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Pregnancy can bring on a slew of discomforts, especially in the last trimesters when your body is forced to bear the extra weight of your growing kid. In order to alleviate back, hip, and pelvic pain during pregnancy, you should wear belly bands and maternity belts to raise your tummy and distribute your weight more evenly. Any of these supportive and pleasant maternity bands will be appreciated by your tired body, and some of them can even be worn postpartum as a belt. Go to Amazon, Target, and Motherhood Maternity to see our selection of useful pregnancy supplies.

The Best Maternity Support Belts

During pregnancy, the body undergoes a remarkable transformation, but it can also be excruciatingly painful. Maternity belts provide relief from back pain, which is a typical complaint among expectant mothers. Support belts and belly bands are designed to alleviate the discomfort and pressure that comes with a pregnant woman’s increasing belly. In addition, it should be breathable and easy to wear for a long period of time

The Best Maternity Belts in 2021 | Review by Bestcovery

Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT, APTA Spokesperson, and a Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist, advises that the first step in dealing with back pain and pressure during pregnancy is to see a specialist. Pagliano tells Verywell Family. You should always consult a physical therapist if you’re experiencing pain while exercising, even if you’ve already spoken to your doctor about it.” There is no reason to put up with pregnancy or postpartum pain because it is a commonly experienced one! Physical therapists can do a lot for you.”

Choosing the correct one can take some time, so we’ve put together a list of some of the top ones on the market with the greatest materials, sizing options, and support available.


  • A sleeve for a hot/cold pack (included with purchase)
  • Great for both pre- and post-partum use
  • Fabric that stretches and conforms to the shape of your body


  • More pricey than average
  • Velcro’s lifespan has been a problem for a few consumers.

If you can afford it, this support band/belt is worth the price. The lower back is supported, the belly is lifted, and the closure can be adjusted to accommodate a developing belly. Stretchy material with light compression is used in the belt, which is meant to fit pregnant and postpartum women and their expanding bellies.

Moms and expectant mothers may benefit from this belt’s ability to alleviate bladder and back pain; promote blood flow and circulation; and prevent hernias or hemorrhoids. 1 One of the coolest features, though, is that it comes with a hot/cold pack that fits into a built-in pocket on the band for moms to utilize heat and ice therapy.

Moms and expectant mothers may benefit from this belt’s ability to alleviate bladder and back pain; promote blood flow and circulation; and prevent hernias or hemorrhoids. 1 One of the coolest features, though, is that it comes with a hot/cold pack that fits into a built-in pocket on the band for moms to utilize heat and ice therapy.

  • Moms and expectant mothers may benefit from this belt’s ability to alleviate bladder and back pain; boost blood flow and circulation; and possibly avoid hernias or hemorrhoids, according to the manufacturer. 1 For parents, one of the nicest features is that the band comes with a hot/cold pack that can be inserted into a built-in pocket.
  • Stretchy, breathable fabric


  • Size restrictions
  • A bad choice for back discomfort

For the price of one of the other manufacturers, you may get several of these maternity belts. It comes in two colors and is designed to support the lower back while cradling the lower tummy.

With an adjustable velcro strap that won’t roll down, this belt is comprised of nylon and spandex and wraps around the back. There is only one size available for this pregnancy belt: Large or Extra Large.


  • Support for the back and the belly.
  • Several sizes to choose from
  • Progressing through the stages of pregnancy necessitates the use of different belts.


  • Everyone’s design preferences may not be the same.
  • Under clothing, the belt’s lines are likely to be visible.

This pregnancy belt comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate ladies of all shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles, and its distinctive shape offers back and tummy support. This belt, however, stands out because it adapts to your changing needs during your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

As a belly band, support band and maternity belt it is supposed to alleviate sciatic pain, reduce swelling, ease round ligament soreness and lessen back and pelvic pain, among other things..


  • Excellent compression relief is provided.
  • Invisible when worn beneath clothing.


  • Doesn’t raise the stomach.
  • Sizing can be a problem for some clients.

With this band, you’ll get the compression you’re looking for without sacrificing much stability. It comes in two colors and a range of sizes, from XS to XL, and is composed of an elastic, breathable fabric that grows with your belly.

No belly lift is provided, but it is intended to help with weight distribution and alleviate back pain.

What Experts Say

Pregnancy/SI belts have a strong possibility of alleviating asymmetric weight-bearing (standing on one leg, stairs, quick walking) and pain that is more concentrated at the pubic bone (in the center). APTA Spokesperson and Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT


  • Adjustable in every way.
  • Great support for the lower back
  • Movement will not cause it to roll or slide.


  • Only a standing support is required.
  • Ungainly form

The purpose of this maternity belt is to support and brace the lower back while also lifting the abdomen to relieve pressure and distribute weight evenly. Full adjustment is possible thanks to two velcro panels above and two below your stomach. The thick, stretchy material won’t roll or slide while you move.

This belt is particularly helpful for pregnant people who have to do a lot of standing throughout the day, but it is not designed to offer support while sitting as it has to be unhooked in order to sit safely and comfortably.

What Experts Say

If you have pain, it’s crucial to look at the “why” and address any weakness or activity changes that could be necessary.” Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT, APTA Spokesperson and a Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist, says, “A pelvic health physical therapist can help address those difficulties.”


  • Provides support for the pelvis and back.
  • Breathable, stretchable fabric
  • Greatly compresses data.


  • As limited as it may be, a one-size-fits-all design can be
  • Getting the correct fit sometimes necessitate a bit of yanking at the garment.

Being hot all the time is usual during pregnancy, so the last thing you need is a belt that will make you sweat even more. In addition to providing compression and support, this belt’s fabric is also breathable.

Velcro straps on the back and belly are used to raise the midriff and alleviate pressure on the lower back. Given that it comes in one size that fits most, you should be able to alter the belly band during your pregnancy.


  • Conceptualization of the fetus and new mom
  • The fabric is supple and elongating.
  • It’s small enough to tuck away under your clothes.


  • Support for the lower back is not available.
  • Several customers have expressed worry about the longevity of Velcro.

With its adjustable design, this belt is suitable for both pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation, allowing you to wear it for as long as you need. You may wear it discreetly beneath clothes since it is composed of a soft, stretchy fabric.

For the most part, it’s designed to lift and support the abdomen to alleviate pain and strain in the lower back.

The Best Maternity Belts in 2021 | Review by Bestcovery

Most Versatile Maternity Belt

Why We Love It

It’s a terrific choice for both pregnancy and the postpartum period because it’s small, flexible, and supportive. Helps minimize strain and improve pelvic pain by supporting your belly when pregnant with a completely adjustable wrap that is able to be adjusted to your specific needs. The wrap helps to support your hip and pelvic areas and guide your joints back into place after childbirth.

Keep in Mind

At first, the Velcro may be difficult to open and close, but users report that after some use, it becomes easier to open and close. Remember to verify with your health insurance company, since many of them now pay you for the cost of a maternity band.

Most Highly Rated Maternity Belt

Why We Love It

The Azmed belt has received nearly 3,500 positive reviews on Amazon. Pregnant women who suffer from hip and pelvic pain, abdominal support, and back strain can benefit from this breathable belt. It provides mid-level support at a price point of less than $25.

Keep in Mind

The softness and comfort of the belt, as well as the ventilated mesh front, are popular features among customers.

Best Maternity Belt for Overall Support

Why We Love It

Support for the pelvis and the abdomen? Check. Are there any issues with my hips and back? Make a second check. Cabea’s maternity belt provides all-around support to alleviate any discomfort you may have while pregnant. For additional compression and support, the belt comes with two groin bands that may be removed.

Keep in Mind

Shoulder straps (sold separately) can be added to the chair to provide additional back support.

Most Affordable Maternity Belt

Why We Love It

Babo Care’s maternity belt is a good value for the money, offering many of the same benefits as more expensive models for a fraction of the price. Wearing this belt will keep you cool and comfortable because to its breathable, moisture and heat-wicking front. An excellent method for improving your posture is to use this to help support your pelvic, hip and lower back regions.

Keep in Mind

A 36-46-inch waist can wear the Babo Care belt; there is just one size.

Best Maternity Belt for Exercise

Why We Love It

The extra weight of a growing baby can make it difficult for many women to exercise while pregnant, especially in the third trimester. The Gabrialla maternity belt provides support and moderate compression to assist stabilize your hip and pelvic joints during exercise. For added comfort, there’s also a back pocket where you can put in a heating or cooling back.

Keep in Mind

Pregnant women with waists between 32 and 52 inches may find this maternity belt suitable.

Best Maternity Band for Pelvic Support

Why We Love It

Pregnancy can put a lot of stress on your sacroiliac joints (the joints that connect your spine to your pelvis). Compression and support of these joints is provided by the maternity belt, which reduces discomfort, pain, pressure, and instabilities. The moisture-wicking material helps keep you cool and comfortable while you wear the belt, according to users who have tried it.

Keep in Mind

The special breathable foam material used in the construction of the Serola belt helps it adhere to your skin and stay in place even when you’re doing out.

Best Postpartum Belly Binder

Why We Love It

Like pregnancy belts, which are meant to be worn while pregnant, belly wraps are only meant to be worn after the birth. Postpartum belly binding is an age-old custom that has been modernized with these postpartum belly binding wraps. They provide support for your abdomen, waist, and hips after giving birth. Snugly wrapping around your stomach, Belly Bandit’s innovative design provides continual compression without restricting breathing or circulatory system function. For optimal benefits, it should be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week for six to ten weeks after delivery.

Keep in Mind

Is there a more gentle choice for you? Made from bamboo, the brand’s Viscose Belly Wrap is extra-comfortable.

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

It’s fantastic because: From a company that cares for its clients as a mother does for her child, this doctor-recommended band is available for purchase Just as Jill and Joey, the female kangaroos, want you to be happy with their product thus they’ve given it the name “Jill & Joey.” Pregnant women are raving about this band since it’s comfortable and remains in place even while they’re running. In order to alleviate pain around your hips, pelvis, and back, this maternity belt provides support. This band, too, appears to be the one that may be best concealed under garments.

Please keep in mind that the length of this one extends to a maximum of 45 inches.

Good for: Women who want a belt that won’t fall down their pants.

NeoTech Care Maternity Belt with Belly Brace

In addition to the widest selection of sizes, this NeoTech maternity belt may be easily adjusted. New and strengthened hooks, loops, and fasteners have been incorporated into the design of this brand’s products. It’s made of soft, stretchy fabric that won’t chafe against your skin and has an elastic inner to prevent the band from digging into your stomach. To reduce lower back pain, this pregnant support band supports both your abdomen and lumbar region. This listing also includes a handy sizing guide!

Please keep in mind that this listing advises for moms-to-be not to purchase based on their pant sizes. Instead, take a tape measure and measure the distance from the base of your spine to the bottom of your belly bump (slightly above your pelvic bone). To help you locate a better match, use this!

Good for: Women that want to make sure they get a belt that fits properly.

DonnaElite Breathable Belly Band

Women who want to make sure they get a belt that’s going to fit them correctly.

Good for: Women who want a high-quality support belt at a reasonable price.

Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband | The OG Maternity Belly Band

Why it’s great: This maternity belt doubles as both a support belt and it also helps you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer. It was designed to wear over unbuttoned pants and help to hold them up, so you can wear your favorite pair of jeans longer. This belly band also grows with you, as it’s made of nylon and spandex, so it can stretch and then recover to its normal shape. It also is extra long, providing you with all the coverage you could need. Plus, it’s very soft and comfortable, has silicone strips to help keep it in place, and is completely seamless making it easy to hide under your clothes.

You can use it as a support belt and as a way to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy garments using this maternity belt. Designed to be worn over unbuttoned pants, it provides extra support and helps keep your favorite pair of jeans looking sharp. Due to its nylon and spandex composition, this waistband may stretch and then return to its original shape as you grow. It’s also extra long, so you’ll have all the protection you need. Plus, it’s very soft and comfy, has silicone strips to keep it in place, and is fully seamless, making it easy to hide beneath your clothing.

Women who are looking for a band that is both comfy and versatile.

Bamboo Belly Bands for Pregnancy

This brand has a wide variety of belly bands to choose from, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for. You may also lengthen the length of your ordinary jeans or pants by using the included waistband extenders. Bamboo, cotton, and spandex combine to make this band, which is both lightweight and breathable. Additionally, it possesses antibacterial characteristics. With this band, you won’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding down when you wear it. The belt helps to alleviate stress and pain in your lower back and abdomen, depending on the option you select.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of possibilities, so study the descriptions and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Females who aren’t sure exactly what they want and are looking for more than one choice.

CFR Maternity Support Belt

Why it’s great: This maternity support brace is perfect because it’s adjustable for any stage of pregnancy: 3-5 months, 5-7 months, 7-10 months, and even post-pregnancy. It helps aid in proper posture in both standing and sitting as well as prevent over-extension of the lower back. This band gives you great compression throughout every stage of pregnancy, complete with an addition of a band across the top of your bump, and even helps to aid in reshaping your body post-baby.

This maternity support brace is ideal since it can be adjusted to fit any stage of pregnancy: 3-5 months, 5-7 months, 7-10 months, and even after the birth of the child. Maintaining appropriate posture while standing and sitting is made easier thanks to this product. Even after you’ve given birth, this band will help you reshape your body by providing tremendous compression and a band over the top of your bump.

Good for: Pregnant women who feel the need for a band that will grow with their tummy during their pregnancy.

Skywee Maternity Belt

Why it’s great: Skywee’s band is constructed of comfortable and breathable fabrics to let you relax while lifting and supporting your abdomen. To keep you active during your pregnancy, this support helps to alleviate pain in your lower back, hips, sciatic nerves, waist, etc. Pregnancy cradle will also help relieve bladder pressure and improve circulation and posture for the mother.

For pregnant women who are under 54 inches tall, this may be a little too big for them. Keep that in mind while you shop. To do a size comparison, take your measurements and go through the evaluations.

It’s best suited for: Women who are carrying multiples or who have a larger midsection.

AZMED Belly Band

AZMED is a business that aims to help you embrace your ever-changing body. This band is praised for its ability to stay in place, contour, and even elevate the hump. During a full day at Walt Disney World, one reviewer was able to use this band without experiencing any discomfort. Designed specifically for pregnant women, this band improves mobility, supports your baby bump, corrects posture, eases pain, stabilizes joints, and alleviates a variety of discomforts.

Since this one is designed particularly for belly support, it isn’t great for postpartum support. Check your measurements before purchasing this item because it only comes in One Size Fits All up to a 46-inch circumference.

Suitability: This bra is best for those who require abdominal and lumbar support.

KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt

It’s fantastic for new moms because it comes in a lovely box and is available in two sizes: one that fits most and one that fits extra-large. As a result, this band helps alleviate pain in your spine and lower extremities by distributing the weight of your body evenly. This lightweight and breathable band is designed to keep you comfortable all day long without weighing you down. This 360-degree, ergonomic, full-support design was created with the needs of mothers in mind.

Customers and reviewers agree that this band is too tight to wear when sitting and may scrape into your skin.

A full-supporting support belt is ideal for women who need it.

Shoulder & Back Straps Support Maternity Pregnancy Belt - Black | Konga Online Shopping

What to Look for When Buying a Maternity Support Belt


A decent maternity support belt is built to withstand the weight of a developing belly, so it must be composed of sturdy, long-lasting materials and include fine craftsmanship to avoid falling apart rapidly. For the greatest results, choose a belt made of thick, stretchy fabric that can keep up with your changing shape, whether you wish to wear it before or after your baby is born (or both).

To ensure that the belt’s closure can sustain the tension of the belt, unless it is a removable belly band, you should look for a belt with a robust and sturdy closure.


Because your belly will continue to develop before the baby is born, a belt that fits now may not fit in a week if it is not suited right. Look for something that fits a wide range. Choosing a pregnancy support belt might be tricky because there isn’t a single way to measure for sizing. For the perfect fit, refer to the size chart and take your own body measurements.

For this reason, Pagliano advises, “Find a band that gives proper compression with movement and is pleasant to wear routinely.”

Specify the type of support you need.

Pregnancy and postpartum use are the most common purposes for belly bands and belts, however some can be worn either way. Bands without clasps normally give compression but may not elevate the belly and carry part of the weight, whereas belts (those with clasps) are specifically designed to provide compression and bear some of the weight.

Compression bands are ideal for postpartum rehabilitation since they help you stand up straight and reestablish your core strength.


What is a maternity support belt?

During pregnancy, a woman’s center of balance shifts, which can lead to back and pelvic pain and discomfort. However, for some people, this shift in anatomy might be a minor inconvenience that eventually leads to more serious problems, such as sciatic discomfort. The purpose of a maternity support belt is to reduce some of the discomfort and pressure that comes with being pregnant. The belt’s primary function is to support and stabilize the pelvis, according to Pagliano. “Belt use can be diagnostic, if the [individual] can tolerate wearing it and it provides symptom alleviation, it may be an excellent alternative,” he adds.

Can I use a maternity support belt during postpartum recovery?

Some are specifically designed for prenatal support, while others are more general. You can certainly use the belt if it was meant for postpartum wear, but it will likely serve a different purpose. There are no extra concerns with a developing belly to deal with during postpartum strength training, adds Pagliano; the goal is to return to “normal pain-free function.”

Any woman recovering from childbirth can wear postpartum bands, but those who delivered through c-section will find them most helpful. A short-term solution for compression and support, such as an elastic band, can be beneficial in reducing edema after a c-section, according to Pagliano; however it should be used in conjunction with postpartum rehabilitation and support training, not as a substitute.

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What happens if I go off sick before my maternity leave starts?

Taking time off before your maternity leave begins may affect how your job is handled when you return. When you’re on maternity leave, your employer should compensate you for all the work they would expect a pregnant woman to do in her position (see Section 15).

The organization must assess if there is another position inside the company that can be done by either temporarily replacing or relocating one of their employees if it is not viable to do so without recruiting someone else.

Your line manager and they should discuss this at least three months prior to your anticipated commencement of maternity leave. After four weeks of notice, you’ll also require written confirmation of any changes you make (See Sections 21 -24).

What is the qualifying week for maternity pay?

An employee’s 15th consecutive week of employment with the same company qualifies as the week for maternity leave benefits. Qualifying and Protected periods are used to refer to these two periods of time: six weeks for qualifying and the remaining 33 weeks for protection.

At least 26 Class One NI contributions in this qualifying period are required before you are eligible for Maternity Allowance.

HM Revenue & Customs can readily verify contributions if they span a whole week, but they don’t need to be paid (HMRC).

At what week should you take maternity pictures?

It’s a terrific way to record the thrill and anticipation of pregnancy through maternity photos. After all, how quickly your child will grow up! However, how early or late in the pregnancy is too early or late to take maternity photos?

It’s possible to argue that there is no “perfect moment,” but it doesn’t mean you should wait until the end of your third trimester if you want gorgeous photographs in front of a scenic backdrop.

Take your maternity photos at week 35-36 (the latest) because this marks the halfway point of most pregnancies. Alternatively

The extra time between the prenatal appointment and the due date gives mom and her developing bump a chance to get to know one another before labor begins.

As a general rule, you should plan your maternity photos for weeks 35-36 (at the latest), which is around midway through the majority of pregnancies.

How many months should you be to take maternity pictures?

Several elements come into play when answering this question. First, you need to be at least 18 weeks along in your pregnancy before taking maternity photos to ensure that the baby’s face and other important features have fully developed.

The answer to the question relies on a variety of things. Maternity images are best taken when the baby’s face and other essential features have fully matured at least 18 weeks into the pregnancy.

As a second consideration, how quickly your body changes in the third trimester will determine when you should take these photos. If you find yourself feeling pretty big very early into second or third trimesters then waiting might just be better for you.

What happens if I don’t return to work after maternity leave NHS?

First of all, how quickly your body changes in the third trimester will determine when you should take these pictures. If you’re already feeling quite large in the second or third trimester, you may want to wait to see if your baby is ready to be born.

A government program like the Traineeships within the Apprenticeship Programme in England, which is open to 16-24-year-olds who do not have level three qualifications (such as A levels) when they begin their course, may be affected by this.

There must be no time lapse between when you finished school and when you started your current job for you to be eligible for an apprenticeship.

The Creative and Media Apprenticeships Scheme or the Digital Marketing Apprenticeships Scheme are two examples of industry-specific schemes.

What should I wear to an outdoor maternity shoot?

Comfortable and waterproof clothes is essential for a day at the beach. Dressing up, on the other hand, allows us to get some stunning images. Long sleeves, slacks or capris, and closed-toe shoes or boots are the best attire for your photo shoot.

It’s a good idea to carry an extra set of clothes in case anything happens, like getting grass stains on your clothes from sitting in the grass or strolling through tall grasses…

Prior to any photo shoots, we will go to the restroom, but you should come prepared just in case. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going outside! Maternity sessions usually last anywhere between two hours – three hours because they are not going out until later mornings/earlier afternoon so you want to make sure that the sun is not too harsh.

How many hours at a time should you wear a maternity support belt?

Prior to any photo shoots, we will go to the restroom, but you should come prepared just in case. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going outside! Maternity sessions usually last anywhere between two hours – three hours because they are not going out until later mornings/earlier afternoon so you want to make sure that the sun is not too harsh.

Can I sleep in my belly band?

If you must go before any picture sessions, you should bring a change of clothes and a portable toilet paper holder. You don’t want to forget sunscreen! You want to make sure that the sun isn’t too harsh when you’re photographing a pregnant woman during a maternity session that normally lasts between two and three hours.

How tight should the maternity belt be?

When it comes to pregnancy, the most crucial consideration is always your own personal level of comfort. It’s important that a belly band or support belt is snug enough to keep your tummy in place while allowing you to breathe and move freely.

Do you wear a maternity belt on top of or underneath your clothes?

You have the power to make your own decisions. Whether or not you can see it from below your clothes may be determined by the items of clothing you’re wearing. Even if you are in pain, you may not care what anyone else thinks about it. If you want to seem like a Home Depot employee, wear that thing outside! To avoid having to wash the band as frequently as possible, numerous reviewers suggested wearing a thin camisole between their skin and the band.

The best pregnancy support belts for maximum comfort during your pregnancy | Reviews | Mother & Baby

How do I wash the belly bands?

Air drying, rather than exposing items to the sun, is recommended for practically all items, regardless of the manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

Are all maternity bands safe for postpartum wear?

Each product listed above mentions whether or not it can be worn after childbirth. Some are only for pregnant women, while others are ready to help your body recuperate after childbirth.

Are all maternity bands designed for exercise?

The aforementioned bands can all be used by an active pregnant woman. Just remember to occasionally take a break from strengthening your core by using the increased support and instead focus on resting your body.

When should you not wear a stomach belt?

Postpartum Belly Wraps: When Is It Too Late? Postpartum belly wraps and binder are unlikely to be beneficial for the majority of women after 3 to 6 months. The first 6-12 weeks following delivery are the most beneficial for using a wrap.


The most important thing to remember when shopping for a maternity band or belt is that all of the aforementioned are built specifically for you and your developing baby bump. Measure your physique and think about where you’d like to go in the future to find the best fit. Whether you’re washing dishes or going for a run, you shouldn’t have to deal with back pain or fatigue from exertion. Your round ligament pain, joint discomfort, lower back and pelvic tension might be alleviated by maternity bands, which are designed for pregnant women. Your joints will thank you for wearing these bands, and you may even experience improved sleep as a result!