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Your little one is finally old enough to go on more adventures with you this summer. Vacuuming their stroller while on the go is a great method to keep them occupied. We’ll show you how to vacuum a jogger stroller so your child is ready for fun the next time you hit the pavement!

What is a Jogging Stroller?

A jogging stroller or pram is a type of stroller or pram made specifically to help parents get or stay in shape while on the go. Moms and dads may walk, run, or rollerblade while pushing their children because to their unique aerodynamic form. This, of course, means that a regular workout routine does not have to come at the expense of family time.

With one large wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the back, it’s easy to spot a jogging stroller (also known as a running stroller). A strong bar on the back of the stroller makes running a breeze. You can keep your child safe from the sun while you work out under one of these hoods or canopies.

Depending on the situation, there are a variety of strollers to choose from. Shock absorbers and mud deflectors are included on the heavy-duty variant, which has a 20-inch wheel and may be used on rough, wooded trails. A 16-inch-wheeled jogging stroller is also available for those who prefer to jog or walk quickly in the park.

Running with a jogging stroller can be challenging for some runners because of the additional resistance they face from the stroller’s weight. Runners that use a jogging stroller while training have had faster race times as a result of their training.

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Of course, there are a variety of other variables to take into account. A jogging stroller isn’t recommended for babies under the age of six to twelve months, according to many doctors and professionals in the field. Check with your child’s doctor first if you’re unsure. Jogging isn’t a good idea if you have a young baby because of the high level of movement. To prevent your youngster from being jostled and banged, make sure the stroller has a shoulder harness. Invest in a helmet for your child’s head as well if you want to keep it safe.

However, while jogging strollers are good for jogging in the park or simply going around the neighborhood, they’re not perfect for crowded places like malls or restaurants. It’s difficult to navigate around people because of the large front wheel area. Even a toe or two may get trampled. A smaller umbrella stroller is common in the trunks of cars belonging to parents who use a jogging stroller.

If you’re a runner, don’t let the fact that you have young children stop you from continuing your fitness regimen. Jog with them in a stroller. Because of your healthy lifestyle, your friends and family will be able to benefit from it as well!

10 Benefits Of Running With a Jogging Stroller

Quality Time With Your Child

Running with your infant in a jogging stroller gives you the opportunity to spend precious time together. It will help strengthen your relationship with your child.

Opportunity To Look After The Body

You probably won’t have time to work out at the gym after becoming a parent. Because of this, it’s best to use a jogging stroller.

Bring your toddler along in the stroller and go for a jog. Within a month, you’ll notice that your arms are much more toned. Your muscles get stronger as a result of pushing the Stroller, which needs a lot of energy.


Stretching on a stroller bar is a great idea. If you’re out and about with a stroller, take a stop to stretch outside. As a result, there is no longer a need to carry about the filthy road signs or the dusty sidebars.

Added Workout

With a few months old kid in the house, no one has the time to work out. It’s impossible to fit in regular exercise while you’re busy. As a result, the time you spend with your child when they are outside can be put to good use. Run around the playground and burn off those extra calories instead of just sitting there.

Extra Storage Capability

Jogging with a jogging stroller is one of the best ways to keep your essentials close at hand while you’re out and about. Running alone limits the amount of gear you can carry to the bare necessities.

However, if you go for a stroller, you’ll be able to carry more gear. For now, it’s easier to run into a shop or a restaurant to get things done because you have everything you need to get fresh.

Fresh Air For Both Mom And Baby

Getting him out of the house on a regular basis may be the best thing you can do for his physical and mental health. After a long day at home, you and your child will both benefit from getting some fresh air.

Baby Will Get Used To With The Outdoor Activities

If you take your infant outside every day, he’ll come to associate physical exercise in the fresh air with nothing strange. As soon as the infant becomes acclimated to this, you’ll notice how calm and at ease the baby is.

Keep Being You

Before you had a child, you didn’t have to give up all the things you enjoyed doing. You enjoy jogging and are aware of the numerous health benefits. Additionally, you can still run while pushing a youngster in a jogging stroller. It’s safe to say that being a parent will alter your daily routine.

Investing in a jogging stroller ensures that an important part of your daily routine will not change. For those of you who don’t want to be away from your child for an extended period of time, this option is ideal.

Using a Stroller, you may go for a jog while spending valuable time with your child. It can be used on the street or on the sidewalk, depending on your preference. Consider how much stress you’ll be able to alleviate.

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Sense Of Style

Yes, I realize how ecstatic you are about becoming a parent, and I honor that. There’s no need to lose your sense of style as a parent. Elegant and fashionable, running with a jogging stroller shows that you value your health and are willing to make an investment in it.

Great Way To Get Your Baby Down For A Nap

If you’re able to keep the perfect time, strolling with the baby can also help the child fall asleep. The activity will aid your baby’s sleep, so go for a jog before naptime.

Steps on a Vacuuming jogger stroller

Step 1: Remove the stroller’s toddler seat and fabric cover. Vacuuming will be easier as a result.

Wipe off your jogger, including under the handlebars, with a dry paper towel or rag. Clean all the surfaces you just washed down with your handheld vacuum cleaner and an upholstery brush attachment (such as this one! ), plug it in, and turn it on.

To avoid introducing difficult to remove mildew to materials such as wood, avoid using water.

A footrest can also be added for a more comfortable ride once you’ve reattached the baby’s seat to the stroller frame. After your run, use a damp cloth to wipe off the seat and handlebar textiles and let them air dry to eliminate any perspiration or other liquids that may have accumulated.

Using the vacuum’s crevice attachment, or your hands if required, clean up any spills or crumbs from snacks your child ate while riding in the stroller in the back of the jogger.

Make sure all velcro components are attached tightly before storage in the garage to prevent airborne dust particles from getting inside the stroller frame.

For long-term storage of jogger strollers and to avoid dirty paw prints, make sure to secure all zippers and buckles with a rubber band or a screwdriver (if appropriate).

Using a moist towel, wipe out all removable pieces before putting them back in storage. Be careful while using water, as even mildew might be difficult to remove.

How to disinfect a stroller?

Unless otherwise specified on the product package, only use an all-purpose cleaner and cloth or a diluted bleach solution to clean it. NEVER combine these two cleansers! (most manufacturers will say how much water to use). A few minutes of cleaning and drying is all that is needed before the surface may be used again.

What should you do if your stroller has mould on it?

A diluted bleach solution can be used to clean the surface, but it should never be used with an all-purpose cleaner unless the manufacturer’s instructions on the container explicitly state otherwise (most manufacturers will say how much water to use).

Allow the surface to completely dry before using if mildew is present. Mould can grow on unused strollers if they are left outside at night or in humid places like garages without sufficient ventilation, which can happen during the winter months.

How do you put air in a stroller tire?

Use a bicycle or automobile pump to inflate one of your stroller’s rear wheels, if necessary. You must make sure that the tire is properly inflated before proceeding with this step.

Inflate both sides of the wheel at the same time with a bicycle or hand pump by turning the handle counterclockwise about 15 times. This will have to be done on an individual basis by each party involved.

Why Should I Keep My Jogging Stroller Clean?

If you’re a new parent, keeping a stroller clean definitely isn’t at the top of your list of things to do.

But it ought to be. Your stroller needs to be cleaned in two ways: from the dirt and filth it takes up on the sidewalks and trails, and from the accumulation of messes left behind by newborns and children. During your 5-mile stroll, your child may be wiping the stroller’s inner workings with half-chewed crackers or amused themselves by shaking their sippy cup upside down and watching it spill. It’s a no-no to leave that uncleaned. There are more germs in strollers, and children have a weaker immune system than adults. In order to ensure the healthiest environment for your children, it is imperative that you maintain a spotless stroller.

Your stroller will last longer and be easier to use if you take care of it properly. Maintaining cleanliness of the moving parts is essential if you wish to utilize it for a long period of time.

To wrap things up, it will make the stroller seem better, which is always a good thing. If you’re thinking of putting your house up for sale, this may be useful information to have. A well-kept stroller will fetch a higher price than one that hasn’t been properly cared for.

How Often Should I Clean My Jogging Stroller?

Every 1-2 months, give your stroller a thorough cleaning. As a result, you’ll need to clean your stroller at least six times a year, if not more. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult.

In addition, you’ll need to clean the wheels, remove crumbs from the fabric, and so on at least once a week. As a last resort, you may also make things easy on yourself by cleaning up any crumbs or debris as soon as they are discovered.

What Items Do I Need To Clean It?

The cleaning supplies you’ll need for your jogging stroller are numerous.

Vacuum cleaners are essential for getting rid of crumbs and other debris. If you’re going to wash the fabric by hand, consider using a microfiber soft cloth, a soft toothbrush, or a soft fabric brush.

When it comes to cleaning the fabric, you’ll need some warm water, baby-safe soap (or baking soda, if you prefer), dishwashing soap, and disinfecting baby-safe wipes.

A WD-40 or other solvent specified by the manufacturer, as well as a sponge and scourer, will come in handy for cleaning the frame. WD-40 isn’t a lubricant, despite its labeling. Check the owner’s manual for recommended products if you need to grease the wheels or the folding mechanics. Almost any lubricant with a wax or silicone basis will do. To prevent rubber parts from breaking down, stay away from oil-based compounds. Also, stay away from goods that contain chlorine.

What Should I Do First?

Actually, the first step isn’t to start cleaning. Reading the owner’s manual is the first step. Make sure you do this first to guarantee that you don’t harm the stroller when you clean it!

Take a look at the stroller’s cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to determine what needs to be done. You can wash certain strollers by removing the fabric and putting it in the washing machine, but other strollers require you to wash the fabric in place.

Make sure to empty the stroller before you begin cleaning it, as a cautionary tale.

The cloth should be checked for any traces of food before it is put in the washing machine. Dry crumbs are much easier to deal with than moist ones!

How Do I Handle The Specific Components Of The Stroller?

Make sure you clean thoroughly so that you don’t miss a single speck of dirt. We’ve outlined a step-by-step procedure to get you from A to B without a hitch!

Start Outside

Take the stroller for a test drive outside first. Don’t inhale anything harmful, like spores. If there are any mold issues, you’ll need to deal with them first. When it’s hot and humid outside, mold is more likely to appear.

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Mold can be easily removed by just scrubbing it away. You should be able to remove it if it hasn’t been there for a long time. If mold persists, a solution of lemon juice and salt can be used to get rid of it.

Spray bottles loaded with a solution of two parts water to three parts white vinegar are another alternative. Just use soapy water and a paper towel or a rag that you don’t mind tossing away to clean off any remaining mold.

Move To The Fabric

After removing any mold, focus on the fabric next. Start by vacuuming up any crumbs or trash that may be lying about. If you’ve been cleaning the fabric once a week, this shouldn’t take long.

After that, it’s time to give the fabric a good cleaning. Check your jogging stroller’s manufacturer’s directions to find out how to clean the fabric. It doesn’t matter what method you use to clean the fabric, the sun will assist eliminate bacteria and germs.

Fabric By Hand

With soapy water, begin by scrubbing the cloth in a gentle manner before moving on to the next step. Use a soft toothbrush or fabric brush to remove any stubborn stains.

Gently wipe the fabric with a damp cloth to remove any remaining soap residue. Clean your stroller using a disinfectant wipe that is suitable for babies and children as a last step.

Re-use these steps to clean the canopy or hood: soapy water first, soft brush second, disinfectant wipe at the very end of the operation.

Fabric By Machine

If you have access to a washing machine, it will save you time and effort if you can wash the fabric that way. Machine wash the seat and canopy if they are detachable and the manufacturer’s instructions allow it, always on the mild cycle.

Clean The Frame

You can clean the frame once you’ve taken care of the fabric. Wipe the frame clean by using a sponge dipped in warm water combined with dishwashing soap. You can use a cloth to remove soapy residue if necessary.

Use a disinfecting wipe at the end, just like you did with the fabric, to ensure that everything is clean. Before putting the stroller away for the night, be sure to air dry the frame or set it out in the sun to dry.

Clean The Wheels And Brakes

Make sure to clean the wheels and brakes, even if it seems like an unnecessary step. It’s a good idea to inspect the wheels and the region around the brakes on a regular basis for debris, such as stones or even small pieces of glass.

Remove the stroller’s wheels, if you can manage it. They will be easy to clean if this is done. Start by brushing the wheels and rims to remove any loose debris, dirt, sand, etc. Apply the brakes at the same time.

Warm water can be used to remove any remaining dirt or sand from the surface. Some baby powder might help if the sand isn’t coming out. Rinse the soap off if necessary.

Wheels and brakes can be disinfected with a disinfectant wipe if desired, but the cloth and the frame are more essential.

Finally, if you have squeaky wheels or sticky brakes, you should apply a lubricant recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Count on me. A true work of art. The squeaky noise that comes from your stroller will be a thing of the past once it stops! It’s possible that you’ll be more inclined to go for a jog.

Make It Smell Good

Make the stroller smell good and not like you just washed it as a last touch. Add several drops of essential oil to one cup water and see what happens. Your stroller will smell great after you’ve sprayed it liberally.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your jogging stroller once or twice a year is worth it because you’re ensuring that it’s in good working order. In addition, you’re doing your part to keep your children healthy.

If you share a home with a significant other/spouse and he or she also runs, you might want to think about rotating who gets to clean the stroller. Your baby will love the clean stroller and you’ll just have to do the cleaning 3-6 times a year!