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It’s likely that you’ll be storing or transporting the stroller in its folded state for the vast majority of its life. Because of this, knowing how to fold your stroller is an absolute must.

There is no doubt that Bob is among the best stroller manufacturers available. There are a number of different folds possible for any of the strollers created by this company. In this detailed guide, we’ll take a look at the many types of Bob strollers and explain how they fold. Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

How Do I Fold My Bob Stroller? In fact, this is a common worry among new mothers. If you want to learn more about this, keep reading!

What is a Bob Stroller?

You may be unfamiliar with the term “Bob stroller” if you’re a first-time parent. In your opinion, what should I do? Company that makes strollers is commonly referred to as BOB. Previously known as “Beast of Burden,” the company is famous for their jogging strollers. In fact, it’s the origin of their chosen moniker.

Some parents may be frightened by the idea of immediately taking off after giving birth and welcoming their child into the family, but many women and men actually look forward to this. There are parents who don’t see the value in jogging with their kids in the stroller, but many more who see it as a chance to connect with their kids.

The need to jog with an infant is a reality for some, while for others it’s a hobby. Whatever your reason for shopping for a jogging stroller, you can rest assured that a Bob stroller is a top pick.

Bob, however, is not limited to producing jogging strollers. This is the company’s bread and butter, but they also make standard strollers. One of Bob’s many popular products is a set of four strollers.

Twin Source: Expanding & Collapsing the BOB Duallie Revolution Stroller - YouTube

Depending on your fitness level, you can choose to run as a Bob single, a jogging single, or a double. We’ll start with the simplest of these strollers, the Bob single, and explain how to take it apart.

How to Collapse a Bob Stroller

Bob Single Stroller

Although Bob manufactures a wide selection of strollers, the vast majority are made with only one child in mind. Single strollers come in a wide variety of styles, but all Bob strollers fold in the same way. So, let’s have a look at the best way to collapse a Bob single stroller.

  1. Completely empty the stroller of any belongings that might be of special significance to you or your child.
  2. Once the red tabs have been located on the handlebars, both hands should be placed on either side and pressed in toward the center.
  3. Pull the tabs in to raise the grips, then thrust the bars forward in an instant.
  4. To fold your stroller up for simple storage, simply push the red handle located at the stroller’s rear.

Bob Jogging Stroller

While this is often true, the Bob jogging stroller is an exception. Because running strollers are often larger and thicker than standard strollers, they require a unique method of collapse. But don’t let their size deceive you; they can be taken apart with relative ease. I’ll lay out the procedure for you.

  1. Raise the stroller’s handle to its highest setting.
  2. Coupling the use of the left foot brake will also engage the parking brake.
  3. Lever the stroller seat forward by engaging the appropriate levers.
  4. The red handle at the rear of the stroller serves as the door handle.
  5. Use the red buckles to fasten the stroller’s folded state.
  6. The stroller’s wheels, both at the back and the front, can be removed to make it more compact.

Bob Double Stroller

If you’re shopping for a stroller and need to accommodate two young children, consider a Bob double stroller. There are a few different looks for the Bob double stroller, but they all collapse in the same way. To learn how to collapse a Bob double stroller, please read on.

  1. Make sure your stroller doesn’t include any of your stuff.
  2. To activate, simultaneously press the red buttons located on either side of the handle.
  3. As you lift and push forward on the handlebars, the stroller will start to lower.
  4. If you pull the red handle on the back of the stroller toward you, you can collapse it.
  5. The straps can be used to safely transport or store the stroller.

Bob Double Jogging Stroller

Last but not least, think about getting a double jogging stroller for your kids. Follow these directions if you possess a Bob double jogging stroller and need to fold it up for travel or storage.

  1. Put a lock on the parking brakes of your stroller.
  2. Please take your child out of the stroller and empty it of all of your belongings. Seek out the pockets.
  3. Find the strap that’s securing the seat, and unbuckle it.
  4. The levers on the bar must be pressed in tandem with a forward movement of the handlebar for the steering to advance.
  5. In order to lower the red handle, press down on it.
  6. To secure the foldable stroller, fasten the running wrist strap buckle.
  7. To make it easier to stow away, take off the wheels.

How to Operate Quinny Moodd Stroller

Quinny Moodd is the best stroller on the market in terms of ease of use and passenger comfort. Features such as an adjustable handlebar to accommodate the height of parents or caregivers and large sun canopies to protect your child from the elements (sun) and the stares of bystanders make up for the lack of bulk. this (shade) (shade).

How to Remove the Seat on a Quinny Zapp Flex?

Your child’s Quinny Zapp Flex car seat may double as a component of a convenient and safe travel system.

How to Install Car Seat in Quinny Moodd Stroller: What is Child Weight Limit and Height Requirements?

Quinny mood only has two settings, and they’re both for kids weighing between 11 and 36 pounds (approximately four years old). To use it with a baby, you can choose from a variety of alternatives sold on Amazon, such as the Maxi Cosi Mico or the Cybex Aton Q.

How do you Attach a Maxi-Cosi Car Seat to a Quinny SCroller?

The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 is a great option for parents who want their child to face forward or toward them while riding in the automobile. Fitting a seat to a Quinny Mood stroller is a breeze because you can do it by simply attaching it to the stroller’s frame; no adaptor is required.

Attaching a Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 or similar car seat to a Quinny SCroller requires the following:

  • Quinny, the Scooter
  • That’s the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 car seat.
  • That adaptor is widely available on sites like Amazon and eBay.

The strap that runs along your car seat’s outer edge and attaches it to the two LATCH anchors is the LATCH connection strap. As shown in the following Amazon video, the straps may be attached to the Quinny SCroller frame by simply drawing them up and clipping them in place.

How To Connect Your Car Seat With The Quinny Moodd Stroller

When using an adapter to put a car seat on a stroller system like the Quinny Moodd, it is imperative that you double-check that there are no spaces between the adapter and the vehicle seat that could pose a hazard to your child. Up that case, you should definitely read our article on how we managed to fill in that pesky crack using only items found around the house.

Car Seat Compatible With Quinny Moodd Stroller

Click here to see which car seats are compatible with the BABYZEN YOYO, Chicco KeyFit 30, and Britax BABYZEN 30 Connect 40 from Infant Trend (basinette only).

How to Collapse Bob Double Stroller - YouTube

According to Quinny, parents should keep their children in infant car seats until they reach 25 pounds and outgrow their convertible or toddler car seat.

Make sure there have been no safety recalls on the model of infant carrier you plan to buy and that you have read all installation instructions before purchasing a rear-facing stroller with a Seat Belt.

Please be advised that we have not tested or confirmed this compatibility, so we can’t say for sure if it will work or not.

How to Install a Quinny car Seat Adapter

Feed the seatbelt through the openings in the Quinny car seat adaptor. Put the middle of the lap belt across your child’s thighs instead of over their stomach or chest.

First, using your right hand (assuming you’re sitting on the right side of the vehicle), draw the belt up and over your child’s shoulder, and then wrap it around their arm so they can’t wriggle out of it.

To ensure a safe and secure fit, release one end of the lap belt and re-tighten the other.

Make sure there is no more than two fingers’ width of space between your child’s back and the seat (he should be sitting all the way in). If there is any wiggle room, tighten the strap before you secure him.

Fourthly, Quinny parents have become creative in their search for ways to keep their kids safe in cars, and one such answer is to use the stroller adapters that are available for many of our strollers. Which infant car seats are compatible with the Quinny Moodd?

The only one available that is compatible with the Quinny Two and Four is the Chicco Keyfit 30. Step 5.

In addition, you can use a back seat adaptor to carry a child as young as three years old, and you can use an approved baby carrier frame to create a convenient travel system.

Mifold has designed a one-of-a-kind variant that works with any Q Model with two seats (Two Seat Carrycot, Two Seat Frame and Jogger). Compared to other types of child safety seats, this one is extremely simple to set up because it doesn’t need any special adapters.


What is red strap for on Bob stroller?

The Anti-Fly Out Device is unique to BOB Duallie Strollers manufactured after 2011, and it serves to fasten the underside of the duallie seat to the swing arm frame located in the space behind the rear wheels.

Can you hose down a bob stroller?

For many spills, simply spraying the seat with the hose will do the trick. Don’t use any harsh cleaners or detergents on the seat, since they could potentially damage the fabric. Wash your hands thoroughly with water that doesn’t include soap if you want to get rid of the soap. Allow the stroller to dry in the sun if at all feasible.

Are BOB strollers waterproof?

Specifics on the thing being described. Your child will be warm and dry thanks to the windproof and waterproof fabric. Vents are installed in convenient locations to allow for air flow. A safe attachment can be made quickly and with little effort.

Can you pressure wash a stroller?

Use a pressure washer or a high-powered hose to clean the stroller. If you don’t have a pressure washer at home, you can take the stroller to the nearest “DIY car wash.” Find some sunlight and dry out the stroller. On “City Wide Yard Sale Day,” don’t hang up the stroller to dry.

How do you inflate a BOB stroller tire?

If the tire was taken off completely, put one side back on the rim. To install the partially inflated tube, begin at the rim hole on the open side of the tire and work your way toward the valve. Carefully pressing the other side of the tire onto the rim of the wheel will seal the inner tube within the tire. Achieving this is crucial!.

What’s the difference between Bob strollers?

Tire Sizes for Different BOB Strollers The Revolution’s rear wheels are 16 inches and the front wheels are 12 inches, making it ideal for runners. The rambler stroller’s smaller 12′′ front and back wheels are no match for the Revolution’s bigger rear tires on rough terrain.

Does a jogging stroller fold up?

The FastAction from Graco is a standout among jogging strollers due to its small folded size. It’s compact and easy to transport because you can fold it with a single hand. It’s a breeze to unroll. The stroller easily folds and stores away when it stands on its own when folded.

How do you close a stroller?

The brakes are operated by two levers located at the base of the handlebar frame, one on each side. If you wish to move forward and over your seat, push the handlebar in that direction. After giving the folded seat a little twist, the red handle will rise to the top. If you tug on the stroller, it will collapse.

Why do jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel?

When traveling at high speeds, a wheel that is properly stabilized is a must. These variants are not just suitable for jogging but for general use as well. Some can be used right after the baby is born thanks to the included carry cots and car seat adapters.

How much air should be in a BOB stroller tire?

Tire pressure on plastic BOB wheels is limited to no more than 30 psi (psi). The recommended maximum inflation pressure for each wheel is marked on the valve stem.

Do BOB strollers recline?

The reclining angle of the BOB seat can be adjusted with the use of a strap that extends from behind the seat. In order to raise the seat, you may need to adjust the length of the strap given by the product.

How do you get mold off a BOB stroller?

To get rid of the mold, use a brush with stiff bristles. If mold is still visible on a surface, you can kill it with a combination of lemon juice and salt. An effective way to get rid of a lot of mold is to use a spray bottle with a solution of two parts water to three parts white vinegar. Use a disinfectant spray and soap to clean the stroller.

How do you deep clean a stroller?

Wet the cloth to the proper degree of dirtiness using a spray bottle filled primarily with water and a mild detergent of your choice. Use a baby-safe stain remover and/or enzyme cleaning to deal with more stained spots. Use a gentle brush to gently scrub the dirty area, taking care not to rip or tear the fabric.

How can I dry my stroller faster?

To keep the stroller clean while you’re out and about, simply ask a Disney staff member for a towel. The stroller will dry off quickly if you bring it inside and open it up while the air conditioner is running. That’s how we make sure they last forever.

What is so great about Bob strollers?

Have a Disney cast member give you a towel to use as a blanket in your pram until you return to your hotel. Simply opening the stroller and letting it dry in the air conditioning of your home is a quick and easy solution. This is how we get them completely dry.

Can you use a bike pump on Bob stroller?

All BOB Gear strollers come with a portable tire pump that works with the strollers’ pneumatic tires. Pumps with flexible hoses provide for a secure seal at the valve even in inaccessible locations.

Can you use a bike pump on a stroller?

One cannot use a bicycle pump with a stroller. See if the tires of your stroller need air.

Do BOB strollers expire?

New parents should take heart in the fact that strollers will never go out of style. Strollers incorporate safety features that keep infants secure. A stroller, unlike a car seat, does not have a shelf life and should be used until it breaks.

Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller 2011 - YouTube

Do all BOB strollers have brakes?

In fact, the parking brake is standard on most Revolution models, and there is no way to add a hand brake on such a vehicle after the fact. Only the Pro version includes a hand brake. There are no replacement shocks for my BOB Stroller model year.


A Bob stroller can be folded up with a lot less effort than you may imagine. It’s important to remember that, with the exception of Bob jogging strollers, all Bob single strollers fold in exactly the same manner. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere; this is all the information you need to know to fold up your Bob stroller.