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Five suggestions on how to get a wedding band to fit properly are provided below. If you have a certain hand shape, we’ll talk about how to achieve the ideal wedding ring size.

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How Should A Wedding Ring Fit Properly

  • You don’t have to pull too hard to get your wedding ring on your finger.
  • When you wear your wedding band, you can twist it around your finger, but when you remove it, the skin on your finger is somewhat compressed.
  • Because of this, you won’t experience any numbness or pain when wearing the wedding band on your finger all day!
  • When you wear your wedding ring, it should be straight across your finger, never angled or tipped in any way.
  • When wearing a ring, your skin should not be forced to one side or the other.

If your fingers are bigger than the knuckles

Consider sizing down if your fingers are larger than your knuckles. Because your knuckles won’t be able to hold it in place, the ring will be secure and prevent slipping.

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If your knuckles are bigger than the fingers

Ring sizes might vary depending on the size of your knuckles. The knuckle may be a little looser than intended, but it should not fall off the finger.

How Tight Should Wedding Band Be?

Your wedding band should be tight enough that it wouldn’t slide off when you’re wearing it throughout the day. When sizing up, put the band on and walk around to see whether it falls off.

It’s still important to be able to slide it past the knuckle and remove it without having to yank too hard on it. The band of the wedding ring should fit snugly but comfortably on the finger.

Is my wedding ring too tight?

  • You feel tingling and numbness in your finger, or there is swelling and pain.
  • Following the removal of the ring, your finger is now red.
  • Removing the ring is difficult or impossible without soap.
  • As if it were a muffin top, skin on both sides of the band is hanging loosely.

Is my wedding ring too big?

  • You can lose your wedding band during the day or even when you put your hand down.
  • When you move your hand, the wedding band wobbles and rotates.
  • The wedding band is easy to take off.

Is It Better To Size A Ring Up Or Down?

In order to find the right size, it’s best to go up a size for your wedding ring if you’re not sure. Bigger rings can be easily converted into smaller ones, rather than the other way around.

To compensate for the extra room, you can easily add ring size adjusters to your ring. The size of your fingers can change, so keep this in mind when purchasing a ring.

Why does my ring size fluctuate?

  • Because of the decreased blood supply to your skin, your fingers may shrink and your ring may feel slack in the winter.
  • Because of the increased blood flow in your fingers during the hottest months, your ring may feel snug.
  • It’s common for pregnant women to realize that their wedding finger is a little tighter than usual because of fluid retention.
  • As a result of the swelling caused by arthritis, your fingers may become larger.
  • A high-sodium diet, for example, might lead to water retention and swollen fingers.
  • The size of your fingers might change as a result of weight gain and weight loss.

How Can I Guess My Ring Size?

Never guess your ring size; instead, go to the store and have it measured. A mandrel is typically used by the jeweler to precisely measure your ring size.

You can also get their advice on ring sizing by asking them for their recommendations. Even if you can’t make it to the store, you can use ring-size charts that are easily available online to take your measurements at your leisure.

Then, be aware that some stores may carry ring sizes that differ from the standard. When in doubt, go up a size if you think you’ll get a smaller size than you expected.

How Do You Find Out Someone’s Ring Size Without Asking Them?

Inquire about the ring size from a trusted friend or family member. Just make sure you arrange ahead of time with them to keep your significant other from getting suspicious.

Consider checking their jewelry at home and comparing it to what you bought there, if that is an option. While visiting the jeweler, you can even try on the jewelry yourself to get an idea of how big it is.

Who pays for the rings, and who bears the burden of doing so? To begin, review our ring-related etiquette instructions.

How to Pick a Wedding Ring

Start early

Many couples put off buying their wedding bands until the last minute. It’s because they don’t account for the length of time it takes to make a ring.

Typically, it takes about three to four weeks for your rings to be sized.

Allow considerably more time if you’re having your wedding bands manufactured to order. Custom-made wedding bands might take anywhere from three to six weeks, depending on the style.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to start looking for a wedding dress six months before the big day to avoid feeling rushed or pressured. If you put it off until the last minute, you may not be able to find the perfect ring and will have to settle for something less than ideal.

How Tight Should your Engagement Ring be?

Choose your budget

If you set a budget before you begin shopping, you’ll be better able to focus on your engagement rings and avoid getting distracted. Set aside between 3% and 5% of your wedding budget for your engagement and wedding rings.

You can experiment with different metals and styles to save money. Choose a half-eternity band rather than a full-eternity band to save money without sacrificing much in terms of the ring’s aesthetic appeal. Another example would be to opt for white gold over platinum because they both appear identical, but white gold is more cost-effective than platinum.

Consider the following two rings as an illustration. Both of these wedding bands are half eternity prong-set bands. 14k white gold is used for both. Diamonds in the half eternity ring weigh about.30 carats, while those in the complete eternity ring weigh about.75 carats. Clarity and color are also slightly different, but the two bands appear to be of similar quality and aesthetic appeal. The price difference? It’s almost $1,000!

It’s not just the name of the designer or the brand that can contribute to the price of a ring. Remember that a wedding ring is a classic piece of jewelry, and that the look will be the same whether you buy it from a big name store or a local jeweler, but the price will be much different!

Consider your lifestyle

Many people overlook the fact that the wedding ring they select should complement their personal style, despite the fact that it seems obvious. In order to ensure a long life for this piece of jewelry, which you will wear every day of your life, make sure it fits your lifestyle.

In terms of jewelry, you want something that looks good but is also useful. For instance, your ring should be robust enough to endure exposure to chemicals or a very busy, outdoorsy lifestyle. Consider this when choosing your metal and style, and make sure to check this with your jeweler before purchasing.

Choose your metal

Wedding bands have traditionally been made of gold, but today you can choose from a number of other metals. It’s a good idea for the bride and groom to select the same metal for their wedding bands for a coordinated look. Even if the designs differ, the rings’ shared metal provides a subtle but lovely connection.

Nonetheless, some brides and grooms prefer to wear rings made of different metals to match their personal preferences. While the bride may want a delicate, romantic hue like rose gold, the groom may prefer something more macho. This is also quite acceptable.

The majority of ladies like to match the metal of their wedding band. As a result, the two rings are always in sync with one another.

Popular metals for wedding bands include the following:

Yellow Gold

For a wedding ring, you can’t go wrong with this option. When it comes to yellow gold, 14 karat or 18 karat is the preferred choice. These are the most attractive and long-lasting.

Yellow gold with more than 75% purity is too pliable for daily wear and is prone to fracturing and deterioration.

The look of gold will be lost if the alloy is lower than 14 karat, but it will be more durable.


Silver is a pliable metal that is easily scratched, making it prone to tarnishing. It’s not something you’d wear on a regular basis. The alloy sterling silver, commonly found in wedding bands, is a precious metal in and of itself. When it comes to polishing silver, it is necessary because the metal oxidizes over time. Silver has the advantage of being considerably less expensive than the majority of other metals.


For this reason, platinum is more expensive than gold. Platinum does not tarnish or fade because of its naturally white color. It is also scratch-resistant.

There are some things to keep in mind while working with platinum because it is an extremely hard metal. If you’re going to wear it, it should match your ring.

White gold

White gold is an excellent choice if platinum is out of your price range. If you’re looking for something unique, this is the metal for you. White gold’s rhodium plating will eventually wear off, necessitating a repolish.

Rose gold

During the Victorian era, this was a popular metal, and it has recently re-emerged. Rings with a pinkish color, such as this one, have a more feminine and romantic feel. It’s a long-lasting metal because of the copper used to make it. Unlike other metals, it does not tarnish or lose its color.

The metals listed above are among the most durable in the world. They have been used in wedding rings for ages and have weathered the test of time. Wedding bands made of industrial metals are becoming more trendy these days.

There is a lot of overlap between titanium and tungsten, which makes it easy to confuse the two. Titanium, on the other hand, is a relatively lightweight metal, is lighter in color, and is more susceptible to scratching than other metals. However, tungsten is heavier and darker and is far more resistant to abrasion than the other metals on this list.

Cobalt is a desirable metal because of its high natural luster and lack of fading or discoloration over time. It is seven times as hard as silver and four times as hard as platinum, making it one of the most durable metals. It is also resistant to scratches and scuffs.

The use of stainless steel in wedding bands is also on the rise. It looks like silver, but it doesn’t tarnish. It is more resistant than silver.

Choose your style

Choosing a wedding band might be difficult because there are so many designs to choose from. Most wedding bands, however, can be classified as either traditional or modern.

Traditional wedding rings

Channel Set

This kind of wedding ring is extremely popular. One row of small diamonds is put into a groove in the metal to form the ring’s centerpiece. Diamonds can be set in a half-ring or a full-ring channel set eternity band.

Comfort Fit

The inside of these bands is contoured, resulting in a more snug, but still pleasant, fit on the finger. Taking off and re-putting on comfort fit bands is usually a breeze. There is no way to tell how wide the band is when it is on your finger.

To make this style work, you’ll need to purchase the perfect ring size, and it shouldn’t slide about too much when you wear it.


This type of design is more classic, and it is usually extremely simple. As the band wraps around your finger, you are able to feel the entire breadth of the band.

Modern wedding rings

Pipe Wedding Band

If you cut a piece of pipe, you’ll get something like this. There are no curves or bends in pipe bands. In men’s wedding rings, this is a common choice. A flat cut wedding band is sometimes referred to.

Pave Wedding Band

One of the most common designs for a wedding band. It’s a great option if you’re tired of the same old TV channel setup.

Brilliant pave bands can be found. Despite their fancy appearance, they are surprisingly inexpensive. There are many diamonds in this design, but they’re so small that they’re not expensive.

Prong Set Bands

Diamonds are held in place by delicate metal prongs in this design. In this design, the focus is on the stones rather than on the metal. Typically, there are a few stones in place at a time.

Wide Wedding Bands

These are more up-to-date, cutting-edge designs that stand out from more traditional alternatives. It must be at least 7mm broad to qualify as a wide ring. Consider your engagement ring’s width when choosing this type, as wide wedding bands can clash with some engagement ring designs.

To make sure the ring will fit your finger, we recommend ordering a half-size larger than your normal size. When wearing a wide wedding ring, the metal is in direct contact with the skin, which might make it to feel a little more snug. Also, it may not slide over your knuckles. With this style, obtaining the right fit is essential.

Ring sizers can help ensure that you get the right size. Consider the retailer’s return policy, as well.

To match or not to match?

There are two elements to consider when it comes to matching:

  • As a first step, consider the question, “Do I want my ring to match my partner’s?” Despite the fact that traditionally, the bride and groom wore complementary or matching wedding bands, this is not a rule that must be followed. Other techniques to join the two rings can be used, but this is usually a great touch. Personal touches can be added even if the rings don’t match in appearance, such as a heartfelt engraving.
  • Other options include matching both rings or wearing separate heirlooms. No rule applies in this case, either. The rings, on the other hand, should look well together. This cohesive aesthetic can be achieved by using the same metal, according to experts, but it depends on whether this is what you are looking for.

Bridal sets, which include an engagement ring and a wedding band, are available from the majority of jewelers. You may also want to consider a three-piece set, which includes the groom’s ring. If you’re looking for an outfit that goes with everything, this is the set for you.

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How and where to shop?

Due to the fact that two individuals are involved, the process of shopping for wedding rings might be lengthy. First, familiarize yourself with the many styles, metals, and patterns that are accessible to you.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up, and peruse the vast selection of online wedding ring possibilities together! Make a list of what you enjoy and what you don’t like, and then discuss your preferences. The choice is then yours as to whether or not to make a purchase in person or online.

Online shopping is more convenient and less expensive than visiting a brick-and-mortar retailer since you can easily compare the features and costs of dozens or even hundreds of rings from the comfort of your own home.

However, you won’t be able to see if you like it by putting it on your finger. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a real store, you can use the internet to narrow down your options.

You can create a relationship with the jeweler, and he or she may offer free lifetime maintenance of your rings, when you buy from a brick-and-mortar store. If you encounter any difficulties, simply return the ring to them, and they will do all in their power to help you. In contrast, today’s online jewelry sellers are offering very competitive post-sale policies that are just as good as those offered by traditional stores.

As can be seen, there are advantages and disadvantages to shopping online and in person.


That’s all there is to it! You just learned how to perform five different types of fitting tests on a wedding band.

It’s important that the ring fits snugly, but not so tightly that it hurts or that it looks unattractive on the finger. A size bigger is recommended because you can always use an accessory to make modifications if you’re in question.