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Today, more and more women are getting pregnant, which is why maternity businesses are cropping up all over the place. Which Old Navy stores sell maternity wear, though? Find out which Old Navy stores sell maternity wear in this post!

The List of Old Navy Stores Selling Maternity Clothes:

4 locations in Pennsylvania and 1 location in New York for Old Navy:

In addition to the 14th Street location, the Baby Gap has two more Manhattan locations that provide maternity clothing.

In addition to their flagship store at 34th St. and Park Ave. South, Banana Republic also has an online maternity store!

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NYC Locations for A Pea in the Pod Maternity apparel from A Pea in the Pod includes everything from professional attire to more laid-back options. Rockefeller Center, Madison Avenue, and Rodeo Drive are just three of their New York City locations (Beverly Hills). Pregnancy clothes is readily available in this store, as is the case with all of their other products.

There are several places in Manhattan to purchase maternity clothing. We hope our advice helped you find the finest spot to shop for maternity apparel in New York City!

Old Navy Maternity

Old Navy, a subsidiary of Gap, Inc., was created in 1994. The corporation was trying to come out with a more cheap choice because Gap stores had been established as more of an upscale brand. Old Navy stores were originally referred to as Gap Warehouse stores, but the name was altered to distinguish them from each other. As soon as the first store in Colma, California opened, Old Navy accelerated its growth. Within a year, there were 59 shops across the country, and by 1997, Old Navy had had made more than $1 billion.

Since its inception, Old Navy has undergone multiple rebranding efforts, the most recent of which solidified the company’s identity as a family-friendly retailer. In today’s globe, the company has more than 1,000 sites, including several in North America and Europe as well as in Japan and Puerto Rico. Aside from being one of the world’s most popular discount clothing businesses, Old Navy is constantly diversifying its product line to better meet the needs of its customers. Maternity clothing from the Old Navy Maternity range, in particular, is reasonably priced and fashionable.

Women’s Merchandise


At such cheap costs, Old Navy Maternity has one of the greatest selections of casual clothing for pregnant mothers, including tanks, knit tees and camis. More formal shirts, such as button-downs, tunics, sweaters, and the like, can also be found here. Colors and styles include sweater dresses and jersey dresses, as well as maxi and mini skirts in a variety of patterns and designs for maternity wear.

Old Navy’s maternity line has a wide selection of full- and low-panel jeans, allowing you to select the best fit for your pregnancy at any given point in time. Old Navy Maternity even allows you to select your trimester when shopping for maternity clothing. Panel alternatives are available in shorts, leggings, cords, workout pants, linen pants, and more to fit your belly. You can stock up on essentials like outerwear and swimwear without breaking the bank thanks to the brand’s wide variety of speciality items. Stylish coats and sweatshirts in a variety of levels, as well as one- and two-piece swimsuits, are also available. Even after giving birth, Old Navy Maternity has you covered with a variety of nursing-friendly tops, dresses, camis, and tanks.

Swap.com’s Rating of Old Navy Maternity

The success of Old Navy since its inception 20 years ago has virtually overshadowed the parent firm. Because of its reputation for high-quality apparel at a reasonable price, the Old Navy name is now linked with a wide range of products. When it comes to pregnancy essentials, Old Navy Maternity is an excellent illustration of the brand’s commitment to becoming a one-stop shop for its clients (and beyond). Even while these clothes aren’t as comfy or long-lasting as those from the more upscale Gap labels, they’re still a cut above. Old Navy Maternity is rated 4.5 stars out of 5.

Old Navy Maternity Shopping Tips

Old Navy’s maternity wear is inexpensive, trendy, and may be purchased online or in-store. Due to the difficulty of dressing well during pregnancy, Old Navy strives to simplify the process as much as possible.

Old Navy Maternity Classics

It is logical to include basic pieces in your maternity outfit. Classics can be used for future pregnancies or resale on rummage sales because fads come and go. Shoppers can find a wide range of time-honored pieces at Old Navy stores and on their online. Maternity clothing at Old Navy includes maternity shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and more.

The maternity line comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Pregnant women should order most goods in their pre-pregnancy size. Real waist, low-rise, and paneled pant options are available for improved fit and comfort during the three trimesters.

Maternity Fashions and Specialty Items

Old Navy caters to the fashion-conscious customer with a variety of current styles in addition to the traditional business attire of jeans, shirts, and shorts. In-store advertisements and the New Arrivals section of their website feature current styles. For spring/summer 2006, a cropped shrug is a fashionable item. You can wear this piece of clothing throughout your pregnancy, no matter how large your baby bump grows.

There are also maternity-specific goods available at Old Navy in addition to the usual fare. These are some of the items:

  • Only accessible via the internet
  • Swimwear
  • Loungewear
  • Intimates

A wide variety of products can be found in the online-only catalog. Only on their website can you get items like tank tops, swimsuits, capris, jeans, shorts, and jackets.

Tankinis and bandeau tops are sold separately from the bottoms in the swimwear department. This allows for better sizing because not all pregnant women gain weight the same way. Bikini briefs or fold-over boy shorts are the only options for bottoms. In addition to swimwear, a wide variety of active gear is available in the swimwear section.

There are many of options for maternity attire, including cozy terry zip-front tops, drawstring bottoms, as well as yoga pants and camis for pregnant women. In addition to bikini briefs, ordinary briefs and low-rise briefs, pregnancy thongs are also available.

Special Features and Store Information

Old Navy maternity gear has a number of special features that may be seen on the company’s website. With sections like “Shop by Outfit,” you’ll find everything you need to complete an outfit, including the accessories. Those who aren’t fashion-forward or don’t have a lot of time to put together clothes can really benefit from this.

Budget-friendly pregnancy wear can be found in the 2-for-Deals and Bargain sections. T-shirts, skirts, tanks, undergarments, and camis are all on sale in the 2-for-1 Deals section. As long as customers purchase more than one item, they are eligible for a discount. All of the items in the Bargains area are marked down from their original price.

Maternity Clothing | Old Navy

There are Old Navy maternity stores all around the country, or you may shop online. There is a flat $5 delivery fee for all online orders at this time. To find a store that carries maternity clothing near you, use the web locator to select the “maternity” option.

5 Places to Save on Maternity Clothes

1. Destination Maternity

Destination Maternity is one of the few boutiques that specializes on maternity clothing, and many of the items are adorable! Destination Maternity is the only retailer on our list that carries a full selection of plus-size maternity wear, making it the best place to shop for maternity clothing.

Even though Destination Maternity’s pricing are reasonable, the company frequently holds deals and promotions. Most styles in the sale section are provided in a “buy one get one free” promotion every few weeks or so.

2. Old Navy

There are maternity options available at both Gap and Old Navy, but I prefer Old Navy because of their greater assortment and lower rates. On top of that, there are new coupons from Old Navy almost every day, and those coupons can be used on pregnancy items.

Because most stores do not have these options in-store, customers who want to shop Old Navy maternity must conduct their shopping online, which can be difficult if you aren’t sure what size your belly is at the moment!

3. ThredUp

You may discover great deals on maternity clothing at ThredUp, an online secondhand shop, assuming you don’t mind purchasing pre-worn things. It was ThredUp’s reasonable prices that convinced me to buy a few pregnancy products there first. Over 3,000 maternity goods are currently for sale at a fraction of their original retail value. ‘

Additionally, ThredUp is a great alternative to maternity clothing for ladies who have given birth and are no longer in need of the garments. ThredUp allows women to earn credit for the items they sell (which can be used to purchase anything on the site) and to make their unwanted products available to future mothers by consigning their goods.


ASOS’s maternity area may be of interest to expectant mothers who want to look their best while staying within their budget. There are over 1,000 fashionable maternity dresses, tops, pants and outerwear available.

ASOS’s prices may be a little higher than those of the other shops on this list, but the discount section, where items are marked down by up to 70%, is worth checking out.

5. JCPenney

I was surprised to discover that JCPenney has one of the nicest maternity areas of any major retailer. There is a large number of styles accessible online, but I’m not sure if they are all readily available at retail establishments. It’s possible to get some decent plus-size maternity apparel at JCPenney.

On top of that, JCPenney is known for its frequent promotions, as well as a near-constant stream of coupons that can slash an additional 15% to 20% off your total purchase, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers.

With nine months of pregnancy ahead of you, it’s time to stock up on a few essential pieces that will help you look and feel your best. The shopping excursion needn’t be expensive or time demanding, as long as you visit the places listed above!


Do all Old Navy stores carry maternity?

Because most stores do not have these options in-store, customers who want to shop Old Navy maternity must conduct their shopping online, which can be difficult if you aren’t sure what size your belly is at the moment!

Does TJ Maxx sell maternity clothes?

TJMaxx has just given you a reason to smile. Tjmaxx.com is currently selling designer maternity clothing for a short period of time! There are pregnancy jeans from DL1961, Citizens of Humanity, and Jessica Simpson, as well as maternity outfits from the designer. TJMaxx’s maternity shop is only available for a short period of time, so don’t delay.

What companies have maternity clothes?

  • Seraphine.
  • A pod of Peas.
  • HATCH.
  • Maternity in the context of motherhood.
  • Asos Maternity.
  • QueenBee Pregnancy.
  • The tote bag.
  • Colorful Maternity.

When should you start wearing maternity clothes?

Starting at roughly four or five months, you may need to wear larger clothing. Around six months into their pregnancy, the majority of women begin shopping for maternity clothing.

How do I know what size maternity clothes to buy?

Normal clothing sizes apply to pregnant women, so you’ll be the same size in both maternity and non-maternity garments. Size small is the same for pregnant women as it is for nonpregnant women. Regular 6 and 28 are interchangeable, and so are pregnant sizes of the same number.

Is Motherhood maternity a good brand?

A Pea in the Pod’s cheaper cousin, Motherhood, is a popular maternity brand. When you want to seem put-together but yet comfortable, relaxed, and stylish without spending a lot of money, this is the place to shop.

Does Ross have maternity dresses?

Clothing for expecting mothers can often be found at discount department stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Kohl’s and Ross. I haven’t had much luck finding casual wear there, but whenever I’ve required a maternity gown for a wedding or dinner, I’ve been able to get it here.

What do you wear to a maternity shoot?

A outfit that flatters your figure in your pregnancy images is what you’re looking for. In this context, “tight top” refers to a dress or top that restricts the upper body to just above the belly. Starting above the belly, this style of dress or skirt spreads outward. Make sure it doesn’t pinch under your tummy.

How much does the average pregnant woman spend on maternity clothes?

Pregnant women, according to Fortune, spend an average of about $500 per pregnancy on maternity clothing. That works out to about $50 to $60 every month spent during pregnancy.

When should I take pregnancy photoshoot?

However, maternity picture sessions can be enjoyed by expecting women as long as they aren’t too near to their due dates and are still able to walk around while carrying a developing baby.

What week do you start wearing maternity clothes?

Typically, maternity clothes stores recommend that women wear them during the fourth and sixth months of pregnancy. In this way, they can remain fashionable and comfy at the same time!

Which maternity clothes store is best?

For pregnant ladies in New York City, we think Pea In The Pod on Rodeo Drive is the best place to shop for essentials (Beverly Hills).

How should you wear clothes when pregnant?

Pregnant women should follow a few basic guidelines to ensure that their clothing fits properly and does not give them any discomfort.

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What is the best maternity clothing store?

Keep in mind that these online retailers each have various return procedures, which can occasionally lead to difficult situations for ladies who aren’t satisfied with their purchases.

What are the best maternity clothes brands?

In 2017, there is no shortage of options when it comes to purchasing apparel. The good news is that premium apparel designers like Michael Kors and Prada have entered the market for pregnant ladies searching for quality pieces that won’t break the bank (and will endure until post-maternity). When shopping for maternity clothing, here are some things to keep in mind.

In the summer, it’s critical to focus on finding a decent fit and considering the fabric. If you’re looking for a specific style, you may be able to locate it in a variety of sizes. For example, a knee-length maternity dress is a good option if you don’t want anything too form-fitting but yet want to conceal your tummy and legs.

As a final piece of advice, don’t be scared to experiment with non-maternity clothing. Before my first pregnancy, I bought one of those $12 faux wrap dresses from H&M because it was the only thing that even remotely fit me. When I was pregnant, it became one of my favorite dresses!

Is an OB nurse the same as a labour and delivery nurse?

The two are not the same, and they are not interchangeable.

When is the best time to go shopping for maternity clothes?

Six months before you want to give birth is a good rule of thumb when it comes to shopping for baby clothes, but it all depends on when your child is due.

What is the role of a maternity nurse?

Pregnancy and childbirth are the key focuses and goals of maternity nurses, whether they work in a hospital or a clinic.

Many obstetricians/gynaecologists (ob-gyns) work closely with these nurses, who attend births but do not see patients during their pregnancies. Pregnant women can also rely on these nurses to help them during the first six weeks of their babies’ lives.

What is a non-medical maternity nurse?

Pregnant women can receive assistance from non-medical maternity nurses who work closely with obstetricians/gynecologists (ob-gyns). When a baby is born, the same people who delivered it help the mother recuperate so she can be sent home from the hospital or clinic.

What do you need to become a maternity nurse?

Non-medical maternity nurses must meet additional criteria in addition to the usual set of educational and licensing requirements. As a result, many of them work with physicians or midwives throughout their careers, as well as reading up on current healthcare information before they enter the industry.

Non-Medical Maternity Nurse: Additional Information

In some cases, non-medical maternity nurses can support expectant moms from the time of their first prenatal visit until the baby is six weeks old. As a delivery room assistant (DRA) during labor, these professionals have the option of extending their function, but they must meet state laws and undertake substantial training that includes several clinical hours under direct observation.

Additionally, prospective nurses should extensively investigate their choices before accepting a contract because health insurance may not cover this type of service.