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Like any concerned resident, a solution on how to fix water damaged windows in mobile home may cross your mind. Simple remedies such as wood putty and other sealants can fix it. Replacing broken windows is also a long-term remedy.

A remedy for water-damaged windows in a mobile home may cross your mind, as it does for any concerned resident. Wood putty and other sealants might be used to remedy the problem. A more long-term solution is to have your windows repaired or replaced entirely.

Fixing water-damaged windows on a mobile home is a common problem for concerned homeowners. Wood putty and other sealants can be used to remedy the situation. Long-term solutions include the replacement of damaged windows.

Make sure your windows are in good working order to avoid water damage in your homes. Light materials used in mobile homes make them more vulnerable to water damage. Detailed instructions for repairing your windows are provided in this page.

Repairing Water Damaged Windows In Mobile Home

Double-hung and single-hung windows are two of the most prevalent types of mobile home windows. There are also awning windows and many other types. It’s best to keep this in mind when you go to repair them because there can be subtle variances between types.

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Step #1. Inspect your window’s overall condition

Take a look at the window’s overall condition and decide whether or not it needs to be repaired or replaced. Frames made of decayed wood must be replaced.

Check for leaks and moisture problems as well. In the event that leaks exist, they should be sealed with putty tape and caulking.

Step #2. Check your window’s functionality

Test the mechanisms of your window by moving it around. If the screws or hinges are still functioning properly, then this procedure is necessary.

Check the window for debris if it’s not working properly. Vacuum and brush it away afterwards. In order to protect yourself, apply silicone spray.

You should inspect the glider and plastic latches on vertical and horizontal sliders.. It’s easy for them to break. In the event that they become damaged, have new ones made as soon as possible.

Step #3. Examine weather stripping

If the window has any, take a look at the weatherstripping. It’s the one that folds into the aluminum sash for sliders. If it’s worn out, you’ll want to get a new one, but if not, your window is still in fine shape.

How To Replace Water Damaged Windows In Mobile Home

You can only go so far as to protect your property temporarily by repairing your windows. In contrast, replacing them gives you more than just protection. It’s also an opportunity to improve the appearance of your mobile home.

Consider your preferred window of opportunity before beginning the project.. If your mobile home’s windows need to be replaced, or if a complete repair is the preferable option, you should do some research.

Make sure you know the dimensions of your windows before you buy a new one or obtain professional help. There is no need to make two journeys to the supermarket!

Step #1. Remove old window

Yes, that’s correct! To create room for new windows, you would have to remove your old ones. To remove the window frame, locate the screws and remove them.

This phase necessitates attention to detail and the assistance of a friend or family member. Remove the caulking that doesn’t come off after removing the window frame.

Step #2. Check the fit of the new window

First and second steps can be combined, however measurements are more accurate after the old window frame is removed. This is due to the fact that the entire window area, including the places that windows can cover, is available for sizing.

Make sure you acquire the correct window measurements. It has the potential to make or kill your project, so don’t lose sight of the goal! Calculate the length, width, and diagonal area of the window.

Step #3. Apply sealants and shims

Before installing the new window, inspect the region for any damage caused by the previous one. To save time and effort, first fix the damaged window frame.

Putty and sealants should be applied to the entire window frame once the flange has been cleaned. Two layers of putty on top of the opening will provide further security.

Step #4. Install the new window

It is time to put your new window in place. Before you begin to tighten the screws, be sure to gently drill and secure each one. After the screws are tightened, use silicone to seal them.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

In the event of a natural or unintentional disaster, your mobile home insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Since these dwellings are constructed with lightweight materials, they should be protected by a security system. Personal property, loss of use, and liability are all covered by insurance.

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You can seek the advice of a lawyer to learn more about these policies and how to apply for them. Make good use of insurance to secure a brighter future for you and your loved ones.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Mobile Home Floors per Square Foot?

Repairing the flooring in your mobile home might cost anything from $7 to $30 per square foot on average. Installing joists, a solid subfloor, and then the visible flooring are the steps in constructing a mobile home’s floor, just as you would in constructing a house’s floor. It’s easier to maintain the structure with this multilayer technique, which should survive normal wear and strain.

Repairing the subfloor costs, on average, $2 to $10 per square foot. This is partly due to the lower cost of the materials used. Repairing the joists in a floor system can cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot since they are so crucial to the integrity of the upper two layers.

The cost varies on the type of flooring, the amount of the damage, and the cause of the damage. For example, you can easily replace soiled carpets and water-damaged laminate flooring for a reasonably low price, but hardwood floor damage will cost you more. Hardwood flooring can cost anything from $3 to $11 per square foot, whereas vinyl normally costs $0.40 to $2.00.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Mobile Home Floors Near You?

Depending on where in the country you live, the cost of mobile home floor repair may vary. Surface floor covers might cost anywhere from $1 to $30 per unit, depending on the type of flooring you’re fixing. As a result, you should budget anything from $120 to $3,600 for a 120-square-foot accommodation. Depending on where you live, labor prices can range from $25 to $40 an hour.

Using the following unit dimensions, we derived typical prices in the table below:

  • Wood sheathing: roughly one-half inch thick and 4 feet by 8 feet in size.
  • Two feet by three-quarters of an inch thick OSB (Oriented Strand Board)
  • Approximately 48 inches in length, wide-planked laminate is used.
  • Planks of hardwood: 5 inches or less in width and a variety of lengths
  • Per square foot: Carpet
  • Square foot: Vinyl


  • From $16 to $23 for plywood
  • OSB ranges from $5 to $13.
  • $1–$3 for lamination
  • Planks of hardwood: $3–$11
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • Porcelain: $0.50 to $2


  • Plywood ranges in price from $15 to $30.
  • OSB: $4 to $10
  • $1–$3 for lamination
  • Planks of hardwood: $3–$11
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • Tile costs between $0.40 and $2 per square foot


  • Price range: $16–$21
  • OSB ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot.
  • $1–$3 for lamination
  • Planks of hardwood: $3–$11
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • Tile costs between $0.40 and $2 per square foot


  • Wood: $18–$30 for ply
  • Operating System Board (OSB): $5 to $11
  • $1–$4 for lamination
  • Hardwood boards range in price from $4 to $11.
  • $ 1–$12 for carpeting
  • Porcelain: $0.50 to $2


  • Plywood ranges in price from $18 to $38.
  • OSB: $7 to $10
  • $1–$4 for lamination
  • Planks of hardwood: $3–$11
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • Tile costs between $0.40 and $2 per square foot

North Carolina

  • Price range: $22 to $27 for plywood
  • The OSB: $6–$8
  • $1–$3 for lamination
  • Hardwood planks range from $4 to $11 per square foot.
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • Porcelain: $0.50 to $2

New York

  • Price range: $21–$27.
  • Between $8 and $10 for OSB.
  • $1–$3 for lamination
  • Hardwood boards range in price from $4 to $11.
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • Tile costs between $0.40 and $2 per square foot


  • Price range: $21–$32
  • Between $8 and $10 for OSB.
  • $1–$3 for lamination
  • Planks of hardwood: $3–$11
  • Carpet: $1 to $12
  • $0.50–$2 for a single tile

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Mobile Home Floors Yourself?

If you don’t need to hire an assistant or subcontractor to help you with your mobile home repair work, you’ll save money by doing it yourself (or bribe your friend with pizza). Across the country, the hourly rate for this kind of maintenance and construction labor ranges from $25 to $40. It will take anything from two to four hours to make a minor repair or replacement, and considerably longer if the problem is more serious.

Of course, even a team of expert contractors will need more time to accomplish a repair than a team of trained do-it-yourselfers. Damage repair can take up to a full weekend depending on the extent of the problem. To avoid wasting precious vacation time, it’s usually preferable to outsource this task to a professional.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Repair Mobile Home Floors?

With the extent of the damaged area and your local market and conditions, the cost of mobile home floor repair can vary greatly. The amount of damage to your mobile home’s flooring and the type of material you use have the most impact on the cost.

Floor Layer

The subfloor, joists, and the covering floor are the most likely components of your mobile home’s flooring. Damage to the joists is more difficult and expensive to fix, but replacing the visible layer of flooring may be easier and less expensive.

  • The cost of repairing a floor covering is between $200 and $800, whereas the cost of replacing it is between $800 and $7,000.
  • Subfloor repair costs $500–$700, and subfloor replacement costs between $1,800–3,000.
  • In most cases, repairing the joists will cost between $1,000 and $10,000 per joist, whereas replacing them will cost between $5,000 and $20,000.

Type of Surface or Subflooring Material

What type of flooring material should you select if you must replace an entire room’s flooring due to damage?

Subflooring is the same. Older mobile homes often have subfloors made of less durable materials like OSB or plywood. Soft patches in the joists can result from the use of particle boards, which are notorious for their tendency to grow. If you’re dealing with subflooring that has been damaged by moisture, it’s critical to discover and fix the source of the moisture, then replace the affected area.

Size of the Repair Area

Repairing a little part of a mobile home’s floor will be less expensive than fixing a much larger section. To add insult to injury, you’ll have to shell out more money for repairs that extend to the subfloor or possibly the joists.

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Should I fix my mobile home’s floor myself?

We hope this helps you understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to replace your movable flooring, subfloor or joists. Small-scale repairs are easier for experienced homeowners to perform on their own than full-scale replacements. However, even a minor repair can be difficult and may necessitate the expertise of an expert.

As a result, it’s generally best to let the professionals handle this one. If your mobile home’s floor or subfloor has to be repaired, look for a local mobile home remodeler or contractor in your region, or contact a local flooring company or laminate floor installation to do the work.

How do I know if my mobile home floor needs to be replaced or repaired?

When it comes to mobile home subfloors and flooring, it can be difficult to determine if they merely need to be fixed or if they must be completely replaced. If you’re not an expert in this field, it may be in your best interest to outsource this task.

The subfloor beneath your laminate or carpet surface flooring may decay if it has been drenched in water for an extended period of time or if water has entirely seeped through it. You may be able to restore only the affected section of your flooring if the water occurred in a small area or dried rapidly.

What other projects should I complete at the same time?

Prior to undertaking any other remodeling or construction jobs in your mobile home, you may want to wait until your flooring contractor has finished the job before you begin.

In other rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you can definitely get started on smaller projects like painting or installing new appliances or cabinets. Just make sure that anyone you employ to work on those other jobs won’t have to walk through or over the repaired or replaced portion of the flooring.


It’s time to put what you’ve learned about repairing water-damaged windows in a mobile home into practice! Try them out on your windows as soon as possible.