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The human body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. As your baby bump expands, maternity clothes become a must. During this time of wardrobe transition, you may find that you need to switch to maternity undergarments.

You may rest assured that the designers of maternity underwear had your comfort in mind. While pregnant, it’s possible that your ordinary undergarments will seem too constricting or uncomfortable to wear. It’s also a good idea to have a few pairs of underwear designated for use after giving birth. Given the variety of options, it should be possible to choose a design that works for you. Take into account not only your preferred style, but also your size requirements and the number of options you’d like to have for the various phases of your pregnancy.

Take advantage of this resource as you search for the optimal solution. Here is a list of some of the best options for pregnancy underwear.

What is Maternity Panties? Know All about Maternity Panties

Women who are expecting will value the Maternity Support Panty for making mornings less stressful. The panty will help alleviate pressure from your pelvic muscles and support your lower back and stomach. It is designed to fit comfortably throughout pregnancy and beyond once you have reached your pre-pregnancy weight. The panty is designed to be worn undetected beneath clothing, and it operates quietly and smoothly to give smooth, unbroken lines that do not restrict mobility and that complement your outfit beautifully.

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A mother-to-be needs breathable, supportive undergarments throughout the pregnancy and postpartum periods. Here are some things to keep in mind while you buy for pregnancy underwear:

Know your size

Instead than obsessing over your current weight, it’s more helpful to project your gain over the following few months.

Know your waist type

However, low riders are briefs that extend below the waistband to cover the belly button. There are benefits to both sorts of pant designs. There are less creases in the pants of low riders compared to high riders. The bellies of high-fliers, on the other hand, are kept hidden. Your options are flexible, so pick the ones that suit you best.

Know your comfort

If you’re pregnant and don’t want to wear granny pants, there are plenty of fashionable options available for you. Pick underwear that you feel good in.

In other words, you don’t have to start wearing maternity panties on the day you’re due. Pregnant women who acquire a lot of weight right away are the exception rather than the rule. Pregnant women may experience weight gain in the later stages of pregnancy. When you’re getting close to the end of your pregnancy, maternity underwear can help you relax. However, the situation changes depending on the individual’s physical characteristics.

Why you need pregnancy underwear

Maternity underwear is specifically tailored to fit and feel great while also being supportive of your growing uterus. Additionally, you may find that the waistband of your regular underwear becomes too tight or unpleasant throughout your pregnancy, in contrast to the maternity underwear that is designed to expand with you.

Even if a pregnant woman’s regular underwear still fits, she may want to consider buying maternity underwear because those trousers will most likely expand as the baby grows. Members of the What to Expect community agree that maternity underwear is helpful not only during pregnancy but also after giving birth.

Types of maternity underwear

Just like your go-to pair of maternity jeans, maternity underwear comes in a wide range of fits and washes.

  • These are a pair of underwear with a high rise that will hide your baby bump. In general, they offer greater support than low-cut styles.
  • Below-the-bump pantyhose are those that are cut so low that they expose skin below the belly button. They are a great substitute for an over-the-bump style for pregnant women throughout the warmer months.
  • In the centre of your bump, these underpants strike a balance between the two styles. Mid-bump pants, on the other hand, have a waistband that sits directly on the belly, therefore it needs to be very flexible and comfortable. It’s possible that mid-bump styles will be more difficult to track down than other variations.

What to look for when buying maternity underwear

In the centre of your bump, these underpants strike a balance between the two styles. Mid-bump pants, on the other hand, have a waistband that sits directly on the belly, therefore it needs to be very flexible and comfortable. It’s possible that mid-bump styles will be more difficult to track down than other variations.

In the core of your bump, these underwear strike a balance between the two styles. However, because the waistband of mid-bump pants will rest directly on your growing belly, it is essential that it be both supple and comfortable. You can also have a more difficult time locating mid-bump styles than other sorts.

These briefs find a happy medium between the two options, right in the middle of your bump. Mid-bump pants, on the other hand, require a waistband that is both stretchy and comfortable because it will be worn directly against the belly. Styles featuring a mid-bump may also be more difficult to track down.

How we made our picks for the best maternity underwear

We polled pregnant women in the What to Expect community to find out which brands and styles they liked most, and these are the results. We looked at how each design was received on the web, how comfortable the fabrics were, what kinds of briefs were available, and where on a woman’s body each style landed (over-, mid- or under-the-bump).

Below, you’ll find some of the best maternity underwear options we’ve found to help you stay comfortable during your pregnancy.

Best Maternity Underwear, According to Moms-to-Be Who Tried Them

Best Maternity Briefs

You can find them in adorable patterns, they’re breathable and comfortable, and the fold-over band means you may wear them over or under your bump.

Just so you know

Underwear should be the least of your concerns while you’re expecting. This full-coverage design by Motherhood Maternity is both stretchy and comfy thanks to the use of cotton and spandex. They are comfortable and won’t cause any skin problems because of their lightweight design and open weave. When you’re expecting, a fold-over waistband is a lifesaver since it lets you wear your jeans over or under your growing belly.

The composition of the material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Best Low-Rise Maternity Briefs

The sleeve stays in place well thanks to the inside lining, which is thin and made of 100% cotton.

Just so you know

These cradle-style pants include a low front that stays put beneath your tummy, and a full back that does the same. The outer layer is a cotton and spandex blend, and the inner layer is cotton. The reassuring light-colored lining, which makes any potential discharge or spotting obvious independent of the overall panty color, is a great feature for many pregnant women. Reviewers appreciate that the pants’ leg openings aren’t too tight on these sets.

This cut is ideal for mothers who will be undergoing a cesarean section since it will not aggravate the incision.

There is some spandex in the fabric, but only 5%. (inner lining is 100 percent cotton)

Best Maternity Underwear That Won’t Roll Down

The buttocks are elastic, supportive, and completely covered.

Just so you know

During pregnancy, women can wear special pants that serve as both underwear and a support garment for their growing bellies. They stretch mysteriously to fit your expanding belly and won’t slip or roll off your bulge. These pants are designed with an inside light support band to help relieve back pain caused by carrying an extra child. As a result of their timeless design, they are also a great solution for everyday wear. Looking for something more? You may also buy them in threes or sixes!

Five percent of the fabric is composed of other fibers.

Best Mid-Bump Underwear

A of of the many benefits include being soft and stretchy, as well as being great for wearing after giving birth (especially since they won’t irritate C-section scars).

Just so you know

Even though they aren’t technically maternity underwear, pregnant mothers love these nylon and spandex pants for their comfort and flexibility. The feminine lace details will make you forget you’re even wearing maternity garb.

The composition of the material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Best Maternity Boyshorts

Fits comfortably and provides support for the hips and baby bump.

Just so you know

These maternity underwear are ideal for women who value discretion and comfort throughout pregnancy. The 11 percent spandex in the nylon boyshorts will stretch and move with you when you walk or stretch. If you’re a pregnant woman shopping for bras that cover your breasts as well, your search is ended.

The fabric is 91% nylon and 9% spandex.

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Most Supportive Maternity Briefs

Some of the benefits include constant protection, expansion as you need it, and excellent support.

Just so you know

With these Belevation’s maternity briefs over the bump, you can’t go wrong with these. In 2014, this pair of underpants underwent a redesign in order to reduce weight while still offering adequate support. With a mesh microfiber that is breathable and helps wick away sweat, these pants are ideal for all three trimesters of pregnancy. Moreover, they’re seamless (meaning no visible lines or itchy stitching detail). In addition, a lumbar and abdominal support panel is included so you can be comfortable all day. Finally, the crotch is coated with Supima cotton, which is a combination of nylon and spandex, for added absorbency.

You can’t go wrong with these Belevation maternity briefs over the growing belly. Redesigned in 2014 to be lighter without sacrificing support, this pair of underwear is a great compromise. These trousers are great for wearing during your entire pregnancy because of the mesh microfiber material that allows air to circulate and helps wick away sweat. Plus, they fit together perfectly (meaning no visible lines or itchy stitching detail). An additional lumbar and abdominal support panel is provided for your comfort throughout the day. Finally, Supima cotton, a blend of nylon and spandex, is used to coat the crotch area for increased absorbency.

Most Adaptive Underwear

A cotton lining and the absence of bothersome labels make this a great option for casual use.

Just so you know

These Slick Chick briefs include convenient side snaps that make getting dressed much simpler, whether you’re doing it on your own or with assistance. The inside cotton lining is antimicrobial and highly breathable, so you won’t feel stuffy or damp all day long. They won’t create any annoying itching because they don’t have tags. Although these are not specifically designed as maternity underwear, the brand claims that the bikini style’s low waistband will be comfortable for pregnant women.

The inside is lined with soft cotton.

Best Maternity Thong

Positives include a stretchy, breathable fabric, lace accents, and Supima cotton inside.

Just so you know

Hanky Panky’s “world’s most comfortable thong” isn’t just for pregnant women, despite the name. The extremely stretchy lace material of the V-front and V-back waistbands ensures a secure, comfortable fit under your growing belly. However, ease of use should not compromise style. This thong’s cut and lace accents make it perfect for days when you want to turn things up a notch.

Main: 100% Nylon; 90/10 Nylon/Spandex Elements; 100% Supima Cotton Lining; 100% Nylon/Spandex Outer Shell.

Sexiest Pregnancy Underwear

The V-neckline and the cotton lining make it ideal for showing off your expanding tummy.

Just so you know

The lacey detail of certain briefs is a sign that maternity underwear may be stylish. The V neckline and back cutout are both attractive features. The stretchy fabric, high leg cut, and fluid design all contribute to the garment’s sensuality. It has a lot of flair because to its flattering sand color and its 100% cotton interior.

Main: 90% cotton, 10% polyamide; lining: 100% cotton.

Best Seamless Maternity Underwear

In addition to being fully covering and supportive, they are also remarkably comfortable.

Just so you know

If you are pregnant and would prefer greater coverage, you should not have to tolerate panty lines. The garment’s construction from a smooth, opaque fabric aids in its ability to stay in place. Customers love the brand’s superb customer service in case of an issue, and the stretchy fabric is great for accommodating an increasing belly while still providing full covering.

85 percent bamboo fiber, 7 percent nylon, and 8 percent spandex were used in its construction.

Most Breathable Maternity Underwear

Stretchy and comfortable; two-pack; covers the entire back

Just so you know

The waistband of these pregnancy pants sits below your incision, making them excellent for the postpartum period, especially for those recovering from C-sections. They offer complete covering and fit perfectly. The bamboo fabric used to make these shorts makes them breathable, lightweight, and wonderfully comfortable to wear. The buttocks are covered in full thanks to the V-shaped front and the straight back.

The fiber content of the cloth is 72% viscose, 22% nylon, and 6% spandex (but gusset is 100 percent cotton)

Most Adjustable Underwear

There are a number of great features, including an elasticized waist, a comfortable design, and the fact that it will not fall down.

Just so you know

Many physiological changes occur during pregnancy, therefore it’s good if your wardrobe can adapt to these changes. Lupantte’s maternity pants can be lengthened around the waist if that’s where you’re experiencing discomfort. In addition, the pants’ inner lining is composed of 100 percent cotton, making them even more appealing; the outer fabric is a mesh-woven material that is breathable, dry, and comfortable. These high-rise underwear are not only comfortable during pregnancy, but they are also great for the postpartum period because they prevent the tummy from falling down (the waist goes far above where any C-section incisions would be).

The fiber content of the cloth is 72% viscose, 22% nylon, and 6% spandex (but gusset is 100 percent cotton)

Best Maternity Shapewear

There is a good range of sizes and colors to choose from, and they provide good support.

Just so you know

This pair of maternity sculpting shorts is perfect if you enjoy wearing shapewear while you’re not expecting and are looking for a supportive pair that works when you’re expecting. To keep you snug and supported without squeezing your stomach, the core is non-compressive. As cycling shorts, they won’t show any panty lines because they contain a silicone band at the rear waist to keep them from sliding down your back. What’s more, they’re available in nine neutral colours, and moms-to-be report that the Skims maternity line does an excellent job of giving tummy support, according to the What to Expect community.

If you like wearing shapewear even when you’re not pregnant and are seeking for a supportive pair of maternity shorts, this is the pair for you. The core is non-compressive so that you can feel secure and supported without experiencing any abdominal compression. When worn as bicycle shorts, the silicone waistband will prevent the shorts from sliding down your back and exposing your underwear. The What to Expect community concurs that the Skims maternity line provides great tummy support for expecting mothers, and they come in nine different neutral colors.

Best Underwear for Multiple Trimesters

The material is substantial yet still allows for air flow, making it a good choice for postpartum use; it is also soft and supportive.

Just so you know

This pair of maternity underwear is extremely stretchy, which is great news for pregnant women with expanding bellies. This over-the-bump style is a cotton and spandex blend, and it has an adjustable waist and a breathable fabric that swiftly wicks away perspiration (with a 100 percent cotton inside lining). The waistband provides abdominal support because it wraps completely around the body. In addition, they shouldn’t be too high or feel restrictive on your growing belly, but they should prevent them from sliding down.

There is some spandex in the fabric, but only 5%. (inner lining is 100 percent cotton)

Most Protective Maternity Underwear

Advantages include not moving and being there to provide stability and defense.

Just so you know

This pair of underwear is designed to prevent leaks during all stages of pregnancy and nursing. These maternity trousers have a double-layer crotch and are made from moisture-wicking fabric to ensure dryness during your pregnancy. The double-layered construction of the waistband ensures that they will remain in place.

Ninety-five percent of the fabric is made up of cotton and elastane.

Best Overall: Motherhood Maternity 3-Pack Fold-Over Panties

If you’re in the market for some economical, comfortable, and versatile maternity underwear, this three-pack is a wonderful place to start. Positive feedback has been received on the briefs’ utilization of a cotton and spandex blend.

They are seamless and soft, and can be worn either over or under the belly for support and comfort. The three-packs come in a wide range of colors and sizes (from small to extra-large).

Best Plus Size: Belevation Women’s Maternity Underwear

People are raving about these high-waisted mesh pants. The high price tag is understandable given the widespread acclaim they have received for their ability to “hold it all in” and supply sufficient support without being restrictive. The breathable fabric makes these underwear appropriate to wear all year round without worrying about your bump getting damp. There are three color options, and sizes go up to a 26.

Best Breathable: Kindred Bravely Bamboo Hipster Panties

These cozy and stretchy leggings are made from bamboo, a fabric that is naturally breathable and silky. The waistband of these full-coverage underwear is a crossover style and falls at or below the belly button.

Reviewers have noted that the low waistband will not annoy individuals who have recently given birth or who have C-section scars.

Best Boy Short: Knix Super Stretch Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are back, and this three-pack is just what fashionistas need. Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, they are seamless, very flexible, and incredibly comfortable.

A boy short cut can be easily altered to accommodate a range of body types and offers greater covering in the hip and tummy regions. Each set of three has a different hue, and you can’t mix and match.

Best Multi-Pack: Kindred Bravely 3-for-$30 Underwear Bundle

If you really can’t decide on a single look, this variety pack is for you. Pick one of each design, or mix and match for endless combinations of comfort and variety. You can try on a variety of styles with the help of the Kindred Bravely thong, french cut brief, bikini, high-rise bikini, pregnant bikini, and hipster panty.

Best Budget: Motherhood Maternity Fold Over Maternity Panty

This is a fantastic place to start if you’re curious about the options for maternity underwear currently on the market. This cotton-spandex blend piece features a fold-over style that can be worn either above or below the bump. Wearing a range of vibrant hues and prints, such as leopard, will keep your sense of style fresh.

Best 4th Trimester: Pure Rosy Banded Brief

In the final stages of pregnancy, you and your baby undergo significant changes. Many women experience postpartum bleeding even after giving birth. Certain period trousers may be more comfortable for you once the heavier flow ends, and they will provide you with leakproof protection throughout your period.

The lace side panels add a touch of sophistication to the otherwise straightforward design, and the striped elastic waistband is comfortable and practical. You can discover a comfortable fit in one of our many postpartum styles, available in sizes ranging from XS to 1X.

Best Over the Belly: Hatch Seamless Belly Brief

The fabrics used in Hatch’s maternity wear are high-end and extremely comfortable to wear. These underwear share the same characteristics. The modal, nylon, and elastane blend briefs provide full coverage and sit below the belly button. Due to its all-day support and gentle shaping compression, they can be worn all day long. New mothers can benefit from these, according to reviews.

Best Thong: GAP Maternity Stretch Cotton Thong

If a thong is more your thing, you can’t go wrong with the stretchy basics from GAP. The bump is only partially hidden by the dip front pant, but they are really comfy anyway. High-cut legs and a waistline with elasticized trim maintain mobility. There are two colors and six sizes to select from.

Best Under Belly: Intimate Portal Under-the-Bump Pregnancy Underwear

These maternity pants have a flattering, low rise that won’t pinch your belly. They are low-rise shorts made of a cotton and spandex blend. You may rest assured that your C-section scar won’t be bothered by your newfound waistline-hugging prowess. Each set comes in a choice of six different colors and can be ordered in three different quantities.


What are maternity panties used for?

Disposable incontinence pads are held firmly in place. Imported machine-washable cloth. Expectant and new moms both will value the ease with which they can nurse their children while wearing these bras.

When should I start wearing maternity panties?

It’s up to you to decide how early in your pregnancy you want to start wearing maternity underwear. Pregnant women who acquire a lot of weight right away are the exception rather than the rule. Pregnant women may experience weight gain in the later stages of pregnancy.

Is it good to wear panties during pregnancy?

Expectant mothers can feel comfortable in their everyday undergarments. However, there is a subset of women who prefer to wear larger undergarments that can be pulled up over their curves. During pregnancy, your body temperature will rise and your vaginal discharge will change. Pregnant women are at increased risk for acquiring bacterial and fungal illnesses.

How do you know what size maternity panties to buy?

It is recommended that pregnant women return to their pre-pregnancy size if they are having difficulty determining what size to buy. Maintaining your pre-pregnancy weight is safe and healthy during pregnancy. pants designed for pregnancy should have a stretchy knit in the center to accommodate the growing belly without limiting mobility.

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How do you wear panties when pregnant?

Cups that are moulded, gently lined, and have smooth seams (we don’t sell any rigid moulds) can help prevent nipple rub. Since pregnant women already have warmer skin, it’s best for them to dress in loose, airy fabrics.

Are maternity panties necessary?

Depending on the size of the pregnant woman’s growing stomach, maternity underwear is typically made to be either low-cut or high-cut for maximum comfort and mobility. Preparing a pregnancy underwear wardrobe is more of a suggestion than a necessity. Underwear that stretches well and isn’t too low cut should do the trick.

Can I wear panties after C section?

Pads can help with this frequent postpartum problem, but you’ll still need underwear. Many new mothers are fond of wearing “granny panties,” or elastic-waisted, high-rise underwear.

Are our maternity clothes a waste of money?

Unfortunately, the negative answer is true. After having additional children or losing weight, a woman may find that she needs to continue to wear maternity clothes for a while longer than she had originally anticipated.

You should buy inexpensive maternity clothes throughout your pregnancy if your pre-pregnancy clothes still fit, and save the more expensive pieces for after the baby is born.

Don’t buy too many of the same thing in different colors if the cost of the entire outfit is over $20, especially if it’s brand new and each item costs more than $15. That way, you’ll have more cash for the items you truly require instead of frivolous purchases.

Maternity apparel isn’t just for expecting mothers; nursing moms can also benefit from the ease and versatility of maternity clothes.

If you’re pregnant or planning to breastfeed, one of the most crucial things to think about while shopping for maternity clothes is whether or not they will be comfortable through these changes.

You’ll have to spend money regardless of what you do, but unless you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, you should usually avoid buying brand-new, stylish maternity clothes. These garments are unlikely to fit comfortably after a few months, whether or not you’re still pregnant.

What month do you start wearing maternity clothes?

You should start dressing in maternity clothes sometime in the middle of your second trimester.

You can get your act together before having a baby. You can get away with wearing some of your regular clothes even if you’re in the later stages of pregnancy (like jeans).

After 20 weeks pregnant, you may find that the clothes you wore before pregnancy no longer fit comfortably and feel even more constricting on your growing belly.

Many pregnant women are taken aback by how comfortable they feel in the later stages of their pregnancies, especially when compared to the nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy or the aches and pains experienced in other places of the body, such as the back.

What are the exercises for normal delivery?

In some cases, a doctor may recommend specific exercises to help prepare the body for labor and delivery. Normal labor and delivery of a full-term infant is facilitated by the mother’s contractions, which can be detected as early as 15 minutes into the process and gradually grow in severity over the next several hours before finally tapering off around the 20-hour mark.

Even though the cervix is opening (a process known as “dilatation”), most women don’t notice any changes in their cervical mucosa at this time.

It is recommended that pregnant women avoid heavy lifting and exertion to prevent complications such as a decrease in the fetal heart rate. Lighter activities like walking and pelvic floor exercises are recommended instead.

When should a pregnant woman start exercising?

Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program while you are pregnant. Wait till until the first trimester of pregnancy has gone before starting an exercise routine because you will feel fine throughout this time.

There are pros and cons to exercising while pregnant, but it can be a great time for women to get in shape or maintain it.

Pregnant women can achieve their fitness goals, boost their mental health, and get a better night’s sleep with low-impact exercises like yoga.

Pregnant women who engage in high-impact exercises, such as running, may be putting their unborn child at risk of harm if they do so.

If you act as if something will happen, nothing will. Active pregnancies are associated with fewer complications and a more positive birth experience for mom and baby.


Only by trying it on can you tell if pregnancy underwear is the best option for you. Try on three different styles with the push of a button with the Kindred Bravely Underwear Bundle (view at Kindred Bravely). If you know you’ll need maternity pants, choose the Motherhood Maternity Women’s 3-Pack Fold Over Pants (available at Amazon). They’re a good value, versatile, and offer a high level of comfort.