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Only two simple actions are required to transport a bridal gown. To begin, let’s talk about how to properly wrap and seal the dress to keep it safe during transit.

You’ll learn how to properly pack a wedding dress in this post, as well as the associated shipping costs. Just in case you’re wondering, what would you do with an old wedding gown?

It’s possible that you’ll be sending the dress to a client or a charitable organization. To get some inspiration for repurposing your secondhand wedding gown, feel free to peruse that article.

How Do You Pack A Wedding Dress In A Box?


  • Prepare a cardboard box of the suitable size for the wedding gown.
  • If the package is too small, the dress may be damaged or its adornments harmed during shipping.
  • If the box is too large, shipping costs will be prohibitive.
  • Check to see if the cardboard box you use is strong enough to be transported in.
  • Inquire with your preferred courier service to see if they charge cubic weight based on the parcel’s box size.
  • Using a sheet of tissue paper or muslin fabric, lay the dress on top of it before you put it in the box.
  • Tissue paper should be used between each layer of the wedding dress to keep the decorations safe from the fabric.

Packing your Wedding Gown and Sending it to us for Preservation


  • Put the garment in a clear plastic bag, folded in paper, in case the package gets wet during shipping.
  • Put the bag in the box and seal it.
  • Fill the area between the garment and the wall with padding or newspapers to keep it from shifting.
  • Make sure there are no holes or tears in the box by taping it tightly.
  • For further protection, seal the box’s seams and flaps.
  • The shipping label must be adhered to according to the standards of the shipping firm.
  • Put a “fragile” sticker on the container or name it “wedding gown” so that the handlers know to handle it with care.
  • For a price, speak with the courier about when you need the gown to arrive.
  • For your own piece of mind, think about using a service that offers insurance, full tracking, and signature upon delivery.

How Do You Ship A Formal Dress For Shipping?

  1. Set up a sturdy, appropriately sized box by taping the bottom to the base.
  2. Use bubble wrap to line the box’s bottom.
  3. Over a flat surface, spread numerous newspapers taped together in a row the same length as the dress.
  4. Place the dress, face down, on top of the paper.
  5. Paper should be sandwiched in between each layer of the dress’s sleeves and arms.
  6. Take an old newspaper and fold the sides of your garment toward one another, making a pleat in the middle.
  7. Place a piece of paper in between each layer of fabric.
  8. Put the dress in a garment bag after rolling up the skirt.
  9. If your dress has a train, carry it in a separate bag.
  10. Add bubble wrap on top of the dress before putting it in the box
  11. Use packing tape to seal the box shut and keep the flaps from folding.
  12. Use caution while attaching a shipping label to the box’s seams or edges, as this can lead to damage.
  13. Outside the box, place delicate stickers.

How Much Does The Average Wedding Dress Weigh?

If you’re looking for something over five pounds, you’re in for a surprise. When purchasing a dress, be sure to weigh it before purchasing it.

Before shipping, you need to know the weight of the wedding dress. In addition, it offers the bride an idea of how she would feel after several hours of wearing the dress.

Cost Factors for Shipping Wedding Dresses

The cost of shipping a wedding dress is dependent on various factors, including the size and weight of the dress. Regardless of whether you are selling wedding dress creations or simply sending it out for someone else’s big day, it is necessary for senders to consider additional costs in addition to shipping charges.

Type & Style Of Dress

A memorable wedding, not an expensive one, is the goal of every wedding. From the flowers to the outfits, they may cost a lot. Having a clear picture of these charges is vital for planning one’s big day. The cost of shipping wedding dresses is crucial, whether you are selling your gowns or merely sending a hand-me-down.

Wedding dresses can cost anywhere from $500 to $4000 or even more, depending on where you shop and the designer you choose. The cost of tailoring a ready-made dress would be included in the total price. As a result, a custom-made wedding dress is a more practical option, despite the higher cost.


Wedding dresses shouldn’t be delivered in a plain plastic bag. In addition to its aesthetic value, the packing of a bridal gown is essential since it serves as both a safeguard and a means of transport. Keep your bridal gown safe and sound with one of our sturdy gift boxes.

Flat rates for packages and boxes are available from small packages to extra-large boxes, and even irregularly shaped objects can be accommodated by some shipping services. When it comes to some transportation services, cubic dimensions and weight can be factored into the total cost. The item’s weight is a factor in shipping costs, so it is important to pick a lightweight gift box. Ribbons are lovely, but keep in mind that oddly shaped parcels can cost a little more.

Shipping Distance

The cost of transporting a wedding dress is heavily influenced by the distance involved. International shipping, even without the bridal gown, is prohibitively expensive, especially when you factor in all of the associated costs, like fuel surcharges, handling fees, customs, and other local taxes.

Additionally, many shipping companies offer shipping insurance as an added convenience. Shippers can be reimbursed for things that are stolen, lost, or destroyed with the help of shipping insurance. Both the sender and the recipient benefit from this by not having to worry about their goods while they’re in transit. As a result, shipping insurance requires that the item’s value be declared.

Depending on the final destination, additional expenses such as taxes and tariffs may be necessary for international delivery.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. A bride’s opinion of her wedding attire is highly appreciated. As a result, spending a lot of money on these outfits is justified. Everything from the bridal gown to the shipping and packaging must be taken into account. Weddings, after all, are once-in-a-lifetime events.

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Who Is The Cheapest To Ship With?

Shipping by USPS is the least expensive choice as of this writing, especially if the package is substantial. In the end, pricing will be determined by a variety of variables.

How To Travel With A Wedding Dress

  1. Organize a garment bag for the bridal dress and hang it on a hanger
  2. Make sure the bottom half of the dress is outside the bag by squeezing the hanging section of the hanger through the bag’s opening.
  3. Take hold of the dress’s hem on both sides and pull it in towards the waist.
  4. When you’re done with the train, fold it up and put it in the bag.
  5. To avoid the garment being entangled in the zipper, make sure the bag is tightly closed.

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe Before Your Wedding Day

When you purchase a new wedding gown, it is made to order by the manufacturer and delivered to your local bridal boutique. You should get your adjustments done at the same shop as your gown, so that there is less handling of it.

Your gown is now ready for you to take home after the final fitting. From this point on, you should proceed with extreme caution when handling your gown. This is all you need to know right now.

Transporting the gown:

Keep your gown in a sturdy container, like a box or a plastic bag, before taking it outside. We recommend that you place the gown in the backseat of your car rather than putting it away in the closet. It will wrinkle less if you stretch it out across a larger area. If the dress gets creased while being transported, you’ll have to press it again to get it back to its original shape.

Keeping it intact till the big day:

A quiet, out-of-the-way spot should be designated for your wedding dress’s storage. Don’t take anything out of the bag until you have to. For plastic-wrapped items, we recommend moving them inside a fabric bag. Because of the lack of ventilation provided by the plastic, stains build up over time. As a result, if your gown will be arriving home a long time before your wedding, you should avoid this.

How to store it:

The majority of bridal gowns are made of thick layers of fabric and ornamentation. Hanging these garments is not a good idea. Hanging it in a closet or a similar safe spot may be preferable if your dress has few embellishments and is light weight. A heavy gown should be stored flat, ideally. Storage areas under your bed or on the top shelf of your closet would be ideal options. Consider storing it in an extra room if you have one that isn’t in direct sunlight.

Hang it with care:

It’s possible to hang up your dress in your closet if it’s not too heavy. It’s important to use caution when doing this, though. For this purpose, only use padded hangers; anything else will damage the fabric. Embroidered fabric loops will be sewn into the inside of wedding dresses. Hang it up with these. A dress should never be hung by its sleeves or straps. If the material is fragile, this could cause it to sag or tear.

Keep it away from heat and dampness:

Your wedding dress might be damaged by heat. The cloth is also more susceptible to stains and mold if it is kept in a humid environment. As a result, be certain that the temperature in your storage location is stable. The surface should also be dry. If you’re not sure whether or not the area is prone to moisture, consider installing a dehumidifier.

Do not handle it too often:

Don’t be tempted to repeatedly check on your clothing or show it off to your friends. So that it maintains a clean and crisp appearance, let it to rest in its current location. Remember that every time you touch or remove your dress, you put yourself at risk of ruining or staining it. Keep it away from your hands while it’s being stored. Make a quick visual check every so often to ensure everything is in order, and that should be plenty.

Travelling with the gown:

If you have a destination wedding, it is imperative to travel with your gown. In this case, make sure you carry it in your hand luggage and not check it in. Make arrangements with your airline so that it can be hung in a secure location throughout your flight. If at all possible, transport it in a box to reduce the amount of time it needs to be handled. Choose a dress with minimal embellishments and a wrinkle-resistant fabric to avoid the risk of damage during transportation. To learn more about how to travel with your wedding gown, check out this post on the Bridal Guide.

Caring For Your Wedding Gown On Your Wedding Day

If you have a destination wedding, it is vital to travel with your gown. Keep it in your carry-on luggage, not your checked luggage, if this is the case. Plan ahead of time with your airline to have it secured for the duration of your trip. If you must move it, put it in a box so that it is handled as little as possible. To minimize the danger of damage when traveling, choose a dress made of wrinkle-resistant fabric and with minimal embellishments. The Bridal Guide has an excellent post on how to travel with your wedding gown.

Wear your dress only after your hair and makeup is complete:

Traveling with your wedding gown is a must if you’re having a destination wedding. Make certain you don’t check it in if this is the case. Ask your airline if you can hang it somewhere secure throughout your flight. Transport it in a box if possible to reduce the amount of time it is handled. Dress in a wrinkle-resistant fabric with minimal decorations to minimize damage while traveling. Find out how to travel with your wedding gown by reading this article on the Bridal Guide’s Bridal Packing List.

Have an emergency kit at hand:

A wedding emergency kit is a lifesaver on most occasions. You can either buy a ready-made kit or set it up yourself. This emergency kit will contain all the essential items to address any unexpected wedding dress mishaps. From crystals that fall off to makeup stains or rips and tears, it will have the emergency supplies to handle such situations. So, don’t go anywhere on your wedding day without your emergency kit to tackle things at a moment’s notice.

Never rub any stains that may happen:

Having a wedding emergency kit on hand is a godsend in most cases. Choose a pre-assembled kit or do it yourself. Everything you’ll need in the event of a wedding dress disaster will be included in this handy emergency pack. It will carry the emergency solutions to deal with anything from crystals falling off to cosmetic spills or rips and breaks. To be safe, don’t leave home without your emergency kit on your wedding day.

Be ready to spot clean or mask stains:

Putting on your wedding dress is typically the final thing you do before the big day. This means that your hair and makeup will already be done by then. Even though you will most likely wear your wedding gown after the rest of the festivities are over, a stain from your makeup is still possible. Wine stains, food stains, and dirt stains are all possibilities. If any of these things happen, you’ll need to mask or spot clean your clothing. Most stains can be covered up with baking powder, baby powder, or chalk. There is no way to remove the use of things like shoe polish or white out after they are applied.

Hold up your skirt and train when outdoors:

If you wear your dress outside, it will not only accumulate dust, filth, and wetness, but it may also discolor and degrade the fabric beyond repair. Wedding gowns are made of fragile fabrics that are easily torn or ripped. So when you go outside, make sure you pull up the train and keep your skirt up. In the event of a long walk, have the bridesmaids support your skirt and train.

After The Wedding

A long awaited event has finally come to an end. However, your work here isn’t done yet! Your wedding dress needs to be cleaned as soon as possible! Here’s how to proceed.

Hang it out to dry:

Your wedding dress will become soiled with sweat, mud, and other impurities throughout the course of the day. So, don’t put it away right away in a box or a closet. Allow it to air dry for a while before hanging it up. Stains will set and new ones will form if you wrap it in plastic.

Cleaning and storage can’t wait:

Trust a trusted friend with the care of your wedding gown if you’re planning to leave on honeymoon soon after the big day. Get her to deliver it as soon as possible so it may be cleaned and preserved. I can’t wait for you to get back so I can get started on this. Cleaning stains as soon as possible is key to getting rid of them. Make sure you tell your dry cleaners exactly what happened so that they may fix the garment to your satisfaction.

Store it the right way after cleaning:

After the wedding, your dress should at least be dry cleaned. It’s up to you to keep it safe and sound at home after it’s returned from the dry- cleaner’s. To properly store your gown, you will need a box that is at least one-third of the length of the front. To prevent creases from forming, use a lot of tissue to line the box and stuff the garment. We also recommend removing the dress’s metallic buttons, zippers, and hooks, which can tarnish and discolor over time. Once in a while, take the dress out of storage, inspect it for any signs of deterioration, then refold and store it again.

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Use professional preservation services for guaranteed results:

Having your gown preserved by experts is the greatest bet for ensuring its long-term storage in perfect condition. Existing damage is repaired and the heirloom is enclosed in a box that protects it from the elements. Window boxes can be used to keep it visible from the outside. To keep your gown in the proper place, make sure you choose the optimal storage technique for it (vertical versus horizontal). Your gown should be stored away from dampness, temperature fluctuations, and vermin in a region that isn’t susceptible to these factors.

Wedding gowns that are in good condition are a joy to own. If you’re lucky, the women in your family who come after you will be grateful for the gift you’ve lovingly passed down to them. You might even wear this outfit at a future vow renewal ceremony and reaffirm your commitment to each other. With appropriate preservation, even if you decide to sell it, you’ll get a decent price and more buyers.

A professional dry cleaning and preservation service is available at Best for Bride. To learn more about these possibilities, please visit this page on our website.


That’s all there is to it! A plastic bag, some documents, and a box of the suitable size are all that’s needed to carefully pack your wedding dress for shipping.

When folding your dress, be sure to insert a piece of paper in each layer. Make sure the box is properly sealed and labeled.

As always, we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions.