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To keep your rain cover stroller looking like new, we’ve put together some cleaning recommendations!

Even though rainy days can be entertaining, they also have their own set of obstacles. In the event of inclement weather, how would you and your family cope? What are they going to do with all of their extra toys and snacks? When it’s raining outside, how do you keep your belongings dry?

After the rain has stopped, how will you clean the stroller?

Benefits Of Using A Stroller Rain Cover

Using a stroller rain cover has the following advantages:

  • Rain, snow, wind, and even frigid temperatures are all protected by this coat.
  • This means that you don’t have to rush home when the weather suddenly changes.
  • Even when totally covered, your youngster will be able to see through the optical window.
  • Compact and convenient for stowing it under the stroller
  • Installing it is a breeze, and there’s no need to worry about your infant getting wet.
  • Easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Why You Should Keep It Clean

Due to their lower immunity than adults, infants should only be exposed to clean and germ-free items on a frequent basis. Cleaning a stroller on a regular basis is essential because most parents use it every day.

How to Clean a Stroller (Easy to Follow Steps) - MomLovesBest

How Often Should You Clean It?

The more time you put off cleaning your stroller, the more difficult it will be in the future. To keep it in top condition, inspect it after each usage. If you’re pressed for time, make it an evening ritual to prepare for the following day.

However, this does not need bringing out the big weapons at every opportunity. Do the little things, and you’ll be OK. Remove sand and mud from the tires. Wipe away any crumbs or sticky messes that your youngster may have made on the fabric.

This will reduce the frequency with which a thorough cleaning is required.

Steps on How to Clean Rain Cover Stroller:

These simple actions will ensure that your rain cover lasts as long as possible! The first step is to remove any moist material from the stroller’s interior (you may need gloves for this).

If you have access to a garden hose, use it; otherwise, use warm water and soap.

Afterwards, allow the rain cover to dry naturally. Stroller cleaning can be done with mild soap and cool water.

How to Clean a Second-Hand Pram

Depending on the material, there are numerous approaches to cleaning a second-hand pram. In order to begin, you’ll need a bucket of soap and water. Old garments that might get stained are a must for this project. They should be made of durable materials like jeans or cotton pants, not delicate ones.

Before applying the soapy liquid, remove any fabric coverings from your stroller; then, using an old cloth or sponge, scrub stubborn spots until they are removed. Soak your soap mix in cold water and then hang it up to dry somewhere warm (mould will grow quickly if you don’t).

The extra moisture that could develop to mold and mildew will be helped to dissipate by leaving it outside overnight.

Soak your soap mix in cold water and then hang it up to dry somewhere warm (mould will grow quickly if you don’t). The extra moisture that could develop to mold and mildew will be helped to dissipate by leaving it outside overnight.

How to Disinfect a Stroller

Knowing what kind of materials your stroller is composed of is essential for keeping it clean. Cleaning a cloth seat with soap and water or an enzymatic cleaner like OxyClean, both of which work equally well, are your best options for disinfection.

While rubbing alcohol or vinegar can be used to clean plastic seats if necessary, it should never be used on materials that may come into contact with the seats (such as straps).

The foam section of your stroller can’t be cleaned, so if you spilled grape juice all over it while trying to feed your child some grapes, you should just buy a new one! A person’s health should never be jeopardized because you’re too lazy to go out and acquire some new foam.

Replace the stroller’s fabric if it’s filthy to the point where it can’t be cleaned. A spare rain cover can come in handy in this situation. If you have one that matches the one on your dirty stroller, all you have to do is change them out and wash this one without fear of spoiling it would be.

How to Clean Clear Plastic Rain Covers

This one has been on my to-do list for a while, and now it’s finally here! It might be difficult to clean clear plastic rain covers if soap and water are your only options. The fabric of a clear plastic rain cover tends to distribute the debris rather than remove it… Do we have a plan for that?

Clorox Wipes packages are the greatest way to clean your dirty clear plastics, and they’re environmentally friendly because you won’t have any extra waste in your garbage cans or landfills. Simply wipe down the surface with a clean, dry cloth until there are no more dirt specks. Just a few minutes for each stroller!

How to Sanitize Stroller Cover

You should begin by wiping down the area with Clorox wipes. Soak your fabric in water and hydrogen peroxide and let it air dry. Rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

How to Remove Black Mold From Stroller Fabric

Having black mold on your stroller’s cloth doesn’t have to be a big deal! How? To begin, you’ll need soap and water to clean the affected region.

Use a scrub brush to remove all the dirt and stains that have built up after that. Before continuing with step one, make sure to thoroughly dry the area. Afterwards, fill a bucket with warm water and add a little bleach (never straight into textiles!).

Rinse and hang up or let air dry (depending on how long it takes) when the stain is completely dry, killing any hazardous bacteria. Congratulations! It looks like you’ve taken care of your rain cover stroller.

Stroller Maintenance and Cleaning: A How-To Guide - AllMomNeeds

Types Of Stroller Rain Cover

Stroller rain covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes.

  1. All-in-one stroller rain covers: These are designed to fit most single standard strollers and jogging buggy models. They are waterproof and feature ventilation holes to allow fresh air to circulate about the infant. The baby can be easily reached through the front door.
  2. With an umbrella-style stroller rain cover, you have the same protection as a universal stroller, just in a more compact form,
  3. Side-by-side strollers and full-sized strollers can both benefit from this type of rain cover. They provide full protection for babies and come with convenient storage bags and pockets to keep the essentials dry and safe.

11 Best Stroller Rain Covers

1. Bemece Stroller Rain Cover

Because it is made of non-toxic materials and has a large, clear eye screen, the Bemece stroller rain cover provides a clear view of the surroundings for the child using it. For quick installation and to keep the baby safe from rain, wind, snow and dust, it comes with Velcro straps.


  • Zipper that can withstand the elements
  • apertures for the passage of air
  • EVA substance that is visible by its translucence
  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally

2. Masirs Baby Stroller Rain Cover

For a secure fit, the Masirs stroller rain cover features two adjustable straps on either side of a buckle closure. This transparent cover allows the baby to see the outside world clearly, as well as the baby itself. It is made of clear vinyl, which protects the infant from the elements, including rain, wind, and snow.


  • Reflective safety edging
  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Mesh for frontal airflow

3. Vanshchan Stroller Rain Cover

The Vanshchan stroller rain cover is made of skin-friendly, odor-free EVA. Water and dust are repelled by the sturdy fabric, ensuring a healthy environment for the infant. The stroller rain cover is attached to the stroller with two adjustable straps across the bottom. To keep things close at hand, the back pockets are ideal. In order to keep pests at bay and avoid bites, it is equipped with a mosquito net as standard.


  • Mesh that lets you breathe.
  • Waterproof zippers of the highest quality
  • a portal into the visual world
  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally

4. Fasoty Stroller Rain Cover

Fasoty’s transparent rain cover for a pram allows the baby to see the world around them, and the parent can keep a watch on their child. To protect the infant from rain, snow, wind, and dust, it has Velcro fasteners that seal the edges. It’s simple to put in and take down.


  • Waterproof
  • Hole in the roof for airflow
  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Convenient to transport

5. Vaxaape Stroller Rain Cover

Vaxape stroller rain cover is made of food-grade EVA material, which is soft and smooth. It has a large and flexible design. With a universal fit, it is compatible with most single-baby strollers, prams, and joggers. Allowing fresh air to circulate is aided by the mesh ventilation slots on both sides.


  • Straps with velcro closures
  • Effortless setup and removal
  • a portal into the visual world
  • Zipper that can withstand the elements

6. Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield

To use, just unfold and place the stroller weather protection on the stroller. It’s made of high-quality clear vinyl, so you can see your baby clearly from all sides, and your baby can see the rest of the room with ease. The baby is protected from the elements with this weather shield.


  • a netting made of mesh
  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Carrying case
  • Wallet of essentials

7. Anchor Life Stroller Rain Cover

Protect your baby’s stroller from the elements with the Anchor Life stroller rain cover. It is built of sturdy plastic materials that repel water, snow, and dust in order to keep the baby dry and clean at all times. To prevent leakage, the rain cover has Velcro fastening strips on all four sides. As a baby’s crib, it will fit most standard-sized single strollers.


Lids for airflow

  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Waterproof
  • Insect netting

8. Baohua Stroller Rain Cover

The Baohua stroller rain cover has three wide optical panes that allow a great view of the surroundings for the baby. The big opening and dual waterproof zippers on this simple-to-install cover make it easy for the infant to go in and out. Large air holes on both sides of the cover ensure maximum ventilation and movement of air. UV rays can be blocked by a parasol that can be pulled over the front window.


  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Packing case
  • Two pockets for the essentials
  • Hooks for attaching elastic cord
  • PE coating that is watertight

9. Lion Paw Stroller Rain Cover

The 3D nano-coating on the rain cover of the Lion Paw stroller protects the infant from rain and snow thanks to its waterproof properties. Hard EVA HD windows at the front do not fold or obscure the baby’s view. Fits most strollers, buggies, joggers and pushchair with a variety of elastic and buckle straps. Made from cationic materials that are safe and nontoxic, as well as highly resistant to wear and tear.


  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Zipper with two watertight zippers
  • Hole in the roof for airflow
  • Two pockets for the essentials

10. Nasjac Stroller Weather Shield

This weather shield is made of a flexible and thin EVA film that is non-toxic and suitable for babies. Clear, flat optics safeguard the baby’s vision and minimize distortions in the image. Front of the cover has a two-way zipper so that you can easily access your child while keeping the cover attached to your stroller.


  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • Air vents that can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to set up

Stroller Maintenance and Cleaning: A How-To Guide - AllMomNeeds

11. Graco Jogging Stroller Weather Shield

Protecting the baby from rain, snow, cold, and wind is the primary purpose of the Graco jogging stroller weather cover. It has a handy storage pouch in the back for the baby’s necessities, keeping them safe and dry. The baby can see clearly through the translucent plastic, and the parent has a good view of the baby as well.


  • Anybody can wear it because it’s universally
  • netting for air flow
  • Waterproof
  • It’s a breeze to set up

How To Choose The Right Stroller Rain Cover?

When purchasing a rain cover for a stroller, keep these factors in mind.

  1. Wind and rain should not be able to get inside your stroller if the shield is not completely enclosed. Rain coverings that suit most standard-sized strollers are a safe bet.
  2. Look for covers that don’t necessitate the total removal of the cover in order to access your kid. They should include a front glass and waterproof zippers that are easy to open and close.
  3. Resilient materials are long-lasting and tear-resistant, so look for coverings made of these materials.
  4. Rain coverings can be made even more useful with the addition of storage bags and waterproof storage compartments.

Regardless of the weather, you can rest easy knowing your child is well-protected with a stroller rain cover. Prior to purchasing, make certain that the protective shield is large enough to cover your kid from head to foot, includes storage bags for easy organizing, and is easily accessible with a front window opening and waterproof zippers. A universal stroller rain cover, on the other hand, may be used with any stroller, no matter how large or little it is.


As a result, you’ve learned how to properly clean a stroller and maintain it safe for your child to use. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Regularly cleaning your stroller will make your life easier, maintain it germ-free, and extend the life of your stroller. A well-maintained stroller is more likely to be sold for a greater price when the time comes to get rid of it.