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Choosing a wedding color palette that complements emerald green is a matter of familiarizing yourself with various options. For an emerald green-themed wedding, we’ll talk about the colors and tints you can use.

Are you open to the idea of using different hues for the wedding? As an example, we wrote a guide on how to incorporate rose gold into a wedding’s color scheme.

What is Emerald?

The vivid green color of emeralds has long been associated with Ireland and the Roman goddess Venus, and it is also the birthstone for the month of May.

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You might be surprised by some of the interesting facts about Emeralds. Embraced by numerous cultures for millennia, emeralds represent many ancient beliefs and values that can ensure a long and happy marriage!

The Meaning Behind An Emerald Gemstone

The Romans first employed emerald as a gemstone connected with love, despite its historical association with Irish culture. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity, was revered by the Romans, and emeralds were regarded as her sacred stones.

As legend has it, Venus-Aphrodite was conceived in the sea-foam. Venus-Aphrodite, according to Roman mythology, was a powerful female force. A reciprocal love of contrasts was fostered by Venus’ absorption and tempering of male essence. Venus’ emeralds were believed to preserve love even in the face of difficulties.

Emerald’s connections don’t end there, however! The beauty of this stone is matched by its various meanings.


Hope is often associated with the emerald gemstone. This could be a sign of a brighter future, one that is full with love and passion. Or the hope that you and I will be able to maintain a long-term connection.


Prophecy is attributed to the emerald gemstone. Literally, this can be seen as a literal depiction of a life of constant contact between two people.


The emerald is seen by some as a calming stone for a hyperactive mind. Wearing an emerald is thought to grant the wearer rationality and insight. Good qualities to have in a relationship!


In some cultures, an emerald engagement ring is considered a symbol of trust and reassurance. Emeralds are thought to encourage fidelity and steadfastness.

Emeralds Also thought to Embody Healing Powers?

For generations, emeralds have been used to treat heart ailments. An emerald is said to be most potent when it is illuminated by the full moon’s rays. In this case, an emerald ring would be ideal for a romantic proposal under the stars.

We believe that an emerald engagement ring is an excellent choice for a marriage proposal because of its numerous symbolic meanings.

Where Do Emeralds Come From?

Colombian and Brazilian emeralds are among the best in the world. Indian, Australian, and South African emeralds are also common.

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How are Emeralds Graded?

Emeralds are graded according to color, clarity, cut and carat weight just like diamonds. Unlike diamond, the color of an emerald has a much larger role in determining its value.


Beryl is the mineral that gives rise to emeralds. Colors range from clear green (emerald) to blue or yellow depending on the mineral composition of the beryl crystals. The most expensive emeralds are those with the most intense and saturated green hues.


Because most emeralds have obvious imperfections, clarity is less of an issue for emeralds than for diamonds. When the inclusions are so numerous that the emerald’s rich green hue is obscured or distorted, they can be distracting. However, the inclusions that make some emeralds truly one-of-a-kind are highly sought for. These inclusion patterns, known as jardins, can raise the value of an emerald.

The most valuable emerald is the exceedingly uncommon one that has no inclusions at all. As rare and lovely as an emerald is, a flawless one makes an ideal engagement ring.


The cut of an emerald affects its hue as well. With a deep cut and fewer facets, a good gemologist can make a pale stone appear more vibrant (flat surfaces on the stone). With a shallow cut and more facets, a darker stone can be made to appear lighter and brighter. It’s not surprising that the “emerald cut” is called after this gem, given all of this. To this day, many beautiful emeralds are cut and polished in the same way. A high-quality emerald, on the other hand, will have a vibrant color no matter what shape it is cut into.

What Colors Go Well With Emerald Green For A Wedding?

Pinks, reds, and blues

If you want to incorporate emerald green into your wedding, consider a color scheme of reds, pinks, and blues. Try out hues like tawny red, indigo, and sandy pink in particular.

Even though tawny red contrasts starkly with another vibrant color like emerald green, it works well as accents and decorations for your wedding. If you want to soften the overall look of the reception, you can add some sandy pinks or a mix of orange and red.

If your bridal party’s attire is emerald green, indigo is a great accent color to add to the look. If you’re planning a beach wedding, this color combination is ideal.

Whites and reds

Whites and reds provide a beautiful color combination for an emerald green wedding. Whites with yellow undertones and reds with orange undertones are two examples.

In addition to the wedding bouquet and the arch, they can be seen on the tablecloths and in other key areas of the celebration. For an emerald green-themed wedding, you can also use these hues in your accessories.

With a color scheme that is largely white, emerald green really stands out. However, by including ginger reds, you may make the whole concept more appealing.

Pale colors, warm colors, and greens

It’s a common misconception that emerald green can only be paired with other shades of green. Color schemes for a wedding can include sage and teal, among other options.

However, if you want your eyes to appear more appealing, you should add some variety to their color and shape. Add peach or pearl tones to a green scheme.

You can also use emerald green as a base for your wedding color scheme, then add various shades of green for accents and details. Summer weddings, on the other hand, allow you to experiment with warmer hues.

Rubbish red, mellow orange, and even warm gray look great with emerald green. They’d look great for an outdoor or rustic wedding, as well.

What Color Goes Best With Emerald Green?

Other hues of green such as yellow-green and lime green will work nicely with emerald green, such as pink, peach, beige, ivory, and ivory. However, the aforementioned color schemes would be ideal for a wide range of wedding styles.

Keep in mind that emerald green is a vibrant color while planning your color scheme. A more muted palette is always an option if you don’t want something as bold.

Even for a wedding, you don’t want to overdo things with color. Colors that work well with Emerald Green should include two to three other hues.

Does Peach Goes With Emerald Green?

Emerald green is a great hue to mix with peach. The contrast with the emerald green is subtle enough not to overpower the brightness of the color.

Consider including other hues when using peach and emerald green together. Off-white and ivory are common neutrals, as are many shades of red.

Decorating or style with peach and emerald green doesn’t mean you can’t use different shades of green in the details and ornaments. The resultant palette is ideal for formal events.

Does Emerald Green Go With Gold?

If elegance and monarchy are your goals for the event, then gold and emerald green go great together. This is especially true when it comes to an outfit.

It’s impossible to go wrong with an emerald green dress combined with gold jewelry and accessories. Embellish your shoes and bag with gold to complete your emerald green ensemble.

If you’re a bride-to-be searching for advice on how to accessorize your wedding dress, check out this guide.

What Colors Go With Dark Green Wedding?

For a dark green wedding, consider hues like pink, burgundy, rust, rose, white, blue, black, or even gold. The trick is to create a color scheme that is both harmonious and dynamic at the same time.

Ivory or pink can be used to soften the look of burgundy and dark green, for example. Adding black or gold accents to dark green can create a unique look.

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White is frequently used in the bridal party’s attire or as small accents throughout a dark green event. It is possible to add a dash of tradition to a distinctive color and still keep the occasion classy and unique.


It’s done! What color combines well with emerald green? We’ve discovered a slew of options, including pastel shades, warm tones, and varied shades of red and green.

Even peach and gold can be paired with emerald green. The most important thing to remember when planning a wedding is to avoid using too many colors and to pick a theme before the big day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.