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Oh, baby! Congratulations—you’re expecting. This is an exciting time filled with memorable milestones. From the positive pregnancy test to feeling the first flutter to the arrival of your new baby, there are so many moments to look forward to. Deciding when to buy maternity clothes will be different for everyone. Are you wondering when your right time to buy is? Get excited, we have options for you.

Oh, my sweet little baby! You’re expecting a child, which is wonderful news. It’s an exciting moment, full of important landmarks. After a positive pregnancy test and before your baby is born, there are so many exciting moments to anticipate. Everyone’s decision on when to buy maternity clothing will be unique. Are you trying to figure out when the best time is to buy a house is? We’ve got options for you, so get enthusiastic.

When Do I Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

The sweetest sound I’ve heard all day. Congratulations, you’re going to be a mommy-to-be soon. This is a wonderful moment that will be marked by numerous significant anniversaries. There are so many exciting moments to look forward to, from the positive pregnancy test through the delivery of your new baby. For each individual, the timing of when to buy maternity clothing will vary. Are you unsure of the best time to buy? Take heart; we’ve got a few choices for you.

Your Uterus

oh my gosh, sweetheart. A big congrats on your impending pregnancies. Several significant events are taking place right now, making it an exciting time to be alive. After a positive pregnancy test and before your baby is born, there are so many exciting milestones to look forward too. As a pregnant woman, you will have to decide when to buy maternity clothing for yourself. Do you want to know when the best time is to buy? We’ve got options for you, so get excited!

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A little more than two inches above your pubic bone at 14 weeks

Halfway between your pubic bone and belly button, the uterus is now at 16 weeks.

20 Weeks—it reaches your belly button

It’s 20 weeks old when it reaches your pubic bone!

Body Shape

Before you are pregnant, your body type or shape will give you a fair idea of how quickly you’ll need to change your clothing to be comfortable. You may notice that your stomach protrudes early if you’re shorter than average, for example. Getting pregnant can take longer if you were overweight before getting pregnant. Being familiar with your own physical characteristics might help you anticipate the changes that will occur, but you should expect the unexpected.

Weight Gain

This, like everything else in pregnancy, differs from person to person. Pregnancy weight gain can vary widely among women, with some gaining more than others, independent of their pre-pregnancy weight. When it comes to fat distribution, women tend to gain weight in different parts of their bodies, which might have an impact on the clothes they desire to wear. Consider whether you need to buy maternity clothes right away if you tend to acquire weight around your face or legs.

Even in the first trimester of pregnancy, if you’re experiencing constipation or gassiness, you may need to change your diet.

Other Factors

During pregnancy, your breasts will expand rapidly due to the elevated levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body. Maternity clothing for your chest could be necessary before you buy maternity clothing for your abdomen. Because of this, you don’t need to buy a new maternity bra every time your cup size changes, as is the case with many other types of bras.

Your delivery time will be significantly faster if you’re carrying more than one child. However, you should keep these elements in mind when planning your wardrobe.

Early in your pregnancy, you may actually lose weight before gaining it if you have a lot of morning sickness. To avoid having to buy maternity clothes for as long as possible (at least in the abdomen area), do this.

Pregnant women must have developed maternity wear, as they are remarkably easy to convert to your size! Maternity clothes normally fit women who were a size 8 pre-pregnancy.


Instead, if you’re delaying the purchase of a whole wardrobe, there are still items you can wear well into your third month of pregnancy. Dresses with a flared a-line skirt, an empire waist, or a sheath made of elastic fabric are all good choices. To accommodate your changing body shape, choose pants and skirts with elastic waistbands. Finally, your chest will appreciate loose-fitting tees and flowy blouses.

While many women’s transitions to maternity clothing may be unique, remember that it’s all about your personal comfort. As soon as it’s time, you’ll know it.

Contact Regional Medical Center right away for more information and comprehensive maternity care.

When to buy maternity clothes: First trimester bridging the gap

Take a look around your house and see what you already own that you can adapt to fit your growing belly as you begin to develop your maternity wardrobe. Yoga pants and casual skirts made of stretchy material are a terrific place to start, but the lower the rise, the better. When a woman’s stomach expands and maybe becomes sore, many of them despise the sensation. Find dresses and shirts with empire waistlines that can work for the first few weeks of your pregnancy. You can wear leggings and tunic-style wrap dresses in the first trimester of your pregnancy.

You can use a belly band if you can no longer button your jeans. While unbuttoned, these elastic bands keep your pants in place. When your pregnant clothing no longer fit but your regular clothes are still too small or uncomfortable after childbirth, these are fantastic to have on hand as an alternative.

For loungewear and leggings, you may be able to get away with a size or two larger, but for most clothing designs you’ll look like you’re swimming in your garments!

When to buy maternity clothes? Now!

Chances are, it’s not too early, despite the appearance of it. Maternity clothing is designed to be worn from the point at which your regular clothing no longer fits until delivery (and postpartum).

It’s best to go by how your usual clothing is fitting when it comes to pregnancy wear. You may be able to wear lower-rise pants longer than someone who wears higher-rise pants. Also, remember that you’ll likely gain weight faster in subsequent pregnancies than you did in your first.

The sooner you start shopping for maternity clothes, the less likely you are to end up with something that is both pricey and unsightly (or both) just because you have nothing else to wear.

Tips for finding fashionable maternity clothes inexpensively

A far cry from what some of our mothers had to wear, pregnant mothers now have a wide variety of adorable and flattering maternity clothing options to choose from. Tips for saving money while putting together a beautiful pregnancy clothing are provided here.

You may be able to borrow many or all of the maternity garments you need from a friend or relative of your own size. Pregnant women who don’t wear the same pants size may both wear a M in maternity clothes because they are more forgiving.

You can save money by shopping secondhand, as most women only wear maternity garments for the first few months of their pregnancy, so they are more likely to be in good condition. Children’s consignment shops often have pregnancy clothing on their shelves. Swap.com, for example, is a good place to look.

There are typically “plenty” of maternity garments for sale on Ebay.com, which is an online auction site. The entire lot will be auctioned for a single price. Many, but not all, of the items will be photographed by the vendor. It doesn’t matter if only 20% of the garments in a lot are to your taste; you’ll still receive a terrific value.

Old Navy – If you’re looking for cheap maternity clothing, Old Navy is the place to go. Maternity clothes are easy to size (simply purchase your regular size in S, M, L, etc.) and usually fit a wide range of body types. You’ll probably need to buy them online.

Even though it’s more expensive than Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity carries maternity clothing in-store and online, so you can try things on before purchasing. During their sales, you can also find fantastic deals.

Invest in some higher quality clothes

A few higher-quality maternity garments may be worthwhile if you anticipate having additional children. These include dresses that can be dressed up or down and made more comfortable with a sweater and leggings. You may save more money in the long run if you buy maternity clothing that lasts for two or more seasons rather than cheaper clothing that only lasts for a few months.

A few convertible pieces that may be utilized during pregnancy, lactation, and beyond are also an option. From tank top to maxi dress, the Hipknoties are a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. Many pregnancy shirts can also be used as nursing tops, allowing you to get more wear out of them.

The 10 Best Places to Buy Maternity Clothes

The Bellaband, a maternity band worn over unbuttoned or unzipped jeans, slacks, skirts, and shorts, was the beginning for Ingrid and Isabel. When you wear the band, your pants stay in place, and your tummy is kept smooth and supported.

Their product line has developed to cover all the essentials, such as leggings, camis, support wear, t-shirts, dresses, and denim, among other things. Although their designs are simple, they are also elegant and well-made. A one-stop shop for modern moms-to-be who want everything they need.

A Pea In The Pod is a terrific location to shop for flattering styles at every point of your pregnancy, including afterward, because it is the unofficial home of designer maternity apparel through the first trimester. Fashion-forward denim and workwear can be found at Frame, Citizens of Humanity, Splendid, and Paige if you have a larger budget.

Hatch was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing stylish, comfortable, and affordable maternity wear for today’s moms. While their pricey basics and fashionable statement items may be a little pricey, they are made to last and can be worn after the baby is born.

All of Hatch’s maternity underwear is manufactured from certified environmentally-friendly cotton that is comfortable to the touch and contains a double layer at the front to provide support during and after childbirth. The same goes for their breastfeeding, pumping, and skin-to-skin tank tops, as well as their soft and stretchy pregnant bras.

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Pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends. Fortunately, ASOS’ maternity area offers a wide selection of stylish options at reasonable costs. Let go of the fear that you’ll only be able to wear boring neutrals and outmoded patterns. A wide range of clothing is available on the website including everything from fancy dresses to casual rompers and tees for lounging about the house.

From Adidas to Calvin Klein to the North Face, ASOS carries a wide variety of well-known brands. With fast shipping, simple returns, and exchanges, they make internet buying a breeze.

Whether you’re shopping for work attire or casual wear, H&M is the place to go for affordable, high-quality options that you’ll really wear for more than six months.

They provide a similar selection of comfortable yet fashionable things for non-pregnant women that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe or use to construct an entirely new capsule wardrobe. This is a great alternative for new moms who don’t want to sacrifice their sense of style just because they’re expecting a baby.

Even though most doctors urge pregnant women engage in some form of physical activity, finding the correct workout gear for pregnant women can be a challenge. Gap’s athletic label GapFit just released additional maternity options and they’re ideal for expectant mothers who want to keep up with their busy lifestyles without feeling constrained.

As you develop and move, the Gap carries leggings in a variety of beautiful styles and designs as well as breathable tops and sports bras that keep you cool and comfortable. They all include side ruching for extra room and are designed to avoid chafing.

For the most part, Summersalt isn’t maternity-specific. Instead, the company strives to develop “hardworking travel attire.” ‘ Although the company’s swimwear has been featured in Elle, Glamour, Forbes and more, it is their swimwear that has put them on the map. Pregnant women can now enjoy their best-sellers!

The one- and two-piece maternity swimsuits from this brand don’t have a drab vibe to them. The truth is, they’re stylish, well-made, and a delight to wear. As the brand puts it, the “mama-friendly features” of the suits include flattering side shirring, an empire seam for waist definition, a shelf bra with built-in soft cups for bosom support and adjustable back straps. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the patterns and colors.

How many times have you attempted to button a coat over your growing belly? Bump-friendly maternity gear is a must-have for expectant mothers living in cold locations. Fashion-forward pregnancy and motherhood apparel business Seraphine is best known for its wide variety of work-friendly attire, essentials, and outerwear.

Seraphine’s 3-in-1 maternity parkas are meant to grow with you throughout your pregnancy and then adapt to babywearing after the birth of your child.. Parkas, rain jackets, khaki jackets, and beautiful cashmere wool coats are just a few of the designs and options available from the brand. When it comes to the baby, they even offer a coat for dad.

Storq was founded with a simple goal in mind: to create fashionable maternity and nursing wear for modern women who don’t want to give up their style for nine months. They don’t overcomplicate things, but their premium pricing are a reflection of their dedication to better materials and fit.

There are only a few pieces in the Storq collection, and the majority of their most popular items are upscale, basic, and loungewear. The Luxe Joggers, 3-Piece Lounge Set, and Anytime Overalls are some of our favorites.

When it comes to maternity wear, support for your expanding tummy and body is just as important as all-day comfort. Blanqi’s leggings have been a best-seller for a long time for a good reason—they’re designed for maternity, postpartum, and beyond. Seamless, light compression and moisture-wicking fabric make up all of the styles.

In addition to its ability to raise and disperse the weight of your bump, Blanqi leggings also provide additional back support. Aside from the sporty SportSupport leggings and the postpartum high-waisted leggings with moderate mid-section compression to smooth and secure your post-baby tummy, they also provide hip-height leggings for everyday use.

Blanqi’s game-changing support wear, including the leggings, is available in a variety of neutral colors like black, grey, white, and blue, so they won’t go out of style as your family grows. And they’re fantastic gifts for bridal showers!

What to Look for in Places to Buy Maternity Clothes


There is no need to compromise your personal style when you’re expecting a child. There is a common misconception that pregnant women must give up their own style. This is not the case. Maternity clothing is more fashionable than ever, so you don’t have to give up anything.

Take your style cues from the store’s selection of fashionable clothing and accessories. You may want to take a peek at your own closet to see if any of your favorite items are too small for you as you get older.


Maternity clothing can be quite expensive, as is well known. Although there are a variety of brands available at different price points, there is no shortage of options. When looking for a retailer, set a spending limit and stick to it.

If this is your first time shopping at a certain store, you may be eligible for a discount. Look for discounts on the store’s website or, if you prefer, try on clothes in person. To avoid overspending on clothing you don’t know if it will fit, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.


It’s critical to invest in high-quality maternity clothing if you intend to wear them for more than nine months or for consecutive pregnancies. Even if a higher-quality item may cost a little more, it’s worth it if you want to wear it for a long time.

Make careful to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to ensure long-term durability of the product. The quality of a piece of clothing can be harmed if it is washed in a way that is not suggested.


When should I start wearing maternity clothes?

Around 16-20 weeks into the second trimester, women who are expecting their first child are ready to start wearing maternity apparel.

Is 12 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

The bump often ‘pops’ later in the first pregnancy than in subsequent ones. Even in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s common for first-time moms to get thrilled about being pregnant and showing off your bump. During the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, resist the temptation to start shopping for maternity clothes.

Is 18 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

Most pregnant women don’t need to start wearing maternity clothes until they’re between 12 and 18 weeks along, which is when most women begin to show.

Should I buy maternity clothes or just bigger sizes?

What’s the most important piece of advice? During your whole pregnancy, wear clothes that are one or two sizes larger than your present size. When your body hasn’t yet returned to its pre-baby size, these pieces can be fantastic transitional things for you. Make sure to cover your developing belly with low-rise jeans.

Is 14 weeks too early for maternity clothes?

It’s possible that your belly will expand around 14 weeks of pregnancy, but most women don’t start displaying until around 16 weeks. Most women will be wearing maternity or at least loose-fitting clothing by the 20th week of their pregnancy.

What should I wear at 4 months pregnant?

For the most of the first trimester, most women can get away with wearing regular clothes (3 months). To ensure your comfort, you may want to wear a larger bra size or wear looser-fitting clothing during this period. By the time you reach the fourth or fifth month of your pregnancy, you may find that you need to switch to wearing larger sizes.

How many pant sizes do you go up when pregnant?

Normal clothing sizes apply to pregnant women, so you’ll be the same size in both maternity and non-maternity garments. Pregnant women typically wear a size small. Sizes 6 and 28 are interchangeable with the comparable maternal sizes 6 and 28.

What month will I start wearing maternity clothes?

It’s up to you when you start wearing maternity clothes; it doesn’t matter when your belly gets big enough to make wearing ordinary clothes uncomfortable. At this point in most women’s first pregnancies, but it varies from person to person.

Is it too early to buy maternity clothes at 8 weeks?

Pregnancy apparel can be purchased at any time. Pregnancy basics are a necessity, so you should start shopping for them as soon as possible to ensure you’ll be able to wear them throughout your entire pregnancy.

How can I figure out what size maternity clothes to buy?

When shopping for maternity clothing, go with your regular size because most maternity labels employ pre-pregnancy sizing with extra room for a bump.

Do I really need maternity clothing?

To begin, are maternity clothes really necessary? And to that, I say, “extremely!”

You may be able to squeeze into those Levi’s for the first three months of your pregnancy, but once your belly begins to grow, so will the button!

Maternity apparel has come a long way from what our parents or grandparents had to offer when they first heard the term “maternity wear.”

Whether you’re looking for a stunning dress or just a pair of jeans, maternity clothes may help you look and feel your best during your pregnancy. You will never want to take this outfit off.

Look no further if you’re looking for a summer dress that’s both fashionable and comfortable. There are two dresses in one with our Trifle Reversible Maternity Dress! And it’s a great way to show off your baby belly in the summer.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a pair of jeans that you can wear on a regular basis since they’re both comfy and stylish. Make no fear; we’ve got you covered. Our Destroyed Maternity Jean 32″ are the ultimate pair of jeans for your entire pregnancy and any subsequent ones.

When to buy maternity clothes

So you’ve recently learned that you’re expecting a child. All of your favorite Instagrammers have been posting pictures of their new babies, and you’re overjoyed and ready to go out and buy everything you see.


We strongly advise waiting until you can no longer fit into your current clothing before making a change. The reason for this is that when a woman gets pregnant, her body changes and so do her hormones.

I wish I had bought a larger size when I first got pregnant, or maybe I just don’t like the item anymore now that I have a baby in the house.

Maternity clothing tips

Maternity apparel is all about comfort and style, so we’ve put up a list of six recommendations to help you get started.

Start with what you already have in your home’s closet.

Take a look around your house to check if you already have any maternity items that can endure your expanding belly before you go shopping for a gorgeous maternity dress or a pair of flexible jeans.

It’s possible that you’ve forgotten about a couple loose-fitting maxi dresses or flowy blouses in your closet that would be excellent for the occasion.

Trust me, you’ll be surprised by what’s in your closet! Using what you already have is not only more cost-effective, but it is also a more environmentally responsible and long-term solution.

If you ask me, it’s a win-win situation.

Secondly, you can save money by purchasing pre-owned goods

A child’s entire future is one of the most essential things to most parents, therefore they attempt to save their money where they can.

We recommend that you visit a few of your favorite local secondhand shops and thoroughly peruse the racks. You’ll be astounded by the quantity and quality of what you unearth (since they are only worn for a few months at a time).

What are you going to be doing in the next several days? What is the purpose of this?

Working in an office until your due date may not necessitate four pairs of maternity jeans. Prepare for the next ten to eleven months and buy accordingly.

When's the best time to start buying maternity clothes, 2021? | MadeForMums

Make the most of your 7-month pregnancy by splurging on a maternity dress that showcases your baby bump. Alternatively, if you’re already a fitness fanatic, there are a plethora of fashionable and comfortable leggings to choose from.

You don’t need to buy a new outfit if you’re trying to conserve money, as most expectant parents are.

Our advice is to stock up on a few crucial pieces, or even a couple of the same ones, that you can wear every day, in any situation.

For the record, people are more interested in your bump than the three-day-old jeans you’ve worn.

What kind of maternity underwear are you wearing?

We know this is where things may get a little tough, so we’ve taken the guessing out of it for you.

During the first three months of pregnancy, your breasts might grow by up to three cup sizes, which can be rather unpleasant.

Nursing bras with six hooks and eyes for extra support and extension can work well for you if you are 3-8 months pregnant, as your ribcage is expanding but you aren’t growing much.

When you’re eight to nine months pregnant, your ribcage is at its widest, so choose a lower band size (and a larger cup size) in a bra because your ribcage will shrink substantially after you give birth.

During the first four weeks after childbirth or breastfeeding: Because of the increased milk production, your breasts will be at their largest, heaviest, and most delicate. From the first three months of your pregnancy, your seamless bra will come in quite helpful.

5. Keep things basic. a.

Naturally, there may be times when you feel the need to go all out and flaunt your expanding stomach.

However, for the majority of the time, it’s best to keep things simple when shopping for maternity wear.

Of course, the adage “only get the essentials” will always be bandied about, but in this case, it is dead on. Sticking to the essentials and acquiring a few pairs of jeans, a few comfortable leggings, a few flowing tops, and a few singlets are items that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

To obtain a more professional appearance while yet keeping casual, consider investing in one or two high-end pieces that can effortlessly dress up a pair of jeans and a shirt.

While a plain T-shirt and leggings are ideal for a relaxed look, they also help to accentuate your stomach.

What kind of shoes are you wearing?

When you’re pregnant, it’s all about the shoes.

The size of my feet grew so much that it was impossible for me to find a pair of shoes that would fit.

It’s not always simple to find shoes that are both stylish and comfy, but it’s a necessity!

In the latter few months of pregnancy, your feet will stretch, so go for shoes that feel comfortable, such open-toed styles.

Conversely, buying a pair of comfortable sneakers one size larger than usual will allow you to wear them for the duration of your pregnancy.

Avoid wearing stilettos or high heels of more than 6 inches. There are times when this is acceptable; but, more often than not, they pose a danger. Pregnant women should avoid these shoes since they can injure their feet and cause a fall, which is the last thing they want.

Everyone’s maternity apparel needs are unique. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up or down throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Remember that you have complete control over the outcome.

Fortunately, no one gives a damn about your clothes when you’re expecting. They’ll chat about the baby’s name or when it’s due rather than the leggings you’ve been wearing. In the end, the most essential thing is to relish every moment of your pregnancy, because it will pass by in a hurry.