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When are the best times to have your belly photographed when you’re expecting? It’s an unforgettable event to learn you’re expecting a kid and witness your body change over the course of the pregnancy.

As time goes on, excitement builds until finally there’s no stopping the due date from arriving! You’ll spend days planning for this big occasion, buying outfits in anticipation of dressing up as a baby girl or a newborn boy, depending on what gender they turn out to be at birth.

As time passes on, enthusiasm increases until ultimately there’s no stopping the due date from approaching! You’ll spend days planning for this historic occasion, buying outfits in anticipation of dressing up like a baby girl or a newborn boy, depending on what gender they turn out to be at birth.

The Importance of Maternity Photos and Expert Tips from our Photographer • This Mama Loves Life

Excitement mounts as the days tick by, and before you know it, the due date has here! You’ll spend days planning for this big occasion, buying outfits in anticipation of dressing up as a baby girl or a newborn boy, depending on what gender they turn out to be at birth.

So when is the best time to take maternity photos?

Pregnancy affects your body, so choosing the right time to have your pictures taken is critical. Between the ages of 26 and 34 weeks is a decent guideline for scheduling this type of session (around 7th-8th month). The risk of inaccurate information in photographs increases as your pregnancy progresses over 35+1/2 months.

Pregnancy will appear later on a first-time mother, so don’t be concerned; you’ll have plenty of time to shoot pictures at the end of her pregnancy. Pregnancy emerges more quickly for women who have previously given birth, allowing them to begin taking it earlier in their pregnancies.

Maternity photoshoots can be tricky to schedule, but the 7th or 8th month is usually a good time. Your due date will be determined by how your body and your hormone levels react to similar situations, such as pregnancy.

When is the best time to take maternity photos if I am expecting twins?

Is it possible to have twins? You’ll need to book your maternity photo shoot earlier than most expectant moms. Pregnancy photo shoots with your lovely bundles of joy are best scheduled between 24 and 28 weeks into your pregnancy, if not earlier.

Is it okay to book a maternity shoot at 35 weeks?

Pregnancy maternity sessions are often painful for many women. This is due to the fact that you may be experiencing more discomfort and finding it more difficult to move around than you did earlier in your pregnancy. As a result, scheduling a session early will allow you to prepare ahead of time. It comes down to personal preference when it comes to maternity photographs, since everyone’s needs are different. Some women wait until the very last minute, for example.

Do not worry if you want to book a photo session soon but are concerned that it is too late. It’s better to have your photos done late than never to have them! If this is too tough for you, try to find an indoor setting where the space between positions is minimal or non-existent.

Is 25-week too early for a Maternity shoot?

This early in the pregnancy, some moms are already showing enough to get their maternity photos taken, while others aren’t. You should wait until you’re 35 weeks pregnant before taking maternity photos, but there are techniques to make your tummy appear larger in the images.

Arching your back or bending one leg can assist to further define it! When posing, you can also emphasize yourself by utilizing both hands to draw attention to the area of your body that most people notice.

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What is the best earliest time to take a maternity shoot?

After 12 weeks is when I prefer to schedule my session with you. Because that’s when most pregnant bellies seem like they’re ready for a baby, I normally recommend this. Waiting until the spring or summer may be too late; especially during the fall season, when September and October are among the busiest times of the year.

Holding a Maternity Photo Session Earlier Than 36 Weeks

Every rule has an exception, and this is no different when it comes to maternity images. When it comes to maternity photography, there is an optimal timeline, although it is possible for a photographer to take maternity images early in the pregnancy.

  • In the second trimester or around 13 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, schedule the maternity shoot for your client who is pregnant with multiples, even if the babies are still weeks away!
  • High-risk pregnancies are on the rise because of medical advancements that allow more people to have children later in age. When photographing a high-risk pregnant client, the second trimester is the greatest time to do it.
  • Maternity images can be used for announcements and other printed materials if they are taken no later than the beginning of the third trimester, or about weeks 27 to 28 of pregnancy, for the family. Your turnaround time should be taken into account while adjusting the timeline.

Maternity Photo Session Tips

Technical and creative planning are also necessary in order to showcase the client’s figure and attractive round belly in the best light.

Help the Mother Prepare for the Maternity Session

Plan the maternity shoot to take place at the most convenient time of day for your subject’s convenience and mobility.

Don’t forget to tell expectant mothers to moisturize their belly bumps for soft, glowing skin and to obtain a good night’s sleep so that they are able to move freely. Pregnant women should be reminded not to wear tight attire for their photo shoot. Maternity images can be difficult to alter because of this.

Outfits that are both comfy and safe for a growing baby should be included in your wardrobe. Always select clothing that highlights the subject’s figure in the most flattering way possible. Avoid distracting patterns and stick to simple or solid designs instead, so that the bump can shine through.

All pregnant women deserve to look and feel their best for their family portraits, no matter how many weeks they have left in their pregnancy.

Use the Proper Equipment

The Rainiers use Canon and Profoto equipment for their maternity photography. Here’s what they recommend for a great maternity photo shoot:

  • The Canon 5D MarkIII
  • Profoto A1 and B2 flash units
  • The 35mm f/1.4
  • 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens

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When Should You Take Maternity Photos?

It’s my belief that the best time to take pregnancy photos is when you’re feeling your best and most at ease. In most situations, this occurs between 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, your belly will begin to swell and your baby will not have fallen too far, making your belly appear to be higher than it actually is.

At the beginning of your third trimester, a maternity photo shoot is ideal. The size of your belly and whether or not you’re happy with it are the only things you need to think about if you decide to schedule your shots sooner rather than later. But if you want to

A photoshoot in the last minute or just before your due date can make you feel groggy and sluggish. You should also keep in mind the possibility of a “early” arrival of a baby. I’ve had customers lose out on having their pregnancy documented because their baby arrived early, so I think it’s better to be ready ahead of time!

Not all Pregnancies are the Same

Most expectant mothers find that the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy works best for them. While this may work for some women, it may not work for you. The optimum time to do a maternity session is still up to you and how you’re feeling at the time of the shoot. If you want to know whether you’re ready for a photo shoot, pay attention to your physique and your baby bump’s changes. Every pregnancy is unique, regardless of whether it is your first or tenth. Second-time moms-to-be may have a completely different experience at 36 weeks than first-time moms-to-be. It’s important to make the proper decision for yourself, so call out to schedule your session while you’re in a good mood.

When to book maternity photos when expecting twins or triplets

If you’re expecting multiple children, this rule does not apply to you. If this is your situation, I advise you to book your maternity photo session as soon as possible. The best time to get your maternity photos taken is around the 20-24 week mark in your second trimester. Due to the fact that during the second trimester, if you are carrying more than one child, your baby bump will be well formed. As a general rule, you’ll still be able to move about freely and comfortably. Most multiple pregnancies will be delivered sooner, so keep this in mind when scheduling your photo session.

When is the best time to schedule maternity photos?

The ideal gestation period is between 32 and 36 weeks, although every woman is unique. It’s recommended to book your photo session between 32 and 36 weeks, but we’ll be able to change the date if your baby grows during the session.

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What should I wear?

I want you to look and feel your best in your maternity photos, so it’s important to pick outfits that motivate you to do so. Choosing attire that draw attention to your beautiful figure is very suggested if you want me to capture it on camera. Keep a cardigan or long jacket in your bag to cover any tank tops you may wear. Choosing a hue that helps you feel most at ease is the best way to start. To help you get pumped up for the shoot, we’ll send you some inspiration boards.

Why invest in professional hair and make-up?

When it comes to maternity photos, having your hair and makeup done by a professional can make all the difference. While I understand that this is a joyous but stressful moment in your life, I think that hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your photo shoot is a wonderful opportunity to treat yourself and relieve some of the tension. Stores like MAC and Ulta may be useful if this is out of your price range. Date night makeup is a cinch to do when you do it yourself.

Do you offer Newborn Sessions or Baby’s First Year plan?

Yes! To learn more about my newborn photography and baby plan, please click here.

But I am feeling insecure about how I look during my pregnancy and I am not sure I want my picture taken?

The majority of first-time mothers report feeling this way, and it’s completely normal. Your body is undergoing a great deal of change as you prepare to give birth to a baby. I’ve been there myself, and I can empathize with your situation. My primary goal as a professional photographer is to help you look and feel your best during our time together, and I see these transformations as nothing short of magical through the lens of my camera. Rest certain, you’ll look stunning in your portraits when the time comes.

Where does the session take place?

You have the freedom to choose the atmosphere that inspires you most. As long as it’s somewhere that has a special importance to you and your loved ones, this might be the location.

What happens during my session?

It will be an enjoyable, meaningful, and comfortable experience during your Denver pregnancy photography session. Before we get started, I’ll go over a few crucial points, such as how to pose and how to engage with your significant other or children. I’ll spend some time getting to know your children if they attend the session so that they feel at ease with me. I have games for kids to play, and I won’t force them to do anything that doesn’t come naturally. My goal is to make these sessions enjoyable for everyone, especially your children. I’ll show you a few positions and try to get some great candid shots of the two of you interacting. It’s these precious moments with your loved ones that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

What happens after my session?

We’ll work out a date and time for your reveal and viewing session a few weeks after your session date.


When it comes to maternity photos, it’s crucial to capture the tremendous changes that your body through during this time. To prepare for your maternity photos, what should you know? It’s not always going to be the right time!

They may have been in the middle of their pregnancy and didn’t want to reveal any signs of it (like weight growth or loss) on camera, so when do you think this was a good time for them?

The optimum gestation period would be between 30 and 36 weeks, but as every woman’s preferences varies, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.