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To construct a wedding chair cover quickly and easily, follow these two steps. When it comes to covering wedding chairs, even individuals who don’t enjoy DIYs may follow this tutorial’s step-by-step instructions.

The chairs at your wedding reception, like the rest of the decor, should be decorated to complement the rest of the event. If you’re interested in learning how to design a gym for a wedding, these wedding chair covers might be a great addition.

How Do You Cover Wedding Chairs?

Step 1. Measure each wedding chair

  • Prepare the fabric for the chair covers for your wedding (e.g., some popular options that are wedding-appropriate are muslin, organza, and satin)
  • Determine how much fabric you’ll need for each wedding chair by taking the chair’s measurements into consideration.
  • Take two inches-long measurements of the wedding chair’s legs and back, starting at the front and ending at the rear.
  • Add three more inches to the width and length measurements to account for any extra material.
  • To figure out how many yards of cloth you’ll need for your wedding, multiply the final measurement by the number of seats you’ll have.
  • When purchasing the fabric for the wedding chair cover, keep in mind the color palette of the wedding.
  • All wedding chairs should be the same color, but you can also modify the chair color for the head table.

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Step 2. Install the wedding chair covers

  • Place each piece of cloth over the seats after it has been cut into many sections.
  • Adjust the chair’s fabric cover so that it hangs evenly on both sides.
  • If you need help keeping the cloth from slipping while you’re putting it on the chair, gather the extra cover from both sides and pin it at the back.
  • Before you tie the extra fabric around the chair’s back, make sure it’s completely covered.
  • To keep your fabric ends in place, use a safety pin. Make sure it’s not visible.
  • Measure the backrest and double the result by two for additional safety and aesthetic appeal.
  • As a wedding chair sash, you’ll want to cut a piece of a different fabric and color to the exact length you need for the final measurement.
  • If you like, you may simply tie a basic knot across the back of the seat and then add an adornment on top of it.
  • Once you’ve completed the chair cover, you can decorate the sash at the back even further with floral arrangements.

As an inexpensive and easy decoration for wedding chair backs, a bridal tulle bow is a must-have. Please read how to make one here.

How Do You Cover A Folding Chair For A Wedding?

Even though folding chairs are sometimes used at wedding receptions, you shouldn’t be concerned because they still appear nice. They must all have the same appearance and feel to them. You can do this by covering or simply adorning the chairs themselves without using chair coverings.

Pillowcases are an easy and quick solution to cover wedding folding chairs if you’re short on time. Wrap the back of the folding chairs in a bow after covering them with a case.

You might also check with the location to see if they have chair covers. Nonetheless, if you’re going to be offering the chairs, be sure to discuss any decoration guidelines with them first, in case they have any.

How to make folding chairs look elegant for my wedding?

  • Tie a satin or tulle bow on the back of the folding chair.
  • Trim a few ribbons and tie them around the foldable chair’s back.
  • Cover the backseat of the folding chair with a cloth sash of your choice.
  • add flowers to the center of the chair’s sash or ribbon or merely tie flowers to the side of the chair’s backseat if desired.
  • Folding chairs make it easier to decorate the sides with plants.
  • For a unique bridal bow or sash, use burlap instead of tulle.

How Much Do Chair Covers Cost For A Wedding?

Wedding chair covers can be rented rather than made or purchased if you just plan to use them once. Each chair cover will cost you $4.50 to rent, so figure that into your budget.

For a 100-guest wedding, you’ll need $450 worth of chair covers, so multiply this figure by the number of chairs you’ll be renting. You can also examine the costs of chair covers that are available on Amazon for less than $300 for a 100-pack.

Bridal Guide: 15 Beautiful Ways to Style Wedding Chairs

1. Blush Pink Satin Bow

If you’re looking for something that’s both flirtatious and classic, this blush pink satin bow is ideal. To bring out the color of the bow, choose a white chair cover that is either fitted or loose. The combination of blush pink and navy blue is ideal if you’re looking for a more manly wedding color palette.

2. Rustic Flowers

Use rich autumnal hues and greenery against a crisp white spandex chair cover to create a stunning earth-toned floral wedding chair décor. Using tight-fitting chair covers enhances the visual contrast between the two hues. Looking for something a little different? This is a great natural alternative for you.

3. Royal Blue Chair Bows

With stunning royal blue chair ties, you can give your wedding a royal feel. The contrast with a snow-white chair cover is stunning. If you’re looking for a unique method to express yourself on your wedding day, consider using chair decor. If you want to incorporate royal blue into your wedding, consider incorporating it in the bridesmaids’ outfits or a hairpiece.

20 Creative DIY Wedding Chair Ideas With Satin Sash - Elegantweddinginvites.com Blog

4. Diagonal Sashes

Get imaginative with the placement of sashes instead of tying them in one spot. When it comes to new and exciting designs, diagonal sashes are an excellent option.

5. Chalk Board Chair Signs

In the event that you’re seeking for rustic wedding inspiration, you’ve undoubtedly already saved this design to your Pinterest board. In addition to the top table for the bride and groom, these might also be utilized throughout the event as a replacement for the traditional name cards.

6. Burlap Chair Sashes

Because burlap is here to stay, there is a strong reason behind it. Your wedding will look beautiful if you use a burlap sash for your chair sashes. There are so many ways to use burlap. The burlap sash is all that is needed to finish the chair if you already have wonderful wooden chairs. If you’re seeking to dress up your seating a little more, you can also use burlap with chair covers.

7. Add a String of Pearls

Drape a pearl thread around the back of the chair for a simple yet effective decoration for a dramatic Parisian wedding. Any bridal shower would benefit from this. You can use pearls to complement a delicate dusty pink and mauve color palette, as well as a more dramatic palette that includes deep crimson, black, and gold tones.

8. Satin and Chiffon

It’s no surprise that satin and chiffon are popular wedding gown materials because they complement each other so nicely. Texture and visual appeal are enhanced by using two different materials in your design.

9. An Asymmetrical Bow

There are numerous ways to style a chair sash for your wedding. In order to break up the typical chair back, an asymmetrical bow is a fun and easy option. Create a stunning wedding chair style with a satin or lace chair sash or maybe some tulle.

10. Simple Lace

A little piece of lace sewn onto the chair’s back can do wonders for its appearance. If you want to go with a classic sash or drape the material down the back of the chair, lace is a wonderful option. If you want to incorporate lace into your wedding, you can do so by incorporating it into your gown or possibly the hem of your table runners.

11. Silky Satin Sashes

A silky satin sash is a classic choice that will never go out of style. A white chair cover swathed in a satin sash creates the right effect. It’s up to you what color scheme you choose for your wedding; be as flamboyant or as subdued as you like.

12. Frothy Tulle

To give your wedding chair a more feminine touch, drape a swag of tulle around the back. Dress up plain chairs with tulle, or use it to cover a chair and sash and add a touch of opulence to your overall décor scheme.

13. A Single Flower

When it comes to decorating your wedding chairs, a simple yet effective method is to simply put a single flower to the backs of the chairs. It may not be much on its own, but when grouped together, the chairs will look stunning. In addition, this is a terrific method to save money, since you only need one flower for each chair and can buy them in quantity at a discount.

14. Wreath

The backs of the chairs can be decorated with a wreath made of branches, leaves, and flowers, which is ideal for an outside wedding. Use plain wooden chairs for this appearance, then attach the wreath to the chair with ribbon to surprise your guests.

15. Mason Jars

It’s no wonder that Mason jars are being used as chair decorations because they’re so popular for both weddings and interior design. Hang a mason jar filled with a tiny bunch of flowers from the back of a plain chair if you want to give it some personality. Aisle markers and wedding table centerpieces can also benefit from flower jars.

Do You Need Wedding Chair Covers?

Check With Your Venue

In reality, you will have a lot of questions for your wedding venue regarding what they supply and don’t provide for your big day. If tables and chairs are provided, it’s a good idea to find out what kind of tables and chairs they are.

A folding chair or banquet chair is the most common type of chair that most venues offer as their base option, although they may also offer additional variants like Chaivari or Tiffany chairs. As most hotels now offer rather attractive standard chairs or even the gorgeous gold bamboo chairs, I believe wedding seat covers are only necessary if you want to create an entire landscape with the room,” Higham says.

How Much Time Do You Have?

For a wedding planner or day-of organizer, chair covers are a crucial consideration because they need a lot of last-minute work on the big day. Throwing silk and other fabric over chairs on your wedding day (or, ideally, the evening before, if your venue allows) is usually not worth the labor and price for genuinely DIY brides and grooms. Focus your efforts on something else until you’ve gained the support of a supergroup of family and friends or an event planner. Your venue’s organizer may be able to handle this if you don’t have one.

Your guest count should also be taken into consideration. For example, tying bows to 50 chairs is very different than attaching bows to 400 chairs.

Consider the Expense

The cost of chair covers for a wedding reception might be quite high. There are certain locations that will give you with chairs that complement your wedding decor, and that’s wonderful. When planning a wedding, “I always recommend that brides first map out their budget, and have both the bride and groom choose two items that mean the most to them to spend on,” says Higham, who has worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years. It could be a combination of things like the band and the dress, or the bar and photography, for others. Seat covers are a must if you’re spending a lot of money on your wedding table design and atmosphere.”

For those on a tight budget, there are lots of DIY choices that don’t require the services of a rental service. If you’re looking for something that’s both timeless and lovely, you can’t go wrong with the classic tulle bow or sash with flowers. You’re getting married in a nautical theme? If you decorate your chairs with life preservers or huge anchors, your visitors will go mad with excitement. Decorating your wedding chairs with bridal linen or delicate lace slips is a trendy and beautiful option that won’t break your budget.

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Your Aesthetic Is Very Important

In order to have a clear vision of how your big day will look, think about the seats. Will they look out of place if you leave them unprotected? Chair covers may be worth the cost and work if you’re looking to make a statement.

Consider the lighting as well, and you’ll get the best results. Your wedding colors can be accentuated with the use of uplights, and chair covers can help. According to Higham, “if you’re going all out with your decor, especially if it involves any form of uplights or colorful overhead lighting, wedding seat covers may really elevate the seating to become part of a complete scene.” Using chair covers is essential if you’re planning an extravagant tablescape with complex linens and enormous centerpiece constructions.”


It’s done! To manufacture wedding chair covers, we learned how to measure the chair and then drape and secure a piece of cloth over it.

As a starting point, you can either tie a bow at the back or use a sash, or you can decorate the rear center of the gown with flowers. The chairs can be made consistent by just tying some greenery or flowers to the side.