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If you are interested in learning how to fold a Joovy caboose ultralight stroller, then keep reading! This article will teach you all you need to know about folding your Joovy caboose ultralight stroller.

Why You Need the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

My youngest is getting too big for her baby carrier, while my oldest doesn’t like to be strapped into a stroller all day because she can’t walk for more than eight to ten hours at a time. That rendered my big, heavy Contours Options stroller totally useless on vacations. The best option appeared to be a stroller that allowed one child to sit while the other stood. While looking for lightweight backpacks, I came across the Joovy Caboose Ultralight and fell in love with it.

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You may take along your whole brood with the Joovy Caboose Ultralight because it can accommodate up to two little ones. The younger child can use the 5-point harness buckle in the front seat, while the older child has two alternatives. You can either sit on the bench seat and fasten the belt around your waist, or you can stand on the platform and see all that the person pushing can. Plus, it comes with a car seat adaptor, which is great for families with infants who use them.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller Features

The front seat of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight can also be reclined backwards for lounging or napping. Additionally, they can lift the foot rest so that their feet aren’t hanging as they sleep.

There’s a built-in tray with raised edges and a cup holder to keep your toddler occupied and happy on the trip.

Steps on How to Fold a Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Turning the stroller all the way up is the first order of business. You should begin this process with nothing in your hands and a chair or other stable object beneath you for support.

The second step is to grip a handle of one of the seats with both hands and carefully lift it until it is vertical. Flip your stroller over so that it is supported solely by the front wheels (so no back wheels should be touching anything).

Hold on to chairs or other stable objects to steady yourself. If you don’t have an expert’s assistance to achieve this, your frame will collapse.

Before moving on to Step 4, make sure you’ve double-checked your harnesses. Using the wrong straps will cause your stroller to collapse in a dangerous way.

Place the belt around the middle bar and pull it up to tighten it. Don’t forget to reverse the process on the opposite side of the frame, but this time pay attention to which strap goes where.

Gently but firmly press down on them until they snap back into place. Step 6. When you raise one or both of the handles, the pieces can be folded over without being locked into place (just like when you close a book).

All four wheels should be parallel to one another before the final alignment phase of softly pressing down on them while pulling outwards.

At last, you and your baby can hit the road with a lightweight stroller in tow! Any of their playards or accessories, as well as the car seat adaptor, can be used together for convenient portability.

How to fold a Joovy twin groove ultralight Stroller

Start by unclipping the padded seat from its clamps by pulling up on it with one hand. The position of your back will not be changed.

Strollers should come with a black base plate on both sides of the silver two-wheel frame, four rubber feet emerging from each base plate, and eight metal tubes connecting everything together as they exit holes in both plates. The stroller’s wheels will be secured to the ground by means of these rubber feet.

Grab onto the vertical tube that may be found between the two wheels on either the right or left side.

To prevent the stroller from springing back up, hold the tube in place as you draw it out of the holes on both base plates.

The aluminum bar must be grasped at one end and pulled straight up and out of the hole in the center of each black base plate in order to disassemble the two-wheel frames.

Your stroller should now consist of a jumble of metal tubes, rubber feet, and an aluminum bar that encases at least half of the former wheel frame if you followed the directions. For added safety, double-check that the two black plastic covers are in place.

To disassemble the two-wheeled frames, grab the aluminum bar that links them at the bottom with one hand and lift up.

Pull the rubber feet straight out of the holes in the black base plates to avoid distorting them.

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How to fold a Joovy zoom stroller

A Zoom stroller is a lightweight, compact folding stroller that can be folded and unfolded in seconds. To run errands at the shopping center; on vacation or weekend outings with friends and family; as a second car to take to Grandma’s place; pretty much anywhere!

Grab the handlebar grips on either side of the seat where they meet the frame bar (the horizontal tube connecting them), unbuckle the safety strap from around one wheel strut, remove the continuous loop from its hidden pocket by the rear wheel, wrap the fabric around the other wheel strut so that both are bound tight together, and tuck into the bottom edge of the seat’s bottom lip.

Set the stroller’s folded frame on a flat surface. One hand can be used to pull up on the safety strap while the other can be used to press down on the inner and outer frame bars in order to release the front wheel strut.

Gently detach the grips of the handlebars from the horizontal tubes of the seat. You may leave it alone to stand up straight in only a few seconds. When not in use, stand your zoom stroller upright against a wall or store them side by side using the special hooks provided. This prevents the fabric from becoming flat and worn over time.


The Joovy Caboose Ultralight, which can carry both children and their gear, weighs in only a feathery 12 pounds when folded, making it nearly half as light as competing double strollers.

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller’s many features are designed to make life easier for you and your baby. The footrests can be changed to maximize the legroom.

The front wheel of the caboose Ultralite can swivel 360 degrees, there is a one-hand fold/flip mechanism, and the stronger suspension can support children up to 50 pounds.

How versatile is the Caboose?

Just picture this: the Caboose’s innovative rear platform lets one youngster ride up front while another may stand on it and then relax on the plush back seat when they’re tired.

The included universal car seat connector means it can be used as a travel system with a wide variety of infant car seats, including those made by Baby Trend and Chicco, in the front seat.


It’s a good idea to put a large cover over the two chairs your kids use so they’re safe from the elements and their bottoms stay toasty and dry. The fabric is made out of high-quality nylon, so it won’t wear out quickly or fade like regular nylon bags and backpacks.

Comfortable Padding

The luxurious foam handles of the Joovy Caboose are comfortable to grasp for both parents and older standing toddlers. The soft foam handles are another feature beloved by mothers and fathers. The parent handle is ergonomically designed to accommodate users of varying statures. If the handle is too short, you’ll have to kneel, and if it’s too high, your arms will be in a weird posture.

What safety features does the Caboose have?


When collapsed, the dimensions are a compact 10’12” by 21’12” by 43″. The total height of the knob is 411 2/3 inches. Depending on how far back you recline the seat, it can go up to 130 degrees. The front seat can hold a maximum of 45 pounds and a child no taller than 6 months. For the Platform and Back Seat, the minimum age is 212 and the maximum weight and height are 45 pounds and 44 inches, respectively.

Soft, luminous harnesses are offered for added visibility in the dark. The front seats have a 5-point harness, and the rear seats have 3-points. Thank goodness for these safety straps, your kids may rest easy in their chairs.

Make it a double!

I’m excited to tell you about the newest offering from Joovy. Second-class passengers ride in the train’s caboose. Including a second bench in your sitting and standing space is also highly recommended.

Turns out, though, your older youngster needs to be at least two years old to operate one of these great stand-on strollers. If the older sibling isn’t yet tall enough to use the stroller’s standing platform, parents may need to purchase a second stroller to accommodate their growing family.

The Caboose Too rear seat allows you to turn your sit and stand Joovy stroller into a double, helping you bridge the gap until your older child is ready to ride alone. Taking down the second seat from the Caboose Too frees up the bench and platform for your older kid to enjoy.

The Caboose Too is a reclining couch that can support up to 45 pounds of weight. This seat has a five-point harness and can be mounted on the bench in a jiffy. The armrest snaps together, but you’ll need a strong person to help you do it.

As for the negatives, there are only two that I have experienced while using this chair.

Avoid putting hot or easily spillable drinks in your parent organizer, as it will be within close proximity to your child’s head. There is no shame in giving your child a bottle or sippy cup. Certainly not the case with coffee.

The solar canopy is the greatest option if your older child will be sitting next to a younger one. The canopy won’t provide enough shade for a line of kids. The Caboose Too’s canopy does not offer any protection from the sun when in use.

The bigger sibling in the back seat will be envious of the younger one with the snack tray because he or she will have nowhere to put drinks or snacks. Basically, you have nothing to worry about, but do consider this. However, the parent organizer is a great place to store the sippy cup.

The Caboose Too can be purchased in hues that coordinate with the Joovy Caboose or Caboose Ultralight stroller.

What is the storage space like?

A child tray can be removed from the Caboose. Your child can enjoy drinks and snacks during the ride. You can also use the basket beneath the seat to store additional items for the infant. The storage basket’s elastic sides keep your toddler from getting to the contents while making them easy to access. Behind the seat is extra space for your belongings. Car keys, towels for mopping up spills, and bandages for injuries are all examples of items that may benefit from this form of storage.

What about accessories?

The Caboose’s kid-friendly features include a detachable tray. Your kid can enjoy snacks and drinks of their choosing while on the road. The basket behind the seat is ideal for storing diapers, wipes, and other items frequently used by infants. The elastic edges of the storage basket do double duty as a childproof barrier and facilitate quick and simple access to your belongings. There is a little compartment in the back of the seat. Keys, paper towels for cleaning up messes, and bandages for minor injuries can all be stored safely and conveniently there.

Including two more feet of room, plus a second cup holder and secure storage pockets.

For your child’s comfort and respiration, Joovy recommends the Snuggin Go body positioning pillow. Parents can also protect their children from the elements by purchasing a rain cover and a sun filter.

Pros of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

  • Simple to close.
  • I think the price of $149.99 is fair.
  • Compared to other double stroller options, this one is much smaller and easier to transport.
  • Parents can use the available storage area to put their belongings such as phones, keys, water bottles, etc.
  • An adaptor for use with newborn car seats is included at no extra cost.

Cons of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Primary complaints center on the excessive heaviness. However, many parents do not give the Caboose a low rating because of this feature; it is not a deal breaker for the automobile.

Some Caboose parents have complained that their stroller prevents their child from napping. The front seats may be reclined to an angle of 130 degrees, which is not quite flat but close enough to explain the vehicle’s skepticism. Children vary widely in their ability to sleep in a reclining position.

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Some parents wish the basket also had a place to keep their belongings and a spot for their drinks.

  • If the front seat is reclined, a child in the back will not be able to sit down.
  • If you close the door on the stroller, it will fall over because it can’t stand on its own.

What others are saying:

It’s important to realize that the ease of assembly is highly valued by the parents.

Consumers who have used the adaptor to install their car seat have praised its usefulness and remarked on how well it worked with their specific brand of car seat.

Many parents have used their Caboose strollers on planes and vacations with them, and it has stood up admirably each time.

The bigger kid is overjoyed to be able to get in and out of the seat on his or her own, and it’s simple to transport. This will make things a lot simpler for Mom.