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Pregnancy is a unique moment in a woman’s life during which she goes through a wide range of emotions, from the excitement of being pregnant to the terror of giving birth. Pregnant women should snap pregnancy photos when they are feeling strong and happy in order to record these feelings. Even if there isn’t a single solution to the question of when to take your maternity photos because every pregnancy journey is unique, here are a few steps that can help:

Schedule a time for your portrait to be taken.

Second, decide whether or not you require professional photographic services

When is the best time to take pregnancy photos for pregnant women?

Professional maternity photos are often taken in the third trimester of pregnancy, between 30 and 35 weeks of pregnancy. However, each woman is unique and there are no hard and fast rules about how long your photo session should last.

You may wish to consider scheduling your maternity session outside of the 30-35 recommended time-frame if you are experiencing any of the following:

When to Take Maternity Photos

The Rainiers, a New York City-based photography team, advises expecting mothers to book a maternity photo shoot between 28 and 36 weeks into their pregnancy. As early as seven months, but no later than the end of the eighth month. The optimum time to flaunt a round baby belly is during the third trimester.

4 Tips for the Best Maternity Photoshoot | Flytographer

At 28 to 36 weeks, the pregnant parent is still quite comfortable, making it easier for them to stand or pose while shooting images. Late in the pregnancy, your clients will be able to visibly display their bulging bellies to the world!

Holding a Maternity Photo Session Earlier Than 36 Weeks

Every rule has an exception, and this is no different when it comes to maternity images. However, every woman’s body evolves differently, thus there are times when maternity images can be taken before the ideal time period.

  • If your client is expecting more than one child, plan the maternity session for as early as the second trimester, which is around 13 to 24 weeks into the pregnancy.
  • High-risk pregnancies are on the rise, thanks to advances in medicine that allow more individuals to postpone having children until later in life. When photographing a high-risk pregnant client, the second trimester is the greatest time to do it.
  • Maternity images should be taken no later than the beginning of the third trimester or around weeks 27 to 28 for announcements or other printed products. Make adjustments to the timeline in light of the turnaround time you anticipate.

Maternity Photo Session Tips

Maternity photography requires both technical and artistic planning in order to show off a client’s figure and a well-defined belly.

Help the Mother Prepare for the Maternity Session

Plan the maternity shoot to take place at the most convenient time of day for your subject’s convenience and mobility.

Don’t forget to tell expectant mothers to moisturize their belly bumps for soft, glowing skin and to obtain a good night’s sleep so that they are able to move freely. Make sure they know not to wear tight apparel for their maternity photo shoot.” In your maternity images, this can leave blemishes that are difficult to remove.

Preparing a wardrobe of pregnancy-friendly clothing is essential. Always select clothing that highlights the subject’s figure in the most flattering way possible. Avoid distracting patterns and stick to simple or solid designs instead, so that the bump can shine through..

All pregnant women deserve to look and feel their best for their family portraits, no matter how many weeks they have left in their pregnancy.

Use the Proper Equipment

The Rainiers use Canon and Profoto equipment for their maternity photography. The following is a list of the essentials they recommend for a successful pregnant photo shoot:

  • The Canon 5D MarkIII
  • The B2 and A1 are two of the Profoto models.
  • Lens specifications: 35mm f/1.4
  • 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

In terms of photography items, the Rainiers’ most popular offerings are albums and framed photographs.

Customers will adore your pregnant and family poses if you teach them to them as a photographer.

Newborn shots are an obvious next step for any photographer once the baby is delivered and the doctor gives the all-clear. Build complete photography packages that capture the family’s experience..

Should You Take Maternity Pictures?

One of the greatest joys of life is being a mother. Maternity photoshoots may be on your list of things to do while you’re pregnant. We’re happy to assist you!

It may seem like a long time when you think about it, but it seems like life has a way of speeding things quickly. Your bundle of joy may arrive before you know it and you may regret your pregnancy belly and wish you had saved the memories of being pregnant with your little one.

When you’re expecting your first child, it’s very important to document this exciting period in your life with professional maternity photography. Pregnancy images, whether you’re in the first trimester or far into your third, are an investment that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

4 Tips for the Best Maternity Photoshoot

1. Best Time for a Pregnancy Photoshoot

When it comes to taking maternity photos, you may think that you need to have a noticeable baby bump in order to do so, but the truth is that it’s entirely up to you when and where you’d like to do so.

In addition to your own growing belly, there are many other methods to flaunt your pregnancy. In addition to photos of your sonogram, you can bring in any additional fun objects, such as a pair of baby shoes or some newborn apparel, for the photoshoot. In close-up shots, the items will make for some pretty cute maternity photos.

Pregnancy announcement photos

In order to use your maternity photos for an announcement of your pregnancy, you can have them shot anytime you feel ready. Pregnancy announcements are most commonly made after the first trimester, however this is totally up to you, the expectant mother.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to announce your pregnancy via mail or social media; maternity photos can assist you and your loved ones remember the occasion! Pregnancy photos taken by a professional photographer ensure that you will have a selection of high-quality images to choose from, so you don’t have to be concerned about your arm appearing in selfies or an out-of-focus photo.

Photos for the baby shower

The majority of baby showers take place in the third trimester of pregnancy, so if you’d like to have professional images on display at your baby shower, we recommend scheduling your maternity photo session three months before your due date.

Pregnancy photos, no matter when you decide to have them taken, will be a treasured keepsake for you and your family.

2. Best Location for a Maternity Session

The perfect setting for a maternity photo shoot is one that you’ve always wanted to visit!

You should choose a venue that has a personal importance to you and your developing family when planning your maternity photos. Do you have a favorite park or beach to visit? Is there a vacation spot where you proposed to your fiance? If you recently bought a house, you may want to have a picture session there. It doesn’t matter where you choose to have your maternity photos taken; the appropriate maternity photographer will help you achieve the best results.

Take advantage of your babymoon to have your maternity photos shot in an idyllic setting. Our top picks for babymoon destinations are listed below.

Honolulu, HI

There isn’t a finer setting for a babymoon than one that is both picturesque and tranquil. If you’re planning a maternity photography in Honolulu, you’ll have no shortage of settings to choose from. There are some wonderful hiking trails in Honolulu that would be ideal for a maternity photoshoot, or you could even do some maternity shots while you’re doing your own tourism, such as a pineapple farm or even a luau!

New York City, NY

“The Big Apple” is the ideal location for a babymoon for couples who enjoy sightseeing and visiting famous monuments. In order to capture the essence of your growing family, we recommend taking your maternity images in an idyllic place, such as a nearby park. For example, a photoshoot in Central Park would be ideal (as opposed to Times Square, where, while the billboards are fun to look at, they may distract from the most important subject of the photo: you and your growing family).

Paris, France

Paris, the city of love, is the ideal location for a babymoon. It’s easy to come up with creative ideas for maternity photos in Paris. Many places of the city have a view of the Eiffel Tower, making it an ideal location for family portraits. There are several other well-known monuments in Paris, such as the Louvre Museum and the Rodin Sculpture Garden, that can be used for maternity portraits, as well as the Eiffel Tower.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, is a great destination for a mom-to-be who enjoys getting out and about. Among the city’s many attractions are natural monuments like the Kiyosumi Garden, a lovely setting for a babymoon or maternity photos (and don’t worry, Japan has more to offer than sushi!).

4 Tips for the Best Maternity Photoshoot | Flytographer

3. Having Your Maternity Photoshoot at Home

Traveling while pregnant can be exhausting, and in some cases, it may be discouraged by a physician. For those who can’t fly for a babymoon, why not arrange an in-home maternity photoshoot?

You may save money on your babymoon by having a maternity photoshoot at home, and it also provides you the chance to collaborate with a local photographer. Your maternity images can be taken both at your house and throughout the city where you live by keeping the photography local. Inquire about the ideal venues for your maternity photos from your maternity photographer.

As long as your family is nearby, you can even involve them in the photoshoot! When it comes to pregnancy photos, why not include everyone in the family (even your pets)? Your loved ones will cherish the experience of sharing this moment with you.

4. What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

What to wear is the next step after you’ve decided to have a maternity photograph!

Maternity Photoshoot Outfits

When it comes to maternity apparel, comfort is key. If you’re going to be in a picture shoot for more than a few minutes, you’ll want to make sure you’re dressed comfortably.

Maternity dresses, whether ankle- or floor-length, are popular choices for many expectant women. The looser-fitting and flowier nature of these gowns, often known as maxi dresses, makes them ideal for picture shoots as well as everyday wear for expectant mothers. Dresses made of lace or chiffon, for example, have a formal appearance while also being constructed of a breathable fabric, making them popular choices for comfort.

A bodycon dress is a great alternative to boho-style maxi dresses for pregnant ladies who want to show off their baby bump in the most flattering way possible.

As far as clothing goes, we recommend sticking to solid colors rather than clothing with a lot of patterns, as patterns can frequently obstruct the gorgeous backdrop of your pregnancy images or detract from your growing family’s emphasis.

If you plan on wearing a pregnant photoshoot dress, don’t be afraid to carry a few extra outfits to change into if the weather gets a little iffy. In order to be prepared for any type of weather, we recommend having an outfit that includes both long- and short-sleeved options.

7 Simple Suggestions For What To Wear To Your Maternity Shoot

1. The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is ideal for maternity photo shoots for a number of reasons. Comfort is a major factor. When you’re pregnant, you want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re shooting pregnancy photos for an hour or so. Being so figure-flattering, it’s perfect for pregnant women everywhere. It’s a great way to hide anything you don’t want the world to see, but it can also be used to flaunt your gorgeous baby bump. Wearing a maxi dress to a picture session is also a dramatic look. This photo has a lot of movement because of the way the fabric moves in the wind. Wearing a maxi dress to your photo shoot is a sure bet.

2. A Belt

Wearing a belt is a terrific method to draw attention to your stomach. A good starting point for the belt is at the top of your abdomen, slightly below the breasts. In order to define your stomach, it will cinch any loose garments around your waist. With every shirt or dress, no matter how slinky or fitted, you can never go wrong with a belt! In addition, it’s a terrific opportunity to incorporate a fun accent into the photo without having to worry about it being too overbearing.

3. Solid Colors

You don’t want to distract from your baby belly in your maternity photo shoot by using a pattern or print. To make your baby bump pop, stick to solid hues. As an alternative, ask your husband to wear an eye-catching patterned shirt for the session. Bold, colorful accessories, such as necklaces and scarves, can liven up an outfit that would otherwise be dull in monochromatic tones.

4. Tight Clothing

Consider a bodycon dress if you’re comfortable in tight clothing and don’t mind flaunting your baby bump’s slenderizing features. Pregnant women appear very lovely in these dresses since they genuinely showcase the pregnant body’s wonderful shape. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, and the changes a woman’s body undergoes during this time are astounding. Showing off your growing belly is a fitting tribute to your former pregnant self. Be ecstatic about your lovely curves.

5. Go Timeless

You don’t want to look back on these pregnancy images in 20 years and regret whatever you wore since you’ll be able to see them for the rest of your life. “What in the world was I thinking?” should never cross your mind. Go for a more timeless and uncomplicated style to avoid this. Jeans, a basic blouse, and a pair of beautiful boots are all fantastic choices for this look. Simpler isn’t always better, after all. For an extra dash of fun, you may always add some funky accessories to your jewelry.

6. Textured Clothing

Wearing clothing with texture will enhance your images, giving them more depth and character. It’s all about how you style your outfit. As a result, your images will be more stunning because of the texture in your clothing. It’s an excellent substitute for a print or pattern.

7. Have 2 Outfits

Have two different looks prepared for your maternity session, such as a casual and a fancy look. With this, not only will you have a wide range of alternatives for the photos you want to display in your home, but you’ll also have a variety of possibilities for the images themselves. Changing into a different dress for your maternity shoot is as simple as telling your photographer. In most cases, people are happy to oblige and are looking forward to the diversity of images they will receive.

10 Maternity Photos Everyone Should Take

1. Beach Beauty

Why it works: The beach is a lovely setting for pregnancy photos because of the tranquility and dramatic lighting.

As a Naples, Fla. family photographer, Rochelle Shucart has some advice: “Nice and soft photographs are ideal immediately around sunset.” “I don’t think it’s a good idea to take photos before that. She dressed the part with a nautical top and cap she brought along for the occasion. A softly illuminated sky was in the background when this was taken.”

The difficulty level is moderate. If you follow Shucart’s suggestion and wait until dusk, it’s impossible to go wrong.

2. Heart Hands

It’s natural to show your love for your baby with a heart because you already feel it within.

In order to achieve this effect, Shucart adds, “I used natural light adjacent to a window.” Dad and Mom’s hands were placed on her belly, and the rings were visible. As the photographer points out, practically any image can be turned black and white with photo editing software. If you want to add contrast to your black and white photographs, she suggests, “pop some contrast in.”

The difficulty level is easy. This photo’s tight framing only serves to highlight the affection present.

3. Big Sister/Big Brother Bonding

We don’t really have to go into detail about how it works. Prevent sibling rivalry by capturing the excitement of older siblings as they await the arrival of their younger siblings.

A Kansas-based photographer’s advice: “Play with kids during photo shoots,” Chelsea Donoho adds. You should let your children be as creative and silly as they can be while encouraging them to take lots of pictures of anything they come up with. If they’re having a good time, the images will show that. It’s also a good idea to bring a few extra snacks,”

Medium level of difficulty. A lot depends on the model’s disposition, but if you’re willing to put in the time to take a lot of pictures, you’ll get a good shot.

4. Lil Pumpkin

This is why it works: Yes, you are right now the size of a pumpkin. Pregnant women who want a humorous but charming image of their developing belly can visit the pumpkin patch in the fall.

In order to show off your personality, you can take your family portraits to a pumpkin patch, your favorite park or farmers market, or even the baseball field. Don’t forget to include Dad in some of your photos; you’ll be glad you did so in the future.

The level of difficulty ranges from moderate to difficult. When you’re working with a background, taking pictures becomes more difficult (not to mention Mother Nature). Keep any would-be picture bombers at bay by moving around frequently.

5. Pretty Props

To explain why it works: We can’t think of many things cuter than a little pair of baby sneakers. With that stunning baby bump, it’s hard not to think this is the ideal pregnancy photo.

Props for a maternity shoot, according to Denver family photographer Jermaine Amado, should have a unique significance. Pregnant women often use shoes, a onesie, an ultrasound image, block letters for the baby’s name, and a book as frequent maternity photo props. Because you’ll be using a prop in your photos, the majority of the attention will be drawn to it. You can, however, alter the composition so that the family or belly takes center stage instead of the prop. To see the belly and relatives and then see blurry baby shoes or an ultrasound photo can be an awesome shot.”

The difficulty level ranges from moderate to difficult. If you’re good at photography and know how to manipulate focus, this type of photo will work well for you. It’s okay if you don’t, though. Those lovely props will always be the star of the show, however.

6. All in the Family

This picture makes me fall in love all over again. There are so many kisses! One lucky infant is residing in the cradle.

“Finding the appropriate family posture will differ depending on the age of your other child or children,” photographer Amado says of maternity portraits. When I’m working with toddlers, I have to come up with things that keep them occupied while they’re on their backs.” On these occasions, the ideal family pose is the genuine excitement and happiness of having big brother or sister interacting with the baby’s belly. It’s likely that the simple act of rubbing your tummy while your family looks on will become one of your most treasured moments.”

The difficulty level ranges from moderate to difficult. To deal with children is never easy but once you catch their adorableness you will cherish it forever.

When to Take Maternity Photos | Renee Joanne Photography

7. Counting Down

What makes it effective: Sweetness abounds in this shot by Austin/San Antonio-based photographer Johanna McShan, which beautifully captures both big sister and the upcoming child.

A simple accessory like these chalkboards, along with a stunning location, may elevate an ordinary photo to something special.

The difficulty level ranges from moderate to difficult. This picture could take some time to put together (not to mention getting Baby to sit still). But what happens when everything comes together and the light is just right? Magic.

8. Simple Silhouette

When a pregnant woman’s body is photographed in black and white by Texas-based photographer McShan, the result is a picture that exudes elegance.

Pro tip: To make the expectant mother stand out, choose a dramatic background like this entryway. The silhouette can only be created with backlighting (if you’re using an iPhone, brighten the screen by tapping on the lightest section).

The difficulty level ranges from moderate to difficult. In order to get such a striking shot, careful consideration of composition is required.

9. The Name Game

Chalkboard signs are a great way to give your friends and family a heads-up on the name of your new baby.

Once you’ve got the sign and the location figured out, it’s time to focus on your outfit. What Melissa Young recommends is for people to wear something they are at ease in and that they feel secure in. When I’m pregnant, I prefer to wear long dresses and skirts. It’s possible to get help from your photographer before the session if you’re unsure about the attire you’ll be wearing.

Medium level of difficulty. If you want to capture the mother’s joy, you may have to shoot numerous pictures.

10. Don’t Forget Fido

When you’re in love with a puppy, there’s no need to exclude the family’s smallest member.

In this photo by Arizona photographer Young, you can clearly see your beloved dog and your well sculpted belly.

An easy-to-moderate challenge (as long as your pup is well-trained!).


Is 30 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

Maternity photography is best done between the ages of 30 and 33 weeks. At this point, the belly bump is clearly visible, and the due date is still a few weeks away. Before 30 weeks, the stomach may not be as rounded and may not be visible in photographs.

Is 6 months too early for maternity pictures?

Maternity photos look their best when taken in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, or about 30 weeks of pregnancy. This is when your belly begins to take on a more round form, making it ideal for photographing in the third trimester.

Is 32 weeks too early for maternity photos?

If you’re expecting more than one child, I recommend scheduling your maternity session between 28 and 35 weeks of pregnancy. If you’re expecting a visible baby bump by the time you’re 32 weeks along, you’re in luck. If you’ve already had a kid or two (or three!), I normally recommend a 28-30 week due date, if possible.

Is 32 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

During the third trimester, between 26 to 34 weeks, is the best time to book a maternity photo session (around the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy). Once you’ve reached your third trimester, you’ll notice an increase in the size and roundness of your stomach. However, your body’s reaction time may differ.

Is 27 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

However, maternity picture sessions can be enjoyed by expecting women as long as they aren’t too near to their due dates and are still able to walk around while carrying a developing baby.

When there are safety concerns

Pregnant women who value maternity images may want to consider scheduling their sessions sooner than the recommended time-frame if they have a high-risk pregnancy and do not want to risk overstretching their bodies.

However, while your photographer is always aware of your energy levels, it is your own body that knows the most about what is going on in your body. In the weeks preceding up to your shoot, pay attention to how you’re feeling. Contact your photographer to see if you can move up the date if you’re on the fence about it.

When you have scheduling conflicts

Don’t let the inconvenience of a conflicting schedule keep you from honoring this momentous occasion. If you can’t make it between 30 and 35 weeks of pregnancy, we recommend scheduling your maternity session early.

Our pregnancy photographers know just how to bring attention to the growing belly with the use of specific postures and angles, lighting, and outfits. You’ll still achieve the outcomes you desired even if your baby bulge isn’t as big as you had hoped for in the images.

When you simply prefer the look of your body earlier in the pregnancy

Clients may schedule their maternity session within the prescribed timeframe, but then decide to move it up to a more convenient time because they believe their baby is growing more rapidly than predicted during that time.

Every woman’s body is an own work of art. To mark and celebrate your pregnancy at 25 weeks, go for it! Once again, there are no hard and fast rules in the art and the experience of this. Enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy!


However, maternity picture sessions can be enjoyed by expecting women as long as they aren’t too near to their due dates and are still able to walk around while carrying a developing baby.