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Whether you’re a guy or a woman, you should know the rules for dressing appropriately as the wedding’s officiant. What not to dress as a wedding minister is another topic we’ll cover.

We also have wedding-related blogs that can help you learn the proper protocol for the big day. Do you know, for instance, what a “white wedding” is?

Understanding the different kinds of weddings and the language used for them will make you feel more at ease and comfortable during the ceremony.

What Should A Wedding Officiant Wear?

For women

The first thing a female officiant should think about is whether or not she and the bride and groom share a similar level of formality. You don’t want to seem tacky or steal the spotlight from the happy couple by wearing inappropriately for the occasion.

Women officiants can wear midi or tea length dresses because they are formal enough for the ceremony without competing with the bride’s gown. They’re not inappropriately short for a solemn occasion, either.

If you prefer a more tailored suit to a dress, that’s fine too. Then, wear dark, understated colors like black and beige without risking a wardrobe clash with the bridesmaids.

For men

Similar to the regulations that govern what the bride and groom should wear, the male officiant should consider the wedding’s theme when selecting his attire. Black, navy blue, or even gray suits are appropriate attire for a formal wedding.

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Then, you can choose a tie that complements the wedding’s aesthetic. But you should be cautious about how you style your outfit in general so that you don’t stand out too much throughout the event.

As a male wedding officiant, you also don’t want to appear too much like the groom or his buddies, and likewise, a female officiant shouldn’t seem too much like the bride or her attendants. If you’re still confused about your outfit, you might always ask the bride for advice.

What Not To Wear To Officiate A Wedding

Do not look like the bridesmaids and groomsmen

The minister may seek guidance from the bride on the appropriate attire for the attendants of the wedding party. This will allow you to avoid dressing like them, as the officiant is expected to look more respectable than the guests.

Do not look like the bride or groom

Like any other guest, the officiant should not steal the show at the wedding. This includes not using the same fabrics found on the couple’s clothes and not wearing white unless the bride specifies so.

Avoid patterns and bright colors

Since the officiant should be a respectable person, they should not wear garish colors that will draw attention away from the bride and groom. For this reason, it’s best to wear solid colors and avoid any bold patterns, such stripes and plaids, on your apparel and accessories (especially your tie).

Ensure comfort

Staying relaxed and calm throughout the ceremony will help you look your best while you’re in the spotlight. Have your clothes fitted so that you feel good in what you’re wearing.

What Should An Officiant Wear To A Casual Wedding?

  • Even though it’s a casual wedding, you should still make an effort to look presentable.
  • Male clergy should wear a collared white shirt with dress pants.
  • Ask the bride if a nice pair of trousers and a crisp white button-down are appropriate attire.
  • Casual weddings may necessitate the officiant to wear a suit jacket without a tie.
  • It is appropriate for female clergy to dress conservatively, either in a basic dress or a straight skirt and a good shirt in order to confer with the bride.

Can A Normal Person Officiate A Wedding?

It’s quite acceptable to have an ordinary person, such a close friend or cousin, act as the wedding’s official officiant. Even if they aren’t ordained, they still have a few choices.

Find out from the state government if temporary powers can be granted or if someone can be deputized for a day. The legality of a ceremony performed by a person who was ordained by a faith community solely online varies by state.

Always check the marriage laws in the state where the ceremony will take place or contact the local clerk to be sure everything is in order. Then, find out if the person you want to marry you is legally able to do so in your state and county.

How Can I Officiate Someone’s Wedding?

  1. Before you execute a marriage, make sure you meet all of the legal requirements.
  2. Find out if your paperwork and legal requirements are in order by becoming ordained online.
  3. Submitting credentials with the local court may be necessary.
  4. Verify the due dates of all paperwork, payments, and the couple’s marriage license.
  5. Talk to the happy couple about what they want the ceremony to entail, and make sure you meet all of the legal requirements.
  6. The ceremony should be legal, but it can be made more meaningful by include appropriate toasts and humor.
  7. What the happy couple wants you to wear to their wedding can be found out by asking them.

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Officiant Dress

When it comes to the clothes a wedding minister should wear, there are no regulations. Whatever you decide to wear, just make sure it fits the formality of the occasion and doesn’t steal the spotlight from the happy couple. However, if you’d prefer more specific guidance, here are the questions you should ask the honored guests to ensure your costume is appropriate (well in advance of the wedding day, of course).

Just like all the other “what not to ask a just-engaged couple” questions, it might not be the best time to urge the engaged pair for clothing recommendations right after their big ask. Given the gravity of the situation, the officiant should not delay in seeking the guests’ input on the ceremony’s structure, rituals, and other details. Ask the following questions in advance so that they can offer you a definitive yes or no on your wedding officiant clothing. The couple’s wedding planner may have something to say about it as well. Think about the following details before you buy the dress:

The Dress Code

Although most of your guests will find out about the wedding’s dress code and level of formality via their invites, you should have these aspects worked out well in advance because they are important to the wedding’s success. Make it a priority to ask these questions as soon as possible if you don’t already know the answers:

Who decides what’s appropriate wedding attire, and why? Do guests need to dress formally, semi-formally, for a cocktail party, or in something more relaxed?

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When and where will the ceremony take place? Where, if not in the wedding hall, will the party be held? Do you want to go outside or stay inside?

The wedding party is getting ready to take pictures, but nobody knows what they’re going to wear. Do you want me to base my choices on the colors they use in their palette, or on the colors you’re wearing?

How It Fits

Depending on the number of rituals the couple wishes to incorporate, a wedding ceremony might last anywhere from twenty to sixty minutes. This means you should prioritize ease of movement in every aspect of your outfit, from the cut of the dress to the soles of your shoes. Simply put, you shouldn’t have to do things like fix your neckline, draw down your hem, smooth out puckering seams, or remove shoes that are too short or too long.

A formal, elegant look that makes you feel like a proper master of ceremonies is what you should aim for. This includes selecting the proper necklines, hemlines (maxi and midi lengths are preferable here), and focal areas for the garment (less is more when it comes to over-the-top embellishments, high slits and cutouts).

How It Photographs

As the officiant, you’ll be front and center in all the wedding images. The officiant’s attire at a wedding should reflect the theme and spirit of the event. Couples often request that their officiant make reference to the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire in some way, whether through the usage of complementary colors or the exact hues in a different style. You can’t go wrong with a black dress or another neutral color if you have the freedom to dress whichever you like. If you want to look your best in photographs, stay away from loud patterns and prints.

Take note: if you’ve been asked to officiate the wedding as well as serve as a bridesmaid, you may want to consider spicing up your bridesmaid attire with some eye-catching accessories.

Wedding Officiant Dresses You Can Shop Now

Are you looking for a wedding officiant outfit that conveys both official status and current fashion trends? View recommended products that are available for immediate purchase.

ASOS DESIGN High Neck Pleated Long Sleeve Skater Midi Dress With Embroidery

Although we warned that designs and patterns could cause problems, we also believe that an item like this embroidered midi dress could be perfect for some occasions.

$60 | ASOS

Lauren Ralph Lauren Ruffled Georgette Dress

No matter the season, navy will look great with anything. This knee-length cocktail dress with a simple but chic bow belt.

Bloomingdale’s | 145 Dollars

Sachin & Babi Rentana Dress

This floor-length gown is ideal for a wedding officiant because it satisfies all of the criteria for an appropriate dress code: the color is neutral without being boring, the cut is demure without being frumpy, and the sequined flare sleeves add a touch of glitz without going overboard.

$585 | BHLDN

Aidan Mattox Beaded Trapeze Dress

Performing a wedding ceremony for a mixed-drink reception? The wedding officiant can add some sparkle to the ceremony without detracting from the bride and groom’s outfits by wearing a cobalt blue dress with a beaded metallic capelet.

For $295, visit Bloomingdale’s

Jason Wu Floral Illusion Tulle Flutter-Sleeve Cocktail Dress

Black lace with a well-tailored cut are always a safe bet. This classic outfit is appropriate for any occasion requiring an evening or formal attire. Drop earrings are a must.

One Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars And Ninety-Nine Cents | Saks Fifth Avenue

Adrianna Papell Plus Size Flutter Sleeve Mesh Sheath Dress With Illusion Neckline

Elegant and understated, a wedding officiant dress in subdued metallics is the perfect compromise between flamboyant and tasteful. This rose gold gown is perfect for a retro wedding with its tulle puff sleeves and floral-inspired beading.

Adrianna Papell; $219

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Embellished Scalloped Dress

This dress, which was clearly influenced by Jackie O., is ridiculously stylish. The pearl collar and feminine scalloping on the sleeves and hem elevate an otherwise simple design.

Commencing at $70 | Amazon

Theory Tie Back Midi Dress

This simple black A-line midi dress has a playful cutaway back, making it ideal for a more relaxed wedding.

Bloomingdale’s | $365

Adrianna Papell Petaluma Sequin Dress

This biscotti-colored gown with Swarovski embellishments is perfect for officiating a formal affair. It will go in perfectly beside a white wedding dress and/or a black tuxedo, thanks to its luxurious embellishments and exquisite illusion neckline.

$350 | BHLDN

ELOQUII Pearl Cuff Dress

You may wear your LBD to the gym if you make it a WOD (wedding officiant dress). When we suggested, “wear anything you feel comfortable and secure in,” we had this crew neck column dress in mind. The pearl cuffs are a particularly elegant addition, especially if you already know that the bride’s dress features pearl embellishments.

Valued at $110 | ELOQUII

Aidan Mattox One-Shoulder Satin Jumpsuit With Tie Waist

To be honest, you probably shouldn’t steal the spotlight from your best pals on their special day. This satin jumpsuit with a one-shoulder top is perfect for the officiant of a traditional, high-society wedding.

David’s Bridal | $200

Lulus Capture Your Heart Tiered Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

For a large bridal party, the current trend of puffy sleeves can be a bit much, but for the officiant, it’s a great way to make a statement. This airy midi-length gown with dramatic sleeves is perfect for an intimate ceremony in the garden or on the beach.

$88 | Lulus

Closet London Plus Ribbed Pencil Dress

Autumn weddings and jewel tones go together like peanut butter and jelly (pun intended). This dress’s bright green color, slender shape, and delicate ruffle hem are all things that we covet.

$91 | ASOS

Oleg Cassini Sequin Lace and Jersey Three-Piece Plus Pantsuit

The mother of the bride or groom might also perform the ceremony. Bring in this three-piece pant suit, complete with glistening sequin lace and figure-flattering wide-leg pants. The basic, comfortable cut is inspired by vintage menswear.

David’s Bridal | $130

Veronica Beard Peony Satin Midi Dress

Dresses for wedding officiants vary greatly. Only a chic girl suit will do if you’re officiating a hip wedding. You need this satin dress with a handkerchief hem and a midi length.

Saks Fifth Avenue; $595

5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry You’ll Love

1. Don’t overdo it.

The first rule of wedding jewelry selection is that you must not go crazy. It may be tempting to pile on the jewelry, but doing so runs the risk of drawing too much attention away from you. Instead of piling on the accessories, remember that “less is more” and focus on adding a few crucial pieces to your wardrobe.

2. Match your metals to your dress.

Struggling to choose between gold and silver jewelry? Choose your accessories to complement the hue of your dress.

White dresses look best with platinum or silver jewelry because of their reflective qualities.

You should accessorize with gold if you’re wearing an ivory dress.

Your champagne gown calls for jewelry with warm tones, so go for gold. Burnished silver with rhinestones is also great for an antique-inspired ensemble.

Try rose gold accessories with a blush dress. The metal’s rosy hue will complement the dress’s subdued blush hue.

3. Consider your dress’s neckline.

The neckline of your gown has the potential to act as a facial frame. Make it more effective by wearing jewelry that complements it.

Wearing a choker or shorter necklace with a dress that has a sweetheart or strapless neckline is a great way to add visual height and draw attention to your beautiful smile. This neckline is classic and perfect for the resurgence of this trend. As an alternative to a necklace, a pair of dramatic chandelier earrings can make a bold statement. Remove your hair off your face and dress it up with some flowers, feather barrettes from the Roaring Twenties, or any other simple accessory you want. Because your chest is where all eyes will be drawn, it is there that you should wear your most eye-catching jewelry. However, don’t be afraid to accessorize with smaller pieces like bracelets, bangles, or cocktail rings to achieve a more harmonious look.

Dresses with V-necks are practically begging to be adorned with jewels and baubles. Choose a choker or a pendant, or experiment with layering two such items. Earrings, whether little and subtle or large and dramatic, should complement the necklace.

When accessorizing a halter or reverse halter dress, put the emphasis on your hair with clips, combs, and vines. Styles range from elegant and modern to glitzy and floral. Looking to channel some throwback style? One option is a stunning birdcage veil with embellishments. Throw on a bracelet or a cocktail ring if you want to add a little pizzazz.

4. Don’t get overwhelmed.

If you’re having a harder time selecting the dress than you are picking out the jewelry, narrow your search. Just buy one thing you love and wear it all the time. Do you still have questions? Pearl or diamond stud earrings, whether for formal or casual wear, will never go out of style. Make sure you don’t get them as a set, though. While jewelry suites were popular in the past, today’s brides prefer to avoid an overly coordinated ensemble.

How to Find The Perfect Wedding Officiant: What to Know

5. Be yourself.

To complete your dream wedding look, your accessories and accessories should all speak to who you are as a person. Keep to simple studs if you don’t feel confident with dangling chandelier earrings. You think a lariat necklace is perfect for your style? To the max! The best accessory there is is self-assurance, which comes from wearing clothes and jewelry that make you feel good about yourself.


So, that’s the whole thing! What to dress as a wedding officiant and other etiquette guidelines were covered in this article.

Be careful not to dress too similarly to the bridesmaids or groomsmen, or to steal the show with garish colors or patterns that steal attention away from the bride or husband. Men can feel comfortable in solid-colored suits, and ladies can wear midi-length dresses or suits.

The officiant’s overall demeanor at the ceremony should be one of respect. The pair should be asked for their thoughts whenever uncertainty arises.