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During maternity leave, how can you make money? New mothers on maternity leave frequently ask this question. We’ve compiled a list of side jobs you can undertake while on vacation to supplement your income.

It’s something I get asked frequently. Because no one knows what will happen to their employment status when they take maternity leave, this is a problem that frequently arises in early career stages.

It’s possible that if you’ve been around for the previous decade or so, someone has taken advantage of being out of the office and working from home while on maternity leave at least once in your life.

Unfortunately, keeping track of everything is more difficult than having nothing to do at this critical moment! The following are some ideas for earning money while on maternity leave:

Use the internet to sell your unwanted goods (or locally) -Make your own products using household or office resources -Build a website to sell goods or services

If you have any side duties, such as dog-walking or lawn-care, please let us know.

Sell goods you no longer use at home and at work (clothes, furniture, etc.)

-Attain temporary employment

-Teach a variety of subjects (such as piano, dancing, and yoga) for extra cash.

How To Make Money on Maternity Leave

1. Find Unclaimed Money

Did you realize that you could be sitting on a fortune that is just waiting to be discovered? True, the United States is sitting on an estimated $42 billion in unclaimed funds and assets that belong to the country’s citizens. If you’re in need of some additional income now that you’ve got a baby to care for, it’s worth a shot to see if you can find any unclaimed money.

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Uncashed dividends, stocks, bank accounts, and IRS refunds are all common sources of unfound money. Unclaimed cash can be located in a variety of ways, including by contacting the IRS or your bank directly or by using search engines like unclaimed.org or missingmoney.com.

2. Sell Gift Cards

Everyone has been there. You get a gift card for Christmas or your birthday that you know you’ll never use. ‘Tis the season of giving. A “poor gift card” can ruin any event, whether it’s for a service you currently use or a store you’ve never been to. The good news is that these vouchers can be redeemed for essentials for your children, such as diapers, clothing, and other necessities. Buying and selling gift cards on websites like GiftCards.com or Cardpool.com can be done for cash or the chosen electronic gift card of the buyer.

3. Freelance

Working from home while you’re on maternity leave is an excellent way to keep your income steady while you’re taking care of your newborn. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, not only are more people working from home than ever before, but those with advanced degrees appear to be the most likely candidates. What does this entail for parents who are in the business of raising children? Many senior-level positions are moving toward remote work, giving parents more flexibility to work from home while still providing for their children’s needs.

Always keep in mind that freelance taxes are a completely different animal than the conventional w-2, but with enough forethought and preparation, you can make the most of your dual existence as a parent and a professional. Here are a few examples of jobs that can be done from home:

  • Writer/Editor
  • a member of the customer service team
  • Graphics Artist
  • As a web developer
  • Marketer on the Internet

4. Rent Out an Extra Space in Your Home

This could be your best option for a part-time job during your maternity leave. Gig workers utilizing other task-service and ride-sharing platforms make an average of $824 per month on Airbnb, which is roughly three times more than Airbnb hosts.

Do you have a spare room in your house that isn’t cluttered with baby gear? Use it! A guest room, a guest home, or even an outdoor space may be available for rent. Airbnb and other vacation rental platforms allow homeowners to rent out rooms in their homes for a weekly charge to tourists. Owners can then decide when, for how much, and how frequently they wish to rent their property.. When it comes to paying your mortgage and other living expenditures, this can be a convenient option. Money, of course, isn’t given away. As a host, you’ll be expected to put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that your visitors have a positive stay by providing assistance and responding to issues.

Hipcamp may be a better option if you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of having guests in your home on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO. Instead than renting out an entire room, owners may use Hipcamp to rent out a specific area of their property. It is far easier and less expensive for hipcampers to set up camp in their own vehicles than it is to hire a spot at a home-away-from-home.

5. Start Investing

To maximize your assets, you may want to think about how you may invest the money you already have. If the thought of graphs and stock market data gives you the creeps, don’t fret. There are numerous ways to put your spare change to good use (other than on the traditional stock market).

  • Contribute to a 401(k) or Roth IRA with company match.
  • Set up automatic payments to an IRA or a tax-deferred investment plan.
  • Take advantage of low-risk investing using an app like Acorns, Stash, or Robinhood
  • Invest the additional money you earn from your part-time job throughout your maternity leave.

6. Recycle

With a few clicks of the mouse, you may be on your way to receiving paid for your maternity leave and disposing of your household waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Even if you don’t think your products are recyclable or marketable, there are services that will pay you for them.

  • repurposed shipping containers with BoxCycle
  • Buy and sell moving boxes on Craigslist, OfferUp, or the Facebook Market Place
  • Sell your unused cooking oil to a local biodiesel firm for resale.
  • Staples, for example, is a good place to donate your used ink cartridges.

7. Sell Your Art

Selling your handmade creations on Etsy could help you save money if you’re itching to take some time off work. From knitwear to homemade kitchen utensils, artists can offer their wares on this platform.

8. Save with Online Coupons

It’s possible to save money by changing the way you spend your money. You’ll likely begin to feel at home when perusing internet store sites for everything from diapers to baby food and clothing. And while online shopping is a lifesaver for time-pressed parents, it requires some planning to avoid going overboard. Shop for baby and home needs with the help of a browser plugin like Honey or an online coupon site like Groupon. Get their mobile app (if they have one) to get in-store coupons and specials while you’re there, too.

9. Become an Influencer

Many “mommy bloggers” have become well-known social media influencers as affiliate marketing has taken off. These bloggers are compensated both in goods and cash for writing and photographing blogs and photographs endorsing certain products. Influencer marketing is expected to be a $5-10 billion dollar industry in the next five to ten years, according to MediaKix.

10. Teach an Online Course

Why not get paid to share your expertise with the world? There are many ways to turn your years of skill into money, whether it’s teaching others how to paint or providing professional advice. It’s possible to develop your own curriculum and teach people what you know using services like Udemy, Skillshare, and Video School online.

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11. Get the Right Savings Account

Even while it may seem illogical to spend money to earn money while on maternity leave, it is possible to do so with the correct bank account. The first bank you encounter may not be the best option for storing your rainy-day cash. Instead, plan ahead and visit other banks before making your decision. Compound interest can help you boost your money while you do nothing except sit back and relax. It’s possible to maximize your interest on some savings accounts if you leave the account inactive for a predetermined period of time

Compute your savings account’s long-term benefits with our compound interest calculator.

12. Minimize Your Bills

We all know that most of our money goes toward paying our mortgage, utility bills, streaming subscriptions, and so on and so forth. All of these things are necessities, and if you want to keep living your existing way of life, you will have to keep paying for them. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to completely eliminate bills from your monthly budget, applications like Billshark and Truebill can help you lower the amount you pay.

Many of these applications work with agencies to cut the amount you have to pay each month by negotiating lower rates.

13. License Your Photos

It’s possible to make money while on maternity leave if you’re a photographer like Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz. Your creative assets can be used to generate some additional money online, whether you already have a collection of photographs or just some spare time while you’re waiting for your little one to arrive. Getty Images, Shutterstock, Stocksy, Adobe Stock, and iStock are just a few of the many stock photo sites available.

14. Use Your Credit Card Rewards

You may be able to earn incentives such as cash back, travel points, and gift cards by selecting the right credit card for your needs as a new mom. During particular months, several credit card providers offer additional cash back points and prizes. These reward schemes might also be useful when you’re going to the grocery store or having a bite to eat on a regular basis.

15. Rent Out Ad Space on Your Vehicle

Parents have a lot going on. As soon as you have children, you should expect your driving distance to grow, whether you’re running errands or joining a carpool. However, renting out ad space on your vehicle can help you offset the extra gas costs you’ll incur as a result of your increased driving distance. Carvertise and Wrapify, for example, connect businesses with individuals who want to install advertisements on their vehicles. A simple method for you or your partner to earn some extra money doing something you currently do is to take advantage of this.

You may want to use this strategy when you return to work and begin commuting again, as certain vehicle advertising websites need drivers to travel a particular number of miles in order to qualify for the program.

16. Explore Peer-to-Peer Lending

“Marketplace lending,” or “peer-to-peer lending,” is a mechanism for small enterprises and individuals to acquire money from private investors rather than a bank loan. Using services like Upstart and Funding Circle, you can earn interest on the money you loan as a private lender.

17. Pet Sit or House Sit

Taking a newborn home with you after birth can be a challenge, but if you have a few extra weekends free before the baby is due, consider housesitting for a family in need. Staying with a homeowner who offers first-rate amenities can feel like a mini-vacation for you and your partner before the baby arrives.

18. Drive for a Rideshare Company

There were over half of all Uber drivers in Benenson Strategy Group’s survey in 2015 that had children under the age of 18 living at home. According to Uber, the company’s structure is tailored to the needs of its drivers, not the other way around. This app’s adaptability may be a factor in its popularity among parents who are often on the go.

Having the flexibility to work when and for how long they want makes Uber and Lyft ideal for parents who alternate watching their children or only have a few hours to spare while they’re at school. Your big SUV or van could also qualify you for Uber and Lyft XL programs that charge extra for larger and more luxurious vehicles.

19. Deliver Food

Federal Reserve data shows that three out of 10 adults use the gig economy as a secondary source of income. Delivering food for Ubereats or Postmates is one of the most popular ways to make money in today’s market.

20. Sell Your Clothes

As a new mother, you’ll certainly need to get rid of some of your old clothes—or baby items that your child has grown out of too rapidly. Why not recoup some of the value of these unwanted gifts? While you’re on maternity leave, it’s a terrific way to generate some extra money and free up closet space for new baby clothes.

Adult clothes e-commerce sites:

  • Poshmark
  • Depop
  • thredUP

Children’s clothes websites:

  • An Occasion for Magic
  • My Children’s Clothes
  • Kidizen

21. Take Surveys for Cash

Taking online surveys for money is an easy method to earn money while on maternity leave. The infant is napping, therefore this is a great opportunity to make some extra money when he or she isn’t awake. Check out one of these survey sites during your leisure to earn some extra cash while you’re away from the office:

  • A Survey Hog
  • Forensics at Vindale
  • YouGov
  • Email Dollars

Because every website is different, you may be able to pay using gift cards, cash, check, or PayPal.

22. Start Babysitting

If taking care of a newborn isn’t enough of a challenge for you as a new parent, consider offering your services as a babysitter. Of course, you should check with the parents first, but if you know someone else who has a young child, you might be permitted to watch both of them at the same time. Having a friend to play with as they get older could make life a little easier for everyone!

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23. Test Websites

Many companies are looking for people to test out their websites in the same way that they look for people to fill out online surveys. Developers are eager to pay for this information in cash, check, PayPal, or gift cards because it provides them with valuable user experience data. Aside from Enroll and UserFeel, the most often used platforms for website testing are UserTesting, Enroll, and UserFeel.

Isn’t it the best? The sole requirements for this maternity leave job are that you are familiar with the internet and that you are able to communicate clearly in English.

24. Become an Online Juror

Working as an online juror may be the perfect option to supplement your income while you’re away from work for maternity leave. If you’d want to play a juror in an online mock trial, there are numerous websites where you can do so for free. This gives them a better sense of how a jury would react to their arguments in court. A few mock-trial providers also offer in-person trials, which cost more money but require a longer time commitment.

If you are interested in serving as an online juror, you must first complete the following requirements:

  • >18 years
  • a citizen of the United States
  • Unable to have any criminal record, whether it is felony or misdemeanor, due to having been convicted or under indictment
  • Must be able to read and write at a basic level
  • Becoming a lawyer or paralegal is not permitted.
  • Cannot work in the insurance industry in certain positions.

25. Sell Furniture

You’ll need to get rid of some of your baby’s old furnishings so that you can buy new items for the nursery or soon-to-be kid’s room, much like you do with clothing. You can list old televisions, furniture, electronics, and other household items for sale on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

What are the differences between Maternity and Paternity Leave?

During the first several weeks of a child’s existence, paternity leave is frequently used. It was designed to help dads and their families adjust to being new parents, to foster father-child bonding, and to provide new mothers some much-needed rest and relaxation time after giving birth. You can take paternity leave at the same time as your partner or split it evenly between you if you like.

What benefits am I entitled to if I don’t return to work after maternity leave?

Until you return from maternity leave, your employer must pay your maternity leave benefits. If you don’t, you have the option of getting the money in one single sum instead of monthly payments.

In addition, if your province/territorie and employer both offer these kinds of benefits, you may be eligible for them as well.

These payments are regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), so make sure that all paperwork is completed appropriately! Even when thousands of dollars are involved, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

What happens if you resign after maternity leave?

As soon as possible after returning to work, it is best to inform your employer of your intention to depart. Your tasks will be taken over by someone else if your contract stipulates that maternity leave is allowed and that it should be given by one of the specific individuals who were designated in advance (by name).

This also applies in reverse, i.e., only those employees whose names appear on the fixed list at all times throughout pregnancy can be considered as replacements.

Under the Maternity Protection Act, if none of your coworkers were able to take your place because they were unable to do their regular duties because of illness or other reasons, another employee must step in.

How long after FMLA can you be fired?

How long after taking FMLA leave can you be fired? A lot of factors come into play here. Employers can usually wait up to six months after an employee takes a leave of absence before terminating their contract.

Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, employees with less than a year of service and those returning from unpaid leaves of absence are exempt from this rule (USERRA).

After one year of employment or the usage of the USERRA’s four-week time frame, these workers may be terminated. When it comes to firing an employee who has been on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if your firm has less than 50 employees, state regulations often provide them more leeway.

Depending on the age of their child, parents receive a varying amount of money from Centrelink. For this reason, Centrelink will take into account how long a parent has cared for their child when determining how much money should be handed out each fortnight to the parent.

So, if your sixteen-year-old daughter has been granted full custody for two months and has lived with you full-time (Monday through Sunday), this period counts as four weeks of parenting payments.

It is possible to earn an additional 42 dollars per fortnight if you combine the 14 days of one-week periods that make up these four weeks.

What payments am I entitled to after having a baby?

After the birth of a child, you are entitled to 52 weeks of leave. Depending on your employment, you may also be able to take advantage of maternity leave benefits.

The Employment Insurance Maternity Benefit begins when you quit working and can run up to ten months after your kid is delivered if you have not worked for the same employer for at least 13 consecutive weeks prior to the expected or actual date of delivery.

When it comes to pregnancy and labor, EI does not cover all costs because there is a cap on how much one person can collect from this benefit over their lifetime ($51 000).

Service Canada will no longer accept new claims once it has reached that threshold. For EI Maternity or Parental Leave, EI Maternity Benefits are not payable.

Can fathers take maternity leave?

Paternity leave is a term used to describe maternity leave that is granted to men. It’s not just women who are eligible for FMLA time off to care for newborns. It is governed by the same laws and regulations as before.

How much time should you take off for maternity leave?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to parental leave. Some parents are eager to get back to work immediately, while others choose to take a few days off. If you meet the standards of the FMLA, you can take at least 12 weeks of unpaid leave. It’s important to be aware of your choices if you want to make the right one. Is there an option for extended leave at your company? Does it come with a fee? If you take more time than you are provided, would you be unable to make ends meet? Find a solution with the help of HR and your doctor.

As a pregnant employee, you should begin thinking about your future financial situation as soon as you learn that you will be one of the millions of women who will be without access to pay during their maternity leave months, and that your employer will offer nothing to help you while you’re away from work. To get the most out of your time off from work following the birth of your child, you must start planning now if you’re pregnant.

How long does an employer have to hold your job for maternity leave?

Parents have the right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a new child under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). As a result, your company is obligated to keep you in your position for the next 12 months. However, you are only eligible for FMLA leave if your company has 50 or more employees and you have worked 1,250 or more hours in the year prior to the request for FMLA leave. The FMLA has been expanded in several states, allowing employees of small businesses to take extra time off or to grant them additional rights.


The benefits of the shared economy can be accessed regardless of whether you have paid maternity or family leave or are responsible for your own income. Make money while on maternity leave by following these strategies and sharing your own ideas in the comments section below!