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What to dress to a maternity photo shoot is explained in this article.

A pregnancy photoshoot model’s initial question will be about what to wear. I’ve worked with pregnant models and their babies for over a decade and have compiled a list of outfit suggestions for both outside and inside the studio.

So what can I wear to the maternity shoot?

  • Pregnant women can show off their bumps in a Maxi dress while yet maintaining a sophisticated image. Having a long skirt gives you a lot of options when it comes to photographing yourself, as well as making on-camera operators who may have to cran their heads upward while photographing shorter skirts because they’re closer to eye level!
  • Belt: A belt might assist minimize the size of your bump by defining it. If you’re pregnant, you’ll want to position the item just where the top section begins on your belly button and then fasten around just above that location using either an elastic or leather material with no metal hooks in order to avoid irritating your skin. This is a great method for ladies who have gained weight after becoming mothers to dress!
  • In order to show off a pregnant body, it is best to wear clothing that is form-fitting. Leggings and a clothing that highlights all of those inches you’re proud of, or a gorgeous dress and some high heels.
  • When photographing a pregnant woman, it is better to use solid colors. You and your baby belly should take center stage in these images in order to draw attention to what’s most important to you. If you don’t wear prints or patterns often (like a statement necklace), they can be overwhelming, but don’t forget to accessorize with scarves, which will keep things interesting without drawing attention away from our real-life beauty queen: YOU!!!
  • Textured Clothing: Using textured clothing in your maternity shoot can give it more depth and appeal. Adding interest without overcrowding your ensemble is possible with the use of lace, knits, or an attractive print. Picking a stylish dress for your preconception, prenatal, and postpartum photo shoots has been proved to make a significant effect.

When do I start wearing maternity clothes?

Some women buy their first set of larger size clothing as soon as they begin to feel the effects of pregnancy swelling, while others wait until later in pregnancy when it becomes clear how far along she is going to deliver her baby, and still others may not even consider buying new clothing at this point in time at all. Some of the characteristics that determine when you can begin wearing maternity clothing include:.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos - Becca Jean Photography

Size of your tummy

When preparing for maternity clothing, it’s a good idea to know how much your uterus is expected to grow.

On week 12, it’s barely 2 inches over pubic bone; on week 14, it’s midway between bones and belly button. At the conclusion of first trimester, at 12 weeks (4-5 inches).

When pregnant women reach the 16th month, they’ll notice that their upper stomachs are getting bigger, and this will help them select which style of maternity pants to buy. Think about the following things as your uterus expands:

  • Early in pregnancy, there is a natural propensity for fat deposition on the abdomen, which could cause your tummy to round and bulge out a little more than usual. The changes in your hormones cause you to grow an expanding tummy, which makes your clothes uncomfortably tight.
  • By this point in the pregnancy, you may begin to experience some discomfort with your clothes fitting properly. Why? Because they’re easier to wear and offer a better fit for pregnant women who need to hide their growing bellies, making them a popular choice.
  • Due to the enlarging uterus and the additional fat deposit, some women do not show until 16 weeks. As soon as this stage of pregnancy occurs in our lives, many women will begin to wear maternity clothing or larger sizes, if they hadn’t already done so.
  • Most 20-week pregnant women will be sporting looser or maternity attire.

Differences in weight and Body Shape

Pregnancy is a difficult time for everyone, but it’s even more difficult when you’re carrying a child and your body has changed. 16 weeks is a common time for women to notice that their clothes no longer fit properly, whether due to changes in the baby bump or other characteristics of being a pregnant woman, such as swollen feet from all these extra varicose veins!

Keeping an eye on your weight gain throughout pregnancy is especially crucial if you are already overweight or obese before getting pregnant. Whether this sounds familiar, pay attention to what you eat and what you don’t eat to see if it can help you lose weight!

Weight gain and Bloating

A lot of weight gain in the first trimester can cause your clothes to feel snug even before the second trimester. This is due to the fact that our bodies can expand if more than one cell is growing at a time! However, once we reach the second semester, the majority of women experience a greater hormonal output tone shift, allowing them to wear clothes sizes once again.

Boobs Increase

At the same time, your breasts are expanding. As your estrogen and progesterone levels rise, so will the size of your breasts!

Not to worry, however; many women have discovered that their bras start fitting differently after pregnancy due to changes occurring during lactation or breastfeeding where increased milk production causes greater expansion than usual near some points on the circumference of the garment’s circumference (i.e., around shoulder width).

Lingerie designers may benefit from creating maternity clothing with more hooks so that we can wear our old Vanity Fair tops without having to worry about them breaking.

Number of babies

With several pregnancies, it is more likely that you may begin to show sooner. If you’re traveling with two or three children, your clothing may become more constricting, and the bulge in your jeans will be more apparent.

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session: 10 Tips to coordinate outfits

Primigravida vs Multigravida

A journey of its own is every woman’s first pregnancy. In successive pregnancies, you may acquire more or less weight than when you were pregnant for the first time (multigravida).

It is thought that later ovulations would have an easier time showing off their bumps when gestation begins again – but don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to wear maternity clothing earlier than expected.

What to Wear to Your Maternity Shoot

When you’re pregnant, it’s a time that ought to be documented. Either way, there’s a lot of beauty in the process of generating life and the transformations your body goes through, whether or not you’re beaming. Even if you’re not feeling your best, book a maternity photo session! These precious times are short, and you’ll treasure them when your child is older. We’ve got you covered if you’re unsure what to wear for your maternity photo shoot!

Match your location

When preparing for your pregnancy photoshoot, choose your venue first! Everything from your outfit choices to your overall look is influenced by the photo backdrop. Consider the color scheme of your setting before making your selections.

Studio Shoot

With a studio shoot, you don’t have to worry about the weather when choosing your outfits. As a photographer’s package may allow, you may be able to change into a different attire! So, if that’s the case, we’d recommend two separate outfits. Check with your photographer ahead of time to see if they have any clothing options for you.

At-home Shoot

Go for a more laid-back look when shooting at home. Wear something you’d feel at ease in if you were just going for a walk around the house during the photo session. A pregnant woman in her third trimester looks her best in form-fitting tops and gowns.

Outdoor Location

It’s a great idea to wear a dress for a photo shoot outside! You can wear a fancy dress to show off your baby belly in the city, or a romantic flowy dress to relax on the beach. Make sure to cooperate with your companion based on the path you take.

Try Renting

If you can’t find exactly what you’re searching for, renting is a terrific choice for your maternity photoshoot! You’re not going to wear this dress again, therefore there’s no need to feel bad about spending a lot of money on an outfit you won’t wear again. The rental options offered by Rent the Runway, Mama Bump Rentals, and La Belle Bump are fantastic!

Family Maternity Shoots

If this isn’t your first rodeo, take advantage of the opportunity to snap some great family shots before the next one arrives! You don’t have to match exactly, but attempt to have everyone in complementing hues when styling the complete family. A tan dress for mom, pants and white or brown tops for the kids, and a camel or grey jacket for dad complete the look. This is a great way to connect the entire family!


How many outfits should you bring to your maternity photo shoot?

I recommend bringing 2 to 3 outfits to your studio maternity photo shoot.. As a result, your final gallery of photos will have more variety, as well as the option to combine different styles if you so like.

Some examples: One more casual attire; a more formal dress; and an all-lingerie or all-shirted ensemble are all possibilities.

To keep things simple, you may wear two or three ensembles in the same style, such as three formal dresses or gowns, for example.

What Kind Of Outfits Work Well For Studio Maternity Photos?

Maternity portraits are all about showcasing your new figure, which is why dressing for your shoot to highlight your growing belly is so crucial.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos - Becca Jean Photography

Having a bump can get ‘hidden’ in loose or baggy clothing since the camera tends to exaggerate excess fabric. So choose something that shows off your bump.

  • Pregnant women who wear loose or baggy clothing may not be able to show off their bump because of the camera’s tendency to accentuate the appearance of superfluous fabric. Pick something that will make your bump stand out.
  • With or without an open-button shirt or cardigan, you can wear lingerie in any way that makes you most at ease.
  • Bandeau or cropped tops with jeans are acceptable, but not for pregnant women. Unbuttoning your pre-pregnancy pants will offer you a more flattering shape than wearing maternity jeans.
  • Maxi skirt with bandeau top.
  • Lace dresses or lingerie are a great way to add interest to your images because of their unique texture.

What Are The Best Colours To Wear For A Studio Maternity Photo Shoot?

As far as studio photography is concerned, I prefer to keep things simple.

Keeping each outfit to a maximum of two or three colors. In the studio, black, white, cream, and denim all look great.