Updated at: 26-04-2022 - By: Sienna Lewis

A friend recently asked me for advice on photographing maternity sessions, and I was happy to oblige.

When I started scribbling down some thoughts, I decided to bring them all together in one place.

For a variety of reasons, I particularly enjoy taking pictures of women’s bellies. In spite of their terrible reputation, they can be stunning. We’ve all seen pictures of “what not to do” on hilarious websites, but in reality, they can be rather ugly.

All the anticipation, transformation, and exhilaration should be chronicled throughout this exciting period! This time of year is a great opportunity to meet the parents of a baby and get to know them before you begin working with their child.

It’s a whole different ballgame when you have other children in the family, especially toddlers. However, these tips may also be useful!

Posing and Angles

Pregnant women and their pregnant bellies should be at the top of your to-do list.

Maternity Poses: These 3 Simple Setups are All You Need

Every woman’s body is different, which means she can bear her child in an infinite number of ways. The same outfit that looks terrific on one mom might not be appropriate for another.

Pregnant women can use these stances and angles as a starting point (and daddies).


To touch the bump, it’s only natural for her! With her hands on her belly, it’s a great way of calling attention to it.

To get the best results, try a variety of positions, such as hands on her hips, in her pockets, or even in her hair.


Make an effort to sit or stand during your session if at all possible. Height and a larger stomach are two wonderful ways to captivate your audience.

Get out of your comfort zone! Shoot from above by placing your subject(s) on a bedspread or blanket. Aside from the belly, areas of the body that may have grown in size during pregnancy can be reduced by standing tall.


Check to see if her head isn’t entirely cocked at an odd angle when she looks down at her belly… It can appear unnatural and result in a double chin. ‘ Encourage her to focus on anything a little bit away from her growing belly.

Don’t forget to smile and maintain eye contact… Everyone has a soft spot for vintage images like this. Show a range of emotions, from a light giggle to a serious stare.

For a child session, I enjoy having a new father stand off to the side or behind me and make ridiculous jokes or dance. This is excellent preparation for the future!


It is a wonderful idea for couples to “squeeze all the air out” between them.

Allow him as much physical contact with her as possible (but please, no squeezing!) Try to get full, half, and close-up shots of both of them at the same time. Even if you don’t have a stomach.

It’s okay if the tummy gets in the way of your couple posing; it’ll typically make them (and you!) laugh.


Her outfit and the extent to which the bump is “out there” are both important factors. Make sure you obtain a straight-on shot of mama if you can tell she’s pregnant.

Pregnant women should always twist to the side, but they don’t have to be entirely rotated to the side; 45-degree angles can work just as well.


Pregnant ladies look their best when they are sitting or lying down, but if you want your subject to appear more at ease, have her bend a knee or pop a hip instead.

Sitting is possible, and I prefer to do it when photographing a group of people, such as a family or a couple. Just keep an eye on your surroundings.


Maternity photos are great because they allow you to express yourself artistically.

It’s a perfect time to experiment around with your composition and color schemes, as well as breaking the restrictions… working with two people who are willing to follow instructions is preferable. That may be a real source of stress and anxiety for me at times!

There are instances when we have to follow the lead of our subjects, such as when photographing children and babies, and it can be tough to think on the fly. Slow down and maybe plan some new things you’d like to play with before the session.

The trend of photographing simply the bump during belly sessions (guilty!) has taken hold. Make sure to include the faces of the people in the photos as well, even if they’re enjoyable.


Preparing ahead of time with the mother or the expecting couple can help alleviate some of the awkwardness.

Most individuals (myself myself included) look ridiculous in front of a camera. It is entirely natural and a terrific warm-up for future newborn photographs.

It’s important for them to focus on the feelings they’re having during their session. It can be seen in their expressions and body language when they begin to anticipate the joy of a new baby. Make the most of your hormones!


I believe that any lens could be used to capture a maternity session. Most of the time, I use my 85mm and 35mm lenses. Lenses with a longer focal length are also an option.

Using an extremely wide lens will distort the image, so be aware of this. Using wide-angle photography can be a terrific way to expand your creative horizons and see the big picture.

Use a Lensbaby, tilt shift, or shoot wide open if you haven’t already.


There are so many possibilities. You can go anywhere with a first pregnancy! Is there anything better than working in a client’s house in the middle of the day?

In order to take advantage of the sun’s beautiful backlighting (which is obviously my passion), or even to travel downtown, it’s a good idea to do so now while the kid is still in the womb. Inquire with the new mom about their preferences and expectations – do they prefer a more natural look and feel, or would they prefer an at-home lifestyle session?

Don’t forget that you’ll be dealing with a pregnant woman who is starting to feel a bit shaky. Make sure she doesn’t have to go a mile up a steep slope or sit on a patch of gravelly pebbles!


What am I supposed to wear today? Pregnant women frequently ask me this question, and it’s a fantastic one! ‘Don’t hide the bump! We need to see it, that’s the point!’ is what I usually tell them.

If they bring their own clothes, I’ll help them choose one of two outfits. Make a note of a location where they can change since dealing with a bump is much more difficult in a confined space!

Your best chance and most flattering option is typically a garment that clings to your body. The only way to get flattering belly pictures with a flowy dress is to have mom gather it tightly under her bust and hold it there, or to have her face the wind if you’ve got some.

The location and type of session might also have an impact on what you wear. For a city, boots and bright colors might be appropriate attire. You may want to encourage her to dress more casually and in neutral colors, and you may want to encourage her to do the same.

Fashion may not be as important once she delivers the baby, so now is a great opportunity to accessorize with jewelry, scarves, and interesting shoes! Just as in a regular family or couple session, have the new dad congratulate her on her outfit, but without being too matchy-matchy.


When is the best time to schedule a maternity session? Depending on whether or not this is a first pregnancy, we may want to “see the bump.”

As a rule of thumb, I recommend starting the last trimester of pregnancy and ideally before 35 weeks of pregnancy. Getting up and down is hard labor, and it’s difficult to feel ‘beautiful’ until they reach that stage.

Try to remember if you’ve ever been pregnant in the past. Pregnancy bumps can be difficult to detect if the session is held too early in a woman’s pregnancy, which defeats the purpose.

Talk to each other and figure out when the best moment is to do so. To be on the safe side, check to see if there are any issues such as the chance of a preterm birth, physical limits, the requirement for bed rest, or if the mother is expecting multiples.


Maternity sessions with family members can be both wonderful and challenging. Getting the elder siblings to pose for the picture while mom is still showing off her growing belly can be difficult if they are still very young.

Think at it this way: Mom doesn’t have to chase kids around, so you and dad have to take care of them. Keep things lighthearted and enjoyable. As you typically would, try to obtain some “traditional” images, but try to concentrate on the interactions among family members.

Being a big sibling or brother is a great honor. In the presence of children, pose and direction take on an entirely new meaning. Just remember to keep the baby bump in the forefront and do your best to make mom feel beautiful.

Pets can be a great addition to maternity pictures. So many of the couples I’ve met have expressed a desire to involve their pets in the festivities. Choose your location wisely when working with animals.


When it comes to maternity photos, pets can be an excellent addition. So many of the couples I’ve met have expressed a desire to involve their pets in the festivities. When working with animals, it is important to select a setting carefully.

Maternity photos can be enhanced by include pets. Pets are important to many couples, and I’ve seen this firsthand. The location where you work with animals should be carefully considered.

This is a place where open communication is critical!


Consider photographing your own pregnancy if you, Miss Fancy Photographer, are expecting a child of your own.

Right now, I’m expecting my THIRD boy! We’re all giddy with anticipation. I haven’t done a great job of photographing every week, but I do have a few snapshots to show for my efforts.

There are several ways to take photos, like utilizing a timer, remote control, or even the mirror in the bathroom. Or how about a look at your own tummy?

Be sure to book a second session with a different photographer so that you can have family portraits taken.

So there you have it… some tips on how to take better belly photos.

For new parents who don’t want a million and one photographs of their baby, tailoring your packages and pricing is an excellent idea. When booked with a complete newborn session, I may offer small maternity sessions.

A complementary small maternity session might be offered to clients who book their newborns, or you could take advantage of the opportunity to photograph your pregnant best friend (a terrific baby present!).

Here’s a picture of me at 27 weeks, just for fun!

3 easy posing themes, a gazillion gorgeous images

#1: Solo poses for a pregnant parent

Your posing skills will be tested during most maternity photographs, so make sure you’re prepared! When photographing pregnant women, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose an easy location

Scout spots that don’t demand a lot of walking for your photos… Consider a close outdoor maternity setting in the warmer months, or an indoor location for winter pregnancy photos, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Maternity Poses: These 3 Simple Setups are All You Need

Andrea Nigh’s best advice is to talk a lot before the shoot. Choose a venue that reflects your client’s style and gets them pumped up for the shoot!

Include wardrobe options

It is common for pregnant women to feel self-conscious about their bumps. Help them choose out a beautiful dress for their pregnancy photos! It’s worth considering stocking your client’s wardrobe with beautiful, universally flattering gowns. A client guide (or Pinterest board) of your top shoppable outfits is another option.

“I meet with each pregnant mother before to her session so she can inspect and try on my dresses,” says Janae Marie, a professional photographer. Each woman is at peace after meeting with me since I offer a selection of gowns in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.

Prioritize safe, comfortable poses

Certain poses can be difficult to execute when you have a large baby belly. Pregnant women face unique physical obstacles, so keep this in mind when creating poses for them.

There are two basic types of maternity photoshoot poses:

  1. Pose in a chair
  2. Pronounced postures

What happens next is entirely about

  • Where their hands rest
  • interactions with their gowns (making it flow or twirl, etc.)
  • the natural splendor of the setting
  • expressions that are in keeping with one’s true self

Find ways to flatter the body

You can’t go wrong with a pregnant body. That’s why you’re giving maternity photos; you already know that!

There are, however, less pleasing methods of capturing pregnancy. Use these methods to ensure your client loves the way she looks in her pictures:

Avoid shooting straight-on

However, there are less pleasing approaches to pregnancy photography. Follow these steps to make sure your client is happy with the photos you take of her:

While most pregnant women are already self-conscious about their altered body shape, Vanessa Hicks argues that “thoughtful maternal posing” is essential. Make sure they are at ease in front of the camera, and remind them why they are shooting these photographs. They’re about to embark on a fantastic journey!”

Shoot from the side

One of the best ways to show off a gorgeous baby bump is from the side. To create a genuine bond between mother and kid, have your pregnant client embrace her belly for a few shots.

Use a longer lens

It is possible to distort your client’s frame by using wide-angle lenses. If you want to get the most accurate portrayal of this historic occasion, go with a long lens. 85mm, 100mm, and 200mm are examples of longer lenses available for full-frame cameras.

Encourage bent arms and legs

Direct your client to the following actions to give the impression of movement:

  • bend your knee closest to the camera in a gentle manner.
  • Lift their skirts so that their elbows naturally bend.
  • keep their hair back from their face for a more natural arm and wrist curvature.

#2: Posing couples for a maternity session

They may want to include a photo of the two of them (or three!) together, if your soon-to-be parent has a partner. Make sure you know ahead of time if this is the case and ask your client how many images they want with their spouse and how many photos they want alone.

Interaction is everything

I direct my clients but keep them moving, talking and joking so that they relax and enjoy the session,” says Andrea Nigh. These photos are far more appealing to me than posed ones since they appear more authentic.

One of the best things about photographing couples is that they aren’t the only ones that become nervous about posing for the camera! Instead of allowing themselves to become overly agitated and anxious, they can focus on one another and experience some genuine intimacy.

More movement is possible with two

When photographing a pair, it’s always better to use dynamic postures. From now on, your customer will be more secure while she strolls through the countryside or along city streets with you by her side.

Walk-and-talk—but from the side!

We’ve already mentioned that you should avoid front-on photos, haven’t we? If you’re taking a portrait of a pregnant woman, advise her to lead her companion as they walk, exactly like Kaytlin Lane did in the image above.

Dip and spin

Your client can safely dip and whirl for a lovely series of photos with the support of a partner. Here are Kaytlin’s maternity photos, which show how movement can enhance any image.

Tender touch

Some couples find pregnancy to be unexpectedly stressful. Take advantage of their photo session to let them forget their troubles and reconnect.

Here are some ideas for times of intimacy:

  • Mom’s belly was touched by the hand of her father.
  • forehead-to-forehead
  • snuggled up in a chair

Keep the lines of communication open with your clientele by letting them know how well the images are coming along. After snapping a picture of one of my clients, I immediately begin to complement them on how beautiful it is,” Janae Marie says. They’re constantly in amazement of how beautiful they look when I show them an image!”

Back to front

Standing or sitting, this straightforward position is a good choice. Based on the couple’s height and the location, you can determine which is better

The photographs below, taken by Andrea Nigh and Captured Happiness Photography, show how a simple back-to-back stance can evoke strong feelings of intimacy between two people.

#3: Family maternity poses the whole crew will love

Include the entire family in your next maternity session booking! Everyone, including partners, children, grandparents, and pets, is welcome!

However, just as with couple pictures, you’ll want to ask your client how many individual, couple, and family photographs they want. Your questionnaire should include a section such as this:

Find what makes this family special

Every family has a special bond that only they share. Some families are extremely empathetic, while others are more apathetic. Go with the flow, but don’t be hesitant to push each family a little outside their comfort zone.

Andrea Nigh says she doesn’t over-pose her clients. It’s better for me to have my subjects move around, converse, and connect with their loved ones in order to get the real emotions and genuine smiles and laughs. As a photographer, I’m constantly on the move in order to get a variety of compositions, light, and angles.

Props don’t have to be cheesy

Ask your clients’ loved ones to bring a few items that truly represent them to the meeting. The following are some ideas:

  • A passion for the sport? A baseball, a glove, and a catcher’s mitt are great props for a few maternity photos.
  • Let’s go on a picnic. An heirloom quilt, a large basket, and a simple snack (like sliced apples) all come together to create a beautiful family shot.
  • Bring a print of the most recent sonogram to the parents’ attention. Preparing for the “after” photo when the baby arrives is a terrific idea. To see an example, see the one provided by Sasha Q.

Follow the leader

To take a side-view pregnant snapshot of the entire family walking in unison, arrange everyone in a line. Move around to get a variety of shots of this stance in a big outdoor area. Nothing else is on the line for your clients but to have a good time!

One pose, multiple photos

To get the most out of your photography, follow Andrea’s suggestion and move around as much as possible when you’re taking pictures.

Images range from wide-open landscapes to up-close and personal. from the side to the front to the back… Is there any limit to how many shots you can take from the same pose?

And if you don’t take a step back and look around, you can miss the way her spouse looks at her or the fact that her child has a hand on her belly, as Andrea Nigh describes. Your client’s narrative is told in all of these times!”

10 Maternity Poses for Beautiful Photos

10. Photograph Mom Alone

Do not forget to snap pictures of simply the mom when photographing a pair. Having beautiful maternity portraits taken of her with her arms around her growing belly will result in images that are both emotional and meaningful.

Posing her in a way that brings out the best features of her features can also enhance the depth and warmth of the image. Put her at a 45-degree angle to you and see if it helps. In this approach, the outline of the hump is brought into sharper relief. The smaller the baby bump, the more advantageous this is.

Talk to the baby while she rubs her belly. Do this while smiling at her bump if she’s uncomfortable. Consider the baby’s arrival and get her excited. The maternity photos will have more authentic expressions as a result.

Take pictures of her from afar, in the middle, and up close. Experiment with different crop sizes once you’ve shot enough solid portraits to warrant it.

To get her to do this, ask her to squat down on one leg. It’s a great pose for letting go and redistributing your weight. In addition, it offers more fascinating lines leading to the baby bulge, which is the focus point of the maternity photoshoot.

During the photo shoot, keep her hands moving and her gaze fixed on the camera. Observe her, her partner, her tummy, and her shoulder.

Poke her neck out towards the camera so she can stare down at her feet instead of her belly. This will prevent any chins from getting squeezed.

9. Shoot Dad With the Belly

When the belly is the focus, that doesn’t mean dad can’t have his day in the spotlight. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your hands on your tummy. Have him chat to the tummy and experience the intimacy of being so close to you.

Another beautiful maternity position suggestion is to have the dad stand partly behind the mother and rest his hands on her belly. The hands are all you need to focus on. Instead of focusing on the mother’s face, take a mid-length photo and isolate the father’s eyes.

Look at the camera and then down at his tummy. Do what your dad wants if he asks you to. Your clients will appreciate more intimate images if you make them feel like they are a part of the pregnancy photography session.

8. Direct Walking Maternity Poses

Maternity photographs might benefit from a bit of movement. Also, it aids in your clients’ ability to relax and feel at ease. A pregnant woman may find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time, especially if she’s carrying a baby.

When it comes to maternity walking positions, you have a few alternatives. As they hold hands and smile at each other, a mother and father can guide each other across the park. Ask her to place one of her hands on her stomach from time to time.

Couples can be photographed as they approach the camera, either with their eyes on the lens or on each other. The slower and more natural their gait, the more intimate the relationship will appear.

You can also bring up the subject of the baby with them. They’ll be compelled to gaze at or maybe touch the mother’s tummy as a result of this. Maternity photos won’t appear faked this way.

7. Shoot Silhouette Maternity Poses

Silhouette maternity photos are ideal for moms who are shy in front of the camera. In the photos, her slender figure and swollen belly will stand out. Her facial expression, on the other hand, is not something she has to worry about.

While the woman is standing or sitting, you can shoot silhouette pregnancy shots. Ask her to turn and show one of her sides to the camera in order to draw attention to the baby bump.

Additionally, you can ask the father to give her a belly kiss as well. As though we were seeing them in their own house, this will create an intimate scene.

6.  Use Legs and Hands to Highlight the Belly

The belly is the focal point of maternity photos. Hands and legs are excellent tools for keeping our attention focused on the belly and the pair.

Alternatively, one hand can be placed on either side of the tummy, depending on your preference. Position one above and slightly to the side, and the other directly across from each other. Alternatively, you can just have your client rub her tummy as she would if she were standing alone.

Fingers should be close together and palms overlapping, but never overpowering the stomach.

If your mother is facing you, have her cross her legs so you can draw more lines in the direction of her belly. This will draw attention to the bulge more than if she stood straight-legged.

The similar effect can be achieved by having her bend one leg at the knee in other pregnancy positions.

5. Shoot Active Maternity Poses

Fitness and prenatal yoga are popular pastimes for many mothers. While she’s working out, why not take maternity photos of her? Fast movements are not an issue. It’s hard to call prenatal yoga or aerobics “dynamic.”

Request that the pregnant woman wear activewear that reveals her growing belly if she feels confident about it. In order to mimic the shape of the belly, you may choose to utilize enormous workout balls.

Pregnancy is a time when the mother’s body needs extra attention since she is growing a new life. To show how much the lady cares about her body, she should exercise.

4. Remember All Bodies Are Different

Some maternity postures may not work for every expectant mother. Additionally, not all maternity positions are going to be easy to get into.

Never put your client in a tough or uncomfortable position without first asking them. To get the best maternity images, people need to feel at ease in the position, the environment, and even in front of the camera themselves.

Keep an eye out for signs of discomfort and try to reestablish a rapport with your customer as soon as possible.

It’s important to keep in mind that you may need to use hands or a belt or even turn your client at an angle to draw attention to the growing belly during some maternity sessions.

As a general rule, try to let the positions develop naturally and allow for interaction. The finest images are taken when the couple is having fun and joking between poses.

3. Build up the Maternity Poses

You don’t have to move your customers very far to create and obtain a variety of poses. Clients can unwind when you keep them together in one location. Walking a lot at 8 months pregnant might be exhausting.

Begin by placing your outer hand on your partner’s tummy, facing each other. When your clients are looking down, you might ask them to glance at each other. During this time, have the dad look at the baby’s belly and the mother look at the camera.

It’s also a good idea to have a dad standing behind the mother and holding the bottom of her belly in front of the camera.

When the father kisses his wife on the temple while the mother is looking down, the scene is complete. Alternatively, as in the illustration, they can hold the props they brought to the session. Take close-ups and far-off images with the same lens.

The more variations you try, the better your chances of capturing a standout image.

2. Don’t Forget to Play and Have Fun

Photographing a pregnant woman doesn’t have to be all about tears and cuddling. Consider asking your customers to have some fun with it as an option. Allow them to enjoy the occasion by having them walk about or dance if they’re feeling up to it.

Insist that the mother and father converse, with the mother saying something kind to her husband and the reverse occurring. This usually results in a wide range of genuine expressions that are ideal for photographing. Your clients’ personalities shine through in these images, which capture them at just the right point in their life.

Maternity postures in which the mother is seated are very common. Sit on a bench and pretend you’re sitting on your couch with the pair. They can also have some fun with each other, such as teasing each other.

1. Keep Arms and Face Away From the Body

Moms-to-be typically have their first maternity session during the seventh and ninth months of their pregnancies.

However, as a side effect, the arms, legs, and even the face may enlarge. By simply going for a walk a lot, they can boost the baby’s growth and development.

To avoid a squeezed neck and a double chin, have your client push their chin toward the camera while they are being photographed.

Keeping the arms away from the body and bent can add shape and lines to the contour of the body as well as not make the arm seem fuller than it really is in real life.

When the arms are kept away from the body and bent, the body’s shape and lines are enhanced but the arm does not appear fuller than it actually is.


When is the best time to schedule maternity photos?

With bent elbows, you can accentuate a woman’s natural curves while at the same time making her arms appear slimmer than they actually are.

What should I wear?

I want you to look and feel your best in your maternity photos, so it’s important to pick outfits that motivate you to do so. Choosing clothing that highlight your figure is a great way to ensure that I can capture your beauty. Keep a cardigan or long jacket in your bag to cover any tank tops you may wear. The best color scheme is one in which you feel most comfortable, so go with whichever color scheme makes you feel most like you. For your preparation and excitement, we’ll send over some inspiration boards!

Maternity Poses: These 3 Simple Setups are All You Need

Why invest in professional hair and make-up?

Hair and make-up by a professional artist DO make a difference in images taken during pregnancy. While I understand that this is a joyous but stressful moment in your life, I think that hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your photo shoot is a wonderful opportunity to treat yourself and relieve some of the tension. MAC and Ulta are good options if this is out of your price range. Date night makeup is a cinch to do when you do it yourself.

Do you offer Newborn Sessions or Baby’s First Year plan?

Yes! My newborn photo sessions and baby plans are available here.

But I am feeling insecure about how I look during my pregnancy and I am not sure I want my picture taken?

Natural and usual for most mothers-to-be, especially during their first pregnancy. You’re going through a lot of physical changes since you’re carrying a kid inside of you. I’ve been there myself, and I can empathize. My goal as a professional photographer is to make you feel and look your best during our time together, and I consider these transformations as awe-inspiring. As a result, you can rest guaranteed that your images will be stunning.

Where does the session take place?

There is no right or wrong place for you to work. As long as it’s somewhere that has special importance to you and your loved ones, this may be the destination.

What happens during my session?

Your pregnancy photography session in Denver will be one filled with happiness, significance, and ease. In order to help you get started, I’ll go over a few crucial points, such as posing and how to engage with your significant other or children. So that your children are comfortable with me if they attend the session, I will spend some time getting to know them. I have games for them to play, and I will never force them to do anything that doesn’t come naturally to them. My goal is to make these sessions enjoyable for everyone, especially your children. I’ll show you a few positions and try to get some great candid shots of the two of you interacting. It’s these precious moments with your loved ones that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

What happens after my session?

Your reveal and viewing appointment will be scheduled with us 2-3 weeks after your session date.

Do you send out maternity photos?

Maternity photos can be taken whenever you’d like if you want to use them as an announcement of your pregnancy. After the first trimester of pregnancy, announcements are typically made. However, every mother-to-be is unique, so it is entirely up to you.

What month do you take maternity pics?

As long as pregnant women are not too near to their due dates and are still able to move around with their developing baby bumps, they can enjoy a maternity photo session. The optimal time range for maternity photography is between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Why are maternity pictures important?

Because you won’t be pregnant forever and your pregnancy will go by faster than you expected, it’s crucial to document these precious moments. In the years to come, you’ll look back on these images as a remembrance of that magical period when you were pregnant.

How do I take maternity pictures at home?

At-Home Maternity Photography Tips.

  1. Being able to see light.
  2. Using a remote control or a tripod with a timer.
  3. Keep an eye on the scenery.
  4. If you don’t want to show off your stomach, wear clothing that’s fitting.
  5. Put together a hit list.
  6. Hair and Makeup.
  7. Prior to your due date, schedule a photo shoot.

When should you schedule newborn photos?

When Is the Best Time to Capture Newborns’ First Moments? Most photographers recommend that you have your newborn photos taken between 5 and 14 days after the birth of your child. In the first two weeks, when your baby is still drowsy and content, it’s easier to get good poses out of them. As a bonus, it’s early enough that your child hasn’t developed any infant acne yet.

What should a man wear for maternity photos?

Men should wear dark bottoms such as jeans or khakis. Plain white shirts in a soft (not starched) fabric are recommended. Both cotton and linen are excellent fabric options for a wedding dress. Get some standard, white or black Crew Neck Tees as well.

What are maternity photos?

The term “maternity shot” refers to a photo shoot or series of picture shoots carried out by a soon-to-be mother during her pregnancy or throughout the maternity period. These sessions capture the beauty of your growing baby bulge and celebrate the closeness between mother and child.

When did maternity photos become popular?

Also, there’s a significant shift in mindset here. When Demi Moore posed for that memorable Vanity Fair cover in 1991, most expectant mothers were still wearing smock tops to hide their swelling stomachs, and the cameras didn’t start rolling until after the baby was born.


It’s a terrific approach to start a long-term business relationship with a client by taking maternity images. As a result, they will return for future sessions, including those of their new baby as well.

Keeping these pointers in mind will help you remain focused during your maternity session. These positions also provide for a wide range of options and experimentation. Your clients will appreciate the variety of images you’ll be able to display them.

If you’re a hairstylist, remember that your clients come in all shapes and sizes.