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Why not sell your maternity clothing when you no longer require them? The garments can be given to friends or family members who are having a baby as an alternative, if that is an option. You can also look for local nonprofits that could use them or donate them to thrift stores. You might also try consignment shops in your area.

In addition, these sites/places are a great place to sell your pregnant clothing for a little more money.

Where To Sell Used Maternity Clothes


Tradesy was founded in 2012 with a staff of just seven people. As a result, they’ve been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, and CNBC since then. They make it easy for you to sell your pregnancy garments in a timely manner. It only takes a few seconds to list the items you’d like to sell on eBay. Tradesy takes a tiny commission of 9% of the sale price, and you may withdraw the balance by PayPal or a debit card once the item has been sold.

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Kid to Kid

A total of 25 states and Ontario, Canada, are home to Kid to Kid establishments. It’s simple to drop off your maternity apparel at one of their locations and they’ll offer you cash or store credit in exchange.

Clothes Mentor

As of right now, there are 138 Clothes Mentor locations throughout 29 states, with a further 50 under construction. When you use Clothes Mentor, you can get an estimate on the value of your unwanted or unused maternity clothing. As a result, you’ll get back about two-thirds of the retail amount in cash or shop credit.

Belly and Babe

When it comes to fashionable moms and infants, there’s no better place to consign than Belly & Babe! Maternity clothing can be sold in a simple manner; all you have to do is package and send it to the company; they will then take professional photos and list the item on their website for you. As a result, you’ll get 50% of the ultimate selling price. She Knows, Cool Mom Picks, and The Washington Times, among others, have all highlighted Belly and Babe in their print and online editions.

Motherhood Closet

Online consignment store Motherhood Closet specializes in pre-loved pregnancy fashions. Consignment store founded in 2012 and has been a success since. Just print out the free shipping label and follow the directions they give you to send them your maternity goods. You can then earn up to 80% of the sales revenue.


The largest online consignment and thrift shop is Swap.com. There are more than 1,000,000 goods on the website, which was founded in 2013 and now includes everything from maternity and infant clothing to children’s toys, games, baby gear, books, and movies. Maternity clothing and other items can be sold on their website by sending the items to them in their packaging box with a shipping label, which they will photograph and post on their site.

Ebay is an obvious choice! Grouping similar-sized or style products together for pregnant women to bid on is an easy way to do it. With a few gently worn maternity jeans, for example, you may sell a large number of trousers for a single price. You can sell multiple items at once instead of having to write and take pictures for each one.


ThredUp is an incredibly simple process. When you ask for a bag for the clothes, they send you one. Upon receipt of the package, simply place your clothing in the bag and mail it on its way. As soon as they tell you the amount of money they can give you, get your money! You have the option of either having your unwanted clothing returned to you or donating it to a charity of your choice.

Local Spots To Check If You’re Looking To Get Used Maternity Clothes

This is a terrific alternative if you know you’ll only be pregnant once and don’t need clothes that will endure for several pregnancies, and your local thrift or consignment shop may contain maternity or maternity/kids’ items. While pregnant, I discovered a little clothes store that sold maternity wear and frequently visited there. However, despite the fact that the selection wasn’t really impressive, I found plenty of items that I have worn repeatedly.

Check Craigslist and local Facebook groups for free or discounted pregnant clothing, as well. It’s worth looking out sales held by local mothers/parents groups (e.g., parents of twins/multiples) because they can be a hit or miss.

Check if your workplace has an affinity group for working mothers and working parents; their members may have a habit of passing down large bags of maternity clothing. Score!

Independent thrift and consignment shops like Motherhood Closet, MaternityTraders.com, Bellies to Babies, and Belly Bean can also be found online. In the meantime, Kat and I haven’t tried any of these sites.

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Best Place To Buy Used Maternity Clothes — Plus Style Tips!

Quality and Comfort

A well-known thrift shop where you can expect to find only high-quality, low-priced goods. You can only wear your maternity clothes for a few months, so why spend a lot of money on them? Paying exorbitant costs for maternity wear is a waste of money, especially if you don’t intend to have any more children.

All of the old maternity gear you could ever want is available at Goodwill. You’ll find everything you need for your pregnancy in this part of our stores. During this time, we are here to help you look and feel your best.

Venture Outside of the Maternity Section

Pregnancy clothing isn’t to your taste? Don’t worry! Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is home to plenty of departments, giving you a diverse catalog of style options and sizes. Every department is yours if you just grow a little.

You don’t like to wear maternity clothing, do you? Take heart! Many categories at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona provide a wide variety of styles and sizes. For all departments, simply increase your height and weight.

Beat the Heat While Being Chic

Prepare for the heat in style by browsing the abundant selection at your nearest Goodwill. Explore popular trends like biker shorts and find unique vintage and designer bottoms that complement each body type. Jeans, skirts, shorts, and overalls are all over the place.

Goodwill is a great place to stock up on fashionable summer attire. Explore popular trends like biker shorts and find unique vintage and designer bottoms that complement each body type. Lots of denim, skirts, shorts, and overalls to choose from!

You can dress up your outfit by tucking in the front of your shirt and accessorizing with a matching belt. If you’d like, you can accessorize with a pair of sunglasses from our selection.

Say Yes to a Summer Dress

There are many of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for flowing dresses for a stroll or a long sundress for a picnic. Any situation, a dress can be the ideal and most comfortable item of clothing. Isn’t it the best? You can wear it as a whole ensemble. Every event may be dressed up in style.

You can either wear your dress as is or layer it. The options for layering a dress are nearly unlimited, from button-up shirts to cardigans. A bodycon dress and an oversized coat or jacket look great with Converse or Vans, while a t-shirt dress and a zip-up hoodie are more casual.

Never Accidentally Match With a Stranger Again

Fast fashion stores offer a slew of the identical garments at a low price. Every store that follows the newest fashion trends is likely to have the same look. Because of the small number of items available, you’re almost certain to see someone else wearing the identical ensemble. Goodwill, on the other hand, has a wide variety of styles and eras to choose from for bargain pricing. Rather than getting caught up in the whirlwind of microseasons, invest in long-lasting, well-made apparel that you’ll enjoy wearing.

Customizing your clothing is a great way to show off your individuality and ingenuity. Your own denim can be customized by painting or distressing it on your own. A pair of sneakers can be transformed into a work of art worthy of a museum. Fashion is all about experimentation, so why not turn your clothes into the canvas? Affordability is not an issue; there are no bad choices.

You Paid What for Designer?

Additionally, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona has access to a plethora of high-end and designer goods. No more paying full price for high-end designer wear. Various clothing, footwear, accessories, and outerwear are available with a variety of luxury brand names.

When you find a piece of clothing that you adore, you may wear it in a variety of ways to show off your style. It’s possible to select one of the following options when purchasing a bag:

  • Three pieces of clothing:
  • Band T-shirt and basic tennis shoes are all that’s needed to complete the look.
  • Leggings, a shirt, and sunglasses complete the look.

It doesn’t matter what you buy, there are countless ways to mix and match your high-end treasures.

Never Be Too Shy to Accessorize

Any outfit may be elevated with the addition of the right accessories. Make your clothing stand out by accessorizing with jewelry, scarves, belts, and anything else you can think of. With a few accessories, you can transform your entire look.

When employing the same basic components, small changes can make a big difference. When wearing jeans and a T-shirt, a cowboy hat or a baseball cap can have a profound effect on the mood of the outfit. Any additional customization further personalizes your entire outfit, extending your wardrobe.

Shop for More Than Just Mom Jeans

If you’re using the same basic components, you can differentiate your design by making small changes. It’s possible to set extremely diverse moods by wearing a cowboy hat or a baseball cap, for example, while you’re dressed in jeans. Adding even more personal touches expands the possibilities of your ensemble’s versatility.


What week do you start wearing maternity clothes?

Around 14 weeks is where you may feel that your abdomen has grown, but most likely you won’t be showing yet, as most women don’t start showing until around 16 weeks. Most expectant mothers will be wearing maternity or loose-fitting clothing by week 20.

Where to Sell Your Maternity Clothes

To help you find and sell gently used pregnancy clothing, Maternity Traders was founded by a mother. You may feel good about selling your stuff while also helping other moms acquire beautiful maternity apparel for a great deal!! The process is simple and quick! Let someone else do the work for you, and don’t bother selling your stuff at a yard sale or through a social media marketplace app. Make an appointment with Maternity Traders and we’ll take care of the outfits!

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What is the difference between maternity clothes and regular clothes?

Regular clothing sizes are the same for maternity wear, therefore you’ll fit into maternity gear just fine. Size small is the same for pregnant women as it is for nonpregnant women. For numbered sizes, a regular 6 or 28 is the same as a maternity 6 or 28.

Can I buy bigger clothes instead of maternity?

A final word of advice? During your entire pregnancy, wear clothes that are one or two sizes larger than what you are now wearing. When your body hasn’t yet returned to its pre-baby size, these outfits might be terrific transitional goods. Low-rise jeans should be worn below your expanding tummy.


Why not sell your maternity clothing when you no longer require them? The garments can be given to friends or family members who are having a baby as an alternative, if that is an option. You can also look for local nonprofits that could use them or donate them to thrift stores. You might also try consignment shops in your area.