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If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you really must invest in a supportive maternity bra. If you follow this instructions, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect shoe for you!

When to Buy a Maternity Bra

Maternity clothes, and especially bras, can be challenging to find. How many and when should maternity bras be purchased? I thought you would be curious about the answers I provided for each of my pregnancies.

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When exactly during pregnancy does one need to start wearing a maternity bra? Getting your first maternity bra adjusted approximately three months into your pregnancy is recommended by most experts.

Here are the Problems Maternity Bras Solve

  • Rapid breast growth during pregnancy is associated with increased pain and sensitivity for pregnant women.
  • As your baby grows, your rib cage will expand to accommodate it, making your current bra uncomfortable.
  • Underwires, lace, and other bra necessities can cause severe discomfort, if not outright anguish, during pregnancy.
  • As your breasts grow, you’ll need a bra that can keep up with the weight, and a low-quality, flimsy bra won’t be able to do the job. No strapless bras can be worn at the moment.

Many pregnant women may need to purchase at least one new bra, while others may choose to utilize bra extenders with their existing bras. Most experts advise having a fitting at the conclusion of the first or beginning of the second trimester, and then again at the end of pregnancy.

However, the reality remains that everyone is different and that people’s physical bodies mature and change at different rates. Depending on how your body changes throughout pregnancy, you may need a new bra every two months or you may not need one at all.

Alternatively, you can go right to your local maternity store and fill up on pregnancy bras instead of skipping them completely. It’s completely up to the individual how they choose to wear their maternity bra.

Therefore, we have developed a list of tips for making the most of your new maternity bras, saving money, and getting the most bang for your dollars.

How to Find (and Use) a Maternity Bra Size Calculator

To get started, you should be aware of your own physical characteristics. In the event that you are unable to get a custom fitting for your pregnancy bra, you can still determine the correct size with the help of a maternity bra size calculator.

These two links will take you to online bra size calculators from two of the most trusted names in the pregnancy and nursing bra industry. However, if you cannot afford a bra that is fitted specifically for you, these options are OK.

Here’s What You Should Look For in a Maternity Bra

All of the following should be present in your bra, regardless of whether it is labeled for pregnancy or nursing:

  • Do away with the underwire and try some molded foam cups with interchangeable cushions instead. Modern women no longer need to wear push-up bras.
  • You should choose a softer, more breathable fabric without any lace embellishments.
  • Most t-backs and racerbacks include wider straps to provide greater support.
  • Pull-on bras are preferred over clasp closures, but only if the clasps offer at least five or six places for adjustability and three levels.
  • If the cup size range is 1-2, the fabric should be sufficiently stretchy.

Do I Need Maternity Sports Bras and Sleep Bras?

Different types of bras are also available. As your breasts develop, you may find that you need to wear a bra even when you’re sleeping. Most women are looking for a day bra, but a sleep bra is different since it must prioritize comfort over shaping and defining.

However, nursing sleep bras are an excellent addition to any sleep bra collection. Even if you plan to breastfeed after giving birth, you can still use a regular or maternity sleeping bra because they are equally comfortable and supportive.

As your mammary glands expand, you may not have given much care to your sports bra selection in the past. You may want to think about investing in a nursing sports bra that has been designed to endure the stresses of nursing. The clasps will be the only clue, but they’re unlikely to be spotted.

How Do You Determine Your Nursing Bra Size While You’re Pregnant?

You might not have previously paid much thought to the type of sports bra you wore while your breasts grew. Consider investing in a nursing sports bra designed specifically to endure the stresses of nursing. The clasps are the only possible indicator, although they will be difficult to see.

How Many Maternity Bras Do I Need?

You may notice a considerable increase in breast size about a week after giving delivery. When your body has returned to a more normal state and your milk production has settled down, you should see a decrease in these numbers. How come elastic, supporting material is so crucial?

In addition to the two or three bras you’ll need for daily wear, you might also want to bring along a few pregnancy-specific sports bras, depending on how active you anticipate to be. My current everyday maternity and breastfeeding bra is the Cake Pregnancy Mousse Contour Bra. Cake Maternity’s Mousse bras are wire-free for superior comfort and still give you the definition you want in a daily bra. Cake Pregnancy makes high-quality maternity and nursing bras.

The Truth About Underwire

Some nurses believe that underwire can make mastitis and milk production worse. Even while underwire bras aren’t typically required, pregnant women should avoid wearing them.

One major argument is that there is no need to make concessions because modern bras are so well-designed. That’s why more and more women are opting for lower-cut, non-padded bras that better complement their natural breast forms. There are plenty of options for nursing and pregnancy bras that use underwires. Yes! So what if you want to make use of them? Does it sound okay? Yes! You shouldn’t be scared to try out some unplugged options, either.

Buying a Maternity Bra

All About Maternity Bras

Many expecting women experience a pivotal moment at around 16 weeks. When your breasts begin to outgrow your carefully selected fashion bras in preparation for their nursing duties, you know you’re pregnant. Having the laws of lingerie revised for pregnancy is not fun. A maternity bra should be worn when your sleek and sultry underwear can no longer hold your growing bump.

How to Buy a Nursing Bra Guide | Seraphine US

Many expecting women experience a pivotal moment at around 16 weeks. When your breasts begin to outgrow your carefully selected fashion bras in preparation for their nursing duties, you know you’re pregnant. Having the laws of lingerie revised for pregnancy is not fun. A maternity bra should be worn when your sleek and sultry underwear can no longer hold your growing bump.

Many pregnant women experience a major milestone at the 16-week mark. You can tell you’re expecting a baby when your breasts start to outgrow your favorite fashionable bras in anticipation of their new role as nursing support. It’s not fun to have to rethink your lingerie routine because of pregnancy. When your smooth and sexy undergarments no longer fit your expanding belly, it’s time to switch to a maternity bra.

Buying Tips

Don’t go out and buy a larger bra just to look better. Increasing the diameter of a cup by an inch or two may seem like a quick fix. Still, that doesn’t solve the problem you’re having. Avoid a fashion bra’s style and structure if you’re expecting or breastfeeding because it won’t provide enough support for your breasts.

Invest in a lot of these. Experts advise having at least two or three and regularly washing them to maximize their effectiveness.

Preparing for two separate trips is recommended. If you buy your first prenatal bra in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, you may need to make a return trip before the end of your pregnancy. Do not make your initial bra purchase a “room to grow” bra. Initial attempts at donning them will be clumsy at best. It’s best to prepare yourself for the possibility that your first maternity bra won’t be the right fit.

Imagine nursing bras. They have feeding ports and provide the same level of support as a maternity bra. Even if you think breast-feeding your child is a long way off, you could still save money in the long run by planning ahead in this way.

Getting a Good Fit

Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between a conventional bra and a nursing or maternity bra. It’s possible that seeing a professional bra fitter is the best course of action. Mass merchants and mall-based lingerie dealers may not have a pregnant specialist on staff, but a department store’s lingerie section or a specialty maternity store may. In other words, she will be able to help you make the right choice. If you want to schedule an appointment, just give us a call.

Here are some more suggestions about how to correctly wear a suit:

  • Use a measuring tape to go around your torso and under your arms to get an idea of your band size. You should round up if the measurement is an odd number.
  • Band size can be estimated by wrapping a measuring tape around the wearer’s torso and beneath the arms. If the number you’re measuring is odd, round it up.
  • A proper fit is achieved when the cup completely encloses the breasts without allowing any “spill out.” Nobody in the band sits in the back.
  • Put them on and see how they feel. Only in this method can you be sure you’ve selected a bra that fits properly. Don’t be in a hurry; take your time.

Wear them. Trying on a bra is the only foolproof method of determining whether or not it will fit you properly. Don’t be in a hurry; take your time.

Best Maternity Bras

Why Do I Need a Maternity Bra?

Test their comfort by donning them for yourself. This is a requirement if you want to know for sure that you’ve chosen the best bra for you. Don’t be in a hurry; take your time.

  • Shifts in the ovaries.
  • Physiological changes in the ovaries.
  • Swelling.
  • Making cheese, butter, and ice cream.

1. Kindred Braverly Simply Sublime Pregnancy Bra

The elastic in this bra is both strong enough to hold you in place and stretchy enough to accommodate your evolving shape. This bra will keep your ladies secure due to its wide band and three clasps that provide full coverage.

2. Curve Muse Plus Size Maternity Bra

It may be difficult to find a pregnancy bra without an underwire if you have very large breasts. Unfortunately, not every elastic cup will keep you in place securely at all times. If you find a well-fitting underwire bra that doesn’t rub on your breasts, you shouldn’t have any issues with wearing it.

If you find that this bra is too snug, try wearing it with an extender. Women with large breasts will find this bra to be extremely supportive and stylish. Having three means you’ll never be without your go-to bra style.

3. Bamboobies Seamless Pregnancy Bra

This bra, when paired with the included extender, can accommodate bust sizes up to a 42F. It’s made of ultra-soft bamboo rayon, so you may wear it all day without getting any chafing from even light movement. As a result of the nursing access panels, you can keep using it after giving birth.

4. Mothers en Vogue Seamless Maternity Bralette

This bra was designed with smaller-breasted mothers in mind, particularly the A through C cup sizes. Its low profile means you may conceal it easily beneath garments. It’s made of a blend of nylon, spandex, and cotton, so it’ll stretch as your body and breasts do, and it can be converted into a nursing bra after you give birth.

5. Gratlin Racerback Seamless Pregnacy Bra

This bra has a cup size that goes down to 32A. Despite looking like a sports bra, it has no underwire and a tightly knit underband to prevent sagging as well as hook-and-eye fasteners for a personalized fit. Last but not least, since it isn’t cushioned, it will conform to your body rather than trying to fit your breasts.

6. Motherhood Maternity Sports Wireless Maternity Bra

Sizes 1x-3x are available, and the elasticized fabric may stretch to fit your expanding bust. It has sturdy straps that will prevent your breasts from sagging. With its thick band and lovely design, this is a great option for any pregnant woman who might be concerned about showing off her growing belly.

7. Gratlin Plus-Size Wire-Free Pregnancy Bra

Using conventional bra sizing and ordering for your exact band and cup size is the easiest method to get a perfect fit (s). Feel confident and secure while wearing this cotton underwear that features wireless support. This bra has six rows of hook-and-eye closures, so when your bust expands, you won’t have to buy a new one.

8. Kindred Braverly Terry Scoopback Sleep Bra

Smooth as silk on the skin and fully adaptable to the shape of your body, French terry bedding is a luxurious luxury. The Kindred Braverly Sleep Bra is ideal for nighttime nursing because it does not have any wires, clasps, or hooks. This bra is available in a wide range of colors and sizes, so it should work for any woman who wants to try it on.

9. EMY Pregnancy Sleep Bra

In a pinch, this four-pack will be a godsend for moms. These bras are not only inexpensive, but they may be worn when feeding at night after the baby is delivered. They are also really cute. The cotton-spandex construction is soft and supportive, perfect for nursing pads as your due date draws near.

10. Gratlin Comfort Support Nursing Bra

Every mom could use a better night’s rest, and with this nursing bra, she can get it. It’s constructed of a luxuriously soft and smooth material, so it fits like a dream and doesn’t bother your skin. This is the perfect sleeping arrangement because there are no irritating wires or seams.

This bra is wonderful for expectant mothers and helps them get a good night’s sleep. Because of how well the bra molds to each individual’s body, you just need one.

11. Hofish 3-Pack Maternity Bras

You don’t need a heavier material to get the support you need. This bra, with its modern push-up padding and deeper V-neck, will help you feel and look fantastic.

The wider underband and the bra’s wider straps prevent it from falling off your shoulders. Easy feeding is ensured by the quick release of the strap and drop-cup, both of which require only one hand.

12. Carriwell GelWire Maternity Nursing Bra

However, this one-of-a-kind “gel wire” bra offers support without the usual risks associated with underwire, making it ideal for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The supplied gel molds to the breasts to prevent tearing, yet it’s still adaptable enough to follow your every motion as your body changes. This bra gives you the support you need while yet looking stylish thanks to its broad band and robust straps.

13. Bravado! Seamless Nursing and Maternity Bra

With this nursing bra, moms and babies can easily enjoy the benefits of skin-to-skin contact. The drop-away cup makes it simple for you and your infant to bond as you nurse. Nothing, not even wires or seams, will get in the way of your important bonding time with your child.

The four-way stretch fabric and removable foam inserts make nursing comfortable and discrete. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you can find the right size of this nursing bra among its many available options.

14. Playtex Seamless Nursing Pregnancy Bra

This bra is chafe-free because to its elastic construction and smooth design. You’ll stay comfortable thanks to the X-Temp feature, and you’ll stay in place because to the broad band and hook-and-eye loops. Easy-to-use strap clips make nursing and breastfeeding comfortable while wearing this fashionable pregnancy top.

15. Gepai Wire-free Front Button Maternity Bra

The majority of bras now available on the market are boring. That’s not necessarily the case! These cute flower bras have a front-button design that draws attention to your curves. You may receive the support you need without the discomfort of an underwire thanks to the four hook-and-eye loops in the back.

16. Aibrou Wirefree Padded Pregnancy Bra

That you may get the most use out of your bra purchase, we have included an extender. The removable and washable cushion is also included. Its stretchy design and integrated nursing panels mean it can be used even after baby has arrived.

17. Fittin Racerback Pregnancy Sports Bra

If you intend to work out vigorously while pregnant, you should avoid wearing either a nursing bra or a maternity bra. So, here is the one we suggest: It’s not too short in the torso, so it won’t ride up on your stomach, and it’ll keep you dry and comfortable as you work up a sweat. These considerations are more essential than the labeling of a piece of exercise gear as “maternity” for pregnant women.

18. AKAMC Removable Padded Maternity Sports Bras

These bras are made with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and have removable cups. For those who outgrow their bras but still want the support and protection for their breast tissue, removable cups are a great option. The racerback design provides freedom of movement, and after your workout is over, you can simply wash and wear it again.

19. Hofish Full Bust Matenity Bralette

This bra should serve you well during both your pregnancy and breastfeeding for the low, low price of only one. The stretchy construction makes it suitable for usage with a wide range of cup sizes. The included bra extenders make it possible to keep wearing the bra even as your rib cage expands. After giving birth, you can start using a nursing panel.

20. Caramel Cantina Pregnancy Bras

This bundle could save you money compared to buying the bras separately. In addition, you have the option of going with either a classic or a modern color palette. With their machine-washability and breastfeeding clips, Caramel Catina bras are an excellent choice for expecting mothers and new moms alike.

21. ILoveSia 3-Pack Maternity Bras

In some cases, you can get three bras in this set for the price of two. In addition, you have the option of using either a classic color scheme or a more modern, eye-catching one. Caramel Catina bras are great for new mothers because they can be washed in the washing machine and have clips for breastfeeding.

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Is a Maternity Bra the Same as a Nursing Bra?

Even while certain nursing bras can double as pregnant bras, maternity bras are not the same thing.

Do you feel like you’re finally getting it?

As your breasts grow and gain weight throughout pregnancy, you’ll want something that gives you a little extra lift and support. Nursing bras, which are similar in design to lingerie bras, allow for the nipple to be exposed when breastfeeding while yet supporting the breasts. You can see your breasts through the panel or clasp on most nursing bras.


You may experience a change in breast size after giving birth due to swelling and subsequent milk production. This allows the possibility of obtaining two separate cup measurements within the time frame of a single day. About four months in, you may need to buy a new bra because your milk production has likely started to decrease.

When looking for a maternity bra, it’s important to focus not on your anticipated needs but on your actual ones. The presence of nursing panels in your pregnancy bra is convenient, but it is no assurance that the bra will continue to fit after you give birth.

How do I choose a maternity bra?

Always check to see if the cup of the bra you’re considering fully covers your breasts. Your open hand should be able to fit comfortably inside the cup of your pregnancy bra. Your underbust and skin shouldn’t feel any discomfort from the bra band. The bra straps should never dig into your shoulders.

When should you buy a maternity bra?

Most professionals advise expecting mothers to get their first maternity bra adjusted around the third month of their pregnancies.

How do maternity bra sizes work?

Each place after the decimal point represents one cup capacity. For example, a difference of two inches is considered a B cup, three inches is a C cup, four inches is a D cup, and so on. If your underbust measures 37 inches, for instance, you would write 38.

Is there a difference between maternity and nursing bras?

If you plan on breastfeeding, you’ll need a nursing bra because they have clasps or panels that open up to reveal your nipples…. When shopping for nursing bras during pregnancy, make sure they have enough of room for you to grow.

Should you wear a bra to bed when pregnant?

The bed is where I currently find myself. Don’t feel bad about sleeping with a bra on when pregnant or nursing. It is a matter of personal preference and not a social expectation that women wear bras.

How much bigger do breasts get during pregnancy?

Although every woman is different, most see a gain of one to two cup sizes in their breast size. As your child develops, so will your ribcage, and as it does, so will your band size.

Which bra is best during pregnancy?

For daytime use, the best option is a nursing bra without wires or seams that provides adequate support. When ordinary bras become too large during pregnancy, some women may switch to this kind. Full drop cup bras will make it simple and discreet to nurse your baby in public.

What can you do in the summer while pregnant?

Many summertime activities are safe for pregnant women to enjoy. Activities may need to be modified or avoided altogether during pregnancy.

What do you wear to a maternity shoot?

What to wear for a maternity photo shoot depends on the season and what makes you feel beautiful. Wear colors and patterns that bring out the best in your complexion and hair. Dress for the photo shoot in all black, all white, or all shades of grey to keep the focus on the pregnant woman. It’s best to avoid loud patterns throughout pregnancy so that your growing bump doesn’t compete for attention in photos.

What should I eat while pregnant?

Microbial risks from raw fish, undercooked meat, and eggs warrant caution for expecting mothers. To achieve adequate dietary intake, pregnant women should take 400 mcg of folic acid daily.

Pregnant women, especially in the second and third trimesters, have a high demand for iron, so it’s important for them to take iron supplements.

What To Look For In A Maternity Belt?

Your tummy will grow throughout pregnancy, so if you can, try adding a maternity belt to help keep your clothes in place. Think about how often (and where) you’ll be wearing the belt, as well as if you’d prefer a material that retains heat effectively or allows heat to escape.

It is possible for pregnant women to continue wearing their regular clothes for a while, although maternity clothes offer the greatest comfort.

What types of shoes do I need during pregnancy?

Don’t forget the trendy boots when you return to workout after having a kid. It’s a good idea to stock up on sneakers or tennis shoes in case you end up needing more than one pair. Summer sandals are also a great choice because they may be worn year-round without breaking them in.

When do you need maternity clothes?

After the second trimester, you will need to dress in maternity clothes.

How do they measure your bump?

Doctors use measuring tapes to gain an estimate of its size.

Does paternity leave exist in the United States?

Several companies in the United States provide paternity leave to its employees in accordance with state law.

Who determines FMLA eligibility?

An employer must adhere to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act when determining whether or not an employee has a serious health condition (FMLA). Employees who have worked for their current employer for at least 1250 hours in the 12 months before to taking FMLA leave are entitled to up to 24 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave.

You should be permitted to take time off from work during your pregnancy as long as your employer doesn’t divide it up into several shorter periods for recertification purposes. Workers who become disabled as a result of pregnancy or childbirth are not entitled to disability pay under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

What are some problems that can occur during breastfeeding?

Nipple soreness, low milk production, blocked ducts, and mastitis are just some of the problems that can arise from breastfeeding (inflammation of the breast). Get in touch with a lactation consultant if any of these issues arise throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Can I get paid while taking FMLA?

If an employee has paid leave (vacation, sick, or holiday) accrued, they are free to use it during the FMLA period, but doing so will not increase their 12-week unpaid leave benefit under FMLA. Despite the fact that “maternity” was not on the approved list of reasons for absence, any leave of absence related to pregnancy would still be acceptable.

A pregnant lady has two possibilities when she cannot work: The first choice is to use up to 26 weeks of sick and vacation time, which can be spread out over a maximum of 12 weeks. The alternative is to take unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks after the birth of the child. After 26 weeks of pregnancy, it’s safe to start.

When an employee returns from FMLA leave, they are entitled to at least 16 hours per week in the same or a comparable role, as well as pay that is consistent with their compensation before leave was taken.

If there have been material changes in terms or conditions, the employer must provide employees at least two business days’ notice before they return from leave. An employee’s rights under FMLA cannot be waived upon return to work from maternity leave (ex: pay raise).

What happens when you don’t take your full 12 weeks of maternity leave?

It’s ideal for new mothers to take the full 12-week maternity leave rather than risk having to take less than six weeks of unpaid leave after giving birth.

The Bottom Line

When you’re expecting a baby, you shouldn’t just focus on finding the right maternity jeans and outfits; the bra is just as important. Not only may an ill-fitting bra cause discomfort and poor posture, but it can also make breastfeeding more challenging.