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The damaged veneer must be removed as part of the process of repairing a water-damaged side of a dresser. The next paragraphs go into further depth about this.

We’ll also take a look at how long it takes for a piece of furniture to be damaged by water. If you’re ever undecided about whether or not to fix your dresser, consult this guide.

In addition, we’ll provide you advice on how to keep your dresser safe and estimate the cost of repairs. If this has piqued your interest, make sure you finish the article.

Benefits Of Buying A Mirrored Dresser

Your home’s visual appeal will be enhanced if you get mirrored furnishings. Mirrored furniture is becoming more popular as living spaces become more constrained as a result of urbanization and modernity. Mirrored dressers are a popular choice for both bedrooms and dressing rooms because of the many advantages they provide.

The following are some of the advantages of a mirrored dresser:

  • By reflecting light, a mirrored dresser instantly brightens a space, making it appear larger. They bring light to otherwise dark areas of the room without increasing your electric bill.
  • Mirrored dressers make a space appear larger than it really is because of their reflected properties. With mirrors, a room appears larger. Small rooms benefit greatly from this feature, which gives the illusion of a much greater space than they actually are.
  • Affordability: There are several different pricing points for mirrored dressers. These dressers are a wonderful option for people seeking for a low-cost option.
  • Keeping a mirrored dresser in good working order is easy. You only need to wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dust and finger prints from time to time.
  • Design Varieties: Dressers come in a wide range of eye-catching pattern and design variations. There’s a good chance you’ll find a dresser that matches your room’s style, your storage demands, and your own personal preferences.
  • A mirrored dresser enhances the visual appeal of a room, making it more appealing to the eye. They give the area a crisp, refined look at the very top. Furthermore, they have a refined and elegant appearance no matter where they are put.
  • Mirrors reflect light, which improves lighting effects. When placed on dressers in bedrooms, this quality elevates them to a whole new level of aesthetic appeal. Chandeliers, lamps, and candles, among other types of lighting, seem especially striking against the room’s mirrored walls.
  • Every time you walk by your mirrored dresser, take a look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Reflections have the ability to soften a room’s appearance because they are neither overly showy nor ostentatious. Softening the effect of other bedroom furnishings, such as beds and cupboards, is another benefit.
  • The dressers are not only stunning to look at, but they also serve a very practical purpose. With drawers or cupboards, they have plenty of storage space.

How long does it take before water ruins a piece of furniture?

Water can destroy your furnishings in as little as an hour. Mold begins to grow after just 24 to 48 hours. When mold grows, it’s a sign that there’s been substantial water damage and it needs to be addressed right once.

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But it can take up to seven days for you to see the effects of water damage on your wood. As a result, water damage can be very difficult to deal with, even for the typical householder.

As soon as you notice any signs of water damage to your furniture, snap a photo of it to serve as proof of the problem. Then, get in touch with a lawyer. You can use this information to make your insurance claim stronger with your insurer.

Recoverable things should be moved and let to dry if the entire space has been impacted. You’ll still need the strongly engaged area for your insurance claim, so keep it out of the way.

Steps In Repairing Water Damaged Dresser

Step #1. Dry the dresser

Dry the dresser thoroughly before attempting any repairs. If it has mold, you can put it outside to get rid of it.

You can also investigate the cause of your water damage while the drying process is taking place. This is to keep your other furnishings from becoming wet.

Step #2. Remove the damaged veneer

Because it is the most visible part of your furniture, the veneer is also the most vulnerable. In order to determine if the water has penetrated the veneer, it is necessary to remove the harmed surface. The repair will be more difficult if the water penetrated the veneer.

Use a heat gun to loosen the veneer’s adhesive and remove it from the board. The peeling of the top layer will be much simpler as a result. In order to loosen the veneer’s adhesive, you’ll need to apply heat, thus a hot iron or hairdryer will work.

Step #3. Sand the board

Make sure that all of the veneer has been removed before sanding the board. The wood should be leveled, especially if it has swelled. Damaged sections of the board should be removed as well.

Step #4. Fill the board

If the board is uneven or has grown taller than the surrounding wood, use a body filler like Bondo. You’ll need to apply a thick layer of Bondo to the side of the dresser that’s facing up. Use a pneumatic longboard sander to sand it down once more after applying body filler.

Step #5. Prime and paint

Prepare to prime the dresser once the surface has been sanded. Wait for the primer applications to dry before moving on to the next step.

Check to see if the priming has dried, and then paint the dresser if it has. Keep the color of the dresser’s side in mind when painting it.

Tips in protecting your dresser from water damage

Maintain your home

The greatest method to keep your furniture safe is to keep your house in good shape. Make sure your plumbing systems are checked in case your dressers accumulate additional moisture from the walls. To prevent your drawers from accumulating moisture, we suggest that you use dehumidifiers.

Make DIY sealants

Linseed oil is a component that can be used to manufacture a sealant at home. Even though it takes a long time to dry, this product is great for both waterproofing and adorning your dresser. As an alternative to commercial sealants, you can use this if you are prone to breathing difficulties.

An olive oil and lemon juice mixture is another easy-to-make sealant. Even your dresser and the rest of your room can be scented with this one.

Polish and seal

An odor might be detected while using polishes and sealants. Some of them even release toxic gases that may be harmful to some people.

In terms of protecting your furniture from water damage, they are effective. It is possible to utilize softer remedies like the DIY sealant that we discussed above if you are concerned about the harmful effects of polishes or sealants on your health.

How To Fix A Dresser With Wood Veneer That Is Too Far Gone

Cost of fixing water-damaged dresser

Between $107 to $252 is the typical cost of repairing a water-damaged dresser. Depending on the extent of damage, furniture repair costs might range from $50 to $400.

Water damage is more expensive than typical because of the difficulties it presents, especially if mold is present. To learn more about your water damage insurance coverage, speak with an agent at your insurance company.

How to Maintain Your New Dresser

Dusting and Furniture Polish

On a regular basis, how often do you clean your house? Most people don’t dust very often, which is a problem if your furniture is made of solid wood. Your dresser’s shine can deteriorate if you allow it to accumulate dust. Dusting your bedroom furnishings on a weekly basis is ideal.

Furniture polish can be used to restore the wood’s natural grain. Protecting the finish of your wood furniture is made easier with furniture polish. Even while you don’t need to polish your furniture every time you dust it, you should do so at least once every two months.

Drawer Care and Repair

If your dresser is of poor quality, you may have to make repairs to the drawers in the future. Misuse of dresser drawers will shorten their lifespan, even if they are sturdy. Fortunately, most dresser drawers can be repaired very easily.

Make sure you don’t overfill your drawers if you want them to last a long time. The drawer is too crowded if you have to shove and stuff to close it. Drawer bottoms can be damaged by heavy clothing as well as by pressure to close them, which weakens their structural integrity.

Also, be certain that the weight of your clothing is distributed equally. The drawer will slump, bend, and begin sliding away from the frame if the center is burdened with more weight than the sides.

It’s easy to fix a worn-out drawer. Here are a few simple methods. Wood glue can be used to secure tongue and groove drawer bottoms in place. Tacks, staples, or small nails may be used to secure the drawer bottom to the drawer frame in place on other dressers, all of which are easy to remove and replace.

It’s important to treat felt-lined drawers with extra care. Felt-lined drawers are a common feature on dressers from high-end collections. While this provides you with a safe area to keep your valuables and sensitive objects, you must exercise caution. Some jewelry’s sharp edges can easily rip the felt. Once that occurs, it’s likely to go downhill fast.

To prevent the spread of dust, you should always keep the felt drawer closed. If the felt gets dirty, it will be impossible to restore it to its original condition. If the felt wears out, get some new felt and rubber cement from your local craft or furniture repair shop.


Is it worth it to refurbish furniture?

Try to repair centuries-old furniture without engaging a professional can damage and reduce the value of this antique furniture. This criterion does not apply if the item has greater sentimental significance to you than its market value. Furniture manufactured between 1850 and 1960 is an excellent option for refinishing because it is made from wood.

Is it cheaper to refinish furniture or buy new?

If you buy high-quality furniture, it should last you for many years. Because you have to pay for it, you’ll likely spend more money on new furniture than you would if you restored it.

How do you refinish an oak dresser?

Things’s how to get it done wood stripper can be used for this. Strip the wood with a wood stripper. Remove all of the dresser’s hardware and store it safely. sand down the paint. It’s time to remove the paint. Remove any leftover residue from the dresser. Remove All Trace of the Previous Step. a sand dresser. Dresser sanding and staining. Accidentally scuff the dresser. Make sure to coat wood with polyurethane. Take Your Refinished Dresser and Coat It in Polyurethane

How long does it take to paint a dresser?

In three hours the following day, I painted and applied a top coat. A four-hour painting session was required to complete this dresser. If you’re priming, keep in mind that you’ll need some drying time. 4-5 hours should be enough time for most projects.

How can I tell if my furniture is laminate or veneer?

It’s easy to tell if your piece is made of wood laminate if the grain doesn’t run through it. Veneer refers to a thin sheet or coating of “excellent natural hardwood” that is applied to a thicker layer of inferior wood. For a lower price, wood veneers can provide the impression of a higher-quality wood.

How can you tell the age of furniture?

Is Antique Furniture Older Than It Appears? Look A Piece’s Style Is No Longer Relevant. You should look at the bottoms as well as the insides and backs. Look for elements that are exactly in sync with one another. Investigate the tools that were utilized. Observe the wood and the fabric used to cover it. Look into the Fasteners and Other Hardware in the Device.

How do I find the model of my dresser?

Using the manufacturer’s label, search for a model number on the item, which is usually a long number with a dash in between the numbers. A chest of drawers’ model or design can be determined with this information.

How do you repaint a dresser?

Instructions Sand off the previous finish. It’s fine to omit this step if your dresser is in good condition and has a smooth finish. Clean and Dry the Dresser. Remove any traces of dust and dirt. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint. Using a Brush, Trim. Apply a Wax Coat. Attach Your Hardware.

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What kind of paint do you use on a dresser?

A satin or semigloss finish in either a latex or an oil-based paint is the finest option for furniture. Primer should never be left uncoated. Most projects benefit greatly from the use of a latex primer when using a latex paint.


Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to avoid having to deal with a scenario like this again in the future. Hopefully you won’t, but if you do, all you have to do is go back and read it again.