking at dresses in solid colors than those with designs, as these more soothing hues help me relax. A handful of prints are on my wish list, but they’re flowery and not overly busy or loud enough to be a distraction.

On the other side, if you want to convey your enthusiasm, you can be attracted to vibrant, eye-catching colors and patterns. Make a mood board (Pinterest is perfect for this) and pin images that speak to you until you find what you’re looking for. Next, you should attempt to deduce an overarching concept.

Pregnancy portraits can be taken at any time during the pregnancy, but it’s best to choose a theme that corresponds with the gender of the baby. Perhaps something really light in color, such as a pale pink or blue, or white with pastel pink or blue details.

Flattering Cuts

More form-fitting clothes look best on me. Furthermore, I enjoy drawing attention to and celebrating my growing belly. And because I’m so short, I find that flowy skirts tend to make me look even shorter. If I want something more relaxed, I make sure it can be tightened around the bump by a few millimeters by shortening it or by adjusting the length (similar to the dress pictured below).

However, you might look FABULOUS in a long, flowy dress. Determine the category in which you feel most comfortable, much like choosing a favorite color, and experiment with a few other choices. Experiment with some new looks to discover what you like, but ultimately, wear what makes you feel most stunning and assured.

This garment, which I also adore, was included in a recent shipment from Trunk Club. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but there are lovely ruffles along the neckline. The effect is similar to that of a faux neck.

No Zippers

All I’m doing is making a suggestion to help you limit down the selection of dresses in the store. You’ll be safer shopping on dedicated maternity sites, but I’ve found that I can get away with wearing some of my regular dresses as long as they don’t have zippers. And I made sure that the dresses I bought to try on did not have closures in the back.

Comfortable Shoes

Even though I usually enjoy wearing heels, I haven’t been wearing them much throughout my pregnancy (mostly because I haven’t been going out much, thanks COVID). If I wear heels, they are short and/or hefty. I plan to bring both flat footwear and sandals with thicker heels to the picture shoot. Since Tommy and I aren’t often “it,” I don’t want our images to reflect that. Make sure you’re comfortable with the shoes you choose to wear for your photo shoot.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos | Ideas For Partners & Kids

21 Stunning Maternity Photo Shoot Dresses for Unforgettable Pictures

PinkBlush Black Lace Mesh Overlay Maternity Plus Maxi Dress

Looking for plus size pregnant outfits for an upcoming photoshoot? Dresses that flatter your figure may be found in abundance at PinkBlush Maternity. The lovely scalloped cap sleeves on this lace maxi dress are a major selling point for us. It has a V-neckline that will highlight your décolletage and is double-lined so it won’t be see-through. Seeking something with a bit more vibrancy? This design is offered in seven beautiful hues.

PinkBlushMaternity.com (for $95) is where you may purchase it.

Boohoo Maternity Off the Shoulder Detail Midi Dress

Don’t second-guess yourself; just tie it up nicely. Specifically, the area of your stomach. This stylish midi length dress is perfect for a photo shoot because to its flattering length and flattering cut. The crimson hue and ruffled sleeves are so on-trend for 2021 that we can’t get enough of them.

Price: $40; available at Boohoo.com.

Boohoo Maternity Off the Shoulder Detail Midi Dress

Don’t second-guess yourself; just tie it up nicely. Specifically, the area of your stomach. This stylish midi length dress is perfect for a photo shoot because to its flattering length and flattering cut. The crimson hue and ruffled sleeves are so on-trend for 2021 that we can’t get enough of them.

Price: $40; available at Boohoo.com.

Boohoo Maternity Off the Shoulder Detail Midi Dress

Don’t second-guess yourself; just tie it up nicely. Specifically, the area of your stomach. This stylish midi length dress is perfect for a photo shoot because to its flattering length and flattering cut. The crimson hue and ruffled sleeves are so on-trend for 2021 that we can’t get enough of them.

Price: $40; available at Boohoo.com.

Kimi and Kai Clara Off the Shoulder Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress

This pink flowery maxi dress would be a beautiful addition to your pregnancy photos. It’s comfortable enough for a long shoot and has a cute feminine touch thanks to the off-the-shoulder neckline and jersey fabric. This has got to be one of the most photogenic pregnancy outfits ever!

It costs $98 at Nordstrom.com.

Show Me Your Mumu Isabella Maxi Dress

That watercolor-inspired maternity outfit is so stylish! The low-cut back and gradating blue color scheme will have everyone staring at your flat stomach. There’s also a belt you can remove for more bump coverage. This pregnancy dress is perfect for a seaside photo shoot, but it’s so stylish that you’ll look great anywhere.

ShowMeYourMumu.com has it for $184.

New Look Maternity Frill Detail Midi Dress in Animal Print

We think you’ll really dig this next outfit, which is perfect for a casual maternity photo shoot. This simple dress is taken to the next level with the ruffle trim at the shoulder and the (not-so-subtle) leopard print. But here’s the greatest part: You can twirl your way through any picture shoot with this multi-tiered skirt.

Get your hands on it now for only $47 at ASOS.com!

J & L Designs Boutique Long Maternity Dress for Photo Shoot

This chiffon and lace pregnancy dress will make you feel like a diva. The elasticized waist and voluminous skirt of this maternity dress will draw attention to your trim figure. It’s available in a rainbow of sizes and six gorgeous hues.

Buy it now on Etsy for $226.

Seraphine Blue Lace Maternity & Nursing Dress

There’s no rule that says pregnant women have to wear floor-length gowns to their photo shoot. The blue lace dress is just below the knee and it’s just stunning. The airy lace overlay and A-line cut will highlight your growing baby bump, while the sash-tie waist will provide a feminine touch. That’s what I call an elegant outfit for a pregnancy photo shoot!

Price: $199 (or more conveniently, Seraphine.com)

ASOS DESIGN Maternity 2 in 1 Bandeau Midi Dress with Gown in Oxblood

You may find a wide selection of suitable maternity wear at ASOS. This figure-hugging set is perfect for your maternity photos. The pair consists of a lovely sleeveless bandeau dress and a coordinating coverup in a deep burgundy hue.

You can get it for $50 from ASOS.com.

Sexy Mama Maternity Long-Sleeve Sweetheart Gown with Detachable Train

There is a large selection of suitable maternity clothes for a photo session at Sexy Mama Maternity, which is why we have a separate section dedicated to them. This long-sleeve pregnancy dress (in 17 gorgeous hues!) is our personal favorite. The fitted bodice and floor-sweeping chiffon train make for stunning formal portraits.

Price: $176, available at SexyMamaMaternity.com.

Tiffany Rose Francesca Maternity/Nursing Gown

Dresses with an empire waist are perfect for pregnancy photos since they can be worn even as your belly expands. You can wear this glittering maternity gown during your photo shoot and beyond.

You can get it for $255 from Nordstrom.com.

Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress

This timeless cut may be the one you’ve been looking for, whether you’re considering patterned or solid maternity gowns for your shoot. This short-sleeved dress is available in a dizzying array of hues and patterns—30, to be exact. This product is also 100% American-made. Yes, cute pregnancy photoshoot clothes are available for purchase on Amazon.

Get it on Amazon for $37.

Sexy Mama Maternity Off the Shoulder Sweetheart Rainbow Gown

Honoring the birth of a child of every race? Wearing a dress with meaningful symbolism is a lovely way to honor your little present. This garment is perfect for a rainbow-themed maternity session and will make quite a statement. The fullness of the tulle skirt is the perfect compliment to the simplicity of the sweetheart neckline bodice.

Buy it: $300, SexyMamaMaternity.com

The Nines by HATCH Floral Print Flutter Short Sleeve Chiffon Maternity Dress in Green

Dresses with floral patterns are usually a stylish choice for a pregnancy photo shoot. (The concept of flower power has become mainstream.) This green chiffon midi dress is from the new and exclusive HATCH line for Target, The Nines. This dress is designed to highlight your growing baby belly with its flowy sleeves and asymmetrical neckline. And it comes in sizes extra-small to extra-extra-large.

For $40, you can grab it from Target.com.

Missguided Black Velvet Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress

trying to think of a funny method to indicate that you have a baby in your belly? Dresses with low or plunging necklines are perfect for your pregnancy photo shoot. This cute velvet piece is perfect for a photo shoot in the fall or winter.

Get your hands on it now for only $49 at Missguided.com!

Belly Boutique Designs Joleen Maternity Gown For Photo Shoot

This beautiful maternity dress is perfect for a picture shoot where you can flaunt your growing baby belly. The dress is form-fitting to the knee to highlight your growing belly and features a billowing chiffon skirt for a touch of drama. There are 35 color options, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your pregnancy photo shoot.

Prices start at $146 USD on Etsy.com.

True Violet Maternity Midaxi Prom Dress with High Low Hem in Forest Green

This dark green gown is perfect for a dramatic pregnancy photo shoot. The fitting dress has a high-low hem for added drama. This is your go-to getup for a maternity shoot in the fall or winter.

It costs $119 on ASOS.com.

PinkBlush Maternity White Open Plus Maternity Photo Shoot Gown

Looking for a maternity dress with a low V-neckline and a low or no-belly cutout for a photo shoot PinkBlush offers a variety of options, including this white dress for pregnant women in larger sizes. You may also have this style in either black chiffon or lavender lace.

For your purchase: $85, PinkBlushMaternity.com.

A Pea in the Pod Ruffle Hem Side Tie Maternity Dress

The clothing worn in a maternity photo shoot need not be elaborate. To wit, this uncomplicated (but absolutely gorgeous) dress from A Pea in the Pod. Ruffles along the hem of this blue minidress are a feminine touch, and the bow at the waist will highlight your growing baby belly.

Obtainable at APeainthePod.com for $128.

PinkBlush Mauve Pleated Ruffle Tiered Maternity Maxi Dress

This ruffled, tiered maternity dress from PinkBlush Maternity is just one example of the store’s many stunning options for expecting mothers. Despite the fact that pink pregnancy clothes for photo shoots are adorable, this is not the only color option. Beautiful jade green, royal blue, rich burgundy, and more are all available for your selection.

PinkBlushMaternity.com has it for $79 (USD).

Bump Biddy Maternity Plus Raina Ruffle Tie Dye Dress

Dress number five on our list of the greatest dresses for a pregnancy picture session is a tie-dye number that has us feeling very summery. The tiered ruffles on this plus size maxi dress are soft and feminine. The elasticized waist under the bust emphasizes your growing belly. This outfit is ideal for a free-spirited pregnancy photo shoot in the summer.

Priced at $56 USD on BumpBiddy.com.


What color should I wear for maternity pictures?

Always choose your attire first, then that of your partner or children, if you choose to include them in your pregnancy photos. It’s preferable to stick with neutral, plain hues. However, if you want everyone in the photo to look like they belong together, a splash of color from an accessory can do the trick.

What month do you take maternity photos?

Maternity picture shoots are most flattering when done between weeks 28 and 36 of pregnancy, but they are enjoyable at any point in a woman’s pregnancy as long as she is not too near to her due date and can still comfortably move around with her expanding belly.

What should my husband wear for maternity pictures?

Men are encouraged to wear dark bottoms, such as jeans or khakis. Please wear unstarched, white shirts. You can’t go wrong with either cotton or linen. Also, please include a standard, crew-neck, white and/or black t-shirt.

Do I need maternity photos?

Pregnancy is a fleeting time in your life, and you should take advantage of it by taking pictures and video. Having photographs taken during your pregnancy will serve as a constant reminder of the miraculous moment when your unborn child was developing inside of you.

What to Wear to Your Maternity Photography Session in Boston

Is 34 weeks too late for maternity photos?

Maternity photo sessions are best planned between 26 and 34 weeks of pregnancy (around the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy). In the third trimester, your belly starts to show more and take on a more round form. Still, your own biological clock may dictate a different hour.

How do you bump a picture?

Make use of natural light by shooting close to a window. Look for a white wall or other neutral background. Pick pick something you can wear in all of the pictures and that will fit you as you grow larger. Use a self-timer or have a friend take the picture for you.

Are maternity photos cheesy?

But each pregnancy is special and should be recorded separately, regardless of how many children you’ve already had or want to have. However, some people find that posing for maternity photos is an especially sensitive issue. It’s recommended that you keep a record of your pregnancy in some fashion, but the reality is that many of these attempts end up being cheesy as all get out.

What is the purpose of a maternity photoshoot?

During pregnancy or the maternity phase, the expectant mother may have her photo taken. Portraits taken during pregnancy are a beautiful reminder of the bond between mother and child.

Can you wear a pregnancy support belt to bed?

During the day, pregnant women should wear belly support belts. Nighttime use is discouraged due to the potential risks posed by reduced blood flow and airflow.

Is it too late to wear a postpartum belt?

Traditional cultures often utilize postpartum belts to help stabilize the new mother’s internal uterus, back, and abdominal muscles after giving birth. A common complication of childbirth, diastasis recti abdominis can be alleviated and circulation increased with the use of these belts (separation of the two halves of your abs).

However, postpartum sports bras are not as efficient as postpartum belts since they only compress one muscle area at a time. It’s never too late to start wearing these sustaining garments, whether you are currently expecting or planning to have children in the near future.

Can I wear a maternity belt all day?

You shouldn’t be walking around with a pregnancy belt on all the time. Squatting or bending down instead of standing with straight legs is the most effective way to relieve some of the burden.

This can relieve stress on ligaments that are already loosening as a result of pregnancy hormones and keep your back and pelvic area comfortable. If you really need to, you can switch to a shoulder bag for your smaller goods.

When should you wear a maternity belt?

Expectant mothers who are feeling discomfort in their lower back, hips, or pelvis as a result of carrying their baby can benefit from wearing a maternity belt. To maximize its supportive effects, the belt is meant to be worn about the middle of the body, between the hip bones.

A maternity belt can provide welcome relief from the discomfort of feeling unsupported while walking, standing, or sitting.

They range in size from small to large, so make sure your L&D nurse has you fitted for the right one at your next prenatal appointment.

Keep in mind the three phrases “front heavy” when shopping for a pregnant belt, as here is where most of the weight will be distributed.

The majority of the load is placed on the front of the body, which can cause the pelvis to lean forward and put strain on the lower back and other joints.

Pregnancy belts are fine to wear when lounging around the house or socializing with friends, but you should take them off before engaging in any form of physical activity, including the awesome that is running or yoga.

How many hours a day should you wear a maternity support belt?

Not all pregnant women will need the same size maternity belt. Each woman needs a bra that is uniquely made for her body to provide the right amount of support and pain relief without forcing her to continuously reposition it.

Even if you don’t think a maternity belt is essential just yet, you should start wearing one as soon as you start feeling any pain during pregnancy.

Because some women don’t feel the strain until they remove their belts for a few hours or overnight, waiting until later in pregnancy to wear a maternity belt could mean experiencing unneeded aches and pains without them.

If you’re experiencing back pain, especially sciatica, a maternity belt is a must.

Think Timeless

Avoid seeming too fashion forward with your outfit, cosmetics, and hair. Using this, the photographs’ eras can be pinpointed. Make your baby bump the focal point of your photos to cherish forever.